Thursday, May 07, 2009

the search continues...

For weeks, I've been searching a new place to call home. Although we both definitely want to buy a house this year because of Mr. Obama's wonderful tax credit for first time home buyers...we're not ready to take that plunge just yet. There are so many homes for sale, but I haven't found one yet that I have felt 100% about. So, we thought it best to rent for a bit until the right house comes along. I didn't think this would be that difficult...I certainly didn't have a hard time the first time around when I moved into the apartment and then later, when I upgraded a bit to the townhouse.

But now? It's a differently ball game. Suddenly no apartment in the city wants a big dog in their complex. How rude! I've run into road block after road block. Rental homes are pretty much the same way...the only ones who do seem to take dogs are the ones that oddly enough...want your social security # and personal information before you see the house!!!

It's been frustrating to say the least. Time is definitely a matter of days, a truck full of my belongings will be pulling up...and yet, i have no where for it to pull up to!! Keep your fingers crossed that I find something soon.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Cuteness...and lots of it.

Staic...I haven't been ignoring you. I received your plea for a new post...I know you're simply dying to know what's going on here in OKC, but I haven't been up to anything interesting I thought I'd wait to post until something blogworthy came up...and yesterday, it did!
I went to visit my girls...both sets...BF (who was in town for a visit) and Nancy and their little preciouses...Tessa and Maddi.
I've officially dubbed Tessa with a new nickname..."Cabbage"...because she's such a little cabbage patch doll...and though her mom claims she can be a handful...she spent the entire night silently sitting, cooing, and smiling like the little doll she is.
"Cabbage" must have recognized me because she was all smiles and ready to be friends.
But, Maddi wasn't so sure she wanted to be friends with any of the new faces...or the slightly recognizable one
So, Maddi checked out Tessa...
And Tessa checked out Maddi
And then Cabbage and Munchie checked out each other
And decided they were going to be BFF's
And they decided to befriend Shirley Aunty too...
And eventually, I warmed my way into Maddi's heart...
And she decided that even though I left her to come back to OKC, she'd still be my little munchie....
I couldn't post other people's cute kids...without posting my own...
Moussey and her toy ducky
Moussey and her best bud, Andrew