Monday, July 31, 2006

I know I have to write my blog post b4 9 am, else I will have angry emails and phone calls inquiring why I haven't blogged yet. So, I'm trying to race the clock here. Well, we're back for another week, rat racers. Hope the weekend was fun-filled for all of you.

Friday, the maternal unit called me while I was grocery shopping. She said that my pastor's mother had died and there was a prayer at their house later that evening. We both went, and I was moved to hear the way Pastor had talked about his mom. He described her using three words...faithful, giving, and loving. It was quite a beautiful tribute to her, which moved me to tears at times. It made me realize the importance of being a blessing to others...

Saturday I watched "Lady in the Water" again! My aunt was itching to see it. This turned out to be quite a mistake because she didn't understand it at all. Even after I explained it 3 times. But, I'm glad I watched it again because I got to M. Night! ;) and...I'm going to write a brief essay on my thoughts about the movie, so this helped me jot down a few more ideas. I know...I definitely need a life if I'm writing essays when I'm not even in school. =/

Sunday Miss Ruby and I went to finalize her wedding invitations and shop for shoes. I decided that I should start selling candy bars or cookie dough to raise money for my wedding (in the near future...i HOPE)...because weddings are freaking expensive!!

In other news, I'm actually going to lunch with people today...instead of hibernating in my car as I usually do. When I first came to work here, I worked with a group of ladies. They were all much older than me, but we were such a close unit. They were all like moms to me...always concerned about what was going on with me. I've often wished that I was still in that department...because I loved the people I worked with and they made coming to work less painful. I haven't hung out with all of them as a group in over a year. It's hard to connect although we're just a floor apart because everyone's busy doing their own thang...but today we're going to lunch....and I'm excited!

I leave you with pictures of my babies!...Back in June it was JP's first birthday. His good-for-nothin' mom has yet to send me pics of the event...but CCL sent me a few of him modeling the shirt I made for well as her cuties...Enjoy the cuteness!

Due to technical difficulties with can't be uploaded...stay tuned, and I will edit this post to include the pics later!

Friday, July 28, 2006

it's a muggy, humid day in okc. my re-fried bang is sticking straight up. i tried to grease it down...only making it look THAT much more attractive. =/ i've got nothing special planned for the weekend, nevertheless...4:45 can't come soon enough.

I saw that Lifetime TV is doing a 3 night special on the Fantasia Borino Story. I look forward to that! For those of you who don't know who Fantasia is, she won American Idol a few seasons ago. I am a sucker for stories like this...I get inspired by people who hold on to a dream and beat the odds to achieve. It gives me just a wee bit more energy to hold on myself.

I asked BF to go watch a movie with me tomorrow...but she gave me some lame excuse about distance. =/

have a good weekend, all!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Every morning at 8:00 am there are a few things that I can count on happening...
1. I will be rushing in to work
2. I will feel tired and wish I was snug as a bug in a rug in bed.
3. I will be starving and near hypoglycemic shock.
4. I will have an email waiting for me from my friend, Billy.

Sometimes these emails are normal consistings of the events of the past evening, plans for the day, and questions about my evening and plans for the day. Other times they are a bit more zany. Those emails usually consist of him addressing me by a strange nickname such as, "Spock, Spooz, or Scoots"...and inevitably sheer nonsense follows...

He is weird. There is absolutely no denying it, however he is also funny (at times) and very, extremely creative. This is precisely why I encouraged him to start his own blog! you go folks...Billy's blog! It should be interesting in the coming days as his life starts to completely change...he's gonna be taking on his new role as Dad!

In other news, today is an exciting day for me! I get to go cake tasting with Miss Ruby. She wasn't picky about what flavors we will taste, so she left the selection up to me. Here's what I chose:

Butter Pecan with chocolate fudge filling and cream cheese frosting
Red Velvet with cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting
French Vanilla with Raspberry filling and Butter Cream frosting
Marble with chocolate Mousse filling and Butter Cream frosting

Doesn't that sound divine? Is it no wonder that I've been excited about this??

Well, on Thursday I take my nephew and niece to the library. Today they're bailing on me to go the aquariam in Tulsa with their folks. Can't say that I blame them...It sounds like a more fun-filled option. The library excursions have forced me to start reading more. I'm still pretty slow about actually sitting down to read the book I check out, but at least I'm reading more than I have in the past. This week (or I should say 3 weeks)
I've been reading a book called the "Frog Prince" by Jane Porter. If I could only stay away from TV, I'd have this book finished in no time. It's so good. Jane Porter has a style of writing really similar to mine (smutless and simplistic), which is why I think I can relate so much to her.
If you're looking for a fun summer read...check it out. Guys's chick lit.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I took this upshot of myself as I was waiting for Sunu A to come pick me up on Saturday night for the M. Night Shyamalan movie. I had bought my sweater on my shopping excursion earlier that day. I was nervous about wearing it...because it's not my usual type of other words, it's not a cardigan...and sheryl's always quick to comment when she doesn't like what i'm wearing. (which is typically every time I see her!) But it went over well with the girls...

Anyways...I love my cousin Leslie...I really do. I'm proud of her for dabbling into cosmetology while she's in high school...because it will give her a good paying job while she's going through college. However, never again will I be her guinea pig. I knew I was playing with fire when I asked her to highlight my hair a few months ago. But honestly, how hard could it be? I highlight it by myself all the time. I guess I don't get all complex with foils and such....but she did, and I should have known that the outcome might not be favorable.

Three months later, and I'm wearing a barette to hold back all my fried bangs. She left the color in too long and now my bangs are infested with split ends, dry, and brittle. If I run my fingers through them, I can hear the pieces break...which is exactly what happened to one portion of my bangs...The hair completely broke off and it's about an inch long now and refuses to do anything but stick straight up. =/ Thus...the hair clip.

Lesson learned: If you want something done to you hair, pay for it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Power of Words...

First, a special good luck shout out to Ms. JT Money (Julie). I thought of you this morning as I was praying before work. I'm sure God will bless you with the wisdom you need to do well on your bar exam!

I was thinking this morning on my way to work... (This is usually my time to get my thoughts in gear before work) about how powerful words can be. They have the power to build someone up or tear someone down. Very few realize the impact that their words can make, which is why they use very little consideration when speaking. I'm not sure what causes it ignorance? lack of sensitivity? I tend to think it's lack of sensitivity.

I've been described as overly sensitive. This doesn't bother me at all...I feel as if my hurts, disappointments, and sadness over the years have made me more sensitive to people with similar experiences. I can listen to someone's problems with out feeling void or lack of understanding and with out being quick to judge because I've had my own share of crap happen in life.

Life is not the same for everyone. For some, it is fairly easy and routine....for others it's a series of struggles...while others experience peaks and valleys. I guess as humans we dwell on "why." Why is his life so good? Well, naturally he must be a good person who does nothing wrong. Why does her life suck? Because she makes bad decisions or she doesn't try. Why is his life good for a few months and then suck for the next few? He must have slipped up and gone off track.

I guess what I'm saying is...the "why's" don't really matter. We all slip up, make bad decisions, slack off...etc, etc. It's God's grace that we have blessings in our lives...and we've ALL fallen short of that grace. I guess I'm challenging you...challenging use a little less judgment and a little more compassion. Consider the words you say will it impact the person you speak to?

PS: Billy, I've been emailing you, dude. I think your email is on the fritz again!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm back from my 3 day weekend...although it went by entirely way too fast. Friday was lovely...My plans to hang out downtown were shot because I have no idea where anything is down there. It's highly confusing and it was too hot to scope things out on foot, so I headed to the mall where I shopped (I'm in this new "need accessories" phase) and watched "the devil wears prada." It was nice being able to take a day out and do whatever...

Saturday I went to the homeless shelter with a few folks from church. We served food...It was extremely sad because we ran out of food. We had to give them half a serving just to make sure everyone had SOMETHING. the stuff they eat is stuff that no one else wants...bread that's OLD, fruit that's terrible. I don't think going out there to serve food really serves a purpose unless it's done consistently...unless relationships are built with people. Going out there once every six months merely teaches us to be grateful for the things we have...but doesn't really do much for anyone else.

Saturday night I finally got to see M. Night's new movie...I love him...uhm, I mean...I love the movie. Again, if you watch it at a surface's not so great. The thing I love about Shyamalan is that his work has so much depth. I don't want to give too much of it away, but this movie was about finding one's purpose...ahh, it was just brilliant...I could go on and on, but I'll spare you all.

Anyway, tis a new week...the last week of July...and I'm behind on ruby's wedding tasks for this month! =/ Gotta get to work!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I decided to take the day off tomorrow, afterall...shh...i'm not telling the maternal unit because she will have a list of tasks she wants me to do if she finds out!...I've been told by Billy that I must write a post today to inform everyone that I will be gone tomorrow. I'm sure your lives would go on with out my Friday post. But to appease him...I'm writing this.

I will be spending the day doing some car maintenance...I'm also going to go watch a movie "The Devil Wears Prada"...I would watch Lady in the Lake...but I'm watching the movie in the morning, and I'm scared I'll be the only person in the theater...and I'd be way too scared! I might actually wake up early and head downtown to take some pictures of whatever interesting thing I might find...and check out the new downtown okc library....I'll find a cozy spot to read until my movie begins...then sheryl's going to meet me for lunch. We've decided to try something new and, I'll have to figure out where to go. Afterwards, I'll window shop and head home...

But, it will be nice to have a day to do whatever the feezy i want! Too bad it will be 110 degrees outside while I do it!! Have a great weekend, all!
I was hoping that today could be my Friday. I had hopes of asking for the day off tomorrow, but my co-worker is sniffling and coughing up her lungs, so I have this huge feeling that she will be out tomorrow and I will be here at my post making sure this company runs right...HA!

Is it just me or are the weeks literally flying by? Trust me, I don't mind...but it does seem crazy that there are only 5 more months to the year! I have to figure out what to do with my 18 days...

I tried a great recipe yesterday that I thought I'd share with you all. I call it Mexican Casserole...

Brown a package of ground meat with onions. Drain fat. Mix in taco seasoning.
Crumble tortilla chips on the bottom of a well-greased casserole dish.
Scoop meat mixture on top of broken chips.
Sprinkle cheese over meat mixture.
Prepare one box of jiffy cornbread mixture per box instruction
Spread on top of the meat mixture
Bake @ 400 for 25 minutes
Serve with salsa and low-fat sour cream.

It's easy and good. That's all I have for you today, folks! Until Friday, rat racers...Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I was thinking quite a bit today on my drive to work instead of listening to the mind-numbing morning radio show I normally focus my attention on. Scary...I know. It's never a good thing when I think too much. However, after thinking through my thoughts, I feel much better about "things."

I realize that I've been so hung up about living according to my purpose lately. I guess you could say I've been more than "hung up"...more like consumed by it. I've been on this quest to find the BIG thing that God has in store for me...the job of a lifetime, the man of my dreams, the life affirming missions experience. But today it dawned on me that this isn't exactly what it means to live according to my purpose. I guess we all assume there's one big "task" in our lives that God deems our purpose. I mean, look at would assume that his purpose was to lead the Israelites out of Egypt....but when you look closer at his life, you realize that each day of his life was a part of his purpose...every single event that took place molded and shaped him into being a leader. If he thought that taking the Israelites to the promised land was His purpose, he would have died a very sad and unhappy man, because he was unable to take them on the last leg of their journey. Does that mean he failed his purpose? Not quite...

I guess what I'm saying is...(cuz I'm sure half of you have completely lost me at this point) A lot of us spend our time dreaming about that moment when we realize what God's purpose is...we get frustrated because we don't know His plan...we think we have been chosen to preach to the nations....and are so set on that notion...that we completely ignore the lost soul that passes by us on a daily basis. We're so set on getting to the end of the book...that we overlook all the interesting pages/chapters in between.

This being said...I realized that I have to live according to my purpose each day...instead of worrying about what lies ahead. As silly as it sounds, I felt very purposeful the entire 3 weeks that I helped Julie plan Finu's shower. Each day I was conjuring up ideas and crafting short, doing what I love to do. For me, creativity is such a large part of who I am...and if I don't find an outlet for myself, I'm going to find it very hard to be satisfied. I've been mad at myself for not working on a writing project, but completely overlooked the fact that I write every day...(a la Blog!) Oddly enough, after this big revelation occurred in my mind this morning, I thought up a story idea for the first time in months. It was like I needed to come to this realization to make the flood gates open. I guess the message I'm trying to relay is that each day of the journey is just as important as the final destination...Be the best at who you are today and sit back and see where God takes you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I watched the re-run of my super sweet 16 on MTV this weekend. Those girls were an embarrassment to the Indian race AND Beaumont, Texas! (If you're related to them...I'm sorry) I don't think MTV could have picked two bigger idiots. Now, I'm not so torn up about missing the show on the original air date.

I'm looking forward to watching M. Knight Shymalan's latest movie release sometime this weekend. I'm not a huge fan of scary movies...but, I always believe in supporting a brotha. I think he has an amazing mind...So far, "The Village" is my favorite movie that he's written. I've heard a lot of people give bad reviews on it, but i think that if you watch it and take it in at face is dumb. But there's tonssss of symbolism in it...and that's what I loved about it. I have yet to watch signs...maybe one day I'll buy his whole collection. I wonder if he's reading the "World From my Fire Escape" saying, "I always believe in supporting a sista."...HIGHLY doubtful.

I'm getting bored. Work is so not challenging. You know that you've reached a low point in life when you're contemplating your insane friend's idea of having a grocery shopping race at Wal Mart. =/ I have 18 days left to take off this year and have no where to go. My sister suggested that I go to lake tahoe with her, which is exactly where she's at this moment. But, my mother would have my head on a platter if I left Mousse with her again while enjoying a vacation. She seems to think that she needs the vacation. From what? ...That's my question.

In other news...I have no other news. Have a good day, rat racers...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Good Monday fellow rat-racers...Hope all of you had a fun and productive weekend.
After 3 weeks of lying to my good-friend and neighbor, the Illustrious Finuji...I was finally able to let the cat out of the bag on Sunday. It was her surprise Baby Shower. She was very surprised because I had her convinced the event wouldn't take place until sometime in August.

Overall the event went well. It was an "outdoor" theme (like her nursery), so we had fresh flowers,clothes line banner, watermelon carraige, a caterpillar cake, flower favors, and animal-shaped cookies as prizes. More pics from the event can be seen HERE.

Billy and I made Micah a special gift...It's a book written just for him...It is called the "Chacko's Scary Story."
Here's my favorite illustration from the book!

Micah got tons of presents. I think he's set on clothes for the next 3 years. I hope his parents were happy with how it went...I know I was! Now that it's over...I'm sad. What will I think about and devote my energy helping planning for?? Aaaaah...Ruby's wedding!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Word of the week (although I'm behind about a dozen weeks now)
Definition (per or relating to the countries of the Orient or their peoples or cultures; eastern
Usage Note: Asian is now strongly preferred in place of Oriental for persons native to Asia or descended from an Asian people. However, Oriental should not be thought of as an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations.

Dear "FYI", sorry...I had no idea that Oriental was now considered offensive. As you can see, the definition does pertain to people as well. But, I guess if I'm going to write in a public forum, I should be more aware of politically correct terms. Forgive me for my oversight.

That being said...TGIF, rat racers! I hope everyone has BIG plans for the weekend!

I must do a special shout out to my BF on this Fresh n' Funky Fantastic Friday...I saw this pic of her among Staicy's wedding pictures, and I thought it was such a good one! As usual, she's flashing all her pearly whites.

I know she's bummed about being bored and alone in Florida this weekend...and I'm sure shes' definitely wishing she could be here in OKC. She's the only person on earth that would actually wish for that. =/ BF, just know that you're missed every day...When I'm sitting in my car in the sweltering heat during my lunch hours, I often reminisce about the good ol' days when we car pooled to work and went to lunch together every day!...such good times. Don't worry...I'm not having any fun here with out you. Fun just isn't AS fun with out you...

How many Indians does it take to put up a wallpaper tree?

Apparently 3. This has been the project that Finu, Sybil, and I have been working on for the past 2 days. Finu bought this wall paper cut out for the baby's nursery. Let this serve as a warning to anyone who invests in this tree walling from Pottery Barn. It does not stick to the wall if you follow their directions! Go buy wall paper glue!! But, we finished it last night, and I think it's absolutely adorable...Don't u?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I feel the pangs of hunger as I type this. Do you feel sorry for me? I have a packet of oatmeal in my purse, but don't really feel like "oatmeal" today. However, everything else I'm feenin' either has way too many calories or requires way too much effort. So, oatmeal it is. =/ Maybe I'll spoil myself and throw in a banana. (Counting calories is a sad way to live)

I had quite an interesting experience at the post office yesterday. There were only two cashiers available and a line full of people. Everyone was getting a little miffed. I'm sure the majority were on their lunch breaks (like me) and were intending to briefly pop into the post office before grabbing a bite to eat or run other errands. I, however, have now come to realize that the post office is quite I knew that I should get my lunch beforehand instead of after. That was a particularly wise choice yesterday. So as I was saying, the overall mood of the line was foul…so when the annoying cell phone belonging to the Oriental lady in front of me went off, everyone was a little agg’d. This was because she refused to pick it up, despite the fact that she knew it was ringing. I swear it rang at least 10 times before it decided to go to voicemail. It’s not like she was too busy to answer…she was just standing in line! It’s not that she didn’t want to speak Vietnamese while in line…because she was doing that with the guy 5 people down in the line. (basically yelling across the room…which merely annoyed everyone more.) No one really said anything the first time…and yes, I said first because it happened many more times….4 to be exact. Each time, she stood there as if she was completely deaf to the annoying sound. People were grumbling all around me. One person even said, “put it on vibrate.”…but this didn’t faze her. It got so bad that one of the employees finally said, “Someone’s really trying to get a hold of you.” To this the lady responded, “Yah, but I too busy.” =/

By the time I left the post office, I was starving and anxious to eat the turkey sub I had waiting in my car. I sat in the parking lot and unraveled it from the paper wrapper. Just as I’m about to sink my teeth into it for my much anticipated first bite…I hear a knock at my window. A transient lady with no teeth stood there with a gummy, half-hearted smile. I sighed and put down the sandwich. I knew the drill. The post office isn’t exactly in the best part of town, so I’m constantly running into transients…so much so, that I know to bring a few extra dollars with me because someone is bound to ask. She had a prescription in her hand and explained that she spent all the money she had on her medicine and it said to take it with food, but she had no money for food. I looked at my sandwich…and felt guilty. I could see her eyeing it from the window. I’m giving…but not that giving…I shoved a few dollars in her hand…there’s no way I was giving up my turkey sub. Thus ended my post office fiasco…

In other news…I’ve resorted to calling……because I’m convinced that every shady man alive is on that website. However, recently a seemingly nice gentleman from India emailed me from the site. I received one email and never heard from him again.Typically I wouldn’t be too surprised about that…but after I heard about the train explosion…I began to question it… I went back on shady to see where this guy was from…lo and behold he was from Mumbai! I instantly emailed BF and told her that as my luck would have it….the only nice guy to have ever emailed me from shady is now probably gone forever…and with him perhaps my only chance of finding mr. right. However, this morning I received an email and I’m happy to announce…he’s ALLIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEE!!! Now that he’s survived the explosion let’s see if this guy can survive past my 2 –week trial period in which I determine if he’s a keeper or a loser. ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Because Sib tagged me...

If you could be in the arms of anyone at all...
Antonio Sabato! =)

If you could visit anyone or anything in the world...
Hmm..lately I've been having this itching to go to Spain

If you had functioning wings, would you fly away?
yes, as fast as my little wings could take me

If you met the person you knew you were destined to be with...
I'd slowly walk up behind him, carefully place the handcuffs around his wrist, lock into place, and when he heard the snap of the lock he'd realize he was cuffed to me...and i'd swallow the key so he couldn't get away.

If you could be anything in the world...
I'd be a reknown author on the ny times best seller list.

If you could, what color would you paint the sky?
I think the colors are already beautiful and I'd never think about changing it...although pink clouds might be cute!

If you were to make someone's life better, whom would you help?
Women and children trapped in brothels all across India

How would you help them?
Pay their debts, free them, educate them, and provide them homes.

If you could cure any disease, what would you cure?
Multiple Sclerosis...because it has no known cure.

If you were to leave on a journey, whom would you take for company?
.I'd take Sheryl...only because I know I'd be laughing the entire time.

If you could have a superhuman ability, which one would you choose?
reading ppl's minds....cuz i'm so nosey...i'd have a field day with that power!

If you could go back in time, what age would you like to go back to?
When I was 5...the 70's were good worries, and I was extremely cute!

If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?
I wish I made better choices and ate less twinkies!

Are there any memories you wish you didn't have?
Uhm, yes...all the embarassing ones

What do you want to be when you get older?
A person who got paid for doing creative things...

What do you want your house to look like?
oooh...i love old homes built in the early 1900's that are totally modernized inside..

What kind of pets do you wish to have?
I've always wanted a lab...and i have one and now i wonder why i've always wanted one. ;)

Where would be the ideal place to live?
New York, baby...or any other metropolitan city

One thing you'd like to tell the world is...
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whomsoever believeth in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

If you could tell the world just one thing about yourself...
Give me a friggin' chance, people.

If you could tell the world just one thing about your friends...
They're nuts...and if u don't get their jokes...don't worry, either do i.

If you could apologize to everyone, what would you say sorry for?
Sorry for any and every intentional and not intentional way that i've hurt you.

If you were to give all your thanks to just one person, who would it be?

Why would you thank them?
for grace, life, and salvation.

If you could tag your friends to answer these questions, who would you tag?
the DC's...(i know they're all too busy, but just curious to know what their answers might be.)
I had my heart set on watching "my super sweet sixteen" on MTV last night...but alas, I missed the entire show. =/ Instead, I went over to my brother's house to entertain 5 8-year-olds at my niece's slumber party. I went to the store earlier that day to buy beads so they could make bracelets and necklaces...CCL was on the phone, and I was explaining my task at hand to her. "So you're like the clown?" she asked. Leave it to CCL to shed some light on the situation in case I was confused for a moment. Yep, basically I WAS the clown...brought in to entertain the little rascals. I must say, we had a pretty good time though. Although, if I don't see another pink or purple bead for the rest of my life, it'll be too soon. =) But, it was all worth it when all 5 gave me a group hug when i was leaving. I guess I'll have to catch the re-run of my show...

I was reading about the train explosion yesterday. My thoughts on this situations are: The explosion itself is bad enough. Too many lives have been lost and changed by the horrific event. I just hope that the repercussions don't cause more tragedy. I hope that people in India have enough good sense to realize that this was a terrorist act caused by senseless, cruel individuals who don't represent the thoughts and beliefs of an entire religious population.

with all that being said, i challenge those of you who read this to commit to praying for the people of India. I'm sure many of the people who died yesterday were lost souls. I know that not everyone of us can pack our bags and hit the mission field to share the gospel...but we can pray...and that in itself is a ministry that impacts lives.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I went to sleep at 10:30 last night....I guess I've finally kicked the insomnia. I awoke feeling well-rested...until I walked through the doors of my office. Suddenly, I felt as if all the energy had been sucked from me, and now, I'm as tired as I've been every day for the past 3 weeks. I think I need vitamins.

I'm already dreading the fact that I have to go to the gym right after work. Merely because I hate my gym. There's one good elytpical, 2 sucky ones, and 5 treadmills...and that's all folks. At 5:30 pm there are women swarming all over the place.

I like to switch off and do treadmill one day and elyptical every other. But there's one girl in particular who thinks she owns that one good elyptical. I find myself racing to the gym in order to beat her there...because if she gets there's over. She walks in and puts her water bottle on the machine to stake her claim. She recently discovered that this was a sure fire way to assure her spot. Before her recent discovery, we used to find each other racing to change in the bathroom. I always lost that race too...considering she wears next to nothing while working out. =/

When she beats me to the machine...I'm usually behind her on one of the treadmills giving her the evil eye. Why does the girl even need to be there? I can feel my blood boiling when her teeny, tiny legs are moving at high speed on that treadmill...You think she would look at me and realize I need it more than her. =/

This is my punishment for opting to go to this gym...when there's a brand new, nicely equipped gym basically next door to my house. but in my desperate attempt to avoid indian boys who might laugh at me...i decided to go to an all girl gym. =/

Monday, July 10, 2006

As promised...

Pictures from Staicy and Joby's wedding on Saturday...these are pics I bootlegged from someone's Fotki...but they're still beautiful!

The newlyweds

with the bridesmaids

with all the cousins...

the couple entering the reception
First thing's first...
Happy birthday, Miss Jessy! (Thank you, Cookie...for the picture! I hope you enjoy your birthday at home with your friends and family. It's funny how you and Julie both got to go home for your birthdays! Anyway, I'm glad you joined the OK crew via Ashley. It's been fun getting to know you the past several months...and I anticipate a lot more fun-filled times w/you. =)

The weekend was rather uneventful. Shocking, I know. I stayed up till 3 am working on a craft project on Friday night. My cousin Sue called me the next morning at 10 and I was still asleep. That's highly unusual for me because I'm usually up early even on weekends. When I told her why I was up till the wee hours of the morning, she said I was an addict. She's probably right...Some people are addicted to crack...but not me...I'm addicted to crafts. =/

Since most of the gang was away this weekend...I hung out with Sybil since she was husband-free. We made curtains for her little girls' play room. When I grow up, I want to be a mom just like her. She comes up with the most creative ideas to make her daughters' lives just a little more exciting. The girls are 5 and 2...and they're taking spanish classes this summer. They were telling me the colors in Spanish with the perfect Spanish accent. I was highly impressed. I even tried to stump Hannah by trying to make her say difficult colors like gray...but, apparently that wasn't a challenge. Kids are smart.

Speaking of kids, I took my own rugrats to McDonalds Saturday night. I'm not one who promotes McDonald's eating...but it has an indoor playground which beats sitting out in the heat while they play. I was so impressed by this was the best one I've ever seen. It looked like a even had a sitting are with couches!!

Anyway, while there...I learned a valuable little lesson about "assuming." I saw a lady sitting in the play area...she had two kids with her who looked much like her. As usual, when I'm people watching, I'm always creating stories in my head of who people are and what they're doing. I assumed that she got in a fight with her husband about something trivial and stupid, but needed time to cool off, so she took the kids to McD's to chill a bit. I was so off from the actual truth...We started talking a while turned out she thought Marissa and Andrew were my kids as well and was surprised to hear I was the aunt. And I was equally surprised to hear she was merely babysitting for the kids' mom...who was a close friend. So much for my story. =/

So, that was my weekend guys...back to another work week...bleh! I will be spending the next 4 days wishing it was Friday...and why?? just to have another uneventful weekend like this one. =/

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy 30TH Birthday to Julie!! I know she's right where she wants to be on her birthday...back home in Jersey. Enjoy your special day, Julz! We'll celebrate OKC style when you get back! ;)

Tomorrow is Staicy and Joby's big day!! I've known Staic since she was in junior high. I still remember the first time I met this kid...she was unbelievably cute with beautiful eyes...and she hasn't changed a bit...just grown sweeter with time. I hear the weather in Philly isn't so I'm praying that it will be a beautiful day for these two! I wish I was there for the festivities...but my thoughts and prayers are definitely with her. I've got no doubts Staicy will be a beautiful bride!! Pictures of the wedding soon to come once the bridesmaids get back home! ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I don't have much to blog about these days. Life is pretty uneventful. I need to somehow jump start my motivation. I haven't been running consistently...which is not good. I haven't seen a decline on the weight scales in weeks. It makes me nervous. I remember how hard it was to lose all of this...and I surely don't want to gain it all back. But, I can feel it in my clothes...they fit a bit snug...I see it in my face...rounder than usual. I'm scared!! So today stops the insanity...I'm going to start being more careful about what I put in my mouth...and start running as if my life depends upon it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I've been tagged...

5 things I hate:
1. mondays
2. dark meat chicken
3. arrogance
4. moodiness
5. when i'm wrong

5 things I love: (qualification: besides friends, family, and the like)
1. reality tv
2. summer days
3. blogs
4. traveling
5. jazz

5 items I can't live without
1. my chi/curl solution
2. my car
3. my Bible
4. chocolate
5. my cell phone

5 TV characters I would want to be for a day
1. Phoebe on friends...cuz she's opposite of me
2. Oprah -- because she's strong
3. Rachel Ray-cuz she has skills
4. Elizabeth Vargas-cuz she's smart
5. Vanessa Marcel-cuz every guy loves her

5 favorite clothing items
1. My black target gauchos.
2. knit gray work out pants
3. my "on a reality break" t-shirt
4. my FDNY shirt in the winter
5. courdery skirt

5 things in my bag/purse
1. My coach wristlet
2. My eyeglass case
3. my cell phone
4. my camera
5. Altoids apple sours

5 favorite stores
1. Target
2. Kohls
3. Ann Taylor Loft
4. NY and Co
5. Ulta

5 nicknames I've had in the past
1. Suevee
2. Suey
3. Poo
4. Baby Fats
5. Poopaloo

5 people I'm tagging
1. sunuk
2. niki
3. lisa
4. sibil
5. nina

Monday, July 03, 2006

PCNAK update...

The weekend has come and gone...and I must say it was an abnormally looong one, which is nice for a change. I had a FABULOUS time in Dallas this weekend. Sheryl and I actually made it there with out killing each other or anyone else. Of course, we did get lost a time or ten, but I must say, that I think that actually helped me understand the Dallas highways a bit better because I was able to give other people directions successfully for the rest of the weekend!!

My sole purpose for attending the conference Friday was to meet with the Beacon writers. However, upon my arrival, I discovered that the meeting had been moved to the next day. I wouldn't be able to attend that meeting because I had plans to spend time with my cousins. The Beacon editor suggested I attend a writer's forum with her later Friday afternoon. Of course, I dragged Sheryl with me. We found ourselves sitting in a room filled with men who were 45 and up. To make matters worse, the entire meeting was in Malayalam.
Oddly enough, Sheryl, who no one ever seems to remember after an initial introduction, was spotted out by a pastor who recognized her. He started talking to her in Malayalam, and she would look to me as if I was her translator before she fumbled through some feeble Malayalam response. Of course, I was too busy laughing my arss off because she sounded like a village idiot. The pastor then decided to sit by her, which is when I took this picture because the whole situation was just too hilarious for me. The convo was something like this...(I will translate for the pastor)

pastor: is your husband from Rani?
Sheryl: huh?
pastor: is your husband from Rani?
Sheryl: no. but my husband's from Rani.
me: idiot. that's what he asked u. if your husband's from rani.
Sheryl: oh i thought he asked if i was. (hyena-like laughing)
pastor: what's the name?
Sheryl: Sheryl
me: idiot. he is asking your husband's name.
Sheryl: oh...uhh...Sujith.

Right about then, I quit listening...because I knew the conversation was going to get worse, and I couldn't suck in my laughter for much longer.

Anyway, the forum was a huge disappointment, so we split the scene early! I was able to meet Bincyaleena...a fotologger. That was pretty neat, however I didn't get to take any pictures with her because I never saw her after the first day.

Saturday, the girls and I split ways...we decided we'd devote the day to a family fun day, in which I hung out with my cousins and they hung out with each other. I had a good time with Bobby and Neesha...they introduced me to the art of buying name brand shoes! I bought my first pair...Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals...I can't believe how different the comfort level is. I pranced around in those shoes all day! Although Saturday night was dubbed Friends Fun Night...the fun was cut short when Sunu A's mom decided to bunk with us. But, we did stay up till the wee hours of the morning taking strange upshots and laughing like hyenas...
Three stooges having a feeble friends fun night...

Over all the conference was great! Socially, the crowd was really young this year...but I did see a few old familiar faces and former heart throbs.

Me and my cousin/niece Jennie. I haven't seen Jennie in a year, so it was really good to catch up with her and see her little one! Hard to believe she's a mom,eh?

The girls and me with our favorite flogger, BinuBing!

Sunu and me with our friend since childhood, Sheba.

Upshot of me and Sunu...I think the heat definitely got to my hair!

Sheryl and Sujith..

It was good times... Spiritually, the worship services were unbelievable. Some of the musicians blew me away...Jason James, Siby Varghese, and the Linson Daniel Band to name a few. Overall the kids are unbelievably talented. As for Richard Criscoe, the main speaker, His presentation wasn't the best, but I did walk away with several points that made me really consider somethings...Here's what I walked away with this weekend:

1. Salvation isn't enough because I have not experienced salvation...I've just learned about it.

2. To experience salvation one must truly seek understanding, which means pursuing God passionately.

3. The 2 things that Christians have are hope and peace...and those are the 2 things that devil tries to steal first!

4. If you are seeking God, and not finding Him...step it up a notch...

5. No mistake we make can possibly change the love He has for us.

Overall, I learned a lot this weekend, I got my praise on, and I had an awesome, laughter-filled weekend with the I guess that means that PCNAK Dallas was a success!

PS: The bracelet for Staicy's wedding. 2 down, 4 to go by TOMORROW!