Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 4

So sue me (no pun intended) for taking a breather in the middle of my 30 day challenge. Three days in a row was quite difficult!! I blame the weather in Oklahoma City...since I have to blame something...It's been dreary and gray, and I'm definitely solar powered. So, since the sun decided to make an appearance today, I decided to write a blog post. =)

Last week, Matt and I were cruising around town in Black Beauty...also known as my 1998, Honda CRV. My old, faithful car is full of dog fur and memories. Lodged under the seat of my car, Matt found a black hair clip (which I would post a picture of, but blogger isn't giving me the option for some reason)...I haven't seen it since the 90's. I used to wear it nearly every day as I twisted my hair in a french twist and clipped it with my favorite clippie.

Since the day he found it under the seat, I haven't stopped wearing it. Although the only person I see wearing this kind of clip now is Snookie. (Sadly, I have more in common with her than just that...I love pickles and am a self-proclaimed "meatball" as well) Anyway, I take it off to sleep, and the first thing I reach for now in the morning is my hair clip...(and I think my glasses are beginning to feel a little neglected).

I stopped to think about why I have this new attachment to something so trivial and ridiculous...and I realized that it is because it represents a good time in my life. Over the past few weeks, I've talked with a few of the "girls" about the lack of friendship in our lives these days. We rarely call each other and see each other even less. Life is now full of family responsibilities...and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Although this is one of the least busiest times in my life, I find myself making less of an effort to keep in touch with my friends...only because I know how busy they are. Life is never dull, and I'm not bored or in a funk, but I do miss my friends. I miss deep conversations and laughing hysterically about nothing in particular. And, since I currently don't have that...I find myself reminiscing a lot...and holding on to the littlest things that remind me of good times with good friends.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3

Man, it's going to be a long way to 30 days. I'm quickly running out of things to photograph and blog about and it's only day 3. But, a quitter I'm I will keep blogging even if it bores you to tears.

These are my sneaks...quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes. I love them because they are easy...and versatile. But, I catch a lot of slack for wearing them. Mainly because of how I wear them....I don't like wearing socks with them because they make my feet sweat. And, I just slip them on instead of carefully placing my foot in them and then tying the laces. Apparently, it bothers a few people that the tongues of my shoes are crammed into my shoe, and I don't do anything to fix the situation. But, if I did...they wouldn't be easy...and I wouldn't love them. Is there something so wrong in going out in public like this? Are there really people out there that are paying attention to the tongues of my shoes??
Anyway, I love/d my shoes up until last week. It was Spring Break, and my 13 year old niece was visiting...she was sporting shoes juse like this but with the tongues in proper position. It made me wonder....Should a 30 something be wearing shoes that a 13 year old's wearing? My 20 something cousins assured me that it was fine...that it showed I was modern and keeping up with fashion. But, err...I'm not quite so sure. I see 40 somethings dressing like their teenage kids all the time. My pet peeve is when I see adult women wearing those knit/sweat pants with something stamped across their posterior. The whole thing has made me reevaluate my wardrobe.
Getting older is not an easy thing to do. I wonder sometimes if it's still okay to like the music I liked in my 20's...because I'm not ready to let Biggie Smalls go!!! I think I will forever be "Hypnotized!" Sometimes I feel weird talking to my nephew and niece about music because I wonder if they think I'm some old lady who is trying to be hip.
I realize I'm not a spring chicken anymore....And I do try my best to dress my age, although I may not always succeed. There are a few staple pieces in my wardrobe that I'm not ready to let go of...whether it's age appropriate or not....#1. my sneaks and #2. my tights and #3. my black cardigan (which is just timeless in my opinion!) =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 2

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Sunu
We have spent many birthdays together...driving around trying to find ways to celebrate. Back then we thought celebrating our birthdays in OKC sucked. Now, I'm quite sure she's wishing that she could be celebrating here.
Sunu, you may be far away...but you're definitely not forgotten. I hope you are having a fantastic day with your hubs and friends. Wishing you many blessings for the new year in your life! P.S. Come. Home.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1

So, I got called out by my friend, Terrance about the 30 day blog challenge that never was. So, I had to stop making excuses about it and do it! One night as I tossed and turned, I thought that this challenge was a pretty great idea...a perfect way to keep me blogging. And the next morning, I thought..."what were you thinking?!?"'s the premise. I remembered how I used to carry a camera with me...EVERYWHERE. Nowadays, I never have one on hand...and my camera phone bites, so I rely on the kindness of others for photos. So, I thought that perhaps I could tote my camera around daily again...and blog about my pics. And thus, my 30 day blog challenge.

So far, I've failed miserably!! But, Terry sort of made me realize that I left the blogosphere hanging, so I guess I will give it a try...
Today's pic is of my niece, Marissa. She turned the big 1-3 today!! So a big...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. Unfortunately, I'm painfully aware that my niece and nephews are no longer babies. I was lucky enough that they all lived close to me as babies...and I could give them their bottles, put them to sleep, and play with them. It's been fun to watch them grow up...but I also miss how cute and cuddly they were as babies! I remember how Marissa used to toddle around my house when she was a baby. She was the ultimate girly girl...I remember coming home from work one day and finding her in my room, in a laundry basket, with nail polish all over. She was passed out...I'm pretty sure it was from the fumes! And now, here she is...all grown up...a smart, resilient, beautiful teenager.
I know the years are just going to fly by...and next she'll be in her twenties (SHREIK!) So, Sue Aunty is going to cherish every visit and every birthday party that I'm invited to =)...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The "I Do Events" blog had a facelift....check it out!

PS...stay tuned. I'm doing a 30 day blog challenge starting tomorrow!