Monday, July 21, 2008

Undeniably Malu

So for those of you who are reading this blog post and have no idea what "malu" means...let me explain. My family is from the southern tip of India...a beautiful, lush state called Kerala. The people who dwell in Kerala are called Malayalees...or "Malus" for short.

I hate lumping people into categories...or making blanket statements about people within a certain culture. So, I'm going to try to say this very to not offend anyone... That being said...A few weeks ago, my mom and I were walking through my neighborhood. I saw a women walking up her driveway with a newspaper under her arm. She had frizzy black hair, which she tied up in a bun...and a pair of gold earings and a thick gold necklace which I could spot from several feet away. Instantly, I turned to my mom and told her that Malus lived in my neighborhood! She asked me why I was so certain that the woman was a Malayalee...and I explained that the hair and jewlery were two major give aways. As we got closer to her house....I noticed that their garage was filled with Japanese cars....a Honda and a Toyota...."See! I told my mom...there's another sign!" She looked at me as if I was crazy. But then, I saw something that solidified my unruly rosebush in the front yard. Upon seeing that, even my mom agreed that they definitely had to be Malayalees.

I hadn't seen the Malayalees again for a few weeks. A part of me wanted to see and befriend them....hoping the lady might invite us over for some home cooking! Then, last week as I was driving home, I saw the man of the house checking the mail. He had on blue slacks, a black belt, and a wife beater. If I had any doubts they weren't Malayalee, all doubts were now washed away!

Today, I was walking Moussey in the morning. As I was walking up the sidewalk, the Malayalee man and lady were walking down the sidewalk. I thought "this is my chance to befriend them!" They'll ask me where I'm from in Malayalam...and I'll respond with my usual village idiot response!!...They'll chuckle at my feeble attempt...and we'll all become friends! (As you can see I'm desperate to make some friends around here!) So, as they approached...I began smiling...And when they were close enough to hear me...I said "Hello!"

They didn't smile or respond to my pleasentries...they just maintained a stoic expression and walked right on past me. I was bummed...and kept walking. Maybe they didn't know I was Indian. Afterall, they hadn't seen my driveway with 2 Hondas parked in it...and my hair had been de-frizzed before my walk...and I never walk with my bling just ain't safe these days!!

On my way home from our walk...we passed the couple's home again. This time, they were both standing on their driveway....almost as if they were waiting for us to walk by. The man stood there with both hands on his hips and the woman stood beside him curiously. As I walked by...they just stared, not a word was uttered...Just a silent stare.

"Undeniably Malu," I muttered to we turned down my street and walked home.

My "Why So Blue?" picture of the day!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Matty and I have decided to keep working on our photography interest. We thought we'd make each week a particular theme and take pictures accordingly. This week's theme is "why so blue?" I'm not quite sure what this means, or how I'm going to take pictures to go with the theme...but it should be fun trying to figure it out. This weekend, we had another photography expedition. This shot was my absolute favorite! It wasn't posed at all. I just happened to see my BF...the good sport that she is...sitting on a bench, 9 months pregnant...trying to find a little reprieve from the Florida sun. Isn't she cute? Maddison will be here in just 3 short weeks!Ever the competitor...Matty is always looking for a way to get a better shot than me. Infact, I usually have to go through this schpeel while we're driving.
M: "Susan, you have to admit...I'm a better photographer than you."
S: (in order to shut him up) "Yes, you absolutely are...Your shots and your camera is much better than mine."
Although I tell him that each time...I take a shot like the one below...and post it...knowing full well that it totally blows his shots away. ;)
This was just an interesting shot to was the ceiling of a pagoda that was in downtown the Lake Eola area. One things for sure...These photography expeditions are exposing me to lots of Orlando!
Sometimes you can find something interesting in something a piece of wood!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, I've been noticing a few ironic things in my day to day life....1. I've moved to sunny, florida....yet, it rains every day!! It's usually bright and sunny throughout the know, while I'm at work and unable to enjoy it! But as soon as 6 pm hits, the rain pours. (Just in time for me to sail home through traffic). 2. Florida has a very large population of Hispanics....yet the one thing I have not eaten so far is Mexican food...not even good Mexcian fast food! (Oh, Taco Bueno, how I miss thee) I'm sure there are quite a bit of authentic Spanish restaurants, but I can't stomach that. It has a little something to do with my missions trip to Mexico in 04, in which I encountered some really bad chicken mole...(pronounced molay)..wait. is it spelled molay? oh, who knows...anyway, what I'm in search of is some good ol' tex mex. sigh. the search continues. 3. Matt and I both work for a vacation club, but we can't afford to take a vacation! ha! I guess our move will be considered our vacation this year. Maybe in 09 we'll have some potential traveling possibilities. One can hope. Speaking of hope, I hope my friend Matty keeps up with his latest attempt with blogging! Check him out and welcome him back!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Farmer's Market with Friends....

Matty got a new fancy, schmancy camera a few weeks ago and had been itching to get out there and practice before Maddison's born. So, I suggested we go somewhere on Saturday to take pictures. I've been wanting to work on my camera skills too! So, Matty and BF took me to Winter Park, Florida, where they have a Farmer's Market every Saturday. Matty and I had lots of subjects to take pictures of!
A thorn among the roses...Ha! I kid. His pictures turned out a lot better than mine...I say it's his camera...he says it's his talent.BF was such a good sport. She walked around in the heat just so we could pretend to be photographers for the day!

This is Yeager. He was looking for a tree to rest under for shade...but found the next best thing!

Dog days of summer in Sunny, Florida...

I wish had bought these cherries instead of just taking their picture!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Great Depression...

I walked into the grocery store the other day and was horrified to see that the gallon of milk I needed was nearly five bucks. I left...with out it. Is it just me...or are the sky rocketing prices of gas, food,...and everything else for that matter... making the rest of you greatly depressed? Right about now, the one thing I'm grateful for is my car purchase last year. Thank God for imparting a bit of wisdom on me....that I would select a fuel efficient car instead of a guzzler. Seriously...if I didn't have my Fit, I would have a fit every time I pumped gas! (No pun intended)

I don't know how people are surviving these days. Everything's going up...other than salaries, of course. It never ceases to amaze me that people do still survive...and they do still shop till they drop. For instance, a few months ago, SueTee took me and CCL to a Coach outlet. I looked around the store and saw women swarming with coaches in all shapes and sizes and random colors in their hands. I stood in line with a patent leather, wristlet that Sue found for me at a steal of a deal for only $30. The lady in front of me had a bright green and white purse (which I thought was not a very practical buy considering it wouldn't match much) that was big enough to carry my dog, a coach scarf, a coach umbrella, and a coach key chain. At that moment I thought to I the only person affected by this recession?!?

However, I know I'm not because I hear people complain about it every work, at the gas station, at the produce department of grocery stores. I guess what goes up must come down...and right now, we're just on a downward slope. We've just gotta hold on for dear life, and hope "up" comes around soooooooooooon!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pictures Galore...

I just finished watching a very disturbing episode of the Bachelorette. You know, the episode where she doesn't pick the person I wanted her to!!!!!! I don't know why in the world I waste my time watching this show and getting all emotionally invested in their decisions. This is the last time...I swear!!!
Anyhoo...afterwards I decided it was high time to post a few pictures that I've taken over the past few weeks.
July 4th...Matt and I went to watch fireworks with my sister and fam. We sat outside Universal Studios. It took a while for them to start crackin' but when they was pretty spectacular. Here's a few of my favorite shot...excuse the telephone wire. =/
The grand finale....
A random picture of the most beautiful little girl I know....
A picture from my mom and bro's visit. My mom floatin' around in the pool. Yes, in her pants. I tried to give her shorts, but she refused. =/
My brother floatin around in the pool. I could sit and watch this guy in the pool for hours. It might not look so comical right now. But at the was crackin me up that he was in a floaty...yet acting like a seasoned olympic swimmer.
The Floridians with my mom...
I saw this picture on Facebook the other day...and I just had to share it! Baby Neela is getting cuter by the day...and I hate that I'm not there to kiss her squishy little cheeks. (Jess, I miss you guys!)
Now it's time to do a baby update...the cousins got together this weekend and CCL sent me a few pics of all the babies! They're all so precious and getting too big too fast!
Maddy...cute as ever!
Sweetness...Maddy and Lola (Lauren)
Ethan...ever the little model and JP (Joshua)...reminds me of how Mikey used to look up to Bobby! Ha!!! I love JP's face in this one!
All the lil girls...Lola, Princess Leah, and Maddy
All the lil' munchkins. Looks like I definitely missed out!
Speaking of cute babies! Check out the newest cutie on the blog scene!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The other day, Matt asked me if I'm done with my blog. I looked at him blankly. So, he asked again..."Are you done? Is it over? You aren't writing anymore?" That was a sad thought to me...after all these years!!...I quickly said no!

Life's been really busy lately. I have no time to write at work. Often, I start working in the morning and then by the time I look at the clock, it's 3 pm....and I haven't had lunch! I've never been so busy at a job before, but I enjoy it. It's nice to not watch the time drift by slowly. My mom has been visiting for two weeks, so everyday after work, I'd run her around...out and about...since she was cooped up at the house all day long. So, no time to blog after work either.

But now, she's back in Oklahoma, so I'll have a little bit more free time in the evenings. I have lots of pictures to post of birthdays, baptisms, maternal unit's stay tuned!!