Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I do stupid things...People who know me are well aware of my stupid antics...wearing things inside out, wearing mismatched shoes..these are just a few of the stupid things that I do.  Recently, I topped myself...and did the stupidist thing ever!!!

On my first day at work, I had to make long ins, passwords, and security questions to a few zillion websites that I use at work on a daily basis.  Only now, do I use all of them...I basically had to learn one site at a time.  So a few days ago, I was asked to sign  on to a particular site.  It kept rejecting my password and forced me to answer some security questions.  The first question that popped up was ridiculous..."What was the name of the street you lived on in 3rd grade?"

Uh, who the heck knows?!?  I basically moved every year as a kid...and although I have a great memory for useless information...that is not something I remember.  So I vehemently told myself and all my colleagues that I did not set up these questions!!  They told me to call the customer service for assistance...and I did.  Of course, they ask me to answer the security questions so they can reset my password.  But, I tell them that is impossible because I never set up the questions and I don't know the answers. 

I got frustrated and hung up with these people/called them back/hung up/called them back...FOUR TIMES!!  On the fourth try...the customer service lady had a little mercy on me.  She said there were three questions...and said she'd ask me another one.  I told her it didn't matter because I didn't set the questions up.  It was obviously a conspiracy!!  So, she said..."let's just try it"..."If you can answer two of the three...I can reset you."  I sighed DEEPLY.  And then she asked, "What's the name of your first pet?" 

"Mousse?"  and she said yes.  I wondered how that could possibly be right when I never set up the questions...the conspiracy plot thickened!  And then she asked me the final question, "What's your childhood nickname?"  "Sue?"  She said...no, it's not Sue...but it certainly ISN'T something I'd want to be called.

My eyes widened...in sheer and utter horror and humiliation.  Could it be??  Noooo...please God...NOOOO!  "FATTY?!?!?!?!" 

Needless to say, I have a new password.  Not only did I look like a fool for telling everyone that I did not set up my security questions...but, I set one up with the most embarrassing nickname!!  ANDDDD...the biggest big mouth who sits next to me heard the entire conversation and made sure to tell the rest of my team!!

I'm mad at myself for thinking a security question would only be seen by me...and I'm mad at my siblings for making up such a horrifying nickname, and I'm mad at me for answering them when they called me that...and I'm mad that I always seem to get myself into the most ridiculous situations!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just got back from watching "the Help"...it's one of those rare movies that people actually feel the need to clap at the end.  Now I definitely want to read the book to see how much better it is!  As I was trying to find a seat in the theater, some lady stopped me and asked me if my name was Mariamma.  When I said no, she said I looked like someone she used to work with.  So, what that told me is that I apparently look 50 years old or older...because God knows no one in their 30's is named Mariamma. That's what I get for leaving the house with my hair in a bun looking like a scrub. 
I realized I have no consistent "look."  I'm part tom-boy and part girly-girl.  I love fixing my hair, wearing make-up, and accessorizing when I deem it necessary. But, I also love wearing boys basketball shorts with one of my worn, old, favorite t-shirts.  I tend to lean toward my tom-boy side more regularly...but, I think that needs to stop.  It's not doing me any favors. 

Anyhoo...good luck to all the students out there in the blogosphere who are starting school tomorrow!  Just remember..."you is kind...you is smart...and you is important!!!"  Words to live by! =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The summer is officially O-ver.  My niece and nephew were here for two months and their departure always marks the end of summer for me.  Unfotunately, that doesn't end the heat wave...but I guess I'll take 110 degrees over blizzards and ice.  The weeks are a blur these days now that i'm a working woman again.  I'm pretty much busy from the time I sit down at my desk until it's quitting time.  And oddly enough, I love it!  I usually have this 1-3 month period of time when I start a new job where I'm quiet and sort of feeling things out and figuring people out.  That period is officially over and I've unleashed the "true" Sue. 

I have never worked anywhere that co-workers have called me Sue.  To me, allowing someone to call me that name indicates some kind of relationship or closeness.  At school and work, I've always been Susan...no matter how much I dislike that name.  (sorry to all you Susans out there in the blogosphere)
My nickname has always been reserved to family and friends.

It's caused quite a bit of confusion in the past...But, in a way it's like my two identities...my "professional" one and my "personal" one....although I am who I am pretty much everywhere I am.  (Whoa...did that make sense?)  Anyway...all this to say...they call me Sue at my new job.  And it's really strange.  It's been over a month and I'm still not used to it.  Oddly enough, sometimes I don't even respond because I mentally expect to be called Susan!  That's probably the craziest part!  I have so many nicknames...Poo, Q, Suey, SueVee, Sushi, etc...and I respond to all of them.  But, I can't train my brain to accept being called Sue at work!! 

The other day we were talking about people in high school who now go by different names on facebook...and how strange it is to call someone something you've never called them before.  I could totally relate to that conversation because a lot of people from high school contact me on FB and call me Sue... and it just seems unnatural and strange!  One of these days...I'll get a handle on what my name is!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday to my favorite munchkin!!  We got to hang out while she was in Okc for six weeks and had a great time...We all got so attached to her spunky spirit and funny ways! 
 Maddicakes, I hope you enjoy your 3rd birthday!  You're growing up so fast!  I am so proud of you and all the things you have accomplished in just three short years!  I love you SO much!...Love, Sueny...oh, and Matt Uncle, Missa Chechi, Andrew Chacha, Mookey...and Jerome! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a person who enjoys lists...grocery lists, task lists, meals for the week lists, books to read lists...  So, recently I decided to create a bucket list.  It's not very long...and not filled with impossible goals.  I started talking to a friend who said she also created a bucket list...and was about to do one of the items on her list.  She gave me a nudge to do one of my items...and maybe do it together. 
Well, she's doing it next week...and I'm still trying to work the courage up to do mine.  We agreed to knock off our bucket list together...as much as possible...and then she gave me the ok to blog about it.  I thought it would be fun for the blogosphere to be a part of our misadventures.

But now, the problem is....me!!  I have to gain the "chutzpah" to actually do the first thing!  See...I don't even have the chutzpah to tell you guys what it is!!  If I do it, it's probably the 1st decision I've made for myself...irregardless of other people's advice or opinions.  Yep, my first big girl decision!  So leave me some encouragement in the comment box below!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

New pictures are up on my other site!  Check out the latest princess party I have been working on! 
In other news...about a year ago...my friend Sheryl's little boy, Elijah learned how to say the word "kundi"...which means butt in Malayalam.  Since it was a new word...and it sounds funny...he really enjoyed saying it.   Repeatedly.  His grandma didn't approve.  Afterall, it's like letting your kid walk around saying "ass"  all day.  Not appropriate.  So, she asked Elijah why he was saying the word...and more importantly, who taught him to say it.  To which he replied, "Sue Aunty."  Now when Sheryl told me this...I wasn't too surprised. Afterall, the child is hers.  And making up fictitious stories to get me in trouble obviously runs in his blood!

But today BF told me a story...apparently my little munchkin, Madison was asking for me.  She misses all her OKC friends and family after spending 6 weeks with us.  But, she also was asking for "Jerome."  Her mom asked her who Jerome was and who told her about him...and she said, "Sueny!" 

I think these kids are all conspiring against me...

Sunday, August 07, 2011

So in case you were wondering about my weigh in Wednesdays...err, what happens is...I gain the five pounds that I lose every weekend and lose it over the week...gain it over the weekend.  So things aren't going too well.  But, I'm still trying.  In fact, I spent the evening making health lunches for the week.  But then again, the weekdays aren't really the problem. =/

Anyway, it's been an exhausting weekend...After setting up a princess party, fighting the crowds at the outlets, moving into the new building for work, and making lunches for the week...I'm truly out for the count.  I hear my pillow whispering my name, but found a request on facebook asking for a new blog post.  And I just couldn't let him down. 

So OKC just built a new outlet mall...which is pretty much where everyone in the entire city was this weekend!  Parking was brutal...and the lines were even worse.  The only store I really wanted to go to was the Coach outlet...but there was a line just to get in the store!  It was a 112 degrees out on Saturday, so I wasn't about to stand out there and fry for a new purse that I probably don't really need!!  It's interesting because when I talk to Sunu in Kuwait...she tells me how the news in Kuwait is always about how bad the economy is and will become in the U.S...I also talked to a friend in London today, and he said the same thing!  But the way people shop...you would never know that here!!  Supposedly we should be saving and preparing ourselves for complete disaster...but instead, people are standing in line for 45 minutes in 112 degrees to buy a Coach purse.  What up with that?!?

Well folks, that's about it for my adventures this weekend...stay tuned to see how the week pans out!  Will keep you posted...right now, I'm giving in to the call of my precious pillow!