Friday, November 28, 2008

A Week of Thankfulness-Part 3

I'm thankful for...
Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. I won't be cooking for at least a week and a 1/2! Yeehaw! What did we have for dinner?

1 ten pound turkey
Boston Butt...aka pork shoulder
sage sausage stuffing
sweet potatoe casserole
cranberry conserve
corn casserole
green bean casserole
mac n' cheese
rum cake
apple cinnamon cake
cupcake cupcake birthday cake
candybar brownies

If you're craving any of the above...come on over. I've got more!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Week of Thankfulness~ Part 2

I'm thankful for....
my BF, who just so happens to be a birthday girl today! Happy 30th Birthday, Sonia! I'm excited to actually be in the same state with you on your birthday and look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Week of Thankfulness~ Part 1

litany • \LIH-tuh-nee\ • noun
1 : a prayer consisting of a series of invocations and supplications by the leader with alternate responses by the congregation
2 a : a resonant or repetitive chant
*b : a usually lengthy recitation or enumeration
c : a sizable series or set
Sentence: When I came home, I heard a litany of excuses as to why the dishes were not washed.

I'm thankful....

* that although I'm far from home, I will have a house full of fellow Okies over for Thanksgiving dinner.

*that in this time of economic crisis, I have a job and a roof over my head.

*that after six months at the job, I finally have two friends!!!

*that although I heard some very bad news over the weekend....God is in control over the situation...and with Him there's always hope.

*for the friends I have back home. Over the past six months, I've learned who really values friendship in the same way I do. I am blessed to have friends who don't feel that I'm out of mind because I'm out of sight. They still pick up the phone and call me...they return my calls...and they email to see how I'm doing. I don't have to give shout outs to them...because they know who they are.

*for a husband who never complains about what I feed him....

*for the most beautiful dog in the world!

*for my new TV!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

gravid • \GRAV-id\ • adjective
*1 : pregnant
2 : distended with or full of eggs

There seems to be an abundance of gravid women among my circle of friends.

My friend, Fin emailed me the other day...and listed a few of the interesting things on her mind. I thought a random listing of random thoughts might be a good blog post for those days when I have very little going on and even less to say.

So here we go...the thoughts floating around in my brain:
*Remember to wish Julie Tee gone Vee a very happy birthday on Facebook .
*Cherry Coke Zero is a diabetic's best friend.
*There's no reality TV on Thursday nights.
*I need to make my Thanksgiving dinner shopping list and drag myself to the evil walmart.
*The new mommies must be called this weekend to see how they're faring.
*What's up with the word "swagger?" I never heard it before and now Brittney's saying, MIA is saying it, T Pain is saying it, Mario Lopez is saying it! What exactly is it?!?
*Speaking of T Pain, his song "chopped and skrewed" has me convinced that I could seriously have a future as a hip hop singer if only I had a voice box machine.

And finally, Thank the Lord Jehovah it's Friday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tessa is here!

I got a call from my friend, Nancy...otherwise known as "NC" yesterday letting me know that her baby girl, Tessa was born yesterday! Is it just me or does this seem to be the year for baby girls?? Nancy told me she couldn't tell who Tessa looks like, but I can already see a bit of her momma in her.
The Ingle family... Baby Tessa...
I could swear I've seen Nancy make this same face when she was 5 years old and didn't get what she wanted.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pictures Galore!

Suetee's husband conceded....the baby's name is officially Sophia! Baby Sophie and Mommy are both at home and doing just fine. We finally got pictures of her and she's a cutiepie...just like her Momma...I'll let you see for yourself!
Baby Sofie with big brother JP...
This weekend, I went on a very quick trip to New York...for my cousin Benji's engagment. It's still hard to believe the boy is getting married. But, I have ten months to let that thought settle in. I had the opportunity to briefly meet my new cousin-to-be, Rolly. I can see why Benji likes her so much....she's a sweetheart! Pictures of the new couple below....
A blurrier picture of the two...
My mother's side of the fam....
The ladies....
My artistic shot of the day...
My mom and aunt...
Next up...I found some pictures that I never posted from my anniversary trip to West Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale/Miami. The thing I love about Florida is that there's a lot of beautiful places here where you can take mini-vacations to.
West Palm Beach

Paw prints in the sand....(not Moussey's)
Matt in Ft. Lauderdale...wishful thinkin'
Me and Matt flying the friendly skies....ha! and if you believe that...You'll believe anything.
Sushi in Miaimi
That's all folks!

Friday, November 07, 2008


I've been getting rude commentary about my blog lately. One person...who shall remain anonymous...told me to either blog or shut it down. Another person said that when I do blog...she wishes I didn't....that my blogs suck. (Such fanfare!...geez, it makes me totally wanna blog on!).

I've decided that I can't shut her down. I'll regret it too much when I finally do snap out of my non-writing funk. I have too much history stored here. In the meantime, I'm sorry that my lackluster life falls short of entertaining you. =/

I want to write about the election. But, somehow it feels like I'm a day late and a dollar short. I will say that I'm excited to see how Obama will impact this nation over the next four years. Apparently Busta Rhymes is excited too because he came up with some rhymes to celebrate the occasion. "Pop champagne for the Barack campaign." Uh, come on Busta!...could you not think of anything a little less cheezy?
In other news...I'm an aunt again! Suetee had her baby girl Sunday night. They named the baby Asha...but I will be calling her Sofie. I like it better. =) I will post pictures of the newest baby in the family as soon as I get stay tuned!