Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tropicos update!

So, my 20 something coworker received her box from the Tropicos company. They  next day aired it... They must really care about satisfaction! So here's what we got...
We got a new box of Tropicos, which I got to say looks a lot more like the disgusting cereal than before! And we got a complimentary box of ancient grain flakes which I'm sure tastes exactly how it sounds!...5$ in coupons and two amazing pins! So basically I have more disgusting cereal than I ever wanted and free money to buy even more! Next time maybe we should just keep our complaints to ourselves!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pinterest picks

So lately I've been "pinteresting" more than just craft ideas and recipes on Pinterest! I've been feeling like my closet is full of work clothes and on the weekends I dress like a slob because I don't have enough casual but cute clothes. So I decided to Pinterest surf and find some casual cute outfits to wear when I'm not at work...or when I am at work on Fridays. So far I found two outfits and have mimicked them....not 100% exact... I had to throw some Sue style in there to make it my own! I got some compliments on my Pinterest looks and thought I'd share them here to inspire those of you who hate shopping and don't know what to could do the same thing! I didn't have to leave the comfort of my home...,I got the majority of my outfits online! So without further's this month's Pinterest pick! What do you think? Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Tropicos... Cereal or bird food?

I try to keep a box of cereal at work for breakfast emergencies. This weekend I went to Sprouts which is a local grocery store that carries mainly organic products. I came across a box of Tropicos and thought it would be a healthy cereal option because it's low sugar, gluten free, no preservatives or flavoring, and naturally colored. The picture on the box looked like fruit loops so how bad could this be?  This morning I had a breakfast emergency and reached for the box only to discover the cereal looked nothing like the pic on the box! The color of the cereal wasn't bright tropical colors they were dark and drab, and the shape look like plastic beads instead of cereal Os, and the smell was pretty much the scent of bird feed! So one of the 20 something's took a picture of it, and promptly found the email address for the company and expressed my dissatisfaction!  We weren't really sure what to expect since the company is in Australia
She received a prompt reply from the company! The email began with a proper Australian greeting , "good day" and then they assured us that they created a new box with a picture on it that was taken with the real cereal. They also said they changed a few of the colors and offered to send us coupons and a complimentary box of cereal. I'm not sure any of us are interested in eating the cereal but we definitely are interested in checking out the changes! Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

First ever Halloween 40!

So I work with a lot of 20 something's and I find that they keep me young at heart... Mostly because they tell me wonderful things like "there's no way you're that old!" Ok so maybe that sounds like a cross between a compliment and an insult, but hey I will take it! Anyway, one of the 20 something's invited me to a HalloweenHouse Party  replete with a black light and techno music bumping in the garage!  At first I thought perhaps I was too old for this party but the 20something assured me that attending was not optional! So, I began my search for the perfect costume...after all it was my first Halloween party except for the ones we used to have in elementary school.  So after a lot of Pinterest-ing I came to the conclusion that 98% of Halloween costumes for women are slutty and homie doesn't do slutty!  So instead I found inspiration from this adorable baby!

Now my friends were a little skeptical...I mean, sure, the baby is ridiculously cute in this costume.  But how cute would this be on a grown adult?  I was convinced that I could make it work...So despite the popular opinion, I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday night and bought approximately 150 puffy balls to glue on an old beanie, some sparkly felt and a red long sleeve t-shirt.

  An voila! Here we have it adult version of the gumball machine costume!  Now, am I as cute as the baby version? Ehhh not quite.  However, I got a few high five and a few "that's an awesome costume" and "oh my Godddd, she's a gumball machineeee!"  So overall, the costume and the party was a huge success!  I laughed more than I have laughed in a good ten years and I got to spend a day in the life of a 20 something again!  Now could I do this every weekend?  Most definitely not...but every once in a's fun to be a kid again!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chocolate covered strawberries

So I am bored...and I have this really cute heart shaped tray...I used to use it for ice cubes but have since gotten a fridge that handles the ice making stuff. So I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries.

1. I filled each heart with cut pieces of strawberries.

2. Next I melted chocolate chips in my makeshift double broiler.

3. And stuck it in the fridge to cool.

* word to the wise...they've got to be eaten pretty quickly so, they are perfect for girls night or sweet treat for kiddos.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

A tart treat...

This was my July 4th dessert!...Pink Lemonade cupcakes....not very patriotic, but a perfect summer treat!  I saw the cake mix at Target the other day...I think baking cakes/cupcakes from scratch is pretty silly when you have easy box cakes that are just as moist and delicious.  But, I refuse to use can frosting...I think they should be banned from the stores.
This frosting was easy, tart, and delicious!  Believe it or not, I couldn't find a recipe for pink lemonade icing that I really I just made up my own.  Here's what you'll need:
1 stick of butter
1 block of cream cheese
4 cups of powdered sugar
1/3 pkg of pink lemonade drink mix envelope
I blended the butter and cream cheese together, then the pink lemonade crystals...and then the powdered sugar.  If the frosting is still to tart...just keep adding powdered sugar until you are satisfied with tartness/sweetness.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Celebrating the red, white, and blue...

 I didn't make this myself...It was actually a gift from one of my co-workers.  I thought it was really cute and festive I asked her how she made it.  Basically...she put the rice in bowls and dropped a few drops of food color into each bowl and then layered the rice into mason jars. Easy. Breezy.  What I like about this is that you could basically do it for every, yellow and white for Halloween, green white and red for Christmas, red, white, and pink for Valentines...etc, etc!  So, thanks Tandy...for this July 4th inspired craft!...and stay tuned for some 4th inspired recipes this week!