Sunday, July 31, 2011


Merly's going away/ 2nd anniversary party....Merly, Shines, and the creeper behind them.
cutting the cake...
The us.
 Me & NC...on her birthday.  This is typically what happens...I say something to crack her up just before the camera clicks. I'm composed...she's cracking up.
 2nd try...
 Me and my BF's...haven't taken a picture like this (that turned out decently) in soooo long!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So, I'm back from a fun night out with the girls (and no, I did not receive any senior citizen discounts.  Thank you very much!) and I'm feeling a little blue.  It seems like it's been decades since the three of us have spent some QT (quality time) together.  Back in the day...we made time every day for a little QT.  I drove my little red Mitsubishi Eclipse, NC drove her white Grand Prix, and Sonia drove her black Firebird with a T-top.  We often got bored with our own vehicles, so we'd meet in a centralized location (usually Taco Bueno!) and swap cars before driving to each others houses. My car of choice was always Sonia's Firebird.  Those were definitely the good old days...

It boggles my mind how much of the past they have forgotten...Apparently, that's what having kids does to you.  However, luckily they have me...and I have the greatest memory when it comes to useless information!  We reminisced about the crazy antics of the much our lives have changed in the present...and our hopes for the future.  There is nothing like being with your old friends...people who understand you with no explanations necessary...people who've seen you grow and change and have accepted and encouraged you along the way.  Sonia claims to be able to read my facial expressions and know what I'm thinking...I will never admit it to her, but she's right every time.  I love that they both know me so well.

I wish every day could be a "Da32C" (and no that's not a bra size!) day...but we've grown up.  Our focus has shifted to our families and our responsibilities.  But it's nice to know that when we do have that rare opportunity to put it all aside and get together...our friendship has not changed a bit.  We're still those three girls who love to laugh, gossip, have deep conversations...and love each other just as much as we did back in the good ol' days!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest & bestest friends, NC.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the "three of us."  And no, I wasn't wearing a neck was a turtleneck!  Anyway, we're all going out to celebrate her birthday today...I feel like it's been since the late 90's since we've actually done that!  Through thick and thin...the good, the bad, and the ugly...we've maintained our friendship.  I've known NC since she was a bratty five year old...and my how she's changed!  She's a great friend, wife, mother, and teacher now...and I couldn't be more proud of who she has become!  Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in Review...

It was another hectic weekend....My dear friend Merly is leaving me...and moving to Utah for a year for an internship.  When she returns, she will be Dr. Merly Mathew, which means this whole year...although it sucks...will be totally worth it.  So on one hand, i'm elated for her...and on the other hand I'm going to miss her so much!!  She's the one person I know who loves deep conversations as much as I do!  This weekend we had a few going away parties for her.  A few of her friends hosted a usually, house parties are not my thing. I knew there'd be a few people there that I didn't know, and I was kinda feeling iffy.  But, I knew Merly would be SO upset with me if I didn't go...and I reminded myself of the Benji pact.  Lately, I've been grading myself at social functions.  I haven't made better than a C...and on occasions have completely bombed with an F.  I know Benj wouldn't be too proud of I was intent on stepping it up this time.  Andddd...I DID!  I even gave myself an A...I actually introduced myself to someone and tried my best to atleast say Hello to everyone.  Way to go me!  And, Merly was happy to see me I'm glad I just grinned and beared it. 

I promised Merly I would write more in my blog while she's gone, since she's one of my 2 faithful readers (Thank you, Jerin...faithful reader #1).  So, I vow to do my best with that...but no promises.  I know she'll be too busy this week to check the blog.  So, I decided to share a story that I know will make her chuckle when she's sitting in Utah, bored outta her brain...

Over the years many people have overestimated my age.  People have asked me if I was Shines' mother, Derrick's mother, Sheryl's mother, Sunu's mother...even Sunu's mom's mother!!!!!!!!!  But last week...took. the. cake!!!!!!!  Sonia and I met up for one of our old favorite lunch spots...Furrs Cafeteria.  Yes, I'm very well aware that mostly elderly people frequent cafeterias, so I was totally setting myself up for this one...However, I was still pretty astonished when I looked down at my receipt and saw they gave me the SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT!!!  So now, apparently I no longer look like someone's mother...I look like their grandmother!  Ain't life grand?!?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend in Review

I had forgotten how quickly weekends fly by.  But now that I'm working they are oh-so-precious to me once again.  I love weekends that are jam packed with things to do...but lazy, uneventful ones are nice too!  This one was far from lazy and uneventful.  I  spent the day Saturday taking my niece dress shopping.  She's not really a dress I knew this would be a challenge.  To top it off, my mom was coming with us!  My mom is infamous for picking the most grotesque thing on the rack and showing it to us as if it's the most Uh-mazing thing she's ever seen!

Now, I've done a lot of dress shopping in my time...both for myself and my younger cousins.  I am pretty confident in my selections.  I don't think I'm quite as challenged as my mom.  But my niece makes me question my own taste.  We're not really in sync with our clothing styles...and she gives me the same "are you crazy look" that I give my mom.  But, I quickly learned that I have to be patient, and she has to like the dress or she won't wear it, and it's impossible to understand a teenage girl's taste in fashion. 

Luckily...after trying lots of dresses...and going back and forth about whether dresses were age appropriate, showing too much leg, and needed a little shrug...we found a really cute dress.  And then we got to go to my favorite accessory store...Forever 21...and I got to assist her in picking out the right bling...(which is an area that I'm quite confident in!)

Later that evening I got to spend some QT with Marissa and Andrew and we went to dinner at BJ's for one of their deliciously devilish Pazookies.  They told me all about their school, teachers, and friends...and then I told them how high school was back in my day.  I think that left them a little mortified.  =/

Today we visited my buddy, Sherika Jenkins James's (aka Sheryl) church because her baby boy, Ezra was being dedicated...and later we celebrated his first birthday!  I can't believe Ez is already ONE!  It breaks my back to hold this little linebacker...but I love doing it anyway!  He's the only kid...and well, human...on earth who appreciates my singing.  Happy Birthday, Ez!

Monday, July 11, 2011

When I first started this blog six years ago, it was more like my "on-line diary."  I kept it real and revealed the good...the bad...the ugly...and the my life.  I think that's why people stay tuned.  My honesty was interesting, I suppose.  Lately, I find that I blog less because I don't want to keep it real anymore.  It's harder to talk about the good, bad, and the ugly...and very little has been funny.  It's been hard for me to talk about "things" to people that I'm close too in real how could I possibly post my thoughts on the world wide web for the whole blogosphere to read??

But, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my cousin's death made me re-think my made me realize that I was shutting people out and his testimony made me realize that we all have a story to share.  Sometimes just sharing our story can make someone else feel encouraged or not so alone in their problems or just simply make them stop and re-evaluate.  I love to write...I love stories...real life ones I...of all people...should know the importance of my story.  So I'm going to share it today...

A little over a year ago, I lost my job...Five days later, I got test results back from the doctor that didn't look too good.  Although I felt fine, I was sick.  I was prescribed medicine...and had to get tested every few months to see if I was getting better or getting worse.  The side effect of the medicine was pain...and I felt it every single day...some days more intense than others.  This combined with the fact that I was jobless took its' toll on me.  It was the first time since I was sixteen years old that I had not been working.  It was a total blow to my ego...I was applying for jobs that I was qualified for and that I was over qualified for...and nothing opened up.  I threw myself into "I Do Events"...and thankfully it kept me busy enough to keep me sane and provided me with the extra money I needed to stay afloat.  In fact, the whole time that I didn't have a full time job...I never had to borrow a cent and not one bill was ever paid late. I had an event of some kind every month...and sometimes two. But still, I avoided people...because I didn't want anyone to ask me how I was doing. That simple question..."how are you?"...would make me cringe.

As I mentioned, Benji was one of those people I avoided.  He knew what was going on with me...but I knew he was worried about me, and I didn't want to talk about my problems and make him worry more...especially when things seemed to be going so great for him.  I felt like I was a kill-joy...and I just didn't want to drag anyone down by telling them what was going on with me.  I felt like God had stripped me of my power...(as if I had any to begin with).  I've got to be honest and admit that I'm a control freak...I guess that's why I love planning weddings...I love knowing that if I'm organized and detailed, I have the ability of producing an amazing event.  The outcome is in my control.  But nothing about my life was in my control.  I wasn't mad at God...I knew he was teaching me a lesson.  I did question him though...why now?  why at the same time?  why wasn't I getting jobs that I knew I was qualified for?  But, I knew ultimately it was out of my control and in His hands...and I had to wait. And if you know know I HATE waiting....I can't even endure Oklahoma City traffic, which basically shouldn't even be considered traffic...I instantly begin wishing my car could go into fly mode.

The week after I returned home from Chicago...from burying my cousin...I got a call from my test results (after a year) were clear...five days later, I got a job.  (Yep, exactly in reverse...a year prior, I lost my job, and five days later, I got the bad test result.)  Coincidence?  Maybe...but, I don't think so.  I know it was all God's plan...for me to have time to get well, and then get a job once I was better.  A part of me even thinks that Benji went up to Heaven and pulled some strings for me...He didn't want to see me sad anymore. 

It taught me a valuable lesson....Life isn't always fair...or happy.  It doesn't always make sense.  There are good times...there are bad times... Times when tears are endless and times when laughter is hard to control.  And in all those times...God is always God...He is always in control...we have no choice but to trust in Him...relent the power we think we have, and let Him take over.  I heard this song at church one Sunday...and it brought me to tears.  I've lived this song...I hope it blesses you as it does me...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July...From America's little sweetheart!