Friday, September 26, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Sometimes...

It’s off-season for vacations, so business has slowed down quite drastically. This is good and bad. It’s bad because the nights are now as slow as molasses and because I’ve lost that sense of job security. But, it’s good because people around me aren’t quite so stressed because there is actually time to breathe and visit with each other.

Today’s topic of discussion in my quad was…….”having an occasional girls night out.” I remember when I was single and my married friends said they didn’t have time to call their friends or go out anymore because most of their time was spent with their spouses. I wondered if I too would become that way with the prescence of a husband in my life. After one year of marriage, I can safely say that I don’t think that I’m too busy to call my friends or hang out with my friends because I’m too busy with my husband. The problem is more about my odd work schedule and my lapsing memory….but definitely not my spouse.

Now, that I’m married…all of my “married friends” are now mommies….which is an entirely different ball game. Even the husband gets thrown to the curb when the babies arrive. Life becomes all about the babies and there is even less time for those friends that were once considered lifelines. I’ve watched enough TLC baby shows and known enough Mommies to know that babies monopolize one’s time. However, as we discussed in my quad today, it’s important to have a little good ol’ fashioned time with the “girlz.” It helps to keep one sane. It keeps you grounded so you don’t lose sight of who you are. Mommies aren’t just care givers who clean spit up, make meals, do laundry and dishes, and shuttle kids around…Mommies are people too!!

My BF is a brand new Mommy…and since she happens to be baby Maddi’s food source, we haven’t gotten to have our “best friends day out” in a few weeks. But, she makes time to call or text me daily. I’d like to think that our conversations are good for both of us…our chance to vent, chat, cry, laugh…etc, etc. CCL and SueTee are also two mommies that I chat with every day. It amazes me how they can juggle the phone, carry on conversations with me AND their kids…all while lil’ ones are hanging on their arms and legs. But, the point is…they make the time.

Basically, our time is what we make of it. It's important to be devoted to your make sure their needs are met and the household runs smoothly. But, it's also important to connect with people, have a good time, laugh, share, and let loose. Suddenly...I feel like watching Sex and the City....I'm sure there's a re-run playing right about now if I hurry!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love Reality TV…I find it fascinating even though my spouse tells me that even the most convincing shows are staged. Yes, I do think it’s a strange coincidence that Speidi seems to show up to the very same clubs that LC and crew decide to hang out at on any given night (despite the fact that they live in LA, the epicenter of clubs and lounges). But, that doesn’t really bother me, because I find the drama intoxicating. It reminds me of the drama that ensued in my younger years…but more fabulous.

And although I admit that reality TV is my guilty pleasure…even I have to draw the line somewhere. I didn’t draw that line for the million seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette that I invested my time and emotions into, or the Flavor of Love, although I found him repulsive, or I love New York…as annoying as she is, or the plethora of MTV reality shows that I can watch repeatedly. But, I am drawing the line now…Paris Hilton’s search for a new BFF?

Come on!!! Where do they find the idiots to WANT to be her BFF? Why does MTV think America cares? Why do the rich keep getting richer by doing stupid things on television? Every time I see the commercial for this crock of crap, I want to scream!

I must admit, even though I love me some reality television, I miss TV shows…good ol’ sitcoms. The only new show I watch nowadays is “The Office.” But, I miss good, quality humor that shows like “Friends” and “King of Queens” possessed. I’m up for suggestions…so if you’ve seen something funny…let me know!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Word of the Day:
scion \SY-uhn\, noun:1. A detached shoot or twig of a plant used for grafting.2. Hence, a descendant; an heir.
Sentence: Mousse is the scion of a chocolate lab named Hampton and a blonde lab named Harriette.

I’m back from my 4 day get-away…which was much needed and much appreciated. It made me realize that everyone needs to take a breather once in a while…and just treat themselves to a little fun and R&R…or life will definitely get the best of you.

The resort we stayed in had an amazing swimming pool that always seemed to be the perfect temperature…and felt as if you were stepping into a pool of silk. It was very difficult for me to pull Matt out of there on most days. The very first day of our trip, he jumped in and I sat poolside reading some gossip magazines. He kept insisting that I didn’t know what I was missing, but I didn’t have the proper attire to be swimming in a public pool.

Now, in my pool at home I wear shorts and a tee-shirt. But, I felt dumb wearing shorts and a tee when everyone else was bikini clad…even gray-haired woman in their mid sixties. So, Matt took me out swimsuit shopping the very next day. I was dreading the little shopping excursion like the bubonic plague. Me…SueVee-gone-Tee wearing a bathing suit? I’m the girl who wears black sweaters in 90 degree weather!!

I’m happy to report that there are great selections of decent swimwear these days. And, now’s the best time to buy it…since the season is over and swim gear is on sale. I was able to find something that covered me…completely…except for my arms and part of my legs. I was quite pleased to be the most covered girl in the pool! Matt wanted to take a picture of me in my new suit, but I threatened to break his arm off and then slap him with it. So...needless to say, we have no pictures. ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Live Blogging from West Palm Beach...

Word of the day: misprize \mis-PRYZ\, transitive verb:1. To hold in contempt.2. To undervalue.
Sentence: Taking off my Oklahoma State tag and replacing it with the Sunshine State tag made me realize that I misprised my hometown...and maybe it ain't so bad, afterall.

Hello Blogosphere. I am alive. (And no, Shelleybelley...Gustav did not carry me away. ;) I wanted to blog all week...but I didn't seem to have the time to make it to the computer write...this is partially because mine and my sister's "secret project" and partially because I've been spending lot of my spare time catching up on watching TV. Oh TV, how I've missed thee!!

Last Monday, September 15th, was my FIRST anniversary!! Time fliesss. Matt and I have survived our first year full of lots and lots of changes!! Unfortunately, I had work...and he was off, so we were unable to celebrate. But luckily...I have an awesome brother-in-law,..who so graciously let us use his time we took a few days off of work to come hang out at Marriott's Ocean Pointe in West Palm Beach!! It's beautiful and relaxing...and so nice to chillax with NOTHING to do for few days. I'm sure curious minds are wondering what we got each other for our first anniversary....

Well, I got him a remote control airplane and helicopter. In fact, I'm hearing the whirring of helicopter blades as I type. And I can't help but crack up because I see him trying to the plane, but it keeps crashing....into the floor and into his face. Too funny.... Ever the romantic...(not) Matt got me....ehh, he's waiting for me to pick out the gift. I've got my eye on Bare Minerals make up these days. =)

Other than all that jazz....I'm liking my job lots better. I finally feel like I somewhat have friends. I mean, maybe I don't go to lunch with anyone...but...I talk to people. And this week...some of the girls actually dubbed me with a nickname....I think that means I'm officially "in" now!!! In case you're nickname is Suzie Su....kinda like Lucy Lu...but not. ;)

Welp folks....that's all for today...perhps I will write more tomorrow. Maybe now that I'm stress-free livin' for a few days...I'll be on a roll!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm ashamed....

It's been an unexcusably long time since I've blogged. I'm actually at my BF's house right now, and Matty locked me in the room and told me that I can't come out until I write a here I am.

Life's been sister and I have embarked upon a new project which is eating up most of my time. In due time, I'll share it with the rest of blogosphere, but currently it's still under construction. =)

Last week...Sheryl, Sujith, and Elijah came to visit. We had a great time at the beach...Elijah has grown up to be such a delightful, happy little baby boy....and he's quite edible too.

See?? What did I tell ya?? I guess his mom ain't half bad either. ;) It was nice to have friends from home with us after 4 long months! We all went out to Daytona Beach, where Sujith was able to do something he's wanted to do his whole life....jet ski! Speaking of Sujith...he's the newest blogger in the blogosphere...Check him out!