Thursday, May 31, 2007

chocolate cake that won't make your belly shake...

The sun is out today. It's the first time I've seen it in several days and according to, it will be the last time I see it in several days as well. BOO! I spent the better part of the evening yesterday making a WW cake for my boss's birthday today. Usually I make Birthday Brownies, since it's the treat of choice around here. But, my boss has joined me in the FAF...fight against, she decided to forgo the brownies and opt for something a little less decadent. Apparently, if you buy a box cake and pour a can of diet coke in it, instead of oil and eggs, it cuts the calories considerably. I topped of the cake with light cool whip and mini chocolate chips, we'll see how good it actually is.

I started addressing wedding invitations last night. I bought a very cool pink, glitter pen and had a field mother called. She was not happy with the fact that I didn't have an inner envelope to write out each person's name individually. I guess writing the "Mr and Mrs and FAMILY"...doesn't get the point across that the entire family is invited? *Sigh* I've come to the realization that I can not please everyone all the time. There will always be complaints...always.

I could seriously use some time off, but that's just wishful thinking at this point...My next day off will be July 4th. It can't come soon enough. =/

Update...I just tried the diet coke cake...and it's excellent! ok, maybe not EXCELLENT...but it's not bad at all!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I hate Wednesdays...

yah,'s weigh-in Wednesday, but I knew better than to weigh after this long weekend filled with fine dining at Furr's cafeteria, my mom's george foreman-grilled brats, a pizza party at work, mcd's chocolate dipped vanilla icecream cone....I know, I'm terrible. I sure don't sound like a girl who needs to lose weight and needs to squeeze into a wedding dress. WHAT'S WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEEEE?

I need therapy. I know this entire thing is about mindset. I know that it's high time to resist urges, make better decisions, and be more active...yes, I know all these things...but do i do them? ehhh..sometimes. well, sometimes just ain't any good any more.

grrrrrrrr...i'm so mad at me

Sunday, May 27, 2007

When 2 worlds collide...

It's nice to be able to stay up late on a Sunday night and not worry about the sound of the alarm rudely awakening me from a deep sleep. The Furball, Marissa, and Andrew just joined me to go watch Shrek the Third. It was so super cute! If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT! I decided I totally want a dronkey and a baby ogre. Does anyone know where they sell stuffed ones?

Jason came home from India today...He was toting around a few VIP items for bridesmaids outfits!!! They're beautiful!!! I can't wait to see one of the girls in them. I'm wishing I had gotten one for myself!! The fiance did a marvelous job getting them made...especially with the embroidery. I'm very impressed. Now, if they fit the girls perfectly...I'll be elated.

Today, the fiance sent me some pictures of him and Jason hanging out in Bombay. It was so weird for me to see my two worlds colliding. With the exception of my mom and one has seen, it was kinda weird for me too see someone from my world sitting with Matt in his world. Weird...but cool.

Jay and Matt...I know it may not look like it, but Matt was excited to meet him. ;)

The music man

Matt's friend Samson and my friend Jason playing a few tunes outside the restaurant...

Friday, May 25, 2007

on the eve of a 3 day weekend...


what a perfect way to start the 3 day weekend. what with the gloom and doom weather, the on-set of sickness will be the icing on the cake! i have no idea why we're still dealing with torrential floods and monsoons when it's nearly June. it's making me a tad grumpy if you can't tell.

i guess i should just be happy that on Sunday night, my heart won't be filled with dread...and on Monday morning, i will not have to roll out of bed hesitantly. i don't have big plans for the weekend. i have a year's worth of laundry to do, vacuuming, and sweeping too. my wedding binder is a total wreck and the lack of organization is driving me bonkers, so i should probably organize that too. other than that, there's nothing urgent awaiting me these next 3 days.

my bridesmaids outfits will be here on Sunday! jason went to india and met up with the fiancé on his way back...and he was kind enough to bring the outfits back with him. I can hardly wait to see them. i'm crossing my fingers on the colors. a full report on Tuesday!

have a great weekend, rat racers!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ABC's it's easy as 123...

Thanks Blessed...I had nothing to post today!

A -
Are you available? no
What is your age? 32
What annoys you? Fergie
B -
Do you live in a big house?
When is your birthday? October 6th
Who is your best friend? my BF
C -
What is your favorite candy? currently, jelly bellies
Who's your crush? antonio sabato, jr (for life)
When was the last time you cried? last week =**(
D -
Do you daydream? i'm in a constant state of daydreaming
What's your favorite kind of dog? i think it would only be right that i say, chocolate labs
What day of the week is it? thursday
E -
How do you like your eggs?over easy? or is it over hard? yellow thing showing
Have you ever been in the emergency room? yep, when i slipped on the ice and sprained my ankle
What's the easiest thing ever to do? making a bead bracelet
F -
Have you ever flown in a plane? yep
Do you use fly swatters? no, my hand. just kidding. newspapers
Have you ever used a foghorn? what exactly is that?
G -
Do you chew gum? yep, chewin it right now!
Are you a giver or a taker? i think i'm more of a giver. i don't like taking things. EXCEPT...a certain polka dot gap bag from my BF, which I have yet to get!!!
Do you like gummy candies? dude, i totally live for gummy candies!
H -
How are you? i'm particularly good at this moment
What color is your hair? dirty brownish black
I -
What's your favorite ice cream? german chocolate
Have you ever ice skated? no, and thus, i'm still alive
Do you play an instrument? oh yes. piano, clarinet, chingil (tambourine) ANDDDDD the cymbals. i know, i'm SO musically talented!
J -
What's your favorite jelly bean color? green
Do you wear jewelry? yep, i wear it all, baby!
K -
Who do you want to kill? if i said her name, she might know i'm coming for her.
Do you want kids? most certainly
Where did you go for kindergarten? it was too long ago for me to remember the name
L -
Are you laid back? very
Do you lie? i prefer the term "story tell"'s less harsh
M -
What's your favorite movie? my best friend's wedding
Do you still watch Disney movies? sometimes
Do you like mangos? love em'
N -
Do you have a nickname? yes, too many.
What is your real name? Susan
What's your favorite number? 5
Do you prefer night over day? yes, cuz i'm at home at night. but if i'm at home during the day i like days
O -
What's your one wish? If u tell your wish it won't come true.
Are you an only child? no...i have a sister. oh oops, and a brother too.
P -
What one fear are you most paranoid about? that I'll be BC's pee-on for life
What are your pet peeves? tardiness
What's a personality trait you look for in other people? kindness
Q -
What's your favorite quote? "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow..."
Are you quick to judge other people? no, i hate that.
R -
Do you think you're always right? i AM always right. kidding..i. assume i'm always wrong
Are you one to cry? no, not unless i have no other choice.
S -
Do you prefer sun or rain? sun!Do you like snow? yes, if i'm at home enjoying it.
What's your favorite season? fall
T -
What time is it? 4:15
What time did you wake up? 6:30amWhen was the last time you slept in a tent? i took a nap in a faux tent that i made for my nephew, aaron about 10 years ago
U -
Are you wearing underwear? uh, yes
Underwear or boxers? boxers
V -
What's the worst veggie? pavakaWhere do you want to go on vacation? Italy. oh but wait...Judas and Benedict are going there together with out me!!
W -
What's your worst habit? biting my fingernailsWhere do you live? oklahomaWhat's your worst fear? that my wedding dress won't fit
X -
Have you ever had an x-ray? yes
Have you seen the x-games? what are x-games?Do you own a xylophone? lol no...but i have played one. seeeee, i told u i'm musically talented
Y -
Do you like the color yellow? yep, it's one of our wedding colors
What's one thing you yearn for? a pepperoni pizza with jc's chocolate cake on the side
Z -
What's your zodiac sign? libra
Do you believe in the zodiac? noFavorite zoo animal? monkeys

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

friggin' weigh-in friggin' wednesday

Good Wednesday, rat racers. I think I'm going to start doing Yoga. I took a class a few years ago and made a public spectacle of myself. So, this time I thought I'd give it a go in the privacy of my own living room. I need to do something that will allow me to take some of the tension away from my neck and shoulders...The tension is starting to produce migraines and pretty soon, I'm convinced that my neck is gonna just snap off. I must be getting OLD.

As for Weigh-In Wednesday, I lost a pound....a total of 5 now. The graduation festivities and the trip to the Chinese buffet with the maternal unit are probably some very good reasons as to why I didn't lose more. I'm very disappointed with myself. I don't know why it's so hard for me this time be focused and committed. I wish I had the will power of my neighbor, the Furball...but I don't...and I wish I enjoyed torturing myself with brutal work outs like my fiancé does, but I don't.

Speaking of the fiance...I always hear people telling us how horrible our engagement pictures were...but Matt sent me one, which I cropped a bit, that actually is half way decent. I mean, at least we both are somewhat smirking at least. ;) Anyway, the brown Howie is half way here. we got some good news the other day, so it's just a matter of time...a month...two...God willing...before he's here. Now you'd think THAT would put some fire under my gluteus maximus. I guess I'm just waiting for him to get here and go all Nazi drill Sargent on me with the work outs and food consumption. is it that a girl whose head was all turned by chubby, short guys with gotees and an appetite ended up with a guy whose current goal is to get his six pack back. And I ain't talking cokes either...=/

PS...If you have my phone number...please don't dial it at the 8 o'clock hour!! The season finale of LOST is on...and I can't miss a milisecond!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Along with the good...comes the bad...

Nala was the ideal dog. She was well-behaved, loving, playful, and friendly to babies and grownups too. I don't ever remember her ever jumping on me, bounding towards me, or anything else annoying that my dog loves to do. She was a good dog by nature, but also because that's the way her mother (CCL) raised her to be. We (all of us cousins) got big dogs in hopes of having a great dog like Nala to come home to. Sadly, none of the rest of us got so lucky. Nala went through a lot of Lisa's life changes with, marriage, children...and survived them all...But on Friday, good ol', faithful Nala was diagnosed with Cancer and Saturday her parents put her to sleep. I couldn't blog today with out posting a special tribute to the best dog I've ever known....Rest in Peace, Nala. You are missed...

In other news, this weekend was insanely busy. I need a weekend just to rest up from the weekend that I had!! But, no such luck. My own dog met with a little mishap yesterday..when she got bit in the nose by some mongrel. Her nose was bleeding profusely. I was surprised at my own reaction...First thing I wanted to do was call her dad...but realized there was little he could do from another continent. Then, I washed off the blood from her nose, called the Furball for emotional support, then called the vet for advice. If any of you want a child, but wonder if you're capable of handling one at this moment in time...get a dog. Seriously, it's pretty much the same sense of responsibility you feel...the only difference is that you can lock the dog up in the cage sometimes. I think Mousse will survive, but she's going to take some antibiotics just in case the mongrel had some cooties.

Miss Leslie graduated high school last night. We are very proud of her! Congrats, Les...and good luck to you as you start college life at OU!

The senior class of PCN 2007

The graduate with her fam...
Les and Jostlyn (the resident artist on the blog)

Last but not least...The book festival was great. I worried for no reason. The session was painless, the signing didn't get much traffic because the key note speaker was on at the same time...and the TV interview was very cool! I went through make up and sound was totally the real deal! I loved it...lots of fun!!
The italian stallion, who stopped by for a signed book! ;)

Friday, May 18, 2007


I should be excited about this weekend, but I'm actually kinda dreading it. I have no earthly idea what I'm going to stand up and talk about for an hour. Not to mention, I have no idea if ANYONE will be there to even listen to me. The session is at, I can see everyone taking a break to have lunch at that time. Then me and 2 other people have a signing at the bookstore at 1...conveniently when the keynote speaker will be speaking. Again, maybe me and the other 2 authors can just swap books and sign each others'??

Tonight, I'll have to find something to wear. I'm not looking forward to that either. =/

So that leaves the question...what am I looking forward to this weekend? Sunday evening is my baby cousin Les's high school graduation. She's the very lastttttttttttttttttt one to graduate high school. I can't friggin' believe this time has already come. I remember the day she was born and holding her when she was a baby. I also remember thinking, "Man this kid's gonna graduate in 2007?!? The world will end by then!" I guess not. I look forward to seeing her all dolled up in her graduation robe...cheezin it up with cute little friends afterwards...It should be fun.

Pictures will be up Monday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Weigh In Wednesday...

I lost 3 pounds. Can I getta AMEN?!? It's about dern time. I wish I could attribute this small success to something, but I think it's a combination of lots of things...drinking more water, running more, and making some-what better food choices.

Last Sunday night we went to Jason "Buffalo" James's favorite spot ...Buffalo Wild Wings. I watched everyone devour delicious wings dipped in tasty sauces and the zestiest potatoe wedges. And while they did that, I ate the most dry grilled chicken sandwich I've ever had in my life. But, I guess depriving myself is well worth it now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15th, 1987....

It was second hour. The kids in my 7th grade honors English class were a bit rowdier than usual. I think it was their attempt to make our teacher, Mrs. Adams suffer the way she made us suffer by sitting through her lectures on Greek Mythology. She had just settled the class down when there was a knock at the door. The 7th grade counselor needed to excuse someone from class. That someone was me. I knew at that moment, but ignored reality as I followed her down the hall that led to her office. When I reached the office and saw my older cousin waiting for me with a sullen face, I knew, but ignored it. When I returned to my class to gather my books and saw my obnoxiously loud peers struck silent...some with tear-stained faces, I knew, but ignored it. And when I climbed into the back seat of my car and sat next to my older brother, who for the first and last time in my life took my hand in his, I knew, but ignored it. I ignored reality until the moment I was forced to accept...when I saw my father laying on the hospital bed with no smile on his face, no light in his eyes, and no life in his body.

Twenty years later, the surge of pain I felt at the moment when I was thrust into reality, is still fresh. They say that time heals all wounds, but it doesn't. Time gives you the ability to learn to cope.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Here we go again...

The weekend was a lovely rain, plenty of sunshine, and warm breezes. I hope summer weather is here to stay. I will not complain about the heat...I'm just so thankful to have it!

The weekend was busy but good...I snuggled with cute babies, had a day of beauty with the maternal unit, and got to see Jason "Buffalo" James before he flies off to India today. Matt will be awaiting him at the airport with a sign that says Jason "Buffalo" James, so he can chauffeur him to his next destination. I'd explain the whole "Buffalo" thing...but, Oklahomans are already considered the oddballs of the Midwest, why give the world more fact to support their theories?

The day of beauty with the maternal unit consisted of a haircut for her and a wedding hair trial for me. It actually went very well...much to my surprise. The picture below is a blurry picture I took of myself several hours later after much the "oomph" had worn away. Even still...the curl lasted very well with out much sticky hair spray assistance. So, that's just one less wedding related task to do....I'm so ready for this day to get here!...124 days left!

In other news, I must apologize to my friend Matty. I think that a rather sarcastic comment I left on his blog might have offended him. So, Matty I'm sorry...I was only know I love to kid. You are the studliest guy I know...not to mention stylish and creative. My comments merely reflect my jealousy of your great sensitivity and great decorative taste. A thousand pardons....Are we still best fwiends?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've got a strange song in my head....

"I've got jungle feva, she's got jungle feva...we've got jungle feva now." (i don't have jungle fever and i have no idea why this song is continually playing in my head!)

You know, short of a few people at my work who think it's kinda cool that I'm a pee-on by day and writer by night....and Andy, the ever-faithful mailman, who has seen me through the entire publishing one ever really asks me how my book is doing. Actually, that's quite alright by me, because I hate explaining it...or should I say, defending it. I have to break into my usual schpeel..."well, it's out there in the's just really hard to's tough for first time novelists to get their name out there...I can't concentrate on marketing AND bringing home a pay check..royalty checks trickle in on the occasion."...etc, etc.

But, truth be told...while I convince those who ask, I'm convincing myself. I've kinda sorta put "The World From My Fire Escape" to rest...thinking that my next project will be better...and the next time around I'll do it right. I'll put myself out there more...I'll have Matt to help me market...I'll...I'll......................

And yah, I was content with that because I was too tired to do anything else about it. And then...............BAM.

I wasn't trying, I wasn't looking...but marketing found me....3 years after the fact, but hey...better late than never. I was tickled pink by the fact that I get to do a session in this year's book festival. I've been wanting to do one for 3 years now, but it was like I was always a day late and a dollar short. Of course, thinking of standing up in front of a room of strangers and talking makes me vomit in my mouth, but I'll get over it...I have to. I pretty much thought that was the best news of the month until.......i got an email from a producer of a television show on literacy. he wants to meet with me for an interview. Yep...SueVee's gonna be on TV!

I have got to get my act together and come out of my shy shell...or else I'm gonna make a fool outta myself....Please send me positive thoughts. I've been asking myself questions while looking in the mirror...and I haven't been able to answer one question without laughing!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's weigh-in Wednesday. I'm absolutely dreading it. I know my results won't be good today. Not that I ate too terribly bad, but I just didn't run like I should have. I don't know what my deal is. I'd like to blame it on the millivanilli would say...but i don't think that's a valid reason. I will update this post with my sorry results.

In other news...Introducing baby Madeline. Welcome to the world Madeline...When you grow up, I've got lotsssssssss of stories for you about your daddy. And no matter what JP's mommy says...I'm Sueni and she's Susan Aunty. ;)

And in other news....I originally had a book signing set up for May 19th at the Oklahoma Book Festival. But then the organizers called me yesterday and asked me if I'd like to have my own session to talk about the book! So if you're in the OKC area...please come and be part of my I'll have one!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Goodness...gracious...great balls of flowers!

This weekend I happened to get many supplies needed for a few of my wedding crafts 50% off at my favorite store...Hobby Lobby. I know they'd probably all be on sale again before September, but I just couldn't resist getting a head start! When I talked to m florist about making a flower ball for my niece to hold instead of the traditional basket...she quoted me $75. I figured I could do the same thing for a fraction of the cost. And sure enough...I did! This flower ball may not be real, but I figure Marissa can keep it, and knowing her...she'll want. I made this for the low, low price of $15! Right about now...I'm really liking the wedding colors I've chosen. Pink and yellow are happy colors!

Chukde Phattey

You must be wondering what the title to my blog means. I have no idea. Maybe our hindi speaking readers can help us out with that one. I just know it's a Hindi song, and for some reason, it makes me laugh. It stormed like crazy last night. It was perfect weather to sleep in...minus the fact that my 75 pound dog wouldn't get in her crate and proceeded to roam around all night. Roam around on my bed, that is. =/ I was just way too tired to use brute force to get her into the kennel...and I definitely suffered the consequences.
I usually hate rainy days, but I think this one is beautiful...of course, it'd be downright gorgeous if I could snuggled under my comforter dreaming of white sands and blue waters. But, alas...another Monday is upon us, and I'm behind my desk once again.
I mentioned last Friday that Saturday, May 5th was a special day. Not only was it Cinco de Mayo...but it was KT's birthday and the Piper's wedding day!...but Saturday became even more special because early that morning, my newest niece, Madeline was born. If she had come just one week earlier, I could have seen her when I was in Dallas. I can't wait for her daddy to send me pictures!!
Other than that, the weekend was rather uneventful. I spent most of it cooking at the MU's house since her eyeballs are out of commission. I also tried on a few veils and made my niece's flowerball that she'll be carrying during the wedding. That was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I will post a picture of it just as soon as I get it together and upload pics from my camera.
I also spent the entire weekend watching Friends. The Furball loaned me her season 1 and 2 DVD's, which I've been watching non-stop since Friday. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen an episode...I still laugh.
Well, here's to another week....

Friday, May 04, 2007

When I was in Bombay, my uncle kept suggesting that I write a book called "The India that I Saw." I didn't think I could write a book based upon my observations, but I knew I could write an I did. The owner of "Sunny News" was tickled pink when he discovered that his editor (Matt) was hooking up with a writer (me), and told me that he would love to publish some of my short stories. I didn't know how appropriate my weird short stories were for Indian readers, so I decided to submit an article instead....

Matt sent me this picture of this week's "Sunny News." I could flog him for using my picture with the story...especially this picture. Something tells me that Bombay citizens will think I that wearing a jacket with a churidhar is a fashion faux paux.
In other news...tomorrow's a BIG day...not only is it Cinco De Mayo...but, it's cousin Krissy's Happy Birthday!...andddddd, Pipe and Nancy's wedding day! Congrats to the happy couple!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Can I computer and a little luck?

I need a new computer. My current computer keeps giving me a pop up window that can't be closed unless you reboot....which is pointless because when you reboot it pops back up eventually. So, I find myself working around the box, which makes getting anything done on the computer quite challenging. I'd love to get a laptop...but, I'm just doing a bit of wishful thinking at the moment.

The Furball introduced me to Rossblog...and now I'm totally hooked. I'm quite intrigued with the idea of videoblogging myself, but alas...without a new computer, there's very little I can do. I can't even talk to Matt on webcam because the minute I turn webcam on, the entire computer freezes up. *sigh* Wouldn't you know all this would happen just as soon as I ordered high speed?!? My luck astounds me sometimes...

Speaking of.... the girls at church decided to do a girls study. The book we are reading is called "Extraordinary Women of God." Ever the cheapskate, I decided to order my copy from Amazon and quickly informed the other girls of the price difference. I was the first one to place the order about 3 weeks ago. Soon after, everyone else ordered their books from Amazon as well. Actually, they ordered them, they received them, they began reading them, and they even discussed chapter 1. Me? I am still waiting on mine. Actually the guy says it's lost. Why am I not surprised?

Well, it's day more day to go till the weekend! i know you think I'm off...but per Joey Tribiani on Friends....Monday is one day, Tuesday is 2 day, Wednesday is what? when? day, and Thursday is 3 day. He's so silly!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weigh-in Wednesday...

lost 1.6 pounds total, i've lost 4. i'm totally off track. this is week 5. i should have lost a total of 10 pounds. i'm six pounds off!! bleh.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two Peas in a Pod...

The twinkies' pics have finally arrived!
Introducing....Sia and Sai
(Sia's ALREADY got accessories...truly Mommy's girl)Sai: see my muskles?
Sia: Hey...get yo elbow outta my face, bhai!Sia's adorable wittle face...
Sia: Hey Bhai, are you awake?
Sai: Gimme a kiss right here, Sissy...