Monday, June 22, 2009

Something HUGE happened in the Thomas household this weekend. Not only did we FINALLY get our cable hooked up, but we got DVR. It's miraculous, I know. We're not ones that keep up with modern technology. I still have an I-pod the size of a stick of gum, with no screen...and apparently Moses called and wants his cell phone back. =/ So to have DVR at our house is big...colossal. So far, I find it simply if only I had a couch to lay might be pretty close to perfect.

In other news..People who hang out with Matt seem to be dropping like flies. He has this new fixation with walking around Lake Hefner...which is a 10 mile walk, mind you. I have yet to make it around the entire thing on foot, however we usually put in 2-6 miles on any given night. On one of these nights I tried to run for 3 minutes and walk for 5...and managed to mess up my knee pretty bad. That combined with the fact that I continuously walked at the lake ignoring my knee pain has only made the problem worse. Matt's next victim is our buddy Shines. Poor kid agreed to go walking with Matt one night...and they walked the entire ten miles...which completely messed up his foot. He called me from the hospital this morning...waiting to get an x-ray done. Considering I'm helping him and his bride-to-be with their wedding in just about 5 more weeks...I'm hoping he has a speedy recovery...and I don't think I'll be allowing him and Matt to play anymore until AFTER the wedding's over.

Lastly, I have a confession to make...I know I said I will no longer be watching the Bachelorette...but I blatently lied. I can't wait to go home and DVR it...and watch it with no interruptions!! I'm sure I'll be ranting and raving about it tomorrow...Until then!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm sorely disappointed with the summer line up on TV these days. The one show I was committed to watching this summer was the Bachelorette. Who can resist watching a lil' summer love? Uh, I could have...but somehow, I always get sucked into watching the show. And typically it's my BF who is holding the vacuum!! I have to admit, it's one of the ways we bond...having "post show" conversations about people we don't know, yet know what's best for their lives. But last night's episode killed it. I refuse to watch the rest of this train wreck of a season! Good luck to you,'re on your own...I will no longer be sending you telepathic messages on who to don't listen anyway!!

So, since summer TV blows, I've started doing a little summer reading. I've had two friends rant and rave about the "Twilight" series this past week. I was hesitant because I'm not really into vampires or teen romance. But my friends insisted that I would not regret purchasing the book. So now, I'm about 100 pages into it...and I can't say I'm to the point of obsession yet. But there's still 400 some odd pages to go, so I'm not giving up hope just yet.
Well that's my rant for today...until next time!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matt...

Before I begin with my birthday shoutout...a picture of Moussey...snuggling with her baby, Dronkey (a stuffy from the movie Shrek). She loves Dronkey! Happy Birthday, Matt.
I woke up early this morning to bake the ol' man a birthday cake...his choice of flavor...chocolate chip with chocolate icing. Since I have this "thing" with can icing...I made my own chocolate frosting. I'm not sure how chocolatey it tastes, but it sure is sweet and pretty yummy.
When I left Matt this morning he was a bit cranky-pants-ish...he's feeling a bit under the weather today. I'm hoping he feels better by this evening...because I sure do have my heart set on taking him out for a birthday dinner at this new Mexican restaurant near the lake.
I figure I've burned enough calories this week walking past the place on our 6 mile stroll...that we deserve a little cheesy, spicy reprieve today. A Margerita isn't sounding half bad either with week I've had.
Until next time, have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Elizabeth and Robin...

This past weekend was Liz and Robin's wedding in Houston. Liz was a gorgeous bride...and they make a lovely couple...see for yourself!
Us with them... vows...
Me and CCL and Lola
us with the Beenz
the ever growing Aaron
my mom wouldn't scoot up!!
they didn't mean to match...
the shepherds
me and my sister with our dad's only brother, our apachen...
cousin Abe
Granny with the grandkids...who are now taller than her!
the bride and groom...and the parents of the bride
us with our cousin, the mother of the bride...

My how time flies...

I realized it is now June 4th, and the one person who still reads this blog (I love you, Staic!) not only went to India and came back two weeks later to find that I haven't blogged...but also assumes I still don't have a place to live. The truth is...I found a place just 8 days after I whined about it in my last post...Getting settled has been harder than I thought. Moving out of a 3 bedroom home into a 1 bedroom apartment has been far from fun. Everything I own is still basically packed and jammed into a storage closet. And...I've had to get used to apartment life...which means, strange noises and strange neighbors.

My neighbors really shouldn't have to pay rent...because they spend 98% of their time sitting out on the stoop...shootin the shiznit and sippin' on crown and coke all the live long day....and night. Funnily enough, when I toured this apartment, they were nowhere in sight. But since we moved in, they've CONSTANTLY been out on the front stoop. Now, if shootin' the shiznit and sippin' on crown and coke was a quiet activity...I wouldn't mind so much. But, when I walk upstairs to the apartment...I'm literally in the middle of marital disputes...and not my own. The girl on the 3rd floor is yellin' at her baby daddy who is sittin on the 2nd floor stoop about his "finding another b*tch cuz she ain't putting up with his shiz anymore!" Talk about baby mama drama.

I've sat inside my apartment and shook my fist at them (I'm so tough when I know noone can see me)...swearing that I'd file a noise complaint to the apartment manager. Matt always tells me to chill...he finds it all entertaining...and I have to admit, I guess it is...since I haven't yet hooked up satellite...I've been missing out on my daily dosage of reality TV....and now I'm actually living it!

Well, it's late...and the last door has slammed. All seems quiet outside, so maybe I can go catch some z's. Until next time...(and there's no telling when that could be)...I bid you peace!