Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another day at Walmart...

I had a disturbing experience at Walmart again last night...I know, I know...maybe I should just stop going there, but I can't seem to sleep at night unless I spend half my yearly income there. =/ As I was leaving I heard the store alarm go off. Two people were walking out of the store at precisely the same time. One was a middle aged white women with a cart full of things and the other was a young black couple each holding a sack. The big, bad Walmart security (an old lady with lavendar hair and a blue smock) immediately went into Barney Fife mode. "Excuse me," she yelled..."Ex-cuse meeeeeeeeee." I watched carefully as the white lady with the a cart full of junk quickly stopped...and the black couple walked on obliviously. They weren't running as if trying to get away...just walking at normal pace...minding their own business. The white lady tried to get security's attention...but she was too busy screaming her head off walking quickly after the black couple. The lady saw me watching the entire situation...and turned to tell me..."I have electronics...I don't think they scanned it." I chuckled to myself as I watched the lavendar haired woman running after the black couple. Can we say racial profiling? Disturbing.

In other news, my Micahji is at home. I thought he should have one day to relax with his parents before I went for a visit...but I will be dropping in today for a visit...Check out more of his cuteness! courteousy SunuA again?

alright, alright...I'll smile for you...THERE!

Hey...take a pic of this one...I can wink too!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

He Never Lets Go...

When I lived in Dallas for a short period of time, CCL used to make gross things like veggie lasagna and veggie pizzas. I griped about the lack of meat, but it always ended up being finger licking good. She then introduced me to ground turkey meat and turkey bacon...which I find delightfully delicious as well. And most recently she told me about garden burgers. I could eat those things all day! I find myself being tired all the I decided to lay off the carbs a bit and go strong on the proten and veggies. If anyone out there knows of a good protein bar that doesn't taste like cow butt...please do let me know. =/

I've got a song in my head....It's called "You Never Let Go," by Matt Redman. I've shared before on my blog that I think that the #1 way Satan tries to get to people is by stealing their hope. How do you steal hope? By replacing it with fear...but the word says, "Fear not for I am with you always...even until the ends of the earth." The lyrics of this song serve as a reminder that God is always with us...and even when problems seem insurmountable...we should submit our fears to the Lord and He will replace it with hope...The song goes a lil' something like this...

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Your perfect love is casting out fear
And even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life
I won’t turn back
I know You are near

And I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
And if my God is with me
Whom then shall I fear?
Whom then shall I fear?

Oh no, You never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
Oh no, You never let go
In every high and every low
Oh no, You never let go
Lord, You never let go of me

And I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
A glorious light beyond all compare
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
We’ll live to know You here on the earth

Yes, I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
Still I will praise You, still I will praise You...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello, Micah...Goodbye, Santosh...

Baby Micah George graced us with his arrival into the big world yesterday morning. We were all delighted that he decided to come early because we were just itchin to see him. Infact, his mom and I were hanging out at Sunu Masi's on Saturday night and I was introducing his mom to the magic of the Magic 8 ball. Finuji asked it if Micah would arrive replied, "Assuredly So"....never deny the magic 8 ball, people.

Micah's a tiny fella...only 5 pounds. When asked about his buddy Landon...who is exactly one week older than him...Micah replied, "he may be big, but I've got the speed." When I held him yesterday, I whispered in his ear, "you must like me...I will spoil you if you do." He opened his eyes and turned his lil' head to look at was as if he was saying, "is that you, Sueji?" His mom said he recognized my voice from the womb. How cute is that!

Enough's his pictures!
Baby Micahji...

peekin out at the paparazzi...

Micahji and mom...

with Sunu Masi...

with Julie Aunty...

and his Herme the turtle sweater! ;)

In other news, our good friend Santosh is leaving us for the East Coast today. He got a new and improved job in Jersey. I hope the TSA checks his luggage because I have a huge feeling Julie might be hiding in one of his suitcases. Santosh will be missed but remembered every time me and SunuA take his Beamer for a joy ride! ;) Happiness, good luck in Jersey...I'll see you in NYC! Pictures of his going away party soon to come!

Monday, August 28, 2006

My evening with Sherika and the girls...

Well, the weekend's over...and the one thing that's keeping me cheerful this morning is the thought that next week, at this time, I WON'T BE HERE! So, that's definitely some motivation to get through this week! It was a rainy weekend in OKC...but, luckily the rain didn't come in till it didn't put a damper on Sheryl's birthday festivities on Friday night.

We made reservations at a Japanese place called Musashi's. The staff there was a little rude and tried to jip us of our reservations saying we were over 15 minutes late, but luckily we had Jessy to do some damage control and make sure that we were still seated and served. It was such a good time...lots of laughing...smack talking (mostly done by me)...picture taking...eating...and did i mention laughing?? good times....

The birthday girl cheezin it up. I got her a bday head band and bling ring to embarass her...but she loved it and wore it with pride.

Fins, Sunu, and Sheryl...that was Fin's last dinner out with the gals for a while...

When these girls get together...lots of laughs follow!

Sheryl getting stabbed by a Japanese Samurai statue!

after 60 upshots...this was the only one that turned out somewhat decent...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Birthdays...Babies...and Boys...Oh My!

Well, it's time for another birthday shout out! I never realized how the summer is so inundated with birthdays! This one goes out to none other than Miss Sharika Jenkins James, the Black Boo, Snig, Shrek, Karth Vador, Black, or Sheryl (as her mother named her.) I think I wil post this picture for Sheryl's birthday shout outs for the rest of her life...because it is my all time favorite...and perfectly captures the essence of who she is. Her birthday is tomorrow...and I've done lost track of how old she is turning. I just know that I remember when she was a fluffy-haired teenager struggling to find ways to straighten her hair. =) And now...she's all grown up. However, throughout the years...there's a few things that have never and will never change...1. she's THE MOST sarcastic person I know.

2. she idolizes me. Now, she'll deny this...but, it's true...I'm the one person she calls to ask questions to...whether it be about stock prices in Ubekistan or how to make chocolate pudding...and everything in between...I'm her own personal "ask jeeves." And...she strives to be like me...whether it be the way i laugh, or the way i dress (u know it's true, Shrek...don't hate)...Her true desire is to be my mini-me. It's nice to be adored. =) She's definitely the kid sister I never wanted...HAPPY BIRTHDAY (TOMORROW), SNIGLET!

Finuji has threatened to do jumping jacks this weekend if Micah doesn't come out. She's not uncomfortable...she's tired of waiting to see him. Now that Landon's here...she's even MORE anxious! So...if you remember please prayyyyyyyyy that Micah decides he wants out soon...I don't think Finz can handle two more weeks of waiting. ( it really Finz being anxious or me??)

I always use my blog as a forum to dawg on the creeps and punks I meet quite frequently. But, I have yet to reveal a secret ...Those of you who follow my blog know that I usually meet a guy and within 2 weeks, he's usually history...Something strange about the guy usually surfaces within that time I find out he's a jackass..., and I typically use this blog as a venue to gripe about the annoyances I have endured. So, I thought it was time to actually write about something GOOD for a change. I have actually met someone NICE who has lasted past the 2 week limit...actually, he's lasted past the 4 week limit. I know, I know...shocking...isn't it? I don't want to jinx myself too much (since we all know my luck isn't usually the best) I will leave at that for now. ;) Hopefully more details will follow in the coming weeks...months??? aaaaaaaaahh...we shall see.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm Bringing Titles Back...Them Other Bloggers Don't Know How To Act...

I decided I'm bringing titles back...If Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back...I should be able to bring titles back.=) I was reading through my archives of last year, and realized that my blogs were more interesting when I had titles...I have no idea why I stopped...I probably couldn't handle the pressure of coming up with something clever. So this time, I'll go easy on myself and just come up with SOMETHING...instead of something clever.

I saw something so disturbing at Wal Mart yesterday. Well, according to my CCL you can be standing in the check out line and see disturbing things at Wal Mart every day...I haven't had such a bad experience with the store...until yesterday. I was driving through the parking lot and I saw a man with a little boy. the baby was about 2 years old...and the man wasn't even holding his hand. The kid was just running loose in the parking lot...I shuddered to think what might have happened if a car backed out, unable to see the baby. How could an adult be so careless? I wanted to stop the car and yell at him...but we all know that I'm all bark and no bite.

Who knows who Juelz Santana is?
I haven't been mesmorized by a rapper since my main man LL Cool J. But something about Mr. Santana's dimples are quite cute. ;) I first saw him on an episode of MTV Cribs and was so confused by his name. The last I checked Santana was a Hispanic guitar player. Then I saw him again on "My Sweet 16" where he rapped at a party for the son of the president of Sugarhill Records. You know you're old when you have to google an up and coming artist to figure out who they are...I was quite curious as to why he says "Dipset" in his song all the time...after googling, I discovered that Dipset is the short form of a rap group called the Diplomats...of which Juelz Santana was a part of! I feel like I'm in the know...;) I'm old...there's no denying. more stinkin day till Friday!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am very aware of the fact that it only takes one moment to change your life...for better or for worse. Yet, it never ceases to shock me when a moment like this occurs. A guy I saw happy and healthy just last week is now in the Intensive Care Unit as doctors figure out what happened to him and how to treat him. I'm sure his parents are praying to have that moment back...the moment right before they lost complete control. However, if there's one thing this family's that when we have no control...there's someone above who does... If you remember, please pray for Jerin's speedy recovery. ;)

The lesson I have learned so far this week is to take nothing for granted. Even as I dragged myself to the gym yesterday, I was grateful that I could run and be active...that there's nothing holding me back...other than sheer laziness. This morning when I prayed...I added something new to my prayer..."Lord, let me fulfill your purpose for me today." I usually get hung up on doing what I want to do...but, now that I stop to think about it...It's way more important for me to do what God wants me to do each day...*sigh* I have so many lessons to learn about being a faithful, obediant person. =/

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jason J. This boy used to be my most prized Sunday School pupil...and now, he's an anointed preacher and musician. He's come such a long way in his young life...and I can't wait to see where God's going to take him next!

As of Baby Landon. I went to go see and hold him yesterday...and he's even cuter in real life than he his in pictures! Unfortunately, I can't say the same for his Daddy...Fatherhood hasn't matured him AT ALL. =(

Landon smiling...

Finu, Micah, and Landon...Finz was practicing with baby Landon...3 weeks left till baby Micah's here! I wonder if Landon and Micah will be best buds like Justin and Billy...

2 big babies...and a lil one!

i just wuv these wittle hats...

A final yawn...

Monday, August 21, 2006

LT's Here!!!!!!!!!!

LT (Little Terror) is here. He's a healthy, 9 pound baby!...all 10 fingers and toes... Bills said he was in the room with scrubs on during the entire procedure. He said that as he walked through the halls..people asked him if he was a doctor...and he replied, "yes, a Dr. of Love." (idiot!) I packed my camera this morning so I can stop at the hospital some time this evening and take pictures! Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for more pictures of the highly Landon!

In other news, it was a lovely weekend. I hung out with SunuA for most of it...Saturday we went to Life Church again to catch the next part of the series, "my secret sin"...once again, it was an eye opening experience. The pastor made an awesome point about how a lot of times we just assume that people with addictions of any kind just have poor decision making abilities...but in reality there was a point in their lives, which became a catalyst as to why addicitions develop. He reminded the audience that one day...we might be on the receiving end of a confession...a spouse, friend, or family member might confess an addiction to us...that confession might come as a moment of complete betrayal...but how will we react to it? Will we scream and yell and not forgive? Will we think that person is crazy and sick? Or will we try to understand that this betrayal is not about's about THAT's about THAT moment of their lives that became the catalyst for their addictive behavior...It was a very interesting.

Sunday we went to the movies...we were supposed to watch World Trade Center, but somehow ended up watching Step It Up. It was a really FUN movie...we were happy with our decision. Both of us were kinda dancing in our seats and felt the urge to go dancing afterwards...which is hysterical considering I don't dance...I wouldn't dance to save my life. ;)

Well...have a good week, all! Hopefully this one will whiz on by!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I just got a call from Miss Julie. She said she has a new found respect for me... Because I handle the fact that Billy has devoted an entire blog to my personal humiliation and bafoonment. Yes, I deserve respect because I deal with this nonsense...this incessant badgering...not just from him but from EVERYONE.

I sometimes wonder if I have a sign on my back..."I am Sue. Please bother me." Either that or it's on my forehead in neon...under my skin..."I take teasing well." There's gotta be a reason why people find it necessary to bug me continuously...I remember it occurring early in my childhood. I was painfully shy back then...kinda like I am now...and I NEVER talked in school. At recess, the kids used to literally follow me to see if I would talk. They would bug the heck out of me until I finally gave in and had a conversation. I must admit, they did bring me out of my shell somewhat. And then...junior high hit. There was this kid...Duane. He was never mean to me. He just enjoyed bugging me for some reason. He used to try and act like he was in love with me...just for kicks. He'd follow me, sit next to me and stare, come up to me...merely inches from my face, pucker his lips and say, "kiss me baby" with a french accent. There was no real REASON for him to do this...other than, he enjoyed bugging me. It merely persisted in high school...when the cowboys discovered the little Indian...and concocted ways to bother me.

After high school, I thought it would be over. I mean, my cousins, Bobby and Mikey, occasionally pulled a fast one on me...whether it be convincing me that my aunt was turning into a man cuz she didn't take her hormone medication, or that my cousins were being beaten black and blue by a deranged uncle...they seemed to always come up with something to pull a fast one on me. (luckily they've both somewhat normalized, and I don't have to deal with their insane plots anymore) But, I'm not quite that lucky with the guys in OKC. It would be too much for me to ask that medical science come up with some sort of pill that would eradicate the nonsense they think up in order to annoy me. Marraige hasn't phased them in the least. Although their wives are normal, mature individuals, this has little bearing on their behavior. The fact that they are either fathers or are going to be fathers hasn't affected their maturity level either. So something tells me...this is just something I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life.
Here's a picture of the boys being the boys...acting like they've got coco in a head lock. =/

For an example of what I have to deal with from the guys...let me post recent chat conversations with Mattie...

D: aight peace beasts, like sunu k would say
S: later gator
D: you're supposed to say after a while crocodile now we have to start all over
S: okay...sheesh go.
D:aight peace beasts, like sunu k would say
S: after a while crocodile
D: oh no oh no...u're right. it's later gator first.
S: damn it. i told u.
D: so now we have to start over
s: fine, damn it.
D: peace beasts, like sunu k would say
s: later gator
D: after a while crocodile
s: okie dokie artichokey
d: i'm's after a while crocodile first.
s: damn it! make up your mind. i'm just gonna sign off
d: no no, get it right. u have to practice
s: practice for what???????? a performance?
d: u just need to learn to do it one more time
s:fine, damn it...go
d: peace beast
**************meanwhile my phone rings. it's sonia*************
SM: sue? (laughing hysterically)
SV: what bf? why are u laughing (i sound irritated cuz dains is driving me crazy)
SM: he's laughing. he's doing it on purpose to make u nuts. he fell off the couch laughing...just stopp...stoppppp.

the sad thing? this whole scene has happened several times...and each time i fall for it. i deserve to be annoyed. I'm too gullable =/

So, yes Julie...although i'm slightly gullabe, I deserve a lil' credit for dealing with the nonsense...and for not losing my sanity through out all these years. i'd be more than happy to hand over the sign on my back and the one on my forehead to some other poor, unsuspecting victim. but something tells me i'll never be that lucky!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

If you're looking for a comedic break check out my church boys in their latest drama presentation.

Four years ago today, I woke up at about 5:30 am...and like the mother hen that I am...woke up the house full of girls that stayed with me and made sure everyone had their things in gear. We all scrambled out of the house and made our way to the hair dresser's. The two ladies were in a pissy mood...perhaps it had something to do with doing hair for 8 picky, girls at the crack of dawn. We had on summery blue outfits that sparkled in the morning sun...and as we piled back into my car with all of our "hair-did" we felt like a pop group about to go on tour. Sheryl was in the back trunk part of the car...and we forgot her their on several occasions until we heard a rap on the window and a muffled "hey let me out."

If you think Sonia's smile beams on a regular should have seen my BF on her wedding day. She was truly a glowing bride. I had such mixed feelings that day....Was I losing my BF? Was I gaining a new one? I filed away my emotions...and went into wedding nazi mode...and did my part to make sure all was perfect. Looking seemed to go smoothly with little to no effort..although, at the time, I remember thinking that I wanted to change my name because I kept hearing everyone say "sue...sue...sue"

Of course, the wedding was beautiful...I may be slightly bias, but I think it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever gone to...and, I've never had more fun being a bridesmaid...this could have a little something to do with the fact that whenever Sue and Sheryl are together...misadventure follows. ;)

Four years later, I know that I could never lose my BF...and whether I wanted one or not...I gained another one. Happy Anniversary Mattie and Sonia...I wish you many more years filled with happiness, hilarity, and love!

ohhhhhhhhh and before I forget...happy 19th birthday to my cousin Ashley! 19 and 2nd year of college?!?!? Where does the time go??

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The sun was hiding behind the clouds this morning...and I could sense dread in the air. It was a typical "first-day-of-school" morning. My drive to work was forced to slow down by school zone lights. The radio dj's were interviewing kids who were on their way to school. Most of them sounded excited about going back, hanging out with friends, and wearing new clothes. I was suddenly caught in a flash back...........picture this...It was August, 1991....the first day of school my senior year. I loved highschool. I loved it more on this day because it was my senior year, and finally we were the top dawgs! I had to get up at 6 and be at school by 7 because of band practice. yes, i was a band geek. I wanted to be different that year, so I set aside my clarinet and decided to play the cymbals for the marching band that year. could i be any cooler? I put on my coolest threads...and went to pick up one of the neighbord kids who was a mere junior with no car. I was so excited about driving my car to school, that I gunned it through the neighborhood...and when I pulled up in his drive way, I forgot to slow down, and ended up hitting the back of his mom's Suburban. =/ Fortunately, nothing happened to either I didn't bother reporting it to him or his mom....=/

Ahhh...the memories. I started thinking about what exactly I did in high school....and I decided I could write a book about my high school experiences...called "the cowboys and the little Indian." ...since i spent most of my time thwarting their attacks.

but there are things i miss about high being with my best friend every hour of every day, pep rallies and football games, eating lunch at "our" table, balloon-o-grams, band trips, writing for the school paper and finding out all the was good times. =)

now that i've had the flash's back to reality...the 8-5, a bowl of oatmeal, emailing other rat racers who are on the edge of insanity as I am, anticipating 11:30 and 4:45....and living for Fridays. =/

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Birthdays are in order...

to my brother...actually his birthday is on the 13th, but my mom decided to declare that he was born on the 15th. she apparently thought it would be cooler to have an independence day baby.


to Angelina... she turns the terrific 2 today! This pic was taken of her and her cousin Jacob, who is also 2. Apparently Jacob agrees with the rest of us that Angie is just undeniably huggable.

In other news...I have the ugliest thing sitting on my desk. The BC went to the Amazon last week and brought back a hideous mask made of bones/wood/hair. He wants it yours truly has to touch this thing and take it get framed. Gross. My novel writing prof frequented the Amazon as well. He used to sport this necklace with a snarly tooth hanging from it. Someone once complemented it, and he explained that he got it from a grave in the Amazon. Apparently, he brought it home for his wife, but she didn't want it. Who could blame her. i want to go to a lot of place, but the Amazon isn't one of them.

I get to go register at Target today. Well, actually Ruby gets to...and I get to accompany her and point the gun. I'm really excited.

Mmm...I smell barbecue...could it be that someone is having it for a luncheon? Or, am I just craving it THAT much?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Before I forget...a special belated b-day wish goes out to Ashley. I heard about Jessy's plans for your big day. Hope you had fun. May God's blessings be upon you this year!

I visited a church this weekend, and the series that pastor was discussing yesterday was called "My Secret Sins." The church has set up a website , where people can go in and confess their sins. At first, I thought that was a weird idea. But, after looking at the site, I realized that it is really benefical and seems to be reaching thousands of people. I guess sometimes, it is a relief to just voice the secrets that you hide...see them in print...and know that others are reading it and praying for you.

Some people deny the power of satan and his presence on earth. People assume that the sins people commit and bad decisions people make are all based upon their own choices. I agree to an extent. Yes, we do have the ultimate decision between wrong and right and the wisdom to know the difference. But, we shouldn't overlook the temptor. I think I've stated this on my blog before...but the #1 thing that God gives us is HOPE....hope for everlasting life, hope that he has a plan for us, hope that we will lead victorious lives. Satan does his best to remove this hope...because once this is removed...we are weak and vulnerable. Knowing this, Satan uses whatever our weaknesses are to tempt us, and pull us away from God.

After reading through the website, I realized that no one lives a perfect life. We all have areas of weaknesses and times it's overwhelming to consider how good and perfect God is...and it leaves me wondering how I can achieve holiness. But, then I realized that I've completely overlooked His grace...His grace is sufficient for me. I deserve no earthly blessings...and certainly do not deserve heavenly ones, but it his grace that takes my holiness (which is but filthy rags to Him) and makes it truly holy and acceptable. This doesn't mean it's okay to fall into temptation...but it does mean, that if I do fall...there is one who will pick me up out of it. If I confess it with my lips and ask Him to remove me from it...It will be removed...there's no way that my strength can be a match for Satan's strength...that's only a battle that God can fight. I guess it's just important to know that God has set you apart...He has a plan, and the devil is bound and determined to keep you from it...knowing that, draw from the grace of God to help you face and conquer your temptations...

Friday, August 11, 2006

To JanaBanana

Dearest Soul Systa,
U are the coolest, most genuine, and eloquent person I have ever met via the world wide web! I'm equally glad to have the priviledge of meeting and befriending you. My thoughts will be with you in T-dot on Saturday...Congrats to you and Mikey on your engagement!...I can't wait to see your pictures from the festivities...I'm sure you'll be smiling that lovely "Jana smile" that's worth a million bucks...and be stylin and profilin as usual!!!

Exciting days are ahead...please know that I'm at your service any time of the day or night when it comes to "wedding talk." Words can't quite express how excited I am for you! Congratulations again...I'm sure that Saturday will be blissfully perfect!

Much Love,

Mousse Makes her Debut...

Last night almost went perfectly...the house was clean, the idali and sambar was perfection, the sheets covered the carpet, and Mousse was locked in the Laundry Room. What could go wrong? Apparently, a whole lot...

An unsuspecting Amachi had the urge to go the bathroom during the middle of prayer. She walked down the hall, past the bathroom, to my room. When she opened, she discovered it was a room and opened the other door. She discovered that was a room as well, so she opened the third door. A large, brown, monsterous animal emerged from the depths of darkness nearly causing the amachi to have a mild myocardial infarction. She jumped into my bedroom in fear of getting attacked.

Meanwhile, Mousse was ever-so-grateful to the sweet little Amachi. She was getting bored in the laundry room and was quite curious about all the noise emerging from the living room. She knew people were in the house and wanted to go introduce herself....

Upon her noticing her presence...old ladies started going crazy. Some jumped behind the TV set...while others jumped behind seemingly fearless other old ladies. Mousse couldn't understand why everyone was going she just stood in the middle of the room and looked at all the old ladies scattering for shelter.

Finally the maternal unit jumps up in sheer horror, wrestles Mousse, and drags her back to her quarters. Thus ended my mom's social gala of the year. Luckily, the ladies were still up for some idali and sambar after the horrifying I guess the whole night wasn't shot. I only wish I could have witnessed it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

the World's Going Crazy...

I'm partaking in one of my guilty pleasures this morning...Starbucks Carmel Light Fraps...I guess it's more of a guilty pleasure because it costs nearly $4...not because it's fattening...because it's only a mere 100 calories. Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked...I guess everyone's heard about the new flight restricitions due to terrorist attempts in England. I can't imagine being prohibited to carry lotion in my purse or carrying a water bottle. I remember the good old days when flying was fun and easy...but things are so out of hand.

Sometimes when I think about terrorists and their ring leader, Bin seems like some fictional story about one bad guy trying to destroy the world. Sadly, this is not fiction...and the world is just going crazy. Thankfully, I don't know the fear that people in Lebanon and Israel know yet...and I think the key word here is "yet." We never know what's going to happen next...I feel like my civil liberties are being challenged because I can't carry Frizz Ease in my carry on...but that's nothing when I think of all the people who are afraid of stepping outside of their well as sitting inside of their homes. =/

Tonight is my mom's grand soiree... Thankfully, I will not be going home at all until late I will miss her pre-gala madness. Poor Mousse...she's stuck like chuck and will be forced to resign to her sleeping quarters all evening. buahaha...

It's going to be 108 degrees today...I wish i would dress weather appropriately once in a while. All black is not the proper attire for today. =/ Especially when my shirt is a sweater. If you live in the Okc area...and have access to passage into my house...please come in and remove the sweaters from my closet...and only replace it come October. I don't know why I put myself in this misery. =/

Tomorrow's Friday, people...keep chanting that to yourself to make it through today!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Still no baby...Little Landon is like his dad...a little prankster. =/

news update...

Attention all "make mine Billz" fans...if you read his blog today and are a little concerned or curious...i have an update for you...
Miss Val THINKS her water broke...however, this could be a false alarm. Mr. Billz is on his way to labor and delivery and will call me as soon as he knows for sure! I'll keep you posted.

Happy Happy Birthday to the Birthday Crew...

Happy Birthday to two of my most favorite people...
First off my Brother-in-law, Shep. He's one of the ccoolest kats I know. He's the best bro one could ask for...and I'm blessed to have him. Plus, he's a lot more fun than my offense, he makes all my trips to Florida extra special.

Secondly...My BF from High School, Sherry. Sherry and I have been friends for twenty years! Sheesh...we're old. Our lives are a lot different now, but friendship is still special...and I'm pretty sure it always will be. These kinds of friendships are few and far between. I was hoping to update a new picture of us today...but we haven't been able to celebrate her birthday yet...due to her demanding job as mom of two. ;) So hopefully soon!

Monday, August 07, 2006

here we are again...

Here we are...back at Monday. Seems like Monday gets here faster and faster each week. I woke up late this morning...Twenty minutes late. But, I got dressed and ready to go in 6 minutes flat. And yes, I look as frightening as you might assume.

My mom signed up for Ladies Prayer at our house this Thursday. So, I know this week will be a very annoying one. Why is it that moms act like Prayer Meetings are most important social gala of the year? On the way home from church she was already stressing about...stating that the house was too dirty and that she didn't know what to cook for the after-prayer snack. (Such important worries!) I assured her that I would clean sometime this week...but then she started listing off what needed to be detail...and I was getting increasingly annoyed. So I know all week long she will harp, nag, and annoy me until my tasks are completed.

Later that afternoon I saw her standing in the middle of the living room...Inspecting it as she mentally measured the circumference....making sure that that the THREE ladies who would come would have enough room to sit on the floor and fan out their prayer scarves. =/ I rolled my eyes...thinking...WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL?!?

Even later that night, I was about to head to bed, and I hear her mumble something about not making chicken curry, but idali and sambar instead. Sadly, she was talking to herself...planning her menu for the event of the year.

If you love me, please think of reason for something important i need to do on Thursday to avoid this grand social gala of the year....poor mousse is stuck like chuck! she'll be banished to her quarters all evening. =/

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's no Coincidence That Billy's Initials are BS...

For those of you who WASTE YOUR TIME by reading Billy's blog for a cheap laugh (typically at my cost), please know that 98% of what he writes is very much FALSE. He exaggerates every story, which is of course, what makes them somewhat amusing. Since I've known him for twenty years, he has several stories about me to work off of and embellish....but, what he forgets is...I have a few too. But, I don't embellish...I speak only truth.

Before the lovely Val came into his life, there were other girls...Most of them were legally blind and attracted to his wit. There was one girl that Billy deems as "the one that got away." I can't quite reveal her name on such a public forum. But, we will call her "Shyanne"...Shyanne was a lovely girl and Billy was attracted to her on so many levels...He found her intellect to be astounding, her humor was far more witty than his, and her beauty was uncomparable. He kept these feelings for her hidden in his heart because he feared being mocked by her, but he was far too intimidated by her greatness to speak those 3 fateful words to her.

Instead, he would come to me after class and cry in my car. Her beauty made him weep. He blew snot bubbles in my back seat, and I would sit in the front rolling my eyes and wishing I could go eat a cheeseburger instead of listening to his sniveling. Sadly Shyanne never knew of his deep and abiding love. She often made fun of him, and although he laughed it off, he would call me crying about how hurt and damaged he felt.

Years later, she married...and Billy was forced to move on. He had only himself to blame for not telling her of his true feelings. He saw Shyanne at an IPC conference. I was standing near him and he dug his sweaty fingers into my arm because he couldn't contain his excitement. He ran to her for an embrace, but she turned away and made fun of him again...She walked away laughing. He fell to the floor and cried. People started to look at him, and i kept nudging him to get up. He wouldn't. I pulled at his arm. He wouldn't get up. I started kicking him. He wouldn't get up. Finally, I had to bend down and push/scoot him out of the room, out of the building, across the parking his car.

Billy wasn't the same for a long time...and then he finally met Val that fateful day in the elevator. Thank Billy AND Shyanne can live happily ever after!

In other news, IT'S Friday!!! Have a great weekend, rat racers!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I think I just saved myself a wad of cash by signing on to Alltell Wireless's "My Circle." I'm not trying to be a commercial for the company or anything...but, I'm really excited about being able to pick 10 friends/family that I can call any time. This is great for me because I have this slight problem staying awake when I drive. I typically call someone every day, which helps keep me awake. Most of the time that someone is CCL...between her craziness and Lola's screaming in the background...there's no way I can fall asleep. It was kinda hard choosing my ten people...I had to really analyze who I call the most during day time hours...

Anyhoo,the other night I went to the grocery store to drop off something for RubixCubix (Ruby). (she's a pharmaist, not a bag sacker) I had to pick up a few items, so afterwards I went to the self check line. There was a odd man in front of me. He kept looking over at the lady in the next isle and they were smiling at each other. I wanted to say, "okaaayy love birds, take this somewhere else! I need to check out and go!" The guy was taking his sweet time, and finally the other lady left. He then started looking at me and smiling. I smiled once to be friendly, but then was getting I pretended to look at a magazine. Finally the weirdo finished and says, "It's all yours, Susan." I chuckled akwardly...wondering how he knew my name! Then I realized I still had my name badge around my neck. I decided that this is one of my pet peeves....when total strangers go out of their way to find out my name and then actually call me my name...when I didn't tell it to them. I just find it to be a little creepy.

Speakinf of Ruby...yesterday I dealt with my first wedding planning kink. We're having a little dilemma with the florist. I'm sure it will be ironed out soon...afterall, there's more than one florist in the OKC metro area. But, it sucks when a professional doesn't act professional. =/

I have a question for all you "The Hills" watchers. I never watched the pre-quel, Laguna I'm a little curious...Are these just some insanely rich kids? Last night I noticed that Lauren and Jason are moving into a condo in Malibu overlooking the beach. What 19 year old can afford this? So someone...please shed some light on their monetary situation.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well, since Billy said that you should show your appreciation towards people by giving them cupcakes, I went to the bakery yesterday and picked up two for him and Miss Val.

I thought I would post a picture of the delicious delights for BF. She, like me, has more than a sweet tooth. We have sweet TEETH. Don't they look good? It was so hard for me not to pick up a little somethin somethin for myself while I was there, but I resisted all temptation. And resisting temptation never felt worse!

I've gotten a lot of feedback from the peanut gallery about my Mexican Casserole recipe. Everyone who has tried it has liked it so far. So, I thought I'd post another one to let you guys try out. It's a bit more fattening that most recipes I make, but if you are anti-fat, there's definitely ways to cut back. Instead of using italian sausage and pepperoni, u can use turkey sausage and turkey pepperoni (that doesn't sound too appealing though, does it?)

Anwyay, here you go...EASY PIZZA PIE

cook 8 ounces of italian or pork sausage
slice pre-sliced pepperoni in 4 and add to the sausage according to taste. cook and set aside allowing it to drain well.
add one can mushroom and ½ a chopped onion to the meat mixture.

in a unbaked refrigerated pie crust, line bottom of crust with pizza sauce, layer with cheese, and then pour well-drained meat mixture on top of cheese. layer the meat mixture with more pizza sauce, and sprink top with cheese. Cover the pie with second pizza crust and cut slits on top...trim and flute edge, and bake according to crust instructions.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I've seen those commercials for the Starbucks strawberry fraps. It looks so good on the commercials. I bought a 4-pack of the over-priced drink thinking it'd be a good breakfast on the go. Not so much. It's overly berry tasting...but, I'm forced to drink them anyway, because I can't find anyone to pawn it off on. =/

August...I can't believe this year has flown by so quickly. As much as I love the fall...I dread it because I know winter is just around the corner..and I'm not a big fan of winter anymore. People just tend to gain weight in the winter because of all those "warm foods"...less fruit and veggies...and the comfort of knowing you can hide behind layers of clothes and thick sweaters.

What's up with skinny jeans? Please, Gods of not bring those back!! They're perfect for anorexics with no muscle mass on their legs, but for those of us with a little calf...okay, okay, a LOT of calf...we're screwed! Typically, I gripe about how ugly newly fashionable clothes are...but then I tend to fall in love with it and want it for myself. ie, pointy-toed-heels. But, I vow...I will never be caught dead in skinny jeans.

I haven't heard from Billy yet today...which is highly unusual considering it's 8:15. Do you think it's baby time?? Now, I'm on pins and needles when I don't hear from him in the mornings..I guess we shall see...

Anyway, I tried to post pictures of the cuties yesterday and had no luck. Today things worked out a bit here they are for your viewing pleasure...

JP modeling his t-shirt for us on his birthday...

I wish I could say these shirts last for more than one wear...but they don't. One wash and they're shot. I haven't figured out how to make them more durable just yet.

Ethan and Lola helping him celebrate!

Last night when I talked to CCL, Ethan was working on a HUNDRED piece puzzle. That's pretty impressive considering the kid is only THREE. I think we have a great mind in the making...