Sunday, June 30, 2013

A New Start

For years now, my CCL (cray-cray cousin Lisa for those of you just joining me) has been urging/pleading/insisting that I pull the plug on this blog and start anew.  And finally, I had to breakdown and agree with her...well, partially.  It's impossible for me to pull the plug on SueVee blog.  There's a lot of history here...funny history at that!  But, I have to admit that my life is totally different now than it was when I first began this blog.  I can't write about the same things...I have a different lifestyle, different interests, and well, different things on my mind.  So, instead of reading about the antics of a 20 something single trying to find the right job and right'll be reading about the antics of a married 30 something who loves crafting/cooking/writing.  Hope you'll come back and join me to see what's happening in a day in the life of SueVee!