Friday, August 31, 2007

The Great Pen Debate

T minus a couple of hours and Matt will be here! (I can't reveal the exact time cuz certain nosey people will show up at the airport in camoflauge with video cameras to try and capture public displays of affection.) ...SHERYL!
A completely unrelated topic...look at this face. Does she not make you want to smile? This Lola (Lauren)...CCL's lil' one. My dad's side of the family is having a family reunion this weekend at Sky Ranch near Tyler, Texas. I'm a bit bummed that I'll be missing out on the festivities...but I am happy that I still get a chance to see everyone in just 2 short weeks!
Ok, I need some opinions. The BF and I are in the middle of the great Pen Debate. I'm not doing the traditional "guest book", I thought I shouldn't have the traditional white pen either. Instead I made a flower pen...Sonia doesn't like the ribbon. And apparently, for a brief forgot that this is OUR in mine, Matt's and Sonia' I shoulda consulted her b4 hot gluing! =) Anyway, she says a sheer tulle-ish ribbon is more classy and pretty. I think classy and pretty doesn't go with anything else in this wedding...which i describe as crafty and cute. So you guys tell me...should I ixnay on the polkadotsay? (I hope you say you love it cuz I loveeeeeeeeee my polka dots!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

R.I.P Singlehood...

As I watch the last few days of my singlehood fade before me, I'm left with a bittersweet feeling. Bitter...because I don't think I enjoyed "singlehood" since I was always fretting about marriage...and sweet because I have lots to look forward to. If there's one piece of advice I could share with other singles, it would be this....Enjoy where you are right now.

It's human nature to always look for the next best's rare that we stop and smell the roses or appreciate our green pastures with out looking at the one that we think is greener on the other side of the fence. We feel so pressured to fit in with everyone else and keep up with the joneses...that we rarely appreciate the place in which God has placed us at this very moment. I've been guilty of this a million times. In fact it's something I have to remind myself about on a daily basis. "Stop worrying about what you want next and enjoy what you have now."

Looking back, I realize that I had lots to be happy about when I was single. I had fun times with my friends, did a little bit of traveling, had a secure job, learned a lot about myself, and pursued my one great passion and was able to achieve it....sort of. Now that I have Matt...I will never again have to fret about being alone...but the other frets of singlehood will remain the same even after I'm married...writing and moving to a real city will always be something that weighs on my mind....and the worry of singlehood will be replaced with the desire to enter motherhood. In's always going to be something!! Single people tend to think married people have it better...Married people think that couple with children have it better...and couples with children think that singles have it better. But really, we're all in the same quest for happiness....but, it will never be found if we just don't STOP!...and enjoy the place God has placed us and the blessings He has given us for today.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brain. On. Over-load.

I have so many things crammed in my head right now that are screaming to be lists, airport pick-up schedules, appointments, to-do's...aaaaaaaaaah. i sip my caramel frap and try to relax. but it's not working. planning someone else's wedding is so much more fun. but when it's your own, it's a whole different ball of wax.

So recently I joined the facebook phenomenon. I was hesitant at first...convinced that I was too old to partake in the social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study, and live around them. But I bit the bullet and joined anyway. It has been such an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with my friends and cousins AND be nosey and scope out people's interesting pictures. I am hooked! It's the way I treat myself with a break when I'm on the verge of going cross-eyed from staring at files all day. Facebook makes the world go round.

In other news, my veil is done!! Syb and I worked on the painstaking process of placing tiny crystals all over it last night. I think it's beautiful and adds the right of bling to my rather bling-less dress. I think I love it more because I know it's handmade and not bought from some overpriced store. My mom thinks I spend too much time making things...or having other people make things...when I can just buy it. But, I think there's something special about things that are handmade...because you know thought and effort went into it.

Engagment pictures this weekend. The burning question is...WHAT DO WE WEAR?!? Our brilliant photographer is taking us down town for some classy, yet urban shots. I'm excited to see what he comes with with two very non-photogenic, non-expressive, non-public display of affection individuals. It should be highly interesting!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At Last My Love Has Come...

Yah, Excuse the cheezy title of this blog...It's a song by Etta James...and it's probably what I'll bust out singing in the middle of the OKC airport...

"At last my love has lonely days are over...and life is like a song!"

Tickets are booked...Matt should be here before the clock strikes midnight on Friday night. Two words...YEE. HAW.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Boys turned ONE!!!

It desn't seem like it's been a year since the highly anticipated births of Landon and Micah. It's been fun watching the boys grow this past year...and to now see them toddling around as they explore their worlds. This weekend they both had birthday bashes. I was in such a mad dash to get to Landy's party that I forgot to grab my camera. The pictures that I took on my camera phone will hardly do his cuteness any justice. I know his daddy has some great pictures from the party, so as soon as he emails them to me, I'll share them with the rest of the blogosphere.
However, I did remember my camera for Micah's bday bash on Sunday. I think he was a little confused as to what all the fuss was about... Micah's baby cousin, "Snugglebug Thomas" was hangin' out with her Sunu Aunty
The most amazing animal cookies...homemade by none other than Micah's mom, the Illustrious Finuji. And you wonder where I got her nickname from??
Josh was fishin' in the lake behind Fins' house, and stopped to pose for his Senior picture. ;)

Micah cuttin' his birthday cake. The lion cake was homemade by his Mommy too!
Uncle D and Uncle Ash
I love me some Priya...pic stole from Sheryl
The weekend was so busy. I spent all day Saturday shopping for miscellaneous wedding stuff. Shopping alone is never really fun. Just when I was about to stop and pout about being lonely...I remembered that this was my LASTTT weekend of lonliness! No more lonely nights lying on the couch watching more shopping more eating alone...It will be so nice to have someone at the apartment to talk to!!
I really don't know how I'm going to function properly this week...cuz I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO SUPER EXCITED!!
It's funny...I am having such a hard time waiting 4 days when I waited 8 months...actually...32 years!! Good things defintely come to those who wait!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Sooo, when's Matt coming?"

Sometimes you open your mouth and ugliness spews out...and you know in your heart of hearts that you're being cold and mean, but at that don't just want to wound someone because you feel wounded. But then it hits you...a hour...a day...a week later...and remorse fills you heart and mind...but there's nothing you can do...because that moment has elapsed and the damage has been done. You mumble the word "sorry," but it hardly seems powerful enough to heal the wound you inflicted or ease your guilt.

I've been a very tempermental bride-to-be...which I hear is common...but that doesn't make it excusable. Matt's dad had been in the hospital for nearly a month. I know Matt has had his plate full with helping care for dad and getting ready for his move to the U.S. I can't imagine that it'd be easy to pack up your entire life and move to another country...but that didn't stop me from giving him grief about needing to know the exact date and time of his arrival. I'd been on his case all week...It seems that my anger level rose every time someone asked me the infamous question..."Soooo...when's Matt getting here?" I heard the question at least 15 times a day...AT THE MINIMUM. The more I was asked and the more I mumbled a feeble reply of "sometime this month"...the more angry I got.

So, when I heard Matt's voice on my voice mail in the evening tell me that his dad passed away...I felt like total pond scum. Here I was being so demanding and adding stress to a man who was already enduring much more stress than I could probably handle. He sounded tired and defeated....For the past month, he was fighting to help keep his dad alive...and he lost the battle. Please keep Matt and his family in your prayers...Sometimes life seems so out of control...But, I know that even now, God has everything in control. As much as I know that Matt wanted to see his dad healthy before he left India....I know he would be completely crushed if he left, and then he was to die shortly after, leaving Matt unable to return home. I'm grateful that his dad nknew that his son was going to get married...and that I was able to meet him and spend a bit of time with him.

I look forward to September 17th when Matt and I will be on a sunny beach in Miami...and Matt will finally be able to relax

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My church shower...

I had my church shower this weekend...My aunt did a wonderful job of hosting her very first shower...along with the help of few of my friends. I got a lotttt of great kitchen gear that was very much needed.
Me with my peeps part 2
Ash and the kids
Les and Priya
with Densey....
Jess and Syb
Me cutting the cake...
a close up...
A closer up...isn't it pretty??
Award winng designers of toilet paper wedding dresses
Dorette giving "backless" dress a new meaning...
the brides...
Shirley striking a pose
Jess toilet papering her mother in law
Priya's charlotte hooch dress
Kaleb wondering why his mommy is wearing TP precious as ever...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples...

Happy Anniversary Sonia & Matty...
It's hard to believe 5 years have already passed. Maybe I'm just a tad bias...but I still think that your wedding was the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended....(I'm sure that will change after September 15th) =)
Matty, 5 years, and you've managed to still keep that smile on her face...that's an achievement!
Sonia, 5 years, and you've managed to stay sane...that's an achievement! I kid...
I pray that God will bless you with a lifetime of love and happiness...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Mommy, yo, I be Thuggin Out to Mims at Kinder Care."

As I was driving back to work from lunch today, I heard a song playing on the radio. After the song was over, the dj announced that the song was an e-request from someone listening to the station today from "Kinder Care"...(a day care.) The song is called "Like This" by Mims...The lyrics go a little somethin like this...

Girl tell me if you want it like this
If you want to you can back it up
You say you like it rough won't you let me smack it up
Calm on you ass that's if you let me touch
I don't care 'bout your breast
You can be an A cup
I know what I like
And baby that's below the waist
I'm a baller baby I'll hold us safe
I got about ten lawyers to blow the case
So we don't gotta worry 'bout those who hate

Uh, I guess that's enough for you to see that "Like This" by Mims is highly unappropriate for someone to be listening to at Kinder Care!! All this to say, I might be old, but I'm certainly glad that I grew up in the 80's...when cartoons and music all made sense. Kids weren't going around singing "Do yo chain hang low? Do it wobble to and fro?" They were singing do YOUR ears hang low! The other day I was watching cartoons with my niece and nephew...Sponge Bob Square Pants to be exact. I felt sad. It was nonsense...what ever happened to real cartoons like the Flinstones and the Jetsons?

Kids today may have it in easier in ways...what with the invention of the computer/email/cell phones/tivo...blah, blah, blah...but, I rather type on a typewriter and use correction tape and have the joy of knowing that I grew up in a time when things were a lot more simple and least to some extent.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I do have a post...I do, I do...Excuse me while I make a reference to "SATC"...There's an episode where Miranda and Carrie get into a huge fight in the middle of a thrift store because Miranda is tired of wiping Carrie's tears after she breaks up with a guy who is horrible for her...yet that she still keeps going back to. I realized at that moment that Carrie Bradshaw annoys me because she's not strong enough to resist putting herself in a position that has proved to be detrimental to her emotional well-being. However, she comes off as strong, smart, and independent...Is she a poser?

The real question is...Am I poser? I'm judging a fictional character for her weakenesses when I do exactly the same thing! I might not have a Mr. Wrong in my life, but I do have people in my life that are not good for my emotional well-being...yet I don't bother to draw lines or keep them a safe distance away to where I am not affected by them. I don't believe in cutting people out of your life, but I do believe that people are constantly evolving and changing. So in order to have a successful relationship with someone, you have to work around the change and evolution.
For example, I've had a friend since childhood. Since I was a little bit older than her, I matured before she did. She was wrapped up in the "drama" that most 20-somethings get involved in while I was in search of a drama-free existence as a 30-something. She felt that my drawing an "emotional" line of separation was me pushing her out of my life...but it wasn't so. I was just merely giving myself space in order to prevent suffocation. Now, 4 years later, our relationship is great!! When we get together, we appreciate our time together, we reflect on the old days, have great conversations, and get along with out any drama. We needed that space and time in order to be functional friends.

With some people, it's not as easy to draw that line of separation. They haven't quite reached that level of emotional suffocation...but, I find myself feeling continuously sad because of their actions. Is there really a need for that? Why do I keep going back for more? I think when you better understand yourself and your "needs" in a relationship...and actually have the strenghth to stand up for yourself and stop getting emotionally are able to draw lines that are sometimes very necessary. Until somehow feel compelled to live by the "BFF rule" that was established in your mind some time between junior high and high school.


Have you ever met one of those people who want everyone to know their business? If they are having a bad day, they think it's essential that everyone knows. If they're having a good day, they think it's essential that everyone knows. If they're caught up in drama, it's essential that everyone knows. If they know someone else that's caught up in drama, it's essential that everyone knows. And how do they make sure everyone knows their business? They talk EXTRA loud. They have phone conversations in a centralized location where everyone else is sitting and talk EXTRA loud so the entire room can hear them. Sadly, I know someone like this...and I have to deal with her on a daily basis. She makes me want to gouge out my ear drums...but I have no choice but to keep listening. And trust me, it's not because I want to. =/

Sorry guys...running out of blogworthy posts these days...=/

Friday, August 10, 2007

Suevee pretending to be CarrieBee

I have a confession to make. I came to grips with the fact that I'm an addict at approximately 2 am this morning. It was my dealer who got me hooked. She seems to know when I need a fix...and then brings over the goods in exchange for chocolate bon-bons. Last night, she recognized my need for a pick-me-up and brought me seasons 3 & 4 of "Sex and the City," and I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning watching my favorite girls.

So this morning's post is inspired by none other than....Carrie Bradshaw. *Envision me sitting in front the laptop (I wish I owned) writing the following question*

Are weddings really worth all the hassle?

I recently heard about an Indian girl who spent $80,000.00 on flowers for her table centerpieces...JUST centerpieces. Her wedding story was on one of those "dream weddings" shows on cable. The person who told me about it assumed that since I too was Indian...I'd be having a wedding just as extravagent. I chuckled and said, "uh, not quite."
It's really INSANE how much things cost these days. I feel like the wedding industry is THE industry to be involved in because women have all these dreams and visions of their perfect wedding... so while their head is in the clouds, their emotions are running wild, and their sensibility is out the can make a fortune. But the question it worth spending thousands of dollars on flowers that die, dresses no one's ever going to wear again, and food for people you barely know or like...all for ONE day of your life?

At one point in time, I would have vehemently exclaimed, "YES!" But now, I'm not so sure. Luckily, I haven't spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on things. Our wedding is a very DIY (do it yourself) wedding. I've saved bundles on centerpieces and decorations and stuff. I'll admit to a few splurges here and dress, the photographer and such...but I've tried my derndest to remain practical. But, it's the work and over all stress behind it that makes me question if weddings are really worth the hassle. It's been a bit of a pain to work full time, meet vendors during my lunch hour, stay on top of things, and deal with comments that make me question my taste...and ultimately turn my brain into a flakey, undecisive piece of mush.

Don't get me wrong...I look forward to our wedding day. I just wish that the process was smooth and easy and fun. This is precisely why I decided to seriously pursue becoming a wedding planner...not so much for monetary purposes...but to help the "process" go a bit smoother for other brides and remove the stress factor out of what should be the happiest day of one's life.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Praise reports...and things of that nature....

* Matt got his Visa. God willing, he will be here in 2 weeks!! Much thanks for those of you who prayed for him!!

A special Happy Birthday shoutout to my B-I-L, Shep. He turns the dirty 30 today...(ha! he wishes!)

(pic of the family in Tuscany)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

In Desperate Need of Sanity....

First off, Congrats to Miss Suja K. She came to church and shared some GREAT news. After lots of tearful prayers...She has a teaching gig for the fall! I am sure she feels and realizes that she is indeed...*Blessed*
In other news, I'm a nervous wreck. Matt's interview for his Visa is this week. I can't express how difficult it has been to plan a wedding contingent on the groom's arrival. I'm a self-proclaimed pessimist...but I am trying to walk in faith and send positive vibes across the ocean to the friggin' consulate in Bombay....but, it has been really hard. When I say I'm getting married on September seems like the next question is..."well, has Matt gotten his Visa?" My response..."Uh, no." As much as I know that things will work out...because I know that Matt and I are no accident or fluke...but something God has brought together...I must admit, it's nerve wracking at times. It's made a stressful situation even more stressful. And I'm simply on pins and needles.
With the wedding just 5 measley weeks away...(Was I the moron complaining a few months ago that time was going by too slow?!?!?!)...I am trying to iron out the final details. I'm scared crapless that I will forget or overlook something vital. I spent Saturday finishing up a few last tasks...Like Make-Up.
Below are pictures from a make-up trial. Do tell me what you think! I'm open for brutally honest truth...leave me your opinions in the comment box!

The eyeshadow- Do you like this shade? Or is it a bit much?

Don't worry, I won't smile so generically for wedding pictures.

Friday, August 03, 2007

B to the Z

*deep breath* Work has been so unbelievably busy. I'm taking a breather to post because I'm getting complaints from the peanut gallery that I'm a bit tardy with my post today. I hate to disappoint the peanut gallery.

With 43 days left until the wedding and pants that don't button nearly as well as they used to, I'm forced to take drastic measures. The BF and I are kicking carbs for the next five weeks. This should be highly interesting since I'm making chocolate bon bons for a baby shower in a few weeks. Hmm...I wonder if bonbons are freezable. This morning I had an egg and a piece of sausage. It was satisfying and good...although, 4 hours later and I still smell like sausage. So far it seems like I can do this. I just hate the fact that I'll be wasting the milk and yogurt in my fridge right now. I was going to make a few dozen smoothies last night and drink myself into a smoothie coma, but after all the other carbs I ingested for my last night of carb bliss...I was a bit carbed out. If you're in the OKC area, and desire a smoothie to cool you off from the heat, please do drop by.

I've also been taking my eczema on my elbows very seriously. I know some of my readers...who have seen my elbows...are rolling their eyes right about now, because they think the crusty skin on my elbows is just ash, not eczema. I beg to differ. I've been putting potent lotion on it several times through out the day and they are as crusty as ever. I know this is probably TMI, but I'm in desperate need of suggestions!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Water...It does the body good!

Holy Mother...It's been a busy day. I haven't had a minute to do any extra curricular activities today. This is what I love about this job...sometimes it's insanely busy and other times it's as slow as molasses. But, you never want to poke your eyes out cuz when it's slow, you appreciate it because busy times are ahead...and when it's busy, you don't get overly uptight cuz you know slow times are ahead. It's just perfect.

In other news, I've been realizing the importance of water these days. CCL has tried to pound this into my head for years, but I never listened. I remember one time I was sick and asked her for OJ and she refused to give to me unless I drank two glasses of water. I thought she was so evil. But, now I understand. Lately, I have hardly been drinking any. We only have small coffee cups here at work, so it's annoying to walk to the water jug every 2 minutes to refill it. can say I'm lazy...Anyway, by the time I get home, I'm dead tired. I usually take a half hour nap if the schedule permits and by the time I wake up I'm totall parched. By then, I just feel more exhausted and too lazy to run in the heat with the dog...or walk in the heat with the dog...which ultimately results in weight not being lost and pants not buttoning in the morning. All this cuz I don't drink enough water!! So today before work, I bought a big bottle of Fiji water. It's a liter. I'm horrible in fractions and all things math related, so I don't know exactly how many ounces are in a I don't know how much to drink of this before I reach my 84 ounces a day quota. 2 Liters seem like a I'll just aim for that. Hopefully if I'm fully hydrated this evening I can actually have enough energy to run with the beast a bit. I desperately need to fit comfortably into my's making me a very grumpy person.

Matt has been spending his nights on the cold, dirty floor of a hospital room every night for the past week. His dad has been in the ICU...and is recovering quite well but will be in there for a few more days. Matt doesn't feel comfortable leaving him there alone at night, so he grabs a piece of cardboard as a matress and sleeps on the floor every night. I think that act of selflessness (is that a word?) speaks volumes of his character. I'm a lucky girl. ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gettin' rid of the Stank...

I light scented candles continuously, plug in plug-ins, display reed diffusers, and open the patio door for ventilation, but apparently that's not doing the trick. When I'm at work sifting through my "all-purpose, polka-dot bag," which serves as my handbag/ lunchbag/totebag... I smell cigarette stank. I can't understand why. I feel like I work overtime to make sure that my apartment is apple-cinnamon scented, but it just isn't working. The worst is when I pack my clothes and unpack them at another location. When I pull them out it smells like ash tray! This nasty scent has left me with a bad taste in my mouth...and now I have this urge to move out of my little humble abode, which has been home for me and Mousse for the past 8 months. EIGHT MONTHS?!? It just seems like yesterday when I was watching Billy drive my desperate need of a wheel alignment...down the road with my mattress tied on the top of it...on a windy day, nonetheless! I can't believe how times flies when you're kinda having fun.

Last night, my neighbor, the Furball (not to be confused with my dog, the Furbeast) let me borrow her Sex and the City DVD's. I got a wild hair this weekend and went and bought one. I thought I was buying season 1, but apparently, I don't know how to read because I was buying season 6 part 2. So yes, I saw the end before I saw the beginning. But, I don't mind...I'm so hooked on the show. It's funny that I'm just now watching it...You would think that I've been a fan for years since my shower was 'sex and the city'- themed. But, I'm a little slow I guess. I must admit, I wish I spent my single years in in a quaint brownstone...meeting my closest gal pals for cosmos after work....splurging on Dolce and Gabana when I'm depressed....meeting deadlines for my very own column. BUT, since I didn't do any of that....I might as well live through Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. ;)

Hmmm...I'm craving Sushi.