Saturday, April 23, 2011

I've noticed something...I don't do things that I used to really enjoy doing. For instance, I used to make my own jewlery (earrings/bracelets/necklaces) and I stopped doing it because buying jewlery is cheaper. But I miss designing my own accessories...and beading was always a great stress relief! Anddd, I used to be a card sender...I loved sending people greeting cards because I knew how they'd brighten someone's day and break up the monotiny of bills, bills, bills....but I stopped sending them out because blog and facebook shout outs became so much easier. Anddd...I used to be obsessed with eyeshadow. I loved matching my dual-colored indian clothes with the corresponding eyeshadow. My sephora eyeshadow box was my most prized possession...but then I stopped wearing eyeshadow when I realized that my glasses covered it up anyways. Andddd...I used to love taking walks at the lake with Mousse. I really enjoyed the view while I walked...and people watching was always fun. And I stopped walking there because...well, I have no idea why I stopped. So, this week...I walked at the lake twice....and Iit made me realize that I've stopped doing lots of things that I used to love doing. So I'm going to make a conserted effort to bring some of that stuff back into my life....and enjoy myself a little!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Doggie sitting...again. This doggie was an easy one...she's just as luh-azy as Mousse!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I saw the strangest thing on TV the other night. Two women were conversing in Spanish, but they were dressed in Indian in Sari, dot on the head, bangles, chunky earrings and the whole nine yards!! It was the strangest thing...and I couldn't stop watching. Next there were other shots that were clearly filmed in India, more people dressed in Indian clothes....but everyone was still speaking a few Hindi words like "chalo" and "thee k" (excuse the spellings...I'm sure they're wrong) So, I had to investigate this further....what was this strange show?? Apparently the Spanish Channel created a new television show called India...which airs in Brazil (and obviously the U.S. too!) The soap opera reflects Indian culture and the plot is about a Dalit boy who falls in love with an upper class girl. Brazilians LOVE the show and it's causing an uproar in the country! Brazillians are now apparently obsessed with Indian customs, culture, and fashion! I'm not sure how accurate the representation of India and its culture is....because I can only understand a few words here and there....but I do think it's highly interesting that Brazilians have made an Indian soap opera! Ha!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People say that pets begin to act/look like their owners. And, I'm definitely beginning to see that in Mousse. She's only five...which isn't too terribly old for a lab...just like I'm not too terribly old for a human....but we both just lack energy. If I lay on the couch watching TV, she's typically laying right beside me on the floor...and we both tend to dose off watching Dr. Phil. Of course, she has a passion for food as well...and although she shouldn't eat chocolate, she feens for it...just like I shouldn't eat sugar, but just can't seem to say no. Our friends, Shmerly (Shines & Merly) have two puppies... Freddy Murphy (Murphy & Freddy.) They love Mousse...and that's an understatement. But, she just can't be bothered with them. It reminds me of when I was 9, and my friend NC was 5, and I hated when she came over to our house and threatened to tell my mom if I didn't play with her. I just couldn't be bothered with such a bratty, immature child!! So, as you can see, we have lots in and my Moussey. And then, yesterday something happened that made me realize this doggie was truly meant for me... apparently we are both scaredy cats. She has a big bark...and no bite. And, I try to act tough, but am definitely a weenie inside. So, yesterday a huge fly flew in through the back door. It was one of those massive horse shoe flies. Mousse is typically pretty great at catching flies and anihiliating them....but this one was unstoppable. I think she began to think it was some mutant fly...and if she couldn't get it...maybe it would get her! Whatever the case, it FREAKED her out...and she went and hid in my bathroom.....for hours!! No dog snack or pepperoni could lure her away from her safety zone. It reminded me of when I wasn't feeling well one Sunday and decided to stay home from church. A bird had flown through the chimney and down into our fireplace...and decided to come in the house when it knew no one but me was home!! I have to admit, I hid in the bathroom too...until my mom came home. I love my Moussey!

Monday, April 11, 2011

So, obviously the challenge is OVER...and I failed miserably. Taking pictures AND blogging proved to be too much for me to do. I saw my good buddy, a baby shower this weekend. She told me to take my 30 day challenge and shove it up my ahhh...(she was a little volatile...and understandably so) The people who have read this blog since 2005 are disappointed with my inability to hold it together now. SnuK and I talked about why I don't blog...She's a great listener and very easy to talk to. And before long, I was able to psycho analyze what my problem is......Back in 2005, this blog was my diary. I wrote my daily rants and raves...and it was 100% ME...and what was REALLY going on in my "so called life." But, these days, my "so called life" isn't all that interesting...not much goes on a daily basis. And sometimes, things do go on, and I'm not so eager to share it with the world wide web. So, SnuK gave me some great advice...she said to share short stories...or write doesn't have to be a diary of my life events. BRILLIANCE! So, I'm giving this another blog promises that I will write daily...but I will make a conserted effort to keep my blog alive. A big thanks to SnuK for asking about my blog, for listening to me ramble, and for caring enough about me to encourage me to keep my passion for writing alive. even bigger congratulations to her....She received her Doctorate degree and is officially Dr. K!....So very proud of you!!! I love to see people succeed in fields that they are truly passionate about. She takes "history buff" to a another level!!