Friday, March 30, 2007

I wish Sue Day came once a year...

Yesterday, my BF was in town...and her cousins were sweet enough to all take off work in order to set aside a day to hang out with me. They decided to call the day "Sue Day." I didn't really know what we were going to do...which drove me crazy...but really...who could ask for sweeter friends? After a visit with the florist in the morning, I met up with the girls at the Museum of Art cafe for a yummy lunch. The rain and tornados dampered some of their plans , but it was still a full day of fun. After lunch, we went to the mall for manicures, pedicures, and some shopping. Then, we all head out to dinner at "The Melting Pot," which is a newly-opened treat for us in OKC. It was a wonderful day away from the rat race...spent with a few of my most favorite people. I love Sue Day...I only wish it would come once a year. =/

Us at the Melting Pot

Jessy, Shrekky, and Finuji

The goof troop...

Sheryl took this pic of my feet and the poor girl who had to touch them. =)

Sonjaya never stops smiling...

Syb and Jess "Njoying"

We love Sue Day!!!

Pictures from another outting that I forgot to post earlier....Landon and Micah sealing the deal on their friendship.

The wittle guys were in awe of each other

Micahji was wide awake and didn't want to miss out on any action...

Landy was rather bored with us grown ups...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

congrats, countdowns, and sweaty ears.

Most people think you inherit abilities from your family. I have found this to be completely and utterly false. I'm the only soul in the family who enjoys to write and hot glue things...and my nephew aaron is the only person in the family who is a basketball star!... Congrats to my boy for winning the championship game!...he is not only the only basketball star in the family...but he's the only one who has any sort of athletic ability whatsoever. However, I mus say he gets his spirit of competition from his mother. If you ever find yourself in the Orlando area...DO NOT visit my sister and decide to play might be detrimental to your health.

In other news, the countdown has begun...
T minus 171 days till the wedding
T minus 2 days until Billy's eye-reforming surgery. He'll no longer be a 4-eyed freak...just a 2-eyed freak!
T minus 1 day till the arrival of my BF!

I had a very strange night last night...It all started when I started discussing a certain "someone's" stinky ear with my cousin benjamin. He was baffled by this person's sweaty back-of-the-ear...and the stink factor caused by it. To seek medical advice, he called his friend Dr. Ron on 3 way. Ron's cure consisted of a wet wash cloth and soap. I referred his advice over to "Someone." Anyway, then Benjamin got a wild hair...and asked Ron to call one of his friends 3 way, which Ron did. The goal was to get 20 people on 3 way. After I called SunuA we had 5 with only 15 people to go...but somehow we lost sight of our goal...when it was discovered that Ron and I knew several people in common. Benjamin was getting flustered that our goal was not being achieved...then people had to start hanging up the phone. We will attempt 20 people on 3 way again tonight...but need to start our mission earlier...people in the east coast get sleepy faster than midwesterners. ;)
By the and rose turned out to be yellow and pink...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Conversation points & wedding deets...

Books and movies are always good conversation points. I can sorta hold my own on book convos because I've read so many in my past. However, the course combination of Russian Lit, Spanish Lit, and Fitzgerald all in one semester caused an irreparable burnout of sorts. I'm trying my derndest to get back in the groove of reading again. I picked up a book on sale from B&N the other month. I'm a sucker for books by Indian authors, so when it was on sale, I simply couldn't resist. It's called "The Village Bride of Beverly Hills." Never has it taken me so long to get through a book. It lacks realism. But, I have this rule that I can't start reading a new book until I finish the one I'm currently matter how badly it sucks.

One conversation I can't partake in is movie convos. I haven't seen any of the must sees, classics, or most-talked abouts. I joined netflix last summer and have only managed to see 4 movies because my mom threw away the cover and I couldn't figure out how to send it back. When I finally figured that out...It disappeared during my move. Now I've finally gotten it straightened out...and I had a consultation with my cousin Benjamin, who advised me of every movie I must see. I think I'm set for the next 2 years.

In other bridesmaid outfit has been completed. matt says the colors are rose and mango. uh, MY colors are hot pink and yellow...which sounds nothing like rose and mango. matt says mango is yellow like a banana. then why don't they call it banana?? i'm crossing my fingers that it's right...we shall see! Invites will be ordered today...which means, I'm well on my way!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm so....


Friday, March 23, 2007

Just some general 411...

It's Friday!! (in case you didn't know) ;) I look forward to having do absolutely nothing tonight. Although I need to do quite a bit. There's a big difference between feeling that you HAVE to do something and that you NEED to do something.

I went to Super Target last night to invest in a new DVD player. My old DVD player, which was hardly ever used, decided to go on strike. For no apparent reason it just stopped playing while I was in the middle of a movie and has never played a movie since. The lack of entertainment in my lonely home was motivation for a new and improved DVD player. So, I trekked over to Super Target last night to take a looksie. Not only did I buy one, but I bought some sushi rolls too. My new neighbor, Stacey Furball mentioned that Target has sushi rolls that are actually pretty good. I was skeptical at first, but after being unable to get into the Japanese restaurant for the second time due to an hour and half wait...I opted to try Target sushi. It's actually...surprisingly...quite good. It's in the deli section if any of you are interested in trying some for yourself.

It looks like it's going to be a dismal weekend. 40% chance of rain in the forecast. This is definitely not good for me for several reasons. A. I'm solar powered. B. It makes it very difficult to take Moussolini out to do her "business." So much mud accumulates on the sidewalk, which of course she just tramples right into. Sometimes I wish she had shoes, so she could just take them off before going back into the house. But then again, getting them on her would be no easy task. =/

I'm going to buy tickets to go see my first Broadway Musical next week!! I wish I could tell you that I will be watching it on Broadway. But, no such luck there. I'll be watching it here in OKC...every once in a while Broadway comes to us. The neighbor and I are going to watch "Wicked." As many times as I've been to New York, I've never had the time to go watch a I'm pretty hyped about this one.

I actually watched a full episode of Gray's Anatomy last night. I liked it. I'm not sure that I liked it enough to watch it every week. But, we shall see...

I think I've rambled long enough about absolutely nothing in have a great Friday and a marvelous weekend, rat racers!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Whaddaya know?

Here's a few lingering questions I have in my head this morning that are really bothering me....

Why are the membranes (or whatever they're called) on grapefruit so incredibly bitter? I have to completely dissect a grapefruit before eating it. Sometimes I feel too lazy to do all the work necessary to eat one...but that's not good considering I've basically got a whole orchard sitting in my fridge.

Why does time go by faster the older you get? The other day I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that March will be over next week. Didn't it just start last week? How is that it takes so long to get through an 8 hour work day...but the days, weeks, months are totally flying by?

Why do apartments make such a big fuss about pet owners who don't pick up dog crap, but seem to have no problem with the fact that there is trash strewn out in front of the building? Thankfully...this building isn't the one I live in. But, I still find it unsightly when I walk by. It's like the entire contents of someone's bathroom trash is all over the lawn. disgusting.

Why are seasons so off-kilter in Oklahoma? For instance...winter is from October-February...spring is from March to the end of May. Summer is from June to the middle of September, which leaves fall as our shortest season...from September to mid October.

Why is the divorce rate the highest in Oklahoma out of all the 50 United States? (50%) Is it because it's so boring here that couples have nothing to do but argue? Is it because there is minimal growth potential therefore minimal earning potential, so couples argue about money?

Those are the burning questions for this morning....If you have answers to any or all of these questions. Please free to click on the link below!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday from the birthday crew...
Happy, Happy Birthday...from me to you! Hey!


I hope you enjoy YOUR day...and that people spoil you and make you feel special... because you ARE! Thanks for being my trusted friend and confidant...for always looking out for me...and keeping me company. I don't quite know what I'd do with you in my life...and I don't ever want to find out.

Till death do us part... ;)

May this be your year to shine....May God take you to new heights and lead you to new places, new things, and new people. May you be blessed with the happiness that you so richly deserve!

With Love,


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cute Stuff...

First things first...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece, Marissa, who turns the big 9 today. Kids grow up so fast...I still remember when she was a little baby...and such a diva. I would come home from work and find her passed out in a laundry basket after painting her feet, hands, and carpet with nail polish. I think the fumes got to her little head and knocked her out. =/ Now she's this really mature big kid. I'm not even sure what happened to all the time in between.

Speaking of kids who are growing fast....Landon and Micah are now 6 months old!!! I can't believe

the boys will be a year old before I know it. One thing is for sure...They get more precious by the day... See for yourself....

my absolute favorite pic...

landon and the easter bunny

this kid is brave...i think i'd be scared of that giant bunny

micah striking a pose. does it get any cuter than this?

I think cute just runs in the family...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just me, myself, and Mousse...

This weekend was a very lonely one. .. since my faithful friend went out of town. I know, right? The nerve of SunuA to actually hang out with someone else besides me!! Saturday I decided it was time to disinfect my apartment from any roming viruses, crusty vomit, and the like. It appears the stomach virus I had last week was an epidemic in the Midwest that left my cousins, Billy, and the sales lady at the wedding dress store quite ill as well...I'm just glad it's gone. After bleaching my bathroom, I went to put a hefty downpayment on my wedding dress. It was painful...yet I'm quite sure it will be worth it in the end. ***I HOPE*** Afterwards, I did a little bit of nothing. The highlight of my day was taking an evening stroll with Mousse, my former neighbor, the Illustrious Finuji and the cutest munchkin on the block...Micahji.

Sunday was pretty much a bit more of nothing. After chuch, I went to the mall and splurged on some pink eyeshadow...a girl can never have enough of that!!...and then met little Landy and his parents, Billy and Val as they took his first ever Easter pictures. His pictures turned out to be absolutely irresistable...I'm not quite sure how his parents selected their favorites because I loved them all. In the evening, Moussolini took me for a walk since the weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous.

Overall it was a completely uneventful, lonely weekend. The fiance was out of area...more so than usual...since he was out and about on a long weekend with friends. I didn't want to cut in on his fun by keeping him on the phone for hours at end while he was trying to have a good time with the guys. I swear I think I should just move to India...they have so many long weekends. It seems like every other week there's a holiday of some sort.

My attention whore dog has currently decided to rest her chin against my arm and stare me down as I type...She finds blogging to be a complete waste of my time...She thinks I'm much better off spending my time wisely by throwing her ball across the apartment, so she can basically just take one step to get it. Sheesh...I can't continue typing in good conscience...She's making me feel guilty....

Before I end my blog for tonight...I must thank Scorpsy for reminding me of hair horror stories from the past...That definitely did the trick...I've decided to keep my lifeless long locks...atleast till the wedding.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Feelin Better Friday...

Well, I'm better folks. I woke up this morning craving some REAL food. I went downstairs and had me a buttermilk biscuit. I figured if it stayed down...GREAT...and if it came back least it would taste good.

I've got a spring fever of sorts. I'm constantly thinking of a warm breeze sifting through palm trees, white sands, and clear waters. A vacation is out of the question at this point in time. I've got minimal funding and even less vacation time. I guess I will just have to wait until the honeymoon. I decided upon Miami. Matt can't leave the 50 United States...and I figured Miami would not only be affordable, but allow me to introduce Matt to sunny hopes that it might one day be our home.

I had a situation arise this week....I was in the elevator with a girl I work with when she suddenly asked, "so you're inviting us all to the wedding, RIGHT?" I didn't know what to say. I was basically just shocked that someone who I hardly know was asking me this question. I heard myself feebly reply, "yeah." To which she responded with a gleeful smile. So much for trying to keep this wedding small. I know that she's just curious to know what an Indian wedding is like...and no matter how much I try to explain it's just like an American wedding, no one believes me!

I don't know how to "fix" this predicament that I got myself into. But, I'm quite sure this will happen again with some other random person I ride with in the elevator...because there are no keeping things on the hush in this company...the grapevine here is worse than it was in high school!! But, at least this time I have a more appropriate answer prepared in my head.

In other news...along with my spring fever comes the desire to get a hair cut. It's longer than it has been in years...I'm yearning from something short, sassy, and spunky...What do you guys think? Should I grow it out for the wedding? Or get my yearly spring "do?" Decisions...decisions....

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm in projectile vomiting... can't eat anything with consistency that's thicker than water...kinda sick. but, i'm still here at work cuz I've got no choice. =( keep me in your prayers!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Assignment #2

For the person who suggested I share the assignment from the writer's group on my blog...Here you go...

Do you ever watch or read a story in the news and wonder what makes people do the things they do? Your assignment is to pick a news story from the past 30 days....pick a particular person who made the news and use them as the main character in your story. Your story should include an explanation as to what caused the person to do the news-making thing that they did. You can be as creative as you want to be with your explanation. Make sense?? Enjoy...

Billy and I can't meet today, but I trust that we'll both be working on our assignment from our respective homes. I'm still anxiously awaiting his story from last week. I haven't critiqued in a long time. I keep telling Billy that it's really important that we say more than "that was good" because the feedback is really essential to help us get better. If any of you out in the blogosphere have actually written something for last week's assignment or plan on writing for this week's assignment and would like us to read and critique...please do send it my way... I'd love to read it.

In other news, I am wondering about Sanjaya's fate today on American Idol. I hope that America has not voted to keep this kid in. It's time to put him out of his misery. I think that he has the potential to be a good singer, but he lacks confidence right now to do any better. Who could blame him? He gets slaughtered by Simon every week. It's tough to put yourself out their to get publically judged. I heard someone on the radio say she couldn't stand the fact that he smiled all the time and that it creeped her out. People are so mean. =(

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Power Failure...

American Idol. Is it just me who thinks Blake Lewis is the He's just a cool kat. He reminds me of my cousin Abe...I think they look alike and have the same facial expressions....oh and, of course, the cool factor. ;)

Sloppy joes....I used to hate them as a kid. I hated anything that made bread French toast. Now, I can't get enough sloppy joes. Billy got me started on it. After helping me move in to my apartment, I cooked dinner for him and Val...They requested sloppy joes, and I've been hooked ever since. I think I could eat them every day. But don't worry, I don't...just every week. ;)

Speaking of Billy...for one glorious week, I had complete control over his annoying behavior. You see, he is a groomsman for the wedding, and he's VERY excited about this position. Seeing his joy, I realized I suddenly had complete power over him. So, I put him on a point system...similar to 3 strikes and your out. Every time he annoyed me with one of his annoying comments, I gave him a point, and warned after 3 he'd be ousted from the wedding. He quickly shaped up in fear of losing his position.

Things were going well...I finally had him in check. But then yesterday, I made a grave mistake. I asked Derrick to be the head usher after realizing he had the same passion for excel spreadsheets and task lists. It wasn't long after that I got the following ridiculous email from him:

Sue, since you are doing things that are unique for your wedding, I had an idea. Instead of a wedding gown, can you wear a sleeveless tuxedo with a bow tie? Your wedding would definitely stand apart from all others ever witnessed. We can go to Tuxedo Junction tomorrow and get you measured. What is your schedule like?

To which I responded:
ok, derrick...u have forced me to place u on the same point system that billy is on. see, everything you say or do that i deem as bad behavior gets a point. in a 24 hour span, you are allowed 3 points. after 3 points, you are officially KICKED OUT of the wedding.
at 8 am, your points are reset to 0. i determine what is considered bad behavior. i determine what is worth how much, and since i waited 32 years to be a bride, i am allowed to be completely unreasonable. =) (which means, if u say hi and have a goofy look on your face...i can decide that it earns you a point) just so you know, your little tuxedo idea just earned you 2 points. you only got 1 more to i suggest you tread carefully. =)

I should have known better to put both of these two on the same point system. Suddenly my plan that worked so well for a week backfired in my face. Apparently they put their twisted little minds together to stop my plan of creating the star system. If I earned 3 stars in a day...I'm am no longer allowed to see or hang out with Val, Landon, Julie, Angelina, or baby Alexis!! I should've known better than to try to combat those two DARK forces of evil!!

My plan has been thwarted, however so has there's. I got Billy to declare yesterday that all systems are points, no stars...we'll try to behave like normal humans for a while.

Monday, March 05, 2007

There's an Old...New Blogger in the HizHouse...

Happy belated Birthday, to my buddy and work out guru, Shines...He was supposed to come over Saturday night and bond with me...but I guess he found it more entertaining to go out with the boys and celebrate his birthday. Who could blame him? Speaking of Shines...his big bro, Mattie has a new blog. This time he vows to be more consistent...Take a looksie at what's going on his world these days...

This weekend was tiring, yet not very productive. I felt like I was on the go constantly, and now I'm just beat. The weather is going to be nice this week, so I'm looking forward to getting some running in. My new..old...friend at the apartments said she'd like to join me and Mousse on the trail. At least that gives me someone to converse with to make it less of a chore.

I feel like this month is going to fly by...lots of things to look forward to...
*Thursday is my 2nd writer's group with Billy if he can get his stuff together and finish his assignment...

*Something tells me this weekend is bound to be fun...and Daylight savings begins this Sunday...and I'm simply rejoicing!

*The 15th is bonus pay out day...YEE to the HAW...which means, I can pay for my wedding dress. =)

*The 20th is my niece's birthday and the 21st is SunuA's there'll definitely be some celebrating going on.

*The 19-23rd is Spring Break for the kid cousins, so I'm sure they'll come over to entertain me.

*My BF comes into town on the 29th...she'll be coming to my place for the very first time!! Mousse is SO excited to see her. (I hope she can contain some of that excitement!)

*Last but not least, the 31st is the wedding day of my dear friend and former boo...JU.

It'll be a busy month...not that I'm trying to wish it away or anything!. =) By the way, did I mention I have 194 days left till the wedding??

Friday, March 02, 2007

This is the day...

I realized yesterday that I'm wishing my life away. Monday-Thursday I wish it was Friday. And now, I'm wishing the months away...hoping that August (when Matt arrives) will come sooner than later. What ever happened to "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it?"

I know why I hate Monday-Friday, and I figure I have to get back on the horse and try to do something to fix this situation. I can't just go on like this or else...25 years later, I'll be one of those people that I see daily in the elevators, who walk in like zombies on Monday and leave skipping on Fridays...The difference between me and them is that I've been doing it for 8 years and they've been doing it for 28.

As for wishing the months away. I really should enjoy each and every day of my singlehood. I realize that there's not a heck of a lot to enjoy when you live in OKC, and only have one other single gal pal to kick up your heels with...but still...I should make the most of it. And I will...starting TODAY.

Tonight's festivities include....hanging out with an old friend who I recently reunited whilst taking Mousse out to do "her business." I used to work with this girl back when I was 17. It turns out she lives in my apartment complex, so she's coming over tonight to catch up. It should be good times.

Tomorrow, the kid cousin wants to go to the art museum for a school project...and she knew the only one she could sucker into going with her would be me...cuz I love that place. So, if the schedule permits, we'll be headed downtown. We also have to do some very important prom dress shopping. I love re-living my youth through my cousins...;)

Have a great weekend, rat racers!