Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I always new that my munchkin, Madison was born to be a SUPERSTAR...
and apparently the producers of the daytime talk show, The Doctors agree.  Her video of her cochlear activation was discovered by them on youtube, and they thought it was just as special as we did!  So they decided to air a clip from it on their show on Monday, November 14th!  Check your local check out the little Superstar in her first debut!

Monday, November 07, 2011

All Shook Up...Literally!

I was just sitting down to write this post when I heard a rumble outside...not uncommon during a thunderstorm.  But then I felt the rumble under my feet, I knew it was happening again...another earthquake.  I've spent the majority of my life in Oklahoma City...which means I'm used to things like tornados, ice storms, and in recent years...blizzards.  I never in a zillion years would think I'd need to worry about earthquakes! 
But Friday night...I woke up to one.  I thought it was Moussey scratching her neck while she lay in bed...but Moussey wasn't in bed.  She was standing near my bed staring at me...if she could talk, I'm most positive that she'd be saying, "WTF?!"  My vision was wobbly for a good two my head wobbled...but, I was half asleep and told myself that I'd check on line in the morning to see if OKC had an earthquake.  The next morning I checked facebook..and sure enough it was confirmed. 4.7

The next night...round two.  This time, it was only 11 pm.  People were fact they were running out of their apartments yelling.  Me and Moussey stared at each other...and again...her face had it written all over it..."WTF?!"  I gotta admit...that one really shoook me pun intended.  It scared the beejeeezus out of me.  And the neighbors running around outside didn't calm my nerves a bit.  This one was bigger...5.6.

So here we are...Monday night.  I thought the earthquakes were now a thing of the past...on to the next set of worries...tornado warnings all over the state.  I sat down to write about my earth quake experience...and whaddaya know!...round three.  This time, I'm certain this building swayed.

I think I'm finished freaking out about this...I'm going to go to bed...but not before a prayer....
Now I lay me down to sleep...
I pray the Lord my soul to keep...
If I should die before I wake...
I pray the Lord my soul to take...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Delights You?

It's been so long since I've blogged that I actually forgot my password!  I talked to some rather annoyed readers this weekend, who threatened bodily harm if I did not write a new here I am. =)  As I've said a zillion times, it's really difficult to write posts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis when your life is really routine and you're trying to maintain two blogs.  I rarely have "misadventures" these there isn't much to write about. I was watching Oprah's "Soul Sunday" today and she asked a question..."What delights you?"  I decided to run with it...  Here are the top 5 things that delight me...
Frozen yogurt.  It doesn't matter if it's 190 degrees (like this summer) or -190 degrees (like this winter will most likely be).  Frozen yogurt ALWAYS makes me smile.
Crafting things.  For the past few Sundays, I've had some free time, so I've been going to Michael's...(don't worry, I still love Hobby Lobby, but it's closed on Sundays)...I purchased some inexpensive items...brought them home...and spent the afternoon making things. It always delights me to see the end product.  Lately, I've been finding owls quite cute, so I made this for my kitchen.

 Mousse.  I find her simply delightful in the morning...she loves to snuggle up and be sweet.
 baby's with luscious cheeks!  This is my boy...(well actually, NC's boy)...Tyson.  I got to hang out with him and his big sis, Tessa this weekend.  Holding babies and smelling their sweet baby scent is sooo delightful!
 Last...but not least...I love finding funky, fun rings.  Junk jewlery...delights me!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

CCL and I were talking today about how life with out internet access is not a life worth living.  Well...we didn't say that in so many words, but  we were just talking about how inconvenient it is and how helpless you feel with out it.  It made me realize just how much things have changed  from back in the day and how different things are for kids today.  I can't believe I'm saying phrases like "kids today" and "back in the day"...but I guess it's officially official...I. AM. OLD.

So, I decided to discuss a few ways that life has changed over the past 3 decades of my life...

1.  Phone books...They're not completely obsolete.  I still see them on my doorstep occasionally.  I either toss it, or store it under my couch for safe keeping.  But, I can't remember the last time I've used one!  Actually I take that back...they used to have coupons for a free drink with lunch at Mazzios, so me and the BOC girls would round up all the yellow pages before we went to lunch. =)  But, as for seeking a  phone's been aeons!

2.  Actually...the word "aeons" brings me to my next one...dictionaries!  I had no idea how to spell that just googled it with how I thought it would be spelled "eons"...and learned that it had a silent "a."  I remember "back in the day"...we had to buy these $25 dictionaries for school.  My English teacher always demanded we look up the words we couldn't spell...which I found very annoying...I mean how do you look up a word when you can't spell it?  It's no wonder that it took me forever to figure out that the word outfit was not spelled a-l-p-h-e-t. 

3.  "Kids today" think they have it tough when they have to write papers.  Uh, yah right...try having to go to  the library to do research in actual books and journals that you actually have to flip the pages of.   And try typing your paper and using correction fluid when you screw up instead of hitting backspace!  I have no pity for any of you!!

4.  Emails/Webcam...If these things were invented when I was a kid, it would have saved me from so much trouble!  I would have never gotten in trouble for calling my cousins too much and hiking up the phonebill...nor would I have had to write my cousins letters on paper and watch out for snail mail to avoid our letters being intercepted and read by our nosy brothers.

5.  Cell phones.  Why on God's green earth was there that in between stage with  pagers?!?  Pagers were really retarded...basically you'd be calling someone's pager device to tell them to call you.  Why couldn't you just call the person directly?  I remember my pager code (instead of my phone #) (because it wasn't cool to put your phone #) was 500....or "soo"...or sue (in my clever little mind).  A few weeks ago, I was driving home from Dallas...alone...and was completely FREAKED OUT when I realized that my phone had no range for like 2 hours of my 3 hour trip.  Although I used to drive like that all the time "back in the day"...and it never phased me then.  But even with cell phones, there is a hierachy.  I'm ashamed to say, that my sweet munchkin, Madison operates her mom's cell phone with ease...however, I don't even know how to answer it when it rings.  And when she sees my phone, she looks at me like "Where's all the apps, Sueny??  Moses called and he wants his cell phone back!"

6.  GPS...need I go on?  I mean, I've gotten lost in my neighborhood before.  This is obviously vitally essential for someone like me.  I don't even know how I survived "back in the day."  I used to drive to Dallas and get directions from CCL, and then get directions from CCL on how to get from Dallas to Houston.  Once I was in Houston, I'd ask Mikey how to get back to Dallas, and then in Dallas, ask CCL how to get to OKC.  Confused?  I was too!  That's why I kept getting lost!!!

7.  Straight Iron.   "Kids today" think they have problems with bullying?  Try being a frizzy haired brown girl in a predominately white, cowboy/cowgirl school!!!  When I think about how different my life could have been if only the straight iron was invented ten years brings real tears to my eyes!!!!

8.  DVR...this has been the one new invention in my time that has impacted my life the most.  I don't know how I functioned before and will never go back to a life without it.  I mean watching my TV shows without dealing with commercials is better than candy!

I could go on forever...but I will end here.  Sometimes...I wonder what's next!  I just hope to see the day when I can shift my car into fly mode!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I've realized over the years that I'm one of "those" people.  You all know the kind...The kind that people start talking to and end up saying way too much to.  I'm not sure what it is about me that makes people want to confess to me.  If I believed in reincarnation, I'd think I was a priest in a former life. 

I recently met someone, and every time I talk to her, I make her cry.  I always apologize, and she always assure me that she enjoys our talks and appreciates that she can trust me enough to talk so openly.  Her honesty never bothers me...but, I'm always left feeling guilty when I see her tears.

It's one thing when your friends spill their beans...all their beans...but when total strangers's a completely different story...a scary story at that!  I was sitting at a hair salon minding my own business.  I couldn't have been sitting there for more than a minute and a half when the lady sitting two seats down beckoned me to come sit by her.  As I scooted down...I began to wonder if I knew her.  And I was positive that I didn't.  I have a sick memory when it comes to peoples/faces/names...and her's was not one that I knew....because trust me, I woulda remembered her face.

She leaned over...into my personal space...and began whispering to me.  I couldn't hear a word she was saying...nor could I read her lips...but she kept sticking her cell phone in my face so I knew she wanted me to look at it.  It was a text...from some guy.  He was telling her she was beautiful.  I definitely did not concur.  She kinda looked witch like and scary as she whispered dramatically in my face.  I guess she could tell I couldn't hear her...and she apologized and said she didn't want the others to hear her.  My question was...WHY DID SHE WANT ME TO HEAR?!?

She talked louder, but her accent was so thick.  I could only make out about 15% of what she was saying, but the texts she kept showing me helped me figure out what she was saying.  So, what was she saying?  Apparently she was divorced and the scarf she was wearing was given to her by her daughter...who went to Italy with her ex and bought the scarf ...and she had 3 men who were just her friends, but she was in love with one...and they were all in love with her.  She didn't like the one who said she was beautiful because she didn't know his true insides...she said he saw her standing somewhere and noticed her butt.  Then she proceeded to stand up and show me how she was standing.  I kept looking at her face and she insisted that I look at her butt. "Look!  Look at it!," she said emphatically! At that point...I was sure Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out of somewhere and tell me that I was being punked.  And then I remembered, I'm not a celebrity...and Ashton only punks celebrities.

Then she told me about each man, their professions, and what kind of cars they had...Fifteen minutes couldn't pass by any slower!  My eardrums were tired from straining, and my mind was spinning as I considered how strange humans could be!  Just as she was telling me strange things about her thong,  my hairstylist, Chi, (no pun intended...that's REALLY her name!)  finally called my name, and I basically ran to her chair.  It was definitely a straaaange experience, but I was kinda glad it happened.  I knew it was just the kind of story my blog needed!  I know this sounds like fiction...and I have been known to make up a story or two in my time...but some just can't make up!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She's so Smurfy!

I've never been a a huge Smurf fan in the past.  Yes, I watched the cartoons, but it bugged me how they slaughtered English grammar with the word Smurf...which is obviously a noun, but then they'd use it as a verb, adverb, and adjective whenever they smurfed like it!  But, when the movie came out this summer, I was overcome with nostalgia and I really wanted to see it.  The only reason I didn't is because my niece and nephew didn't want to because they really didn't know what a Smurf was.  And I didn't want to be an adult going to a kid movie with out a kid.  When I found out McD's was bringing back the smurf figurines out with their happy meals...I was so excited.  It just brought me back to my childhood years...and I just had to get my hands on one.  And so I urged my nephew to have a happy meal one night...and he gladly handed me over the smurf.  I took it to work to put on my shelf...and before I knew it...people were bringing me their kids' smurfs!  And now, I have quite a collection.  Yesterday, my buddy made my collection complete by swiping Smurfette from her 2 year old!  She's the one I really wanted and so getting her simply made my day!  Do I feel ashamed for taking a 2 year olds toy?  Slightly, but not really! 
So, if your kid happens to have a Papa Smurf or a Brainy Smurf  laying around the house, my birthday is coming up...and I can't think of anything I want more...well, actually I can...but hey, I'm pretty easy to please!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I do stupid things...People who know me are well aware of my stupid antics...wearing things inside out, wearing mismatched shoes..these are just a few of the stupid things that I do.  Recently, I topped myself...and did the stupidist thing ever!!!

On my first day at work, I had to make long ins, passwords, and security questions to a few zillion websites that I use at work on a daily basis.  Only now, do I use all of them...I basically had to learn one site at a time.  So a few days ago, I was asked to sign  on to a particular site.  It kept rejecting my password and forced me to answer some security questions.  The first question that popped up was ridiculous..."What was the name of the street you lived on in 3rd grade?"

Uh, who the heck knows?!?  I basically moved every year as a kid...and although I have a great memory for useless information...that is not something I remember.  So I vehemently told myself and all my colleagues that I did not set up these questions!!  They told me to call the customer service for assistance...and I did.  Of course, they ask me to answer the security questions so they can reset my password.  But, I tell them that is impossible because I never set up the questions and I don't know the answers. 

I got frustrated and hung up with these people/called them back/hung up/called them back...FOUR TIMES!!  On the fourth try...the customer service lady had a little mercy on me.  She said there were three questions...and said she'd ask me another one.  I told her it didn't matter because I didn't set the questions up.  It was obviously a conspiracy!!  So, she said..."let's just try it"..."If you can answer two of the three...I can reset you."  I sighed DEEPLY.  And then she asked, "What's the name of your first pet?" 

"Mousse?"  and she said yes.  I wondered how that could possibly be right when I never set up the questions...the conspiracy plot thickened!  And then she asked me the final question, "What's your childhood nickname?"  "Sue?"  She, it's not Sue...but it certainly ISN'T something I'd want to be called.

My eyes sheer and utter horror and humiliation.  Could it be??  Noooo...please God...NOOOO!  "FATTY?!?!?!?!" 

Needless to say, I have a new password.  Not only did I look like a fool for telling everyone that I did not set up my security questions...but, I set one up with the most embarrassing nickname!!  ANDDDD...the biggest big mouth who sits next to me heard the entire conversation and made sure to tell the rest of my team!!

I'm mad at myself for thinking a security question would only be seen by me...and I'm mad at my siblings for making up such a horrifying nickname, and I'm mad at me for answering them when they called me that...and I'm mad that I always seem to get myself into the most ridiculous situations!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just got back from watching "the Help"'s one of those rare movies that people actually feel the need to clap at the end.  Now I definitely want to read the book to see how much better it is!  As I was trying to find a seat in the theater, some lady stopped me and asked me if my name was Mariamma.  When I said no, she said I looked like someone she used to work with.  So, what that told me is that I apparently look 50 years old or older...because God knows no one in their 30's is named Mariamma. That's what I get for leaving the house with my hair in a bun looking like a scrub. 
I realized I have no consistent "look."  I'm part tom-boy and part girly-girl.  I love fixing my hair, wearing make-up, and accessorizing when I deem it necessary. But, I also love wearing boys basketball shorts with one of my worn, old, favorite t-shirts.  I tend to lean toward my tom-boy side more regularly...but, I think that needs to stop.  It's not doing me any favors. 

Anyhoo...good luck to all the students out there in the blogosphere who are starting school tomorrow!  Just remember..."you is is smart...and you is important!!!"  Words to live by! =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The summer is officially O-ver.  My niece and nephew were here for two months and their departure always marks the end of summer for me.  Unfotunately, that doesn't end the heat wave...but I guess I'll take 110 degrees over blizzards and ice.  The weeks are a blur these days now that i'm a working woman again.  I'm pretty much busy from the time I sit down at my desk until it's quitting time.  And oddly enough, I love it!  I usually have this 1-3 month period of time when I start a new job where I'm quiet and sort of feeling things out and figuring people out.  That period is officially over and I've unleashed the "true" Sue. 

I have never worked anywhere that co-workers have called me Sue.  To me, allowing someone to call me that name indicates some kind of relationship or closeness.  At school and work, I've always been matter how much I dislike that name.  (sorry to all you Susans out there in the blogosphere)
My nickname has always been reserved to family and friends.

It's caused quite a bit of confusion in the past...But, in a way it's like my two "professional" one and my "personal" one....although I am who I am pretty much everywhere I am.  (Whoa...did that make sense?)  Anyway...all this to say...they call me Sue at my new job.  And it's really strange.  It's been over a month and I'm still not used to it.  Oddly enough, sometimes I don't even respond because I mentally expect to be called Susan!  That's probably the craziest part!  I have so many nicknames...Poo, Q, Suey, SueVee, Sushi, etc...and I respond to all of them.  But, I can't train my brain to accept being called Sue at work!! 

The other day we were talking about people in high school who now go by different names on facebook...and how strange it is to call someone something you've never called them before.  I could totally relate to that conversation because a lot of people from high school contact me on FB and call me Sue... and it just seems unnatural and strange!  One of these days...I'll get a handle on what my name is!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday to my favorite munchkin!!  We got to hang out while she was in Okc for six weeks and had a great time...We all got so attached to her spunky spirit and funny ways! 
 Maddicakes, I hope you enjoy your 3rd birthday!  You're growing up so fast!  I am so proud of you and all the things you have accomplished in just three short years!  I love you SO much!...Love, Sueny...oh, and Matt Uncle, Missa Chechi, Andrew Chacha, Mookey...and Jerome! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a person who enjoys lists, task lists, meals for the week lists, books to read lists...  So, recently I decided to create a bucket list.  It's not very long...and not filled with impossible goals.  I started talking to a friend who said she also created a bucket list...and was about to do one of the items on her list.  She gave me a nudge to do one of my items...and maybe do it together. 
Well, she's doing it next week...and I'm still trying to work the courage up to do mine.  We agreed to knock off our bucket list much as possible...and then she gave me the ok to blog about it.  I thought it would be fun for the blogosphere to be a part of our misadventures.

But now, the problem!!  I have to gain the "chutzpah" to actually do the first thing!  See...I don't even have the chutzpah to tell you guys what it is!!  If I do it, it's probably the 1st decision I've made for myself...irregardless of other people's advice or opinions.  Yep, my first big girl decision!  So leave me some encouragement in the comment box below!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

New pictures are up on my other site!  Check out the latest princess party I have been working on! 
In other news...about a year friend Sheryl's little boy, Elijah learned how to say the word "kundi"...which means butt in Malayalam.  Since it was a new word...and it sounds funny...he really enjoyed saying it.   Repeatedly.  His grandma didn't approve.  Afterall, it's like letting your kid walk around saying "ass"  all day.  Not appropriate.  So, she asked Elijah why he was saying the word...and more importantly, who taught him to say it.  To which he replied, "Sue Aunty."  Now when Sheryl told me this...I wasn't too surprised. Afterall, the child is hers.  And making up fictitious stories to get me in trouble obviously runs in his blood!

But today BF told me a story...apparently my little munchkin, Madison was asking for me.  She misses all her OKC friends and family after spending 6 weeks with us.  But, she also was asking for "Jerome."  Her mom asked her who Jerome was and who told her about him...and she said, "Sueny!" 

I think these kids are all conspiring against me...

Sunday, August 07, 2011

So in case you were wondering about my weigh in Wednesdays...err, what happens is...I gain the five pounds that I lose every weekend and lose it over the week...gain it over the weekend.  So things aren't going too well.  But, I'm still trying.  In fact, I spent the evening making health lunches for the week.  But then again, the weekdays aren't really the problem. =/

Anyway, it's been an exhausting weekend...After setting up a princess party, fighting the crowds at the outlets, moving into the new building for work, and making lunches for the week...I'm truly out for the count.  I hear my pillow whispering my name, but found a request on facebook asking for a new blog post.  And I just couldn't let him down. 

So OKC just built a new outlet mall...which is pretty much where everyone in the entire city was this weekend!  Parking was brutal...and the lines were even worse.  The only store I really wanted to go to was the Coach outlet...but there was a line just to get in the store!  It was a 112 degrees out on Saturday, so I wasn't about to stand out there and fry for a new purse that I probably don't really need!!  It's interesting because when I talk to Sunu in Kuwait...she tells me how the news in Kuwait is always about how bad the economy is and will become in the U.S...I also talked to a friend in London today, and he said the same thing!  But the way people would never know that here!!  Supposedly we should be saving and preparing ourselves for complete disaster...but instead, people are standing in line for 45 minutes in 112 degrees to buy a Coach purse.  What up with that?!?

Well folks, that's about it for my adventures this weekend...stay tuned to see how the week pans out!  Will keep you posted...right now, I'm giving in to the call of my precious pillow!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Merly's going away/ 2nd anniversary party....Merly, Shines, and the creeper behind them.
cutting the cake...
The us.
 Me & NC...on her birthday.  This is typically what happens...I say something to crack her up just before the camera clicks. I'm composed...she's cracking up.
 2nd try...
 Me and my BF's...haven't taken a picture like this (that turned out decently) in soooo long!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So, I'm back from a fun night out with the girls (and no, I did not receive any senior citizen discounts.  Thank you very much!) and I'm feeling a little blue.  It seems like it's been decades since the three of us have spent some QT (quality time) together.  Back in the day...we made time every day for a little QT.  I drove my little red Mitsubishi Eclipse, NC drove her white Grand Prix, and Sonia drove her black Firebird with a T-top.  We often got bored with our own vehicles, so we'd meet in a centralized location (usually Taco Bueno!) and swap cars before driving to each others houses. My car of choice was always Sonia's Firebird.  Those were definitely the good old days...

It boggles my mind how much of the past they have forgotten...Apparently, that's what having kids does to you.  However, luckily they have me...and I have the greatest memory when it comes to useless information!  We reminisced about the crazy antics of the much our lives have changed in the present...and our hopes for the future.  There is nothing like being with your old friends...people who understand you with no explanations necessary...people who've seen you grow and change and have accepted and encouraged you along the way.  Sonia claims to be able to read my facial expressions and know what I'm thinking...I will never admit it to her, but she's right every time.  I love that they both know me so well.

I wish every day could be a "Da32C" (and no that's not a bra size!) day...but we've grown up.  Our focus has shifted to our families and our responsibilities.  But it's nice to know that when we do have that rare opportunity to put it all aside and get together...our friendship has not changed a bit.  We're still those three girls who love to laugh, gossip, have deep conversations...and love each other just as much as we did back in the good ol' days!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest & bestest friends, NC.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the "three of us."  And no, I wasn't wearing a neck was a turtleneck!  Anyway, we're all going out to celebrate her birthday today...I feel like it's been since the late 90's since we've actually done that!  Through thick and thin...the good, the bad, and the ugly...we've maintained our friendship.  I've known NC since she was a bratty five year old...and my how she's changed!  She's a great friend, wife, mother, and teacher now...and I couldn't be more proud of who she has become!  Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in Review...

It was another hectic weekend....My dear friend Merly is leaving me...and moving to Utah for a year for an internship.  When she returns, she will be Dr. Merly Mathew, which means this whole year...although it sucks...will be totally worth it.  So on one hand, i'm elated for her...and on the other hand I'm going to miss her so much!!  She's the one person I know who loves deep conversations as much as I do!  This weekend we had a few going away parties for her.  A few of her friends hosted a usually, house parties are not my thing. I knew there'd be a few people there that I didn't know, and I was kinda feeling iffy.  But, I knew Merly would be SO upset with me if I didn't go...and I reminded myself of the Benji pact.  Lately, I've been grading myself at social functions.  I haven't made better than a C...and on occasions have completely bombed with an F.  I know Benj wouldn't be too proud of I was intent on stepping it up this time.  Andddd...I DID!  I even gave myself an A...I actually introduced myself to someone and tried my best to atleast say Hello to everyone.  Way to go me!  And, Merly was happy to see me I'm glad I just grinned and beared it. 

I promised Merly I would write more in my blog while she's gone, since she's one of my 2 faithful readers (Thank you, Jerin...faithful reader #1).  So, I vow to do my best with that...but no promises.  I know she'll be too busy this week to check the blog.  So, I decided to share a story that I know will make her chuckle when she's sitting in Utah, bored outta her brain...

Over the years many people have overestimated my age.  People have asked me if I was Shines' mother, Derrick's mother, Sheryl's mother, Sunu's mother...even Sunu's mom's mother!!!!!!!!!  But last week...took. the. cake!!!!!!!  Sonia and I met up for one of our old favorite lunch spots...Furrs Cafeteria.  Yes, I'm very well aware that mostly elderly people frequent cafeterias, so I was totally setting myself up for this one...However, I was still pretty astonished when I looked down at my receipt and saw they gave me the SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT!!!  So now, apparently I no longer look like someone's mother...I look like their grandmother!  Ain't life grand?!?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend in Review

I had forgotten how quickly weekends fly by.  But now that I'm working they are oh-so-precious to me once again.  I love weekends that are jam packed with things to do...but lazy, uneventful ones are nice too!  This one was far from lazy and uneventful.  I  spent the day Saturday taking my niece dress shopping.  She's not really a dress I knew this would be a challenge.  To top it off, my mom was coming with us!  My mom is infamous for picking the most grotesque thing on the rack and showing it to us as if it's the most Uh-mazing thing she's ever seen!

Now, I've done a lot of dress shopping in my time...both for myself and my younger cousins.  I am pretty confident in my selections.  I don't think I'm quite as challenged as my mom.  But my niece makes me question my own taste.  We're not really in sync with our clothing styles...and she gives me the same "are you crazy look" that I give my mom.  But, I quickly learned that I have to be patient, and she has to like the dress or she won't wear it, and it's impossible to understand a teenage girl's taste in fashion. 

Luckily...after trying lots of dresses...and going back and forth about whether dresses were age appropriate, showing too much leg, and needed a little shrug...we found a really cute dress.  And then we got to go to my favorite accessory store...Forever 21...and I got to assist her in picking out the right bling...(which is an area that I'm quite confident in!)

Later that evening I got to spend some QT with Marissa and Andrew and we went to dinner at BJ's for one of their deliciously devilish Pazookies.  They told me all about their school, teachers, and friends...and then I told them how high school was back in my day.  I think that left them a little mortified.  =/

Today we visited my buddy, Sherika Jenkins James's (aka Sheryl) church because her baby boy, Ezra was being dedicated...and later we celebrated his first birthday!  I can't believe Ez is already ONE!  It breaks my back to hold this little linebacker...but I love doing it anyway!  He's the only kid...and well, human...on earth who appreciates my singing.  Happy Birthday, Ez!

Monday, July 11, 2011

When I first started this blog six years ago, it was more like my "on-line diary."  I kept it real and revealed the good...the bad...the ugly...and the my life.  I think that's why people stay tuned.  My honesty was interesting, I suppose.  Lately, I find that I blog less because I don't want to keep it real anymore.  It's harder to talk about the good, bad, and the ugly...and very little has been funny.  It's been hard for me to talk about "things" to people that I'm close too in real how could I possibly post my thoughts on the world wide web for the whole blogosphere to read??

But, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my cousin's death made me re-think my made me realize that I was shutting people out and his testimony made me realize that we all have a story to share.  Sometimes just sharing our story can make someone else feel encouraged or not so alone in their problems or just simply make them stop and re-evaluate.  I love to write...I love stories...real life ones I...of all people...should know the importance of my story.  So I'm going to share it today...

A little over a year ago, I lost my job...Five days later, I got test results back from the doctor that didn't look too good.  Although I felt fine, I was sick.  I was prescribed medicine...and had to get tested every few months to see if I was getting better or getting worse.  The side effect of the medicine was pain...and I felt it every single day...some days more intense than others.  This combined with the fact that I was jobless took its' toll on me.  It was the first time since I was sixteen years old that I had not been working.  It was a total blow to my ego...I was applying for jobs that I was qualified for and that I was over qualified for...and nothing opened up.  I threw myself into "I Do Events"...and thankfully it kept me busy enough to keep me sane and provided me with the extra money I needed to stay afloat.  In fact, the whole time that I didn't have a full time job...I never had to borrow a cent and not one bill was ever paid late. I had an event of some kind every month...and sometimes two. But still, I avoided people...because I didn't want anyone to ask me how I was doing. That simple question..."how are you?"...would make me cringe.

As I mentioned, Benji was one of those people I avoided.  He knew what was going on with me...but I knew he was worried about me, and I didn't want to talk about my problems and make him worry more...especially when things seemed to be going so great for him.  I felt like I was a kill-joy...and I just didn't want to drag anyone down by telling them what was going on with me.  I felt like God had stripped me of my power...(as if I had any to begin with).  I've got to be honest and admit that I'm a control freak...I guess that's why I love planning weddings...I love knowing that if I'm organized and detailed, I have the ability of producing an amazing event.  The outcome is in my control.  But nothing about my life was in my control.  I wasn't mad at God...I knew he was teaching me a lesson.  I did question him though...why now?  why at the same time?  why wasn't I getting jobs that I knew I was qualified for?  But, I knew ultimately it was out of my control and in His hands...and I had to wait. And if you know know I HATE waiting....I can't even endure Oklahoma City traffic, which basically shouldn't even be considered traffic...I instantly begin wishing my car could go into fly mode.

The week after I returned home from Chicago...from burying my cousin...I got a call from my test results (after a year) were clear...five days later, I got a job.  (Yep, exactly in reverse...a year prior, I lost my job, and five days later, I got the bad test result.)  Coincidence?  Maybe...but, I don't think so.  I know it was all God's plan...for me to have time to get well, and then get a job once I was better.  A part of me even thinks that Benji went up to Heaven and pulled some strings for me...He didn't want to see me sad anymore. 

It taught me a valuable lesson....Life isn't always fair...or happy.  It doesn't always make sense.  There are good times...there are bad times... Times when tears are endless and times when laughter is hard to control.  And in all those times...God is always God...He is always in control...we have no choice but to trust in Him...relent the power we think we have, and let Him take over.  I heard this song at church one Sunday...and it brought me to tears.  I've lived this song...I hope it blesses you as it does me...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July...From America's little sweetheart!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Party Updates

My other blog has been updated with new wedding and shower pictures.... Check it out!


Happy 17th birthday to my nephew, Aaron.  It's crazy how time flies so quickly...It's like just yesterday he was a toddler that I was making tents with and watching Barney with...and now he's become this amazing, smart, responsible young man.  I don't get to spend as much time with my nephews and niece that I would like to...but I love being an Aunt.  I loved rocking each one of them to sleep, giving them their bottles, and playing with them.  And now that they're all big kids...I am so proud of each one.  Aaron was the first baby in my's so hard to believe he's now 17.  I look forward to seeing the amazing plans God has for his life! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

"The Benji Pact"

*Sigh*  I survived one of the most emotionally and physically exhausting weeks of my life.  I spent the week in Chicago...mourning the loss of my cousin Benji.  Our days began early in the morning...the entire family and the wonderful volunteers from the community in Gurnee, IL, would gather in a home together.  We would spend the day trying to offer our support and work on preparations for the funeral.  The days were long, emotional, and grueling...sometimes one day felt like two. 

I feel like this week has been a learning experience.  I knew my cousin had lots of friends...but I guess I never realized exactly how many lives he had touched, how many people he had helped, or how active he was in the church and in the community.  It really encouraged me to be a better friend, better sister, better daughter, better cousin...and over all just a better person. 

Benji had lots of great attributes...some that I was very aware of and others that I didn't know.  In honor of him, I decided I would make the "Benji Pact" is my promise to him to make changes in my life and take on at least one of his good attributes in order for his memory and legacy to live on.

Before I got married, I talked to Benji every single night.  I was just one of the many people he worked into his schedule every day.  After we both got married, those phone calls weren't as frequent....especially over this past year.  He called me, but I didn't call him.  I was in my own funk...dealing with issues that I didn't want him to worry about...didn't want to share with him because things seemed to be going great in his life, and I didn't think he'd be able to relate.  In essence, I sort of shut him out...and I realized it wasn't just was a lot of people.  Now, I can't call him...and I will never be able to get that year of time back, and  I can't explain to him why I didn't call.   Maybe if I had, he would have brought me out of my funk a long time ago...

I decided that I would make a pact with him to take on his attribute of staying in touch with the ones he loved...his cousins, his aunts/uncles, his parents, his in laws, and friends.  He made time for all of us.  And I'm going to finally break free from my funk and do the same...because I don't want to be faced with regret like this again.  All we have is today...we never know what tomorrow might bring.  I need to show the people I care about that I care...or how will they ever know?  Another attribute that I decided to take on is his friendly nature.  Over the years, I realized that I am becoming more and more shy...I was once voted most friendliest in high school...and now I find myself saying that "I don't need to meet new people...I don't want to make new friends."  This will perhaps be the toughest challenge for me to overcome...but I am determined to do it...and I have made the promise to there's no backing out.

Benji was all about his friends, his family, his church, and the community of Gurnee.  He touched so many lives and encouraged so many people...If I can bring joy or laughter or love to just a tenth of the people he has impacted, then I will have led a successful life.  The day after his funeral...all of his cousins on both sides of his family and his brother and sister in law gathered on the lawn to play a game of catch phrase.  We had spent the entire week mourning, and we all were craving fresh air and light hearted fun.  As we sat there, laughing and carrying on...I could feel Benji smiling down on us.  It was exactly what he wanted...his family...together...enjoying each other.  Benji was known for bridging his church, he bridged the gap between the older generation and the youth by becoming the church secretary and making much needed changes.  He tried so hard to bond with the cousins..and bridge the gaps between us, but he wasn't able to do that in life.  But, he did in death...that day, as we sat on the lawn...I knew that he was thinking that he accomplished what he had set out to do.

Benji, I promise to pick up where you left off...I promise to step out of my box, reach out to others despite what kind of funk I am...I promise to do my best to bring joy to people's you have brought to mine and so many others.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In 20007, when my cousin Shijo died...Benji called and we talked till the wee hours of the morning, shared our grief and our thoughts about life and death. In 2009, when my favorite uncle in India died...Benji called and we talked till the wee hours of the morning, shared our grief and our thoughts about life and death.

Yesterday, I received the news that Benji died...and I feel lost because he is not here to talk to. I can't seem to get my heart or my brain to accept that he is gone. When I heard about his death, I instantly picked up the phone to call him...hoping beyond hope that it was all a misunderstanding and I'd hear his voice on the other end. I was crushed when that call went to voicemail.

I have no understanding as to why my 30 year old cousin collapsed to his death... Thinking about it sets my mind spinning. In those last moments did he know what was happening to him? Was he scared? My only consolation is that I know that he loved the Lord, he was happy in his life...with his wife, career, friends, and family. He was able to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

But, I will miss the sound of his wheezing laughter (something we have in common), our silly talks, our serious talks, hearing him call me "SueChe"...things I took for granted. In a few hours, I will be on a plane to be with the mourn the loss of the one person in the family who cared the most about the family. I could share countless stories about Benjamin...As I think about him...more and more memories surface...He was a bratty little brother, he was my self-proclaimed wedding planner, we had late night chats and i'd tell him scary stories and he was always too scared to hang up, we'd constantly argue about whether we looked alike or not (i thought we did and he thought we didnt) , we once tried to conduct an experiment on how many people we could get on a 3 way call (we only got 5 people on before that plan went bust), we spent many hours making up secret nicknames for our relatives, he made me laugh so hard I'd pee, and he'd annoy me like none other...but we'd always be friends in the end.

Kenji Burian, you have no idea how much I'll miss much I want you back.
Blogosphere, please pray for his wife...who didn't even get to celebrate their 2nd anniversary....and his parents who lost their only child...for his many, many friends, and us, his family who are struggling with the reality of his loss.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

You know you're crafting too much when....

So it's summer, and it's blazing hot. I find it impossible to find shorts in an appropriate length. I'm not about to wear booty shorts, and walking shorts are more like capris for this shorty. So, I wear boys basketball shorts. Yah, I makes me look a little "butch-ish" but hey, they're comfy. Anyway, so today I came over to my mom's to walk with her at the park. Before our walk, my phone was my friend NC. I sat in a chair outside on the porch and chit-chatted with her. As she was filling me in on the latest...I just so happened to look down. We all know boys basketball shorts are kinda the crotch area. (i can't believe i used the word "crotch" on my blog. I hate that word...just like I hate the word p-a-n-t-i-e-s). Anyway, I digress...I looked down...and attached to my baggy crotch was a piece of hot pink, glittery tulle!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing. And I couldn't help but tell NC about my discovery. She said not to feel bad...if anyone saw me...who knew me...they'd just think "oh, Sue's working on another wedding!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye, O

I don't think Oprah has a bigger fan than my sister. She sucked me into watching the show as well. The past three days of the show have been so emotional....and I gotta admit, I've shed a few tears along the way. This very last episode couldn't be any more perfect. I feel like I've spent an hour of the day with a really great friend who is taking the time to give me really good advice.

It's funny...earlier today, I was talking to BF about finding a job that I love. I've always worked jobs that left me wishing away Monday -Thursday. My blogs posts from 2005 were merely rants and raves about me hating my job. I don't think God wants us to live that way. Each day should be lived to the fullest...not wished away. It was as if Oprah was listening in on that conversation...because on her show today she talked about "purpose" She said that each one of us have a purpose and we have to go about the business of finding that purpose and pursuing it. She defined purpose as doing something...and knowing in that moment that that's what you're supposed to be doing...that that's what God created you to do.

I have definitely had moments like that in my my book reading in NYC or when I got to speak at a symposium for writer's conference in OKC...probably the most memorable moments in my life...when a lifelong dream was achieved. Sometimes I wonder where that girl went? Life should be filled with many moments like that, but for some reason, I've just stopped actively pursuing my purpose in life. Today, Oprah made me realize that fulfilling my purpose doesn't mean that I have to have a job where I get to write/create things all day. long as I still do those things after my 9-5...the problem is, I always had a way of letting the grind get to me...and stifle me from pursuing my purpose.

I guess you can say, I had my Aha moment. Thank you, will be greatly missed!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So tonight was a little scarey...The weatherman reported several tornadoes spinning through the state of Oklahoma. This happens every year, I was out with friends, and suddenly it started storming and everyone at the restaurant said a tornado was on the way. I left and raced home because my mom was home alone. I was driving towards the house, and I could see the twister coming down the street...right towards me. I got home safely, and the twister went right past us and never touched us. Somehow we've always managed to escape the fury of mother nature. But, I wasn't so sure I'd be as blessed this time.

I knew I couldn't stay home...I live on the second floor, so it's just not safe. I decided to take Mousse and head over to my mom's. I looked through the apartment and thought about whether I should take anything with me. I'm not going to lie...I was veryyyy worried about the decorations I had made for an upcoming bridal shower. But, I realized that it didn't matter if I left them at home or took them to my mom's...either way, it'd be destroyed....all the hours of cutting and gluing would be all for not!

I tucked the decorations safely in my storage closet...although I know it wouldn't be safe there...and looked around the rest of the house to see if there was anything else I wanted to keep safe. Of course there are dozens of pictures framed around the house, but I realized most of em' were on line and could be re-printed. So I packed my favorite jeans, my favorite "I love Canada" t-shirt, and a sweater...and left my apartment...after saying a simple prayer..."please Lord, I know these are just things, but please keep my home and my things safe."

Thankfully, God kept us safe...and our homes safe. But, not everyone in the state was that fortunate. It is painful to see how homes have been stripped down to the foundation...and it's even more painful to know that those people have nowhere to sleep tonight...and tomorrow they literally have to start all over.

I thank God for His amazing thankful for his protection and provision.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mousse and I have an afternoon ritual...we watch Dr. Phil...and we typically fall asleep halfway. So, I usually tape the show and watch it later. Last night, I was watching an extremely intense Thunder game. The were playing against the Dallas Mavericks, and all I could think about was their win...and me gloating to CCL...(who probably wouldn't care anyway seeing as how she didn't even know OKC had a NBA team). The intensity was killing me, so I decided to stop watching it...a part of me thought that perhaps I was bringing them bad luck by watching it. (yes, I have stupid thoughts like that) So, I decided to catch up on Dr. Phil.

His show was about bullying...and it really struck a cord with me. I was bullied in school...puhhhlenty of times....for reasons known and unknown. I remember when I was in first grade. My gramps used to pick me up from school, and we'd walk home together. One afternoon, I was waiting for him outside, and this kid came up and started kicking the crap out of me. My gramps walked up just in yell at him in Malayalam (our language) and pull me away from him while a teacher pulled him away from me. I never did understand his random act of violence. He was in my class, but we never spoke. I hardly ever spoke to anyone because I was really shy and quiet. To this day, I think about that kid and wonder why he did what he did...and wonder what ever became of him.

Then there was Jr. High and & high school in Oklahoma..."Cowboys vs. the Indian." Being the only brown girl in my predominately white class wasn't the best experience of my life. I not only represented India, but also the Middle East...because they were ignorant and didn't know better. I heard evrything from "camel jock" to "does your father operate the blueberry squishie machine" (in a thick faux-Indian accent). Oddly enough, the cowboys didn't bother me too much. I knew they were ignorant. But, what did bother me was this one boy...who was a grade younger than me. He picked the things I already hated about myself and made fun of me for my uncontrollably frizzy hair... my far-from-fashionable clothes... and my oversized cheeks. He criticized me for wearing Dexters instead of Cole Haans...and made fun of the way I french rolled my jeans. I tried to stay off his radar most days, but we shared a few classes together, so it was difficult to do.

I don't think he emotionally scarred me...but, I do think that he is the reason that I question my fashion sense to this day! Through the years, I've often fantasized about becoming a prolific, NY Times #1 best selling author and bringing him on Oprah to demand an apology. But, that was definitely a pipe dream! However, a few years ago...our paths did cross again....via Facebook. He had a fancy job in a big city, but was moving back to Oklahoma for grad school. He wanted to hang out some time. I was nervous to say the least. I arranged a night out with a group of our mutual high school friends. I made sure that every strand of my hair was stick straight...and made Matt double and triple check my head to make sure. I also made sure that my jeans were an appropriate length and my overall outfit was fashionable...I put blush on my cheeks hoping it would somehow give the illusion that they slimmed down a bit. Those childood insecurities came back to haunt me.

He was friendly and kind...bought me a drink...and we started talking about the old days. It was interesting how his memories didn't include the daily tormenting of a certain little brown girl. I wasn't about to let him get off so easily. So, I reminded him. He looked ashamed. He admitted that he had thought about his behavior over the years...especially when watching the movie "Flatliners"...which always reminded me of him as well! And then, the unimaginable happened...he apologized. He admitted to being extremely insecure...and that caused him to be a bully. I was shocked....he never seemed insecure...over confident, yes...cocky, yes...but insecure?!? I gotta say, it felt good getting that apology...even though I had to wait 17 years.

It taught me a few never know what kind of pain and insecurities people are hiding inside of them....and also you should never measure your own self worth (or fashion sense) based on other people's opinions. Bullies are just insecure people...who use their words or physical strength to make other people feel as crappy as they do.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Me and my papa in 1980.

You can't see it, but my t-shirt was made by my dad's best friend, and it said "Daddy's Girl" on the front. It was my favorite shirt for years...until I could no longer squeeze myself into it!

Although today marks 24 years since his death...I choose to remember his life and be grateful for having 12 years with an amazing father.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I've never been one of those girls who used my feminine wiles to get what I wanted. Let me just be frank here, I've never even had the opportunity to use my feminine wiles. Hell, I didn't even know I had any. But, I've often marveled at girls who batted their eyelashes a certain way and thus manipulated situations to their advantage. I never thought that I had that in me. Until...

I was working a wedding last Friday night. I was short on my one trusty assistant. But, things were behind...and I needed ten more trusty assistants to make up on lost time. We were at the reception site and an old, bald, Egyptian man fancied us. Since we were sweaty and disheveled...I'm pretty certain he was just one of those types who see Indian girls and automatically think they're beautiful because they're things like sweat, dishevelment, and steam coming out of my ears didn't dissuade him.

He was ever so eager to be at our beck and call. "Oh, I pick this up for you, mam." "Let me move this box for you, mam." I found it a little creeperish because wherever I turned...there he my service. "I cook good biriyani, mam." I was short-staffed, short on time, and short tempered. So, I wasn't really in the mood to deal with this overly helpful, overly informative creeper. My assistant and I did our best to ignore him, make as little conversation as possible without being completely rude, and get the heck back to the church in time for pre-wedding tasks!

After the wedding we raced back to the reception site to make sure everything was set up properly and ready for show time. By this time, we were parched. It was now 8 pm, and we had been working since noon. As soon as we entered the ballroom....there he was. It was as if he had been waiting for us to return since we left. But, this time, he had a cold glass of tea in his hands for us. I had never been more excited to see unsweetened tea in my life. I took it from him...appreciatively....and drank it as if I had been in the desert for the past 40 years.

And that's when it hit me! a ton of bricks! I could totally use my feminine Indian girl wiles to get what I wanted. And what I wanted...was more assistance! "Mo, can you carry this box out to the foyer?"..."Mo, can you please get the sound guy some water?" "Mo, can you please find a to go box for me so I can take a piece of cake home to my husband?" I's horrible....but it was wonderful all at the same time! I've never had someone so eager to do everything I asked! Now, I'm not a complete wretch...I did say thank you and good bye.

Don't worry...I very rarely run across people who think I'm gorgeous just because I'm this feminine wiles thing won't get out of hand! And if given another opportunity to try it out again...I will only use it for good and not evil! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I've noticed something...I don't do things that I used to really enjoy doing. For instance, I used to make my own jewlery (earrings/bracelets/necklaces) and I stopped doing it because buying jewlery is cheaper. But I miss designing my own accessories...and beading was always a great stress relief! Anddd, I used to be a card sender...I loved sending people greeting cards because I knew how they'd brighten someone's day and break up the monotiny of bills, bills, bills....but I stopped sending them out because blog and facebook shout outs became so much easier. Anddd...I used to be obsessed with eyeshadow. I loved matching my dual-colored indian clothes with the corresponding eyeshadow. My sephora eyeshadow box was my most prized possession...but then I stopped wearing eyeshadow when I realized that my glasses covered it up anyways. Andddd...I used to love taking walks at the lake with Mousse. I really enjoyed the view while I walked...and people watching was always fun. And I stopped walking there because...well, I have no idea why I stopped. So, this week...I walked at the lake twice....and Iit made me realize that I've stopped doing lots of things that I used to love doing. So I'm going to make a conserted effort to bring some of that stuff back into my life....and enjoy myself a little!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Doggie sitting...again. This doggie was an easy one...she's just as luh-azy as Mousse!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I saw the strangest thing on TV the other night. Two women were conversing in Spanish, but they were dressed in Indian in Sari, dot on the head, bangles, chunky earrings and the whole nine yards!! It was the strangest thing...and I couldn't stop watching. Next there were other shots that were clearly filmed in India, more people dressed in Indian clothes....but everyone was still speaking a few Hindi words like "chalo" and "thee k" (excuse the spellings...I'm sure they're wrong) So, I had to investigate this further....what was this strange show?? Apparently the Spanish Channel created a new television show called India...which airs in Brazil (and obviously the U.S. too!) The soap opera reflects Indian culture and the plot is about a Dalit boy who falls in love with an upper class girl. Brazilians LOVE the show and it's causing an uproar in the country! Brazillians are now apparently obsessed with Indian customs, culture, and fashion! I'm not sure how accurate the representation of India and its culture is....because I can only understand a few words here and there....but I do think it's highly interesting that Brazilians have made an Indian soap opera! Ha!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People say that pets begin to act/look like their owners. And, I'm definitely beginning to see that in Mousse. She's only five...which isn't too terribly old for a lab...just like I'm not too terribly old for a human....but we both just lack energy. If I lay on the couch watching TV, she's typically laying right beside me on the floor...and we both tend to dose off watching Dr. Phil. Of course, she has a passion for food as well...and although she shouldn't eat chocolate, she feens for it...just like I shouldn't eat sugar, but just can't seem to say no. Our friends, Shmerly (Shines & Merly) have two puppies... Freddy Murphy (Murphy & Freddy.) They love Mousse...and that's an understatement. But, she just can't be bothered with them. It reminds me of when I was 9, and my friend NC was 5, and I hated when she came over to our house and threatened to tell my mom if I didn't play with her. I just couldn't be bothered with such a bratty, immature child!! So, as you can see, we have lots in and my Moussey. And then, yesterday something happened that made me realize this doggie was truly meant for me... apparently we are both scaredy cats. She has a big bark...and no bite. And, I try to act tough, but am definitely a weenie inside. So, yesterday a huge fly flew in through the back door. It was one of those massive horse shoe flies. Mousse is typically pretty great at catching flies and anihiliating them....but this one was unstoppable. I think she began to think it was some mutant fly...and if she couldn't get it...maybe it would get her! Whatever the case, it FREAKED her out...and she went and hid in my bathroom.....for hours!! No dog snack or pepperoni could lure her away from her safety zone. It reminded me of when I wasn't feeling well one Sunday and decided to stay home from church. A bird had flown through the chimney and down into our fireplace...and decided to come in the house when it knew no one but me was home!! I have to admit, I hid in the bathroom too...until my mom came home. I love my Moussey!

Monday, April 11, 2011

So, obviously the challenge is OVER...and I failed miserably. Taking pictures AND blogging proved to be too much for me to do. I saw my good buddy, a baby shower this weekend. She told me to take my 30 day challenge and shove it up my ahhh...(she was a little volatile...and understandably so) The people who have read this blog since 2005 are disappointed with my inability to hold it together now. SnuK and I talked about why I don't blog...She's a great listener and very easy to talk to. And before long, I was able to psycho analyze what my problem is......Back in 2005, this blog was my diary. I wrote my daily rants and raves...and it was 100% ME...and what was REALLY going on in my "so called life." But, these days, my "so called life" isn't all that interesting...not much goes on a daily basis. And sometimes, things do go on, and I'm not so eager to share it with the world wide web. So, SnuK gave me some great advice...she said to share short stories...or write doesn't have to be a diary of my life events. BRILLIANCE! So, I'm giving this another blog promises that I will write daily...but I will make a conserted effort to keep my blog alive. A big thanks to SnuK for asking about my blog, for listening to me ramble, and for caring enough about me to encourage me to keep my passion for writing alive. even bigger congratulations to her....She received her Doctorate degree and is officially Dr. K!....So very proud of you!!! I love to see people succeed in fields that they are truly passionate about. She takes "history buff" to a another level!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 4

So sue me (no pun intended) for taking a breather in the middle of my 30 day challenge. Three days in a row was quite difficult!! I blame the weather in Oklahoma City...since I have to blame something...It's been dreary and gray, and I'm definitely solar powered. So, since the sun decided to make an appearance today, I decided to write a blog post. =)

Last week, Matt and I were cruising around town in Black Beauty...also known as my 1998, Honda CRV. My old, faithful car is full of dog fur and memories. Lodged under the seat of my car, Matt found a black hair clip (which I would post a picture of, but blogger isn't giving me the option for some reason)...I haven't seen it since the 90's. I used to wear it nearly every day as I twisted my hair in a french twist and clipped it with my favorite clippie.

Since the day he found it under the seat, I haven't stopped wearing it. Although the only person I see wearing this kind of clip now is Snookie. (Sadly, I have more in common with her than just that...I love pickles and am a self-proclaimed "meatball" as well) Anyway, I take it off to sleep, and the first thing I reach for now in the morning is my hair clip...(and I think my glasses are beginning to feel a little neglected).

I stopped to think about why I have this new attachment to something so trivial and ridiculous...and I realized that it is because it represents a good time in my life. Over the past few weeks, I've talked with a few of the "girls" about the lack of friendship in our lives these days. We rarely call each other and see each other even less. Life is now full of family responsibilities...and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Although this is one of the least busiest times in my life, I find myself making less of an effort to keep in touch with my friends...only because I know how busy they are. Life is never dull, and I'm not bored or in a funk, but I do miss my friends. I miss deep conversations and laughing hysterically about nothing in particular. And, since I currently don't have that...I find myself reminiscing a lot...and holding on to the littlest things that remind me of good times with good friends.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3

Man, it's going to be a long way to 30 days. I'm quickly running out of things to photograph and blog about and it's only day 3. But, a quitter I'm I will keep blogging even if it bores you to tears.

These are my sneaks...quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes. I love them because they are easy...and versatile. But, I catch a lot of slack for wearing them. Mainly because of how I wear them....I don't like wearing socks with them because they make my feet sweat. And, I just slip them on instead of carefully placing my foot in them and then tying the laces. Apparently, it bothers a few people that the tongues of my shoes are crammed into my shoe, and I don't do anything to fix the situation. But, if I did...they wouldn't be easy...and I wouldn't love them. Is there something so wrong in going out in public like this? Are there really people out there that are paying attention to the tongues of my shoes??
Anyway, I love/d my shoes up until last week. It was Spring Break, and my 13 year old niece was visiting...she was sporting shoes juse like this but with the tongues in proper position. It made me wonder....Should a 30 something be wearing shoes that a 13 year old's wearing? My 20 something cousins assured me that it was fine...that it showed I was modern and keeping up with fashion. But, err...I'm not quite so sure. I see 40 somethings dressing like their teenage kids all the time. My pet peeve is when I see adult women wearing those knit/sweat pants with something stamped across their posterior. The whole thing has made me reevaluate my wardrobe.
Getting older is not an easy thing to do. I wonder sometimes if it's still okay to like the music I liked in my 20's...because I'm not ready to let Biggie Smalls go!!! I think I will forever be "Hypnotized!" Sometimes I feel weird talking to my nephew and niece about music because I wonder if they think I'm some old lady who is trying to be hip.
I realize I'm not a spring chicken anymore....And I do try my best to dress my age, although I may not always succeed. There are a few staple pieces in my wardrobe that I'm not ready to let go of...whether it's age appropriate or not....#1. my sneaks and #2. my tights and #3. my black cardigan (which is just timeless in my opinion!) =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 2

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Sunu
We have spent many birthdays together...driving around trying to find ways to celebrate. Back then we thought celebrating our birthdays in OKC sucked. Now, I'm quite sure she's wishing that she could be celebrating here.
Sunu, you may be far away...but you're definitely not forgotten. I hope you are having a fantastic day with your hubs and friends. Wishing you many blessings for the new year in your life! P.S. Come. Home.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1

So, I got called out by my friend, Terrance about the 30 day blog challenge that never was. So, I had to stop making excuses about it and do it! One night as I tossed and turned, I thought that this challenge was a pretty great idea...a perfect way to keep me blogging. And the next morning, I thought..."what were you thinking?!?"'s the premise. I remembered how I used to carry a camera with me...EVERYWHERE. Nowadays, I never have one on hand...and my camera phone bites, so I rely on the kindness of others for photos. So, I thought that perhaps I could tote my camera around daily again...and blog about my pics. And thus, my 30 day blog challenge.

So far, I've failed miserably!! But, Terry sort of made me realize that I left the blogosphere hanging, so I guess I will give it a try...
Today's pic is of my niece, Marissa. She turned the big 1-3 today!! So a big...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. Unfortunately, I'm painfully aware that my niece and nephews are no longer babies. I was lucky enough that they all lived close to me as babies...and I could give them their bottles, put them to sleep, and play with them. It's been fun to watch them grow up...but I also miss how cute and cuddly they were as babies! I remember how Marissa used to toddle around my house when she was a baby. She was the ultimate girly girl...I remember coming home from work one day and finding her in my room, in a laundry basket, with nail polish all over. She was passed out...I'm pretty sure it was from the fumes! And now, here she is...all grown up...a smart, resilient, beautiful teenager.
I know the years are just going to fly by...and next she'll be in her twenties (SHREIK!) So, Sue Aunty is going to cherish every visit and every birthday party that I'm invited to =)...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The "I Do Events" blog had a facelift....check it out!

PS...stay tuned. I'm doing a 30 day blog challenge starting tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I watched a show last night on OWN. Lisa Ling was reporting on faith-based healings/healers. I was already in a very emotional mood and probably should have recorded the show and watched it another day. But I just had to watch it last night...One story in particular really tugged at my heart strings. A man had gotten in a car accident at age 18 and had a brain injury which affected his speech. As if that wasn't bad enough, years later he fell off his roof and is now paralyzed. He attended a healing conference and believed 100% that God would heal him on the last day of the conference in the last 10 minutes. He said that God spoke to him and told him this.

Perhaps it's my lack of faith...but I knew he wouldn't leave the conference healed. But as they showed the last ten minutes of the conference (the time he was supposed to be healed), I found myself crying and praying..."Please God let him be healed." Well, he wasn't. Lisa Ling had become very attached to the man, and she too was crying watching him still sitting in his wheel chair. She went to him and checked on him to see if he was okay....and instead of being disappointed or angry...he lay his hand on Lisa Ling's and prayed for her. He also said that the life he's living now is just but a moment in time...but in heaven, he'll be healed and that will be an eternity. Now, that really made me cry!

I thought that a lot of people probably watched this show and thought that faith/healing/God is all just a bunch of hocus pocus. But, I thought that showing this man and his story really was a great example of what faith truly is. It was really encouraging! I could completely relate to his story...and I'm sure a lot of people can. I've prayed and believed a 100% for a miracle before. Unfortunately, that miracle never happened. It took me years to believe and have faith again. I avoided praying for important things because I didn't want to feel like I was being ignored or feel like God didn't care...or just be plain disappointed. But over the years, I've realized that faith is not just believing in the outcome you desire, but believing God is always in control....trusting in Him through the good and the bad.

It's not easy...I find myself struggling with it on a daily basis. When you're dreams are's hard to immediately refocus your mind on God's goodness instead of the terrible pain you're feeling or the heartbreak you are going through. But, that is what God wants from unwavering faith and understanding of how GREAT his love all times.

Monday, February 14, 2011

So, the other day my sister and I were talking about our favorite things to do during "me time." My sister is really routined...she shops on a specific day, cooks on specific days, and even eats specific things on specific days. I'm not so routined...although I wish I could be. So anyway, she loves tea, but refrains from drinking it every day because of the caffeine and sugar. Once a week, she drinks her tea, eats a biscotti, and watches the View. It's her favorite day of the week.

I started to think about what my favorite day of the week was...The only thing I could come up with was Friday nights. Matt and I lay on the comfy red couch, and we watch Dateline together. But that's just it....we're together. It's not really me time it's we time!!

So, I started thinking about ways I could treat myself once a week....

I thought about going to B&N and reading for an hour or so...since reading more was one of my goals for the new year. But then I remembered that something about that store makes me really sleepy. And every time I go there to read, I fall asleep, and wake myself up with my snore!

So then I thought about a few hours of just turning on the music and painting my toes and maintaining my brows. But those really aren't enjoyable tasks unless you're leaning back in a comfy chair and someone else is doing it for you!

Then I thought about meeting up with a friend once a week for coffee and a great conversation, but I don't have enough friends for this to last more than 3 weeks.

So, now I'm back to Friday nights on the comfy red couch watching Dateline...maybe I'll kick Matt off of it and make him sit in the chair. =)...Unless, of have any ideas!

Vappy Halentine's Day...

I think I've confessed before that I'm one of those people who on the outside....claim to hate Valentine's Day, but on the all the pink, hearts, flowers, candy, stuffed animals, sappy cards, and did I mention the pink??? But, here in the Thomas household we refuse to celebrate a holiday created by greeting card companies to sucker Americans into professing their love for one another by buying, buying, buying. Atleast, that's what Matt tells me.

However, I can't seem to let the day go by without celebrating it...just a little. So, although I'm married to a work-out fanatic and food nazi...I know that he has a weakness. And that weakness would be SWEETS. So, what does the sweetest wife on this side of the Mississippi (and yes, that would be me!!) do??? I've decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries.

I thought I'd include the recipe below for those of you procrastinators who are lookin' for a last minute gift for your's easy, it's quick, it's cheap...errrr, i mean "cost" "effective."

5 oz chocolate
1 pint fresh strawberries

In a microwave-safe bowl, or in the top of a double boiler over simmering water, melt chocolate. Holding berries by the stem, dip in chocolate about three quarters of the way. Place stem side down on wax paper and refrigerate until hardened.

For extra fanciness:
Melt white chocolate and drizzle over chocolate.

Yep, it's that easy folks!! HVD!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm a tupperware thief. I was preparing for the Sunday Scrubdown (cleaning the house), and as I was cleaning the kitchen, I opened the cupboard and stared at all the tupperware I have! Do they just multiply in there while I sleep? I never remembered having so much tupperware. But, as I looked through it I realized that half of it is not mine. Most of them belong to local mom's around OKC...Mary Varghese (my own mom)...Mary Paul (merly's mom)...Sandy Abraham (Sonia's mom). (Thank you, ladies) Although I'm sure you're not even aware of the fact that the tupperware you've been madly searching for all over your kitchen, is actually in mine. I should be a good citizen and return them all, but they're all sorta of curry stained and have worked their way into my heart. This could be why my mom own mom now sends stuff home with me in cool whip containers....cuz she knows her daughter has become a tupperware thief! She knows better than giving me the good stuff anymore!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my CCL!!!
I thought I'd bring back a fun little somethin' from the past....CHARACTER PROFILES! And, of course...this is the birthday edition!

Nicknames: Lisa, Kuriani (my sister's creation)

Character Traits: quick wit, brutal honesty, a touch of sarcasm, queen of exaggeration

Best known for: khaki pants, chocolate chip cookies, and that infamous punch in the gut

Favorite Food Items: vegetables and water

My birthday wish for her: Lis, I hope this year brings us the distance between OKC and Eulyss, Bedford. ;) Have a wonderful day...and enjoy that masala dosa!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

So, let's talk reality TV!

K & K take New York- I'm not really sure what Kourtney sees in Scott Disick...but it's more than obvious the girl loves the guy. She is so happy around him...despite the fact that nearly all her family hates him. I love how layed back she is...never gets riled up like her sisters do. She's just even tempered. Usually you see Khloe and Kourtney and all their it's interesting seeing Kim not being uptight and just hanging with her sister.

Oh my gosh...the Bachelor! So, can I punch Michelle? She is so PSYCHO. I seriously can't wait for the day Brad dumps her. At first glance, I thought she was pretty and possibly the one for him. Until she opened her mouth, that is. Now I see her looking a lot like a chihauaha or some kind of rat terrier breed.

Teen Mom 2- I am so glad Leah and Corey both decided to grow up and and get back together. It's terribly sad that they're so young and have to deal with the obstacles that they're going to have to face about their baby's health. Now, I do agree that Janelle needs to be more mature and responsible and take care of her baby instead of "we B clubbin" but her mom is more than annoying. She needs to back off and stop doing everything for the baby and making Janelle feel like she is incapable of doing simple tasks. Something tells me that Adam is going to burn Chelsea again....I just dont' trust that kid. Out of all these girls, I feel most sorry for Kailyn. I feel like smacking her mother who has no responsibility whatsoever for her daughter. It's horrible that she has to rely on her baby daddy's family for a roof over her head. Baby daddy is a total jerk...and she has no choice but to grin and bear it and live by their rules. I agree it's weird and inappropriate for her to date another guy and still live their....I just think it's so sad she has no other place to go.

Wednesday/Thursday- American Idol- I so love the addition of J-Lo and Steven Tyler. The trio is just so funny!!! I don't remember laughing this much in the past seasons!

Thursday...Joisey Shore!-WTF?!? Ok, I soooo didn't see this coming. I was all prepared for Sammi to pack her bags and get the hellz out of their....GOOD RIDDENS!!! Boy was I shocked when Ron forgave for poppin' him in his jaw for the terrible sin of talking to Jwow!! And then, I was left feeling shocked again when Jwow made amends with Sammi at the club. It was akward...because they hated each other so fiercely...but then it was kind of a relief too because that akward tension that's been building since last season is finally squashed.

And that's my reality TV wrap up, folks!