Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Shout Out to my Munchkin!

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I pulled an all nighter at the hospital waiting for you to be born.  God works in mysterious ways...NEVER did I think that I would ever move to Florida...especially in time to be with my BF on the most important day of her life...the day she became a Mom. 

Initially, we got off to a rough start...Like your cousins, you didn't like me a whole lot in the beginning.  You always had this confused look on your little face...like "Who are you?  And why are you always around?"  But, as you got older things got better...I'm not sure if it's because your mom pretty much gives you no other alternative but to love me...or because I've grown on you.

One things for sure...you have grown on me!  I think you have this natural way of capturing people's hearts...Kind of like your mom...and making me people laugh!!...kind of like your dad.  You're a perfect little mixture of the both of them...and since they are two of my most favorite people in the world...it's no wonder that you are too!  You're my little ray of sunshine...

I pray that God continues to do a great work in you.. and that you keep being the wonderful little you that you are!  Happy 4th birthday, Munchkin!

So Long Summer...

I noticed today that it's starting to get darker outside just a wee bit earlier...and the 109 degree weather has cooled off to a chilly 99....and my front yard is completed carpeted in dry leaves...all signs that the carefree days of summer are coming to an end.  Although it's been an unbearably hot one, and my AC's broken down a few times (welcome to home ownership!), this summer has been a good one, and I'm sad to see it go. 

I have absolutely no recollection of May...it was a blur because I was so busy with a wedding where I had to successfully assign 400 people to their seats for the first time in my wedding planner career!  And although I freaked out about it for weeks...everyone had a seat and the wedding (especially the bride) was quite beautiful.

After the wedding, my summer officially began!  The next day I was flying the friendly skies to sunny Florida...except it wasn't so sunny. It rained pretty much every day...but, it was ok because I got some much needed R&R...and I got to join in on the graduation festivities of my nephew, Aaron.  This weekend...he'll be off to the University of Florida...and I'm officially trading in my OU gear for Gator gear!  So proud of this kid!

Aaron wasn't the only nephew I hung out with this summer...my nephew Andrew and my niece, Marissa were in town to hang out as well!  I know OKC isn't the most thrilling place to spend your summer vacay, but I tried my best to keep them entertained.  Andrew's one lucky kid...he starts school two weeks after his sister...so although she had to take an earlier flight home...he's still chillin' at his granny's with his cousin Mousse...And I discovered that we both love boba smoothies, so I'm sure we'll be spending the remainder of the summer sippin' on those.

When Andrew and Marissa were bored...the one person that could bring some excitement to their lives (other than me) was my little munchkin, Madison.  She and her Momma were here visiting from Florida and we had way too much fun planning her 4th birthday party. They were here for a month...but the time went by way toooooooo fast! 

One by one...the visitors are all leaving and no more vacations are on the calendar...and I've become painfully aware that soon it will be time to brush off the dust on my cardigans.  (wait...they're not dusty...i've been wearing them in 109 degree weather!) ...Fall is on its way! 

There are things to look forward to...the state fair, caramel apples, halloween, raking leaves (anyone want to help?), thanksgiving (my first time hosting in my own house!), etc, etc.  But...parting from summer fun is always such sweet sorrow!