Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

I feel like I have been away from work for weeks, not just three days. The two days I was in Houston felt like eternity....maybe because there was so much going on and it was a very emotional time. Shijo's funeral service was the most beautiful and solemn funeral service that I have ever attended. I walked away with a lot of insight about him, which has influenced the way that I will live my life. He never confined himself to the box that society tries to stuff you in. He lived his life the way he wanted to...and what "people thought" was not something he was concerned with....which is a good thing because he only had 30 years to live his life. I'm glad he lived it in a way that made him happy. I love the picture truly eximplifies who he was...
It's been hard to get back into the groove of things. A part of my brain is in Houston...wondering how my cousins are coping with their loss. When I look down at my desk freaks me out. I only have 47 more days until the wedding. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion now...and need to add some pep in my step. The month of August is going to be nuts...everyweekend there is something going on...and Matt will be here! A part of me is ecstatic and the other part of me is nervous. I wonder how he'll adapt to slow-paced life in Oklahoma...if he'll get homesick...if he'll tolerate Mousse...if he'll make friends...etc, etc. So much to think brain's on overload. Not to plan finalizations.

I look forward to the day when I'm chilling on Miami beach in a sunhat and shades. And this time of stress is but a distant memory...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Saturday morning, I planned out my entire day. I'd go get my new license plate, go shopping with the mother, come home and cook dinner for me and Mousse, and spend the rest of the evening working on wedding invitations. I only got as far as shopping with the mother before I was quickly reminded of how it only takes an instant to change life completely.

My cousin died on Saturday morning. He was only 30 years old. He leaves behind a wife, who has loved and adored him since they were 15, a little sister, who looked to him as not only her big brother...but a father-figure and best friend, a mother, who leaned on him as if he was her pillar of strength, and a father, who depended on him more than he probably cared to admit. And then there are the rest of us....his family and friends...who are left shocked and confused. Yes, he was sick...his kidneys were failing him...but, he was young and therefore seemed somewhat invincible. A few days prior to his death....he was talking to my cousin Benjamin about the wedding...making plans to travel to OKC to attend. It would have been the very first time that all of the 1st cousins were in the same room at the same time. But, for some reason ...that will never be clear to any of us...that moment will never be.

Of course, any time a death occurs, you have feel the need to forgive and forget, love more, be gracious and kind, and make use of the time you have been given each day. After days and months pass, and the sting of pain subsides...I don't want to lose the clarity of this revelation. I want to remember to tell people that I love them...never go to bed angry...try to look past the hurt someone has caused in order to be forgiving...etc. I'll never have the opportunity to tell my cousin that although time and distance made us grow apart from being the childhood friends we once were...that I did love him...because he was my cousin and we were family.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We B.S.

When I was a kid...I HATED VBS "WeeBeeYes" Basically, because I had no friends back then....except one annoying guy who kept crying in the corner because he couldn't be in the same class as the "big kid," who he CLAIMED to be friends with. That annoying kid is now an annoying adult named Billy. =/
Now VBS is totally different than the VBS of old. People actually put thought and creativity into it and come up with curriculum that actually teaches you stuff. The kids really seem to be enjoying it...and I'm actually having fun helping out as well.
Micahji's brilliant Mommy sewed a shepherd boy outfit for him so he could fit in with the rest of us who were costume as the people of Israel. Some of the wittle ones who visited us at our are always happy when paint is around. Who can blame them? So am I. =)

The cutest little group ever. The two little girls in orange and the little boy are triplets. I could sit and watch and listen to the girl triplet with the big smile all day long cuz she totally reminds me of my BF when she was little.

Finuji inside our stone carving market
Now, this is where the "we B.S" part comes into play. We teach kids Hebrew words in our store...We named our store Reya (Finu) and Shiloh's (me) Barrada. However, Barrada is an Arabic word....We told them it was Hebrew because we were too lazy to look up the real word for shop. And I tell them my Hebrew name means "beautiful" ...but really...I have no idea what it means. Fins just liked there ya go! What they don't know won't hurt them. ;)
Priya was a bit sad in her fisherman's hut cuz no one was stopping by to visit her.
When I went into the Synagogue, I expected to see our Rabbi, Derrick...but instead found a couple of cute alter boys intently reading their scroll....
They were kind enough to stop and pose in front of the alter. ;)
Finally...the city of Galillee with all its' wittle inhabitants...
Me and my favorite little shepherd boy
Flipper stopped by to carve some stone.
Flip put a lot of sweat, blood (and i mean literally), and tears into this VBS. He injured his finger working on some of our set. I hope his finger heals ASAP because he's supposed to play piano at my wedding and spin some records at the reception!!!
I love to see kids...(big and little alike) having fun dancing!

I think it's safe to say that I know some of the most creative people ever! But what's great about is that everyone gets together to use their reach out to others.
I'm so proud of them. =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

60 days...

Busy...My life is so insanely busy these days. This week my church is hosting VBS for the little ones. I must admit, I haven't done even 5% of the work that others have done to set this up because I've been busy with life in general. They have turned our church annex into a market place in Galillee. It looks simply amazing...I will definitely post pictures in the days to come. Finuji and I will be manning the stone carving shop. Kids will be carving/painting Hebrew letters. The VBS takes place in the that's sucking up most of my time this week. Blank envelopes stuffed with wedding invitations are screaming at me to be addressed...but time!

*sigh* One a couple of months...things will slow down completely, and I'll wish I had more things to work on. But right now, I wish I had a little less. Everything requires dog, my maternal unit, my laundry, my dishes....I feel like I'm being pulled in a million different directions....Aaaaaaaaaaah, the more I type the more overwhelmed I'm getting.

On to a happier subject...I bought an armoir on Saturday. My room/closet is quickly running out of space, which isn't good since I've got one more moving in next month. I've been trying my derndest to clear out half my closet for him, but it merely means me shuffling stuff to the top of my closet. If that stuff happens to fall down some day, it's gonna be a catastrophe. So, I purchased a rather cheap but sufficient armoir that doesn't exactly match the rest of the furniture in my room but serves the purpose. Now I can actually keep my saris in something other than a plastic book crate. Nice....I can hardly wait till it is delivered.

It's been a rough day...Target Sushi...You better watch out...cuz here I come!

Monday, July 16, 2007


All weekend I was in anticipation of news I would receive this morning....but, today the news I received wasn't the news I wanted to hear. My uncle and aunt in India had applied for their visiting Visa to attend the wedding and visit the country they've only seen through pictures. Sadly, their Visa was rejected. I had started to envision the wedding festivities with them here...and now that I know they won't be here...I'm crushed. *sigh*
I know there's a reason for everything...good and just bothers me that I don't know what that reason is.

The weekend was a busy one. Ruby was here to help me with a few wedding tasks ....Including this one. This is my latest concoction for the cake table.

Roob, helped me pick the lettering and the pefect shade of gold paint. We also went and taste tested the food for the reception...I brought along my favors/centerpieces and set it up on the table to see what it'd look like. The planner at the reception site liked them and gave me a few helpful hints on how to step everything up. All I have to say is that September 14th is going to be the busiest day of my life...=/

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Opposites Attract...

Raining. Again. *sigh*

When you're single, and don't have a potential "special someone" in your contemplate what it is that you want in your signifcant other. You start to formulate a list of qualities that your mr/miss right will possess. I've heard girls tell me that they're written this list out and prayed over it and that they've gotten exactly what was listed on the list. Most of the time, the list is comprised of what YOU think is most suitable for you...afterall, who knows you better than you, right?

Wrong. It's foolish to think that relationships aren't constructed by a more divine force. God knows all we need now and forever. People are constantly changing, growing, and evolving...and what is suitable for you today isn't what is going to be right for you forever.

When I stop to consider Matt...I realize that he has qualities that I never even thought I needed or wanted. I had certain expectations about my future Mr. Right...and he exceeds them by leaps and bounds. I'm grateful that God knows me better than I know myself because if I hand selected my Mr. Right...I woulda been in BIG trouble. I see a lot of couples that seem to have NOTHING in common. They're opposites in extreme ways...yet they're perfectly content and functional. Now, I understand this concept. Opposites not only attract, but they balance each other out....and it works.

Speaking of opposites...check out this couple. He is the world's tallest man....He's 7 feet 9 inches! At 56, he searched the world over for a bride and then happened to find his 29 year-old-bride in his home town!! She's 5 foot 5 inches!...I wonder how tall their kids will be!!

Oh...and I almost NEW shoes! When BF was here, she got some insanely cute shoes on sale at Payless of all places....Sunu and I made a mad dash there y'day after work...and BF's cute shoes were no where to be found. I pouted for a long while until I layed my eyes on the shiny red shoes and fell in love! The other day, I went home to find Mousse gnawing on my brand new red I thought these were a perfect replacement. Of course, I had to sport them today...even if it meant I had to slosh around in the rain in them. I love em'. Maybe I'll have to go back and get them in black too. Oh...and BF finally gave me the polka dot GAP bag she's been promising me. ;) I knew I'd sucker it away from her. Buahahahah! My puppy dog eyes are powerful. ;) It won't be long before her "oaches" are mine too. (Her oaches are Sunu's hand-me-down Coaches. Per Shines...Sunu's used them and the C's are worn they're not coaches any more!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well, now shower festivities are over....BF will be returning back to Florida today in order to gear up for her big trip to Italy with my sister and family. It was nice to have her here with me to do a few wedding tasks. Yesterday, her, Wins (the kid with the abnormally long arms, which are perfect for upshots. ;) ), and I went and had a cake testing. We definitely got all the flavors picked out...6 glorious flavors for a 3 layer cake. ;) ...but we can't seem to agree on a design. I take that back, we all agree, but for some reason, I'm scared to not have a traditional looking wedding cake. I'm not sure why...considering nothing else is very traditional...and this is something hardly anyone really even sees.

Monday, we had my first fitting. We were pretty disappointed because I didn't really try on the dress...just the lining. The silk and the lace won't be ready until August. Everyone who hears this begins to get a little nervous. Because my next fitting is less than a month away from the wedding date, but I am confident in my tailor's abilities to get the job no worries here.

Geez guys...wasn't it just yesterday that I was complaining that it was going to take forever for the wedding to get here? It's only 66 days away now! Y I K E S.

In other news, check out the giant squid carcass that was washed up on the beach in Tasmania. It was over 6 feet tall. This only furthers my decision to NEVER go under water for ANY purpose. I have no desire to know what goes on under there in that world. I don't want to be bumping into any fishy characters like this...ha! fishy characters... ;)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Showered with LOVE....

My shower festivities were absolutely AMAZING. My friends and cousins made it such a special day for me. It was just awesome to have them all in one room with me...but it made it even more special that they made that room look like NYC!!! They made sure that even the finest details were included, so I would feel like the Princess of NYC for a day...and I did. I am so thankful to have such great friends and family who go above and beyond the call of duty to impress me with their creativity and put a very large smile on my face...but most of all, I'm grateful that I got to spend an entire day with them...absolutely foot loose and fancy free!
The staging area...The 10-foot backdrop that matched the shower very own hot-pink and black NYC.
The favors with the hand-made charms...

The amazing food spread, which consisted of foods from every neighborhood in the city...It even included some of my absolute shrimp cocktail and sushi!
The cutest miniature hot dog stand I've seen. See the mini ketchup bottle?
My friggin' awesome looking and TASTING cake!!!

Staying true to my theme...they even had a cab bring me to the shower!
Me astonished by all the fabulousness...BF, proud that she and the girls out-did me. ;)

Me in my city with my Bling ring...
BF found candle olives! How perfect!
My shower guests...trying to figure how many answers I'd get right to questions about Matt.

Me...getting yet another one wrong. ;)...and having to stuff ANOTHER grape in my mouth

The girls getting geared up to play a game...

All of us

The festivities continued that night....a good time was had by all...and that's where I will end the story. If you want all the sordid details, please contact CCL..Her stories are always more interesting than mine. She's definitely the real story teller in the family...
Me and my bridesmaids...gettin ready to paint the town hot-pink ;)

No night is ever complete with out the perfect upshot..
Sometimes the best times are had with old friends. ;)

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm so excited!

If it was acceptable behavior for me to jump up and down and yell, "I'm so excited" at the top of my lungs. I totally would. But, unfortunately, I think that might cost me my job....or at the least, get me some pretty strange looks. I simply can't wait for this weekend's festivities. Every aspect of it makes me happy....the fact that my BF is here and gets to do a few wedding errands with me, CCL and SueTee will be driving in tomorrow morning and we get to spend some QT with out husbands or kids, all my favoritest gals...minus my sister =( ... from the past and present will be in one room, the illustrious finuji's house is being turned into NYC. I'm just totally tickled...HOT pink! ;)

Never will be posted.

Have a fabulous weekend, all. I will!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 4th with a patriotic criminal...

Last night, after 8 months, Barbara finally broke her silence. Who is Barabara, you ask? She is one of my neighbors. I'm not even sure her name is Barbara, but since she refuses to speak to me, I'm forced to just make things up as I go along. Actually with the exception of Furball, and the Latino guy with the black, Lab puppy named Cap-i-tan (Mousse's nemesis), no one in the complex speaks to me. So Furball and I have created identities for each one of them.

Keep in mind what I tell you about Barbara is probably very wrong since I'm merely judging a book by it's cover. I usually don't do such things, but she gives me no other choice. When I say Hi to her in order to be friendly, she just glares at me as if I flipped her the bird instead of greeting her politely. I am convinced that Barb is running from the law and probably works at some low-key diner or truck stop. In the 8 months that I've semi-known her, her hair has been jet black, bleachy blonde, red, and now, dirty brown. Along with her frequent changes of hair color, she also wears very large, dark shades. Now, I know this is a fashion of sorts these days, but Barb is hardly someone who keeps up with Hollywood's fashion trends. I mean, unless I missed the memo that stone washed denim purses with fringes on them are now cool. =/

She lives alone, except for the gangly man with the balding head and dead rat above his lips who seems to pop in on the occasion for a friendly visit. When he does so, he does not park the car, walk up the stairs and knock on the door. He stays in the car, which he stops in front of my car, calls her and waits for her to come down. When he does this...I'm 9 out of 10 times, trying to back up. But the morons just sit there and talk until I either A. open the door and glare at them or B. honk my horn as softly as possible. Both of my efforts eilicit a scowly look from Barb.
Actually she doesn't live completely alone. She has grungy looking poodle that seems to think it's a Rotweiller by the way it barks and lunges at me and Mousse. This dog will most assuredly feel the pain of my foot up it's arss one day.

All this to say, last night...she spoke to me. It was about 11:45, and I was taking out a few loads of trash. She was outside with her dumb dog who lunged and barked at me again for the gazillionth time. I gave both of em' a dirty look and made my way back to the apartment for the next load of trash. About that time, she came out again...this time with out the dog. She was staring at the fireworks. As I walked back to my place, she started walking towards me. I wondered if she let her guard down and wanted to talk. She looked rather patiriotic in her Flag tanktop and matching ball cap. But when she approached me, her eyes were squinty. "That's dangerous," she said as she pointed at the fireworks. "They're not supposed to do that here. It's dangerous." I looked at her blankly. And then finally said, "Hmm..really?" "Yes, she said. they're not supposed to do that." So she mentioned. I realized at that moment that I could say anything to her, but her response would always be "that's dangerous...they're not supposed to do that here."...Upon that realization, I decided that I had nothing more to I gave her a lingereing, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"...and walked home.

After discussing the strange exchange with Furball, she said that Barb was probably concerened that the prohibited fireworks would spark a fire, which would lead to authorities arriving at the complex, which would mean that Barb's cover would be blown!!! Furball is so brilliant...These folks think they're sneaky...but we've so got them figured out!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brownies make the world go round...

I finally see the sun shining, and I don't know how to contain my excitement. I just hope that the weather stays nice until the weekend. I don't have any grand plans for July 4th. Mousse will be at the groomer's for a few hours, so I thought it would be a great time to clean. My vacuum cleaner was on the fritz for a few days, which nearly caused me to cry real tears. But, I took it apart yesterday, and unclogged the poor thing. Mousse's fur comprises 99.8% of my carpet. Why in the world didn't I get a long haired dog?

So, no grand plans for tomorrow, but tonight, Furball and I will be dining at our 3rd "cultural" restaurant. Last week we went to a greek place called Zorba's. We both rated it very low...a 4 from me and a 5 from her. So far, I haven't found a place that really strikes my fancy. But, I'm excited about tonight's Sushi place...

Speaking of "excited about"...My BF will be in town Thursday night, CCL and SueTee will be here will be the last time I see a lot of my outta town friends and family before the wedding. It's the end of a very longggggg drown out era, I tell ya! I'm soooo looking forward to this weekend's festivities!!!! Two words for ya...YEE. HAW!

Wowza...I just saw Sunu K's blog on her H.S. reunion!! Soooo cool. My HS reunion was the most lame event ever. Talk about poor planning...but hers looked like good times. Speaking of, my 15th year reunion should be this year...but somehow I doubt the class of 1992 is gonna pull it together enough to do another reunion. I can't believe it's been 15 long years since I graduated HS. Boy, do I feel old. The other day, I was at Sephora, and I saw a girl who graduated a few years before me. I never actually went to school with her because when she was a senior, I was still in Jr. High. But, I knew her because her and my sister worked part time at a drug store. I recognized her immediately...and told Sunu..."Hey, that's **** ******! Class of 1990." She gave me a disgusted look. She finds the fact that I remember people's first AND last name AND year of graduation...a bit repulsive. A bit later, the girl actually approaches ME! She asked me if I had a sister who worked in pharmacy and said she thought I looked familiar. I think I finally met my match! Could there be someone as equally as strange as I am that can't forget names and faces?!? Anyway, just another reason for me to believe that I definitely need to update my look. If someone recognizes me from how I looked in junior high, that's a problem!