Monday, February 23, 2009

I think every Indian who tuned in to the Oscars felt some pride last night. When they announced "Slumdog Millionaire" won best movie, I stood and cheered as if I had written the screenplay myself!! I was especially excited to see the kids from the movie there last night....looking adorable and dressed to the nines!
I can't even imagine how excited they were to be there....One day, they were playing around in the slums of Mumbai and the next...they were at the Oscars! Just goes to show that you never know where the road to life will to take you.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Friendship, Love, and Loyalty?

The topic of today’s discussion is “loyalty.” It’s something that’s been on my brain this weekend, and I’m kind of curious how the rest of the blogosphere feels about the subject. The question is how much loyalty can you expect from your friends and love ones before you cross the line?

I have one friend who has spoiled me by her fierce loyalty. It’s the one trait in her that sets her apart from everyone else…and the one that I appreciate beyond measure. When someone has hurt me or offended me, she too takes it personally. In her mind, it doesn’t matter that the person never did anything to her…she takes offense to her friend’s offense.

There have been several million times, when I have witnessed closed friends cozy up to, exchange niceties, and befriend someone who has hurt me…and it merely re-opens the wound and pours acid in it . I try my best not to let it bother me, but for some reason, it gets the best of me every single time.

Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself if I would be the same way? Would I be overtly mean to someone who never wronged me, but wronged someone I care about? I think back to certain cases…I have definitely followed through on my instinct to be loyal…but sometimes I haven’t…I couldn’t bring myself to give the cold shoulder to someone who I didn’t feel really did anything “wrong” in the tiff with my friend. Which brings me back to the question…. how much loyalty can you expect from your friends and love ones before you cross the line?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 random facts about me...

1. I hate can cake frosting…which is why I learned to make my own and will now never go back to the can!
2. I can’t watch movies that depict cruelty or violence against another human…(like the Pianist – I spent most of that movie sitting in another room)
3. I’m very competitive and at times, a very bad sport...I don't play often, but when I do, I play to win.
4. I am at my best when I’m planning/organizing an event.
5. I never forget a name or a face.
6. I rather feel cold than hot
7. I think doing crafts is therapeutic
8. I never carry cash, so don't bother mugging me.
9. I believe in ghosts...and have had a few ghostly interactions...believe it or not
10. Some people are scared of snakes or rats, I’m scared of prison. I can’t drive past one with out getting the shivers.
11. I have a secret singing voice that is really good, but no one’s heard it.
12. I am a recovering coca cola addict.
13. I have extra bones in both of my feet.
14. I find black head extraction fascinating
15. I have been working on thinking of 25 facts for the past 4 hours and still have 10 more to go!
16. I’m too scared to watch the show “unsolved mysteries” alone.
17. As hard as I try, I can never keep my car clean...and to be honest, I don't try all that hard either
18. I can’t drive at night with out my glasses…and sometimes I can’t even drive with my glasses! 19. My pet peeve is when people don't say they're sorry.
20. I was once interviewed for a PBS show….that I’m quite certain that no one watched…cuz even I didn’t.
21. When I have to speak in public, my lip quivers like Elvis.
22. I am pretty good at understanding conversational Spanish, but not speaking it.
23. I talk to my cousins every day....they are very amusing.
24. I love eye shadow (even though I don’t wear it very often anymore)
25. I would love to be an entrepreneur

Monday, February 02, 2009

For the Love of God....

In the month of February, love of is pretty much in our face at every turn. Whether it’s the sappy commercials for diamonds on television or the glittery hearts dangling from the ceiling of supermarkets…we are constantly reminded of the love we either do or do not possess in our lives. Although some don’t like to admit it, most humans spend a lot of their time seeking love. We yearn for functional love from our often dysfunctional families, brotherly love from our friends and peers, and romantic love from that special someone. Romantic love can sometimes be the most dangerous. We place all our expectations on another to “complete” us, which is not only impossible, but an irrational idea.

Once we find the love that we’ve sought long and hard for, we tend to do whatever it takes to keep it. We bend over backwards, make sacrifices, and sometimes put up with nonsense, although we know in the back of our minds that one mistake, one misunderstanding, one tragic circumstance could end our relationship.

And then there’s the unconditional, eternal love that most of us have grown up hearing and knowing about….the love of God. I can’t remember how many times I’ve recited John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…” And although, most of us have knowledge of this love, we don’t seek it, we don’t understand it, and we don’t accept it.

I’ve seen God change the lives of several people who decided to take a chance and accept His love for them….He turned their lives from dull and lackluster to brilliant and promising…He made impossible situations possible…He replaced hearts filled with doubt and fear into hearts filled with peace and joy…and best of all, He saved their souls and offered eternal life.

As I reflected upon all of this over the weekend, I realized that I am definitely one of those people who knows of God’s love, but I don’t understand the depth of it….and then I heard this song. I typed the lyrics below for all of you…in hopes that it would minister to you as it has to me…in hopes that it would encourage you to open your heart and accept the free gift of love that God has given to you and experience the depth of it…It’s the one love that lasts forever…that knows no limits….the one love worth having.

Oh Lord You’ve searched me,
You know my way;
Even when I fail You,
I know You love me.
Your holy presenceSurrounding me
In every season,
I know You love me;
I know You love me.

Chorus: At the cross I bow my knee,
Where Your blood was shed for me,
There’s no greater love than this.
You have overcome the grave,
Your glory fills the highest place,
What can separate me now?

Verse 2:
You go before me,
You shield my way,
Your hand upholds me;
I know You love me.
And when the earth fades,
Falls from my eyes,
And You stand before me,
I know You love me;
I know You love me.