Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the last night of 2010!!! How are you spending the night?? I made a special dinner...lasagna and blackberry cobbler...the hubs and I are ringing in the New Year watching the ball drop in NYC as we lay on our comfy red couch! I know, I sound like an old fogie...but, it's so cold out tonight and we have work at 7 am tomorrow morning! So, we thought this was the perfect way to spend the evening.

Today I asked a few people how they felt about 2010. The last day of the year always brings out the reflective side of me. It was encouraging to hear that most people felt that 2010 was a good year for them. By God's grace it was a good year for me too. I think I truly learned to trust and rely on God this year. That's a lot coming from someone who has spent a lifetime struggling with "faith." This was definitely a growing year...and I realized that I can't control many aspects of my life, but there is someone who is always in control. Although, there's been so many times that I've asked God, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!" I learned that His ways are definitely not my ways...but it's always the right way.

I enter 2011 with lots of hope...It's nice to have a fresh start, new goals and aspirations, and 365 days of possibilities. I don't have any resolutions this year...because I find that when I resolute to do things, it often leads to failure. But, there are lots of things I would like to accomplish. I hope 2011 brings all of you lots of joy, and that God will bless you and surround you with His love! Happy New Year, Blogosphere!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas was great this year! My sister and fam were in Okc...and it's been years since we've been together for the holidays. My brother-in-law came in on a later flight and was supposed to fly in on Christmas Eve, but due to some technical difficulties with the airplane, had to take a later flight and came home Christmas morning just in time for breakfast! It was definitely a Christmas miracle....because we were all PRAYING he'd make it in time.

Mom, sister, aunt and cuzzies...

the guys...

a sibling pic...I usually insist on being in the middle, but this time I thought we should be in birth order...and I thought I'd let my sister have the honors of sitting with my brother. =) I think the last time we took a sibling picture was back in 1979...we were all a lot cuter back then!
I thought we'd do things a little different this year and play Dirty Santa instead of Secret Santa. I thought the family could use a little fun-filled game. The whole concept was a little foreign to them and it didn't go over very all. Next time, we'll stick to the same ol' tradition.

This year I really didn't reflect on presents...I mean, I love giving I did pick things out carefully and enjoyed doing so. But, I didn't think about what I was getting or care about what I was getting. I tried to mentally put Christ back into Christmas and think about His gift as the ultimate gift! Although I enforced the "don't care" attitude...I got awesome gifts!! My sister got me an electronic book reader, which totally blew my gasket! I didn't see that one coming at all!! My brother got me a digital frame (courtesy my wonderful niece Marissa who picked it out for me), which I've been wanting forever! And then....let me tell you what my BF did for me!!

A few weeks ago, I had her look at the Vera Bradley website. For those of you who don't know what that is...It's a brand of quilted bags, purses, totes, wallets, etc. I absolutely love quilts... (can't help's the country girl in me!) and fell in love with these quilted bags when I saw them. Of course the pattern I loved the most was out of stock and so I thought I'd seek Sonia's opinion on the second best. I wasn't in love with the second best...but still asked Matt if I could get one for myself. He thought I was absolutely nuts... he thought they were way too country...and he just bought me a really nice bag for our anniversary...not to mention, he thought someone in India could make it for 2 bucks. So I put aside my dream of having a Vera Bradley....

When I picked my sister up from the airport, she opened her suitcase to get her coat out. And I saw this familiar pattern. My eyes bulged out of my head! "You got a Vera Bradley bag?!?" I exclaimed! She told me to calm down because it was mine... and that my BF & Sheryl got it for me and sent it with her from Florida! I was ecstatic and haven't put it down since I've gotten it. It's a little big to carry as a purse but I don't care. I've gotten lots of complements on it too...sure the women who complement me are in their 60' actually told me to keep my eye on it cuz she wanted to steal it!!! Sometimes I wonder if the fact that 60 year olds want my bag should tell me a lil' somethin' about my sense of style...but I don't care!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What has Christmas turned into in this country?? I went to the mall thinking it's still early...there shouldn't be a crazed Christmas rush yet...I mean there's still 10 days until Christmas. Boy, was I wrong. Watching people shop during this season is extremely disheartening. It's supposed to be this joyous season of good will towards men. But, people are walking around looking all pissed off and grumpy about either spending too much money or not knowing what to buy or waiting in lines or being man-handled as they shove their way through crowds or driving aimlessly looking for parking spots that are somewhat near the stores. There's just nothing joyous about it. It's like we've completely lost our focus...people are more concerned about the perfect tree, the perfect presents, perfect gift wrapping, perfect Christmas meals, perfectly golden Christmas cookies...and we've completely lost sight of the real reason for the season. Jesus. I sometimes wonder how He feels about it when He gazes down upon us lovingly from heaven....His children who He died for thinking more about the greatness of Santa Clause (who doesn't exist) than Him. This Christmas...I challenge faithful put Christ back in Christmas...