Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy H-ween!!!

I think the funnest thing about Halloween is seeing kids in their adorable costumes!! Here's CCL's cute wittle ones...Lola (Lauren) and Ethan!!

Tonight one of my favorite little goblins (Landon) will be visiting me...and I can hardly wait to see him in his costume!! Stay tuned for pictures of that tomorrow!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to Creativity

I spent Saturday with my neighbor, a few tubes of paint, and 3 canvases. We are on a mission to get our creative juices flowing, so we decided to take on a new project: completing 3 paintings for the new townhouse. Below is the result of our mission:
Sunday was Valerie's birthday...when I called her to see how she was spending her day, she said that her, Billy, and Landon were on their way home to do a family tradition...carve pumpkin. So, I decided to make it a Thomas tradition as well. Matt and I carved a pumpkin for the first time ever! And we baked the seeds and all...Meet our pumpkin...Harvey!
Meanwhile...our dog, Moussolini was being as cute as ever. I put a little Halloween handkerchief around her neck....and look what she did during family prayer!!...
such a good little pentecostal puppy!

Bonding with her father afterwards...

So this is what happens when you invite guys over for of Shines and D from last weekend. I'm sure I'll be spending a lot more evenings like this since I'm moving into Shines's neighborhood. Let the good times begin. =/

Friday, October 26, 2007

Where my Girls at?

There was a time that I would sing that song with a car full of girls singing along with, i sing it solo. =/ I do have fun with Matt when we hang out on the weekends...and I do have fun with the guys when I hang out with them and Matt on the weekends...but I do miss my girls. Guy humor is sometimes hard to follow...It especially bites when I go shopping and desperately need a girl's opinion on important things like rug colors and matching accessories.

Husbands are wonderful...but good girlfriends are irreplacable. BF and Sunu will be home in a few weeks....I'm counting down the days. =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rules have changed...

The rules have changed now that the Varghese house has become the Thomas house....Mousse used to be restricted from the bed and WHITE couch. But now that her dad is with her all day while I'm at work, he has seemed to bend the rules. Sure, she gets a lot more beat downs than she ever did with me...but somehow she has managed to steal his heart and sway his vote on things that I was a stickler about. I guess I can't blame her...If I was this cute, I'd use my cuteness to get my way too!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Definition of Insanity...

My friend Billz celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday. It's hard to believe he is 33...3, maybe...but 33, no way!! He was nice enough to invite me and Matt to his family's birthday celebration at his parents' home. The following pictures reflect his true madness...Billy and his Mommy. How she's put up with this boy for 33 years, I'll never know.
I wanted to take a decent picture of the two of us...but, Billy is incapable of decency.
After dinner, Billy's bro put in some old videos of all of us when we were kids...way back when in 1984. I can't believe I've been friends with this kid since then...As nuts as he often is, I wouldn't trade him in for anything!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

oh the injustice!

I know I'm moving out in a few weeks...and I really shouldn't complain about the apartments when I don't have very much longer to put up with them...But, I'm going to complain anyway! I've totally had it. It's one thing putting up with insane neighbors...

*like exconvict, who sports Paris Hilton glasses and an acid washed handbag...and totes around a pestering poodle that has little dog syndrome.

* like mr. obsessive compulsive who stands at his car for 10 minutes checking to see if the front door is locked, back door is locked, front door is locked, back door is locked, front door is locked, back door is locked....etc

*like "Gary Jerry George," who has nothing in his apartment except plastic crates, and walks in twice a day with 2 briefcases and walks out precisely half an hour later.

I can actually deal with's management I can't deal with! So, nevermind the fact that there is trash strewn on the lawns...and that if something is broken, it'll never get fixed...Today...they pushed me to my limit.

It started last night when Matt and I were doing laundry. We noticed the new sign on the door..."Laundry closes at 10 pm and re-opens at 8 am" I didn't think I'd have a problem with this new time schedule...But, I also didn't know that about an hour later, my husband would cram two loads of wash into ONE dryer. So there we were, at 9:45...half of the clothes were still wet. I was okay with that. I figured it could dry overnight, and I'd pick it up in the morning before work. Suddenly "bluff creek laundry patrol" shows up, telling me to hurry cuz it was 5 minutes until 10. Really? how's that possible when I just checked and saw. ...9:45. I turned to Matt and made my hand signal for "gimme change." He stuck his hand into his empty pocket and then told me he left it at home. *GREAT* Instead of offering to let him go run and get it, the Bluff Creek Patrol came up with another brilliant suggestion..."why don't you lay your clothes on the floor at home and let it dry." Wow...what a genious idea to lay my CLEAN clothes on the floor to dry. I was beyond irked at this point...and opted to leave my half-dry clothes...wet in the dryer over night. At 8:15 am...I hurried to the laundry with 75 cents in hand to dry my clothes. The door to the room was LOCKED. At 8:30 am...the door was LOCKED again! So, now i'm ticked...why post a sign with times and then not open or close them at the right time?!? whyyyyyyy?


Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend update...

Matt and I spent the weekend doing a little bit of nothing. We packed up the awesome picnic basket that Miss Cookie got us for our wedding gift and headed downtown to the gardens for a leisurely picnic. It was nice...the weather was beautiful and the food was good!I was trying to catch some zzz's...but Matt wouldn't let me.
a fun upshot...
Friday night, I met our photographer at the gardens to pick up our cd of engagment pictures. He took about 17...and of those, I liked less than half. Here's the ones that turned out decent.

In other news...I put a deposit down on a townhouse. We're moving next month!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pictures From San Antonio...BooYah!

I had a fabulous time in San Antonio with SusanTee and her tribe...especially with this lil' one, "JP." He kept me entertained by his raspy little voice, his squealy laugh, his too-big flipflops with his tiny foot indentions, etc.etc...I could go on for days. Apparently he learned the word "BooYah" from a tv show his daddy watches and officially dubbed me and Matt as BooYah Aunty and BooYah Uncle. I have a million nicknames...I guess JP made it a million and one.SueTee and me at the Riverwalk
Will the real SusanTee please stand up?
Riverwalk fun with Matt
Matt trying to be HeMan and JP along for the ride
I'm the only one who pays attention in this family
Me and Matt at Sea World
Suex2 at Sea World
JP was in a trance by one of the shows...
JP and Mommy on Pirate ship
Just when you thought the wedding pictures were over....they're not!!!
Sue and Sonia
Andrew, Missy, Beenz, and Mom
5 fabulous guys
He walked me down the aisle...My dad's oldest and most favored cousin/brother
Cousin Faith singingVows...he whispered his...I shouted mine
The Illustrious Finuji...the prettiest guest book attendent I ever did see!
Sang *just had twins and is still as cute as ever* and Sunu
My sweet BF
Suave Sujith

My wedding singer, Jason J

Us...he's smiling!

Matt and I
Rick, Me, and Sonia with the date covering her grill...ha!
That's all folks

Friday, October 05, 2007

San Antonio bound with Matt & Gina

So, my double cousin and namesake, SueTee has planned a fun-filled weekend for us in San Anton...She called me last night to go over the agenda. The conversation went a lil' somethin' like this...

ST: so, i figured we could do the riverwalk stuff one day and go to the lake the other day and either canoe or jet ski

SV: Canoe? After my Florida experience with canoes, I'm not a big fan

ST: But this lake doesn't have gators in it

SV: But, it has water in it right? and i could tip...and DROWN

ST: But you have a life jacket.

SV: I'll stay on shore with the baby

ST: But he loves to go canoeing.

JP: (in the background) canoeeeeeeeeeeeee canoeeeeeeeeeeeeee canoeeeeeeeeeee

SV: Damn.

ST: What about jetskis then?

SV: Grr...ask Mikey about our past experience on jet skis. Every time I'm in a body of water I'm screaming my head off and causing discomfort to both man and fish in a five mile radius. How about Sea World?

ST: How about Fiesta Texas?

SV: But that's all scarey rides!

ST: So what you're saying is you want to do things that 5 year-olds and below want to do.

SV: Basically.

Once a coward...always a coward!! Tune in next week for pictures!!! Have a fabulous weekend...and for all you bank me...enjoy celebrating good ol' Chris Columbus on your 3 day weekend!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's Official....I'm boring.

*yawn*...I've become one of those boring people who avoids blogging because I have nothing blogworthy going on right now. But, I promised myself that I would blog come rain or shine...through good times and in bad...till death do sueveeblog and I part. So, I'm going to just have to push forward and blog on!!

Those of you who know me, know that I have a terrible sense of direction. I was once 20 minutes late to work because I got lost in my own neighborhood. So, I thought that investing in a GPS was a pretty good idea. Little did I know that the new GPS would become Matt's favorite time-suck and best friend. I hardly see him anymore because he's spending time with that whore, Gina (that's what we named the GPS...after my new favorite catch phrase..."Damn, Gina.")

What ever happened to double twin beds? I think we should bring back the tradion of the early years when husbands and wives slept in twin beds. This sleeping in one bed thing leads to sleepless nights...especially when one person is cold natured and the other is hot natured...and one person is a snuggler and the other craves SPACE...or when 2 people snore and you wake up because there's a snore symphony going on in your bed...or when one person's breath from their nostrils is like steam!! I mean, I'm certainly not complaining or anything...I'm just saying...I think it's time to start an advocacy group to bring back twin beds. Any of you interested in membership?

Monday, October 01, 2007

I love Bed Bath...

So, I returned a few doubles this weekend, and was delighted when "cash back" was a return option. I gleefully accepted and tucked away the benjamins for our weekend travels!! The one thing I did splurge on was a fondue pot. We made smores fondue last night...My sweet tooth was satiated after about 4 dips, but Matt is a chocolate fiend so he enjoyed it immensely. I can't wait to melt some cheeeeeeese...glorious cheese!!

My lease is up on November 1st...which gives me approximately a month to figure what I'm going to apartment was roomy when it was just me and Mousse, but now that there's 3...AND wedding gifts, we have absolutely no room!! I'm not ready to purchase...yet, I don't feel really great about wasting rent on a lease either. So...the lingering question in the Thomas household is.........WHERE DO WE GO NEXT?

Mousse was infested with fleas when I brought her back from the kennel last week. She itched and licked herself raw and formed a hotspot on her rear. I freaked when I saw the fresh blood...and immediately took her to the vet. Apparently fleas are quite simple to just takes a $4 pill...and ten minutes later, they literally jump off the animal and die. Then a few squeezes of frontline prevents any buggers from bugging her for the next few months. I'm glad Moussolini is going to survive because she's actually turning into a dog that I love now. Since the arrival of her father, she's been a lot happier and a lot less honory. I think she enjoys having him with her for most of the day. Usually she just lays somewhere near our feet and just looks happy being around us. I find myself patting her on the head and saying "I love you, Moussey" quite often now. She's still stubborn and bratty at times...but she's definitely better than she was before!!

Before I forget...Happy Birthdays to......Miss Sunu K, Miss Sheba, and Miss Rashetta...May your day be joyous and your year be blessed!
And that's the news for this Monday...stay tuned tomorrow.