Friday, September 28, 2007

The weather is absolute perfection here in Oklahoma City...I hope it will only continue throughout the rest of the weekend. This is our first weekend home after the wedding...I wish I had something fun and exciting planned but, it looks like the weekend will be filled with work, work, work. The Moussemeister seemed to have caught a bug or two or 20 million at the kennel. So, I have to take her to get the dreaded laundry...bleh!...and go through all our presents and return the doubles.

People told me I'd be bored after the wedding...but this really hasn't been the case...I've been on the go since we've gotten back from Miami....there's so much to do in order to officially become Susan Thomas. The name still hasn't grown on me. I automatically relate it to my favorite double cousin SusanTee. But, I guess in time...I'll get used to it.

Speaking of favorite double cousin's....Matt and I decided to spend next weekend in San Antonio visiting SusanTee and her family. It will also be my birthday I'm eagerly anticipating the German Chocolate Cake she's going to be bake me!! Did you read that Sue?? German. Chocolate!! The only dilemmas I have are.....
Who's gonna watch Mousse?
and...How long will this trip take us since OU Texas weekend festivities also begin next Friday night? As soon as I figure those two things out...maybe I can get more excited about the trip!

Until then...I'll concentrate on bugs, laundry, and bed bath. =/

Thursday, September 27, 2007

As requested...more pics

The following pictures are courtesy niki and jerry...they captured details
This is my favorite picture of the reception decor so far!! nik and me...we met for the first time at my rehearsal...but it felt like i was just seeing my old friend again. i was so happy she was a part of our day!
me being my usual silly self at rehearsal dinner with CCL
post wedding festivities with my cousins and Matt's cousins
post wedding festivities with the Kanjap crew...
pre-wedding with my brother-in-law, shep
the program
my boquet
me lookin' a little surprised about somethin'
lisa, lisa, and suet
billy and sunu
Sue giving her hilarious speech

sue and derrick
beena and shep
CCL and cousin Abe
Jaya, Jayden, Giby, and Jeevan
the church
me and Maddy
cupcake boxes!

the cake table
jess, neesha, and lisa

Jerry and lisa
parents to be, Mikey and Jessy

Me, Matt and the boys
I'm tired of wedding about you guys?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Ba-ack...

I'm back, guys...back to reality! I know you guys are ready to see I won't waste any more time...Here ya go!
Matt eatin' sushi for the first time in Orlando! Now he loves Ichiban just as much as the rest of us. with Matty and Sonia
me and BF and our twinkie watches.
me, Aaron, and my sis
After the near death experience on the canoe
I sat like this..motionless throughout the whole canoe ride. There were real gators in there!! Some wild woman was screaming at the top of her lungs that she wanted to go back to shore. maybe she was me!
Matt on South Beach
in the Florida Sun...
Sand art...
Matt with Cousin Benji and Cousin "I guess"
My favorite picture of the boys.
Matty's artistic shot
I smiled enough for the both of us.

My family...
My Moh's and his Best men
Matt with the lovely ladies

Fun with balloons...
Head table centerpiece

The Shepherds

So that gives you a glimpse into the past 2 weeks....More pictures to come!

Monday, September 17, 2007

We're Married...

So, we're married!! The wedding was everything I had hoped it to be. I can't imagine it going any smoother or being any more beautiful. Married life is sweet. Now?'s off to the honeymoon!!! Miami, here we come!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News from the Wedding Headquarters...

I haven't forgotten you, rat racers. I know that just because I'm getting married doesn't mean that you all still don't have needs...I understand the importance of having a time-suck during the 8 hour day. And I'm doing my best to still meet your needs despite my busy schedule!! I had pictures to post and posts to write, but Matt's been trying to clean out my computer and free up some space...but it ended up messing it up for a few days. So that's why I've been MIA.

I'll post pictures, as soon as possible...but until then...I will give you an update post. How's that?

My hair is officially fixed! She put some brown dye over the copper penny dye and guess what color it created? Black Cherry. Yes, the color I wanted in the first place!!

I still don't have my dress yet, but never fear...I'll get it on Thursday, and I'm not freaking out about it at all. I actually feel confident that it will be exactly what I want and fit the way I no worries!

I had a minor catastrophe the other day...I just HAPPENED to call Men's Warehouse to see if the tux the Groomsmen ordered for Matt had a white tie and vest or an ivory tie and vest. Turns out it was a YELLOW tie and vest. My heart stopped briefly but after a few phone calls, the situation was rectified. He's now wearing an ivory tie and vest to match me. =)

In other news, Mousse is being extremely neglected...and she's not been too happy about that. I'm gone from morning till night doing errands and I have no time to take her on our long walks. Thursday I have to drop her off at the kennel for the next 10 days. I know I'll cry because she will be so sad. I'm going to take her bed, her toys, and her food...and hope she'll be ok.

Well, that's it for now...tonight my sister, BF and Sunu all come into town. I can't wait! I'll try to write more tomorrow night when my insomnia kicks in! Until then...buh-bye!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Last Minute Hair Disasters...

Who gets their hair colored right before their wedding? Someone not so bright. Someone sorta like ME! That's right. I did it. Not only did I do it. But, I was dumb enough to bring my fiance with me. I'd like to blame the entire catastrophe on him. And since he's not here to defend himself...I WILL!

Black Cherry. That's the color I was going for. Not Elvira Black. Not Pipi Longstocking Red. A happy medium...that's all I ever wanted! Well, Matt wasn't too impressed. He wanted higlights. Blonde highlights to be exact. I reminded him that the last I checked, I didn't have blue eyes and a nice there was no need for me to have blonde hilights. The hairdresser overheard our banter and decided to throw in her two cents. She agreed with Matt's opinion that I should have hilights, but she also thought that blonde might be a wee bit extreme.

2 hours later, she was rinsing off what she said was the perfect color for me. And it is...when no lights are on. But the minute I'm in the light, my hair is as shiny as a copper penny. Copper? I'm supposed to walk down the isle amongst 400 people with copper hair?!?!

I called the hairdresser yesterday and insisted that my hair be re-colored. She actually had the nerve to try to convince me that my copper penny hair is good..."it's nice." Not quite. I told her that I can't even look in the mirror with out getting mad. Needless to say, she fit me in for the weekend. Let's just hope that this catastrophe can be fixed!

How do I get myself into these hair disasters?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

He's Here....

As I welcomed someone who will help me begin a new phase of life, I had to say goodbye to someone who stuck by me through out my "single" phase of life. Exactly 2 days after Matt arrived to Okc, Sunu left Okc and moved to begin a new career in Dallas. She says I'll be okay since I have Matt now...but, girl friends can never be replaced...and no matter what she might think, she is missed.

Although the weekend was filled with lots of wedding to-do's, Matt and I were able to have a bit of fun as well. I showed him around town and introduced him to a few friends...and I tried to get him acclamated to his new surroundings. We had our engagement photo shoot downtown...and afterwards, he asked to see the bombing memorial.
So, I've gotten a lot of questions about "how does it feel?" It's very feels like we haven't been on 2 separate continents for the past 8 feels like we've always been right here...together. The normally socially akward Sue...feels very comfortable and at home...even with a boy invading her space and her apartment. I think we'll be just fine!! 10 more days....