Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warning: Too much cuteness to handle in this post.
The many faces of Miss Maddicakes Two of my favorite cuties together...Tessa and Maddi

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plugged In...

I've been cell phone-less since Monday afternoon. I couldn't find my charger anywhere. I was at this point where I didn't really want to buy a new charger because I knew that as soon as I old one would pop up. So, I decided to give it a day or two to resurface. Most people have one set location where they plug their charger in and that's exactly where they charge it...every day/night. Not sure why...but this is a daunting task for me. I can't seem to muster up enough strength at the end of the night to plug my phone in and go to bed. Therefore, my phone is either dying or dead half of the I typically talk while charging. I find myself moving my charger around all day...I take it to work to charge, to my mom's, plug it in the living room, sometimes my bedroom, and finally...the kitchen....which is exactly where Matt found it last night.

For two and a half days I've been sorta disconnected....I've missed texts and calls...I've had people calling Matt's phone looking for me...people sending me heated emails asking why i'm not responding to texts. It's nice to know I'm needed and somewhat missed. ;) I think the hardest part has been my drive home. I fall asleep in the car...even if I'm I typically call someone (usually ccl) while I'm driving home...(I know, I know...Oprah says not to talk and text while driving) It's been so hard to stay awake! I've had to turn up the my windows and let the freezing cold air in, and/or bring something in the car to drink or munch on to keep me awake!!

Thank God my charger is back...It makes me wonder how I ever survived before I a phone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I've been looking at old high school pictures tonight...the good ol' days when hair was big, problems were trivial, the sky was the limit, and mix tapes were the ultimate expresson of love. It seems like a lifetime ago and just yesterday all at the same time!

When I think of my high school friends, I still imagine these young faces...and silly laughs. Through Facebook and MySpace, I've been able to see how most of them have grown and changed and now have kids of their own...but it will always be these faces that come to mind when I hear their names or think about them.

It's always shocking to hear the news of someone's death, but when it's someone YOUR age that you grew up makes you stop and realize how fragile life really is. Robin is the girl pictured in the middle of the above collage. I chose this picture because that's the way I remember her...fluffy, blonde hair, happy, youthful, laid back. I've exchanged a few emails with her over the years...and it seemed to me that she didn't change much. She was really happy with life and her children. She was 8 months pregnant with her sixth child...and died of a pulmonary embolism. Unforunately I don't know all the details of her sudden death. But, do know that her baby boy, Cooper survived..and is now in the NICU. Please keep her family in your prayers as they try to deal with this sudden and unexpected loss....especially baby Cooper as he fights for his life with out his mother.
The weekend went by in a blur. And now, I'm having a bit of trouble falling I turned on my current favorite song, "Gravity" by Sarah Bareillis and thought I'd write a quick post before I force myself to go to sleep. (I know I'll be paying for this in the morning!) The weekend was a lovely one. BF came home on Friday and brought lil' maddicakes with her. I pretty much hung out with them all weekend and look forward to a few more days with them before they head back to sunny, Florida. Madison's grown leaps and bounds! She does the funniest little things and gives the sweetest hugs. Ugh...parting is definitely going to be such sweet sorrow. =/
No 55 words of fiction today...I have a special anonymous guest writer who promised that he'd be posting this week's 55. I think I might be closer to solving the mystery of who this anonymous poster is. (thanks to a few of his hints)
I leave you with a picture of Moussey on Valentine's Day. She's a very festive girl...she loves when I get her holiday scarves! For those of you wondering...she's mellowed out a lot with age. Nowadays...her favorite things to do are sleep, snuggle, and eat...although she does love running outside and playing as well. Her old nicknames like...Moussolini and Moussipher no longer fit her personality. These days...she's just as sweet as chocolate! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Eve dinner at the "fancy pants" restarant was really nice. I wanted to take more pictures at the hotel, but apparently security didn't want us to since we weren't staying there. Minor technacality..sheesh! But never fear...I did have a chance to take a few. Here are a few of my favorites...
The MathewsDelish carrot cake...
Me and Matt...since we didn't get a chance to take pics at the hotel...we had to settle fo the CRV....equally gorgeous photo op spot. ;) In other news, I went a little accessory-crazy this weekend. I couldn't help it...I found cute stuff for great prices! I thought I'd share my finds...

Silver Necklace, Forever 21, 4 bucks and change
Earrings, Forever 21, 3 bucks and changeI think purple might be my new favorite color.
This beaded necklace? $1 Jewlery Galore...for a DOLLAR!
a ring to match $2
Last but not least...55 words of fiction:
I'm fully aware that there is an office policy against dating the boss. But, I would gladly give up
my position as Mark's assistant to take on the new role as his significant other. He wasn't much older than me, the owner of an up and coming ad agency, well built, and extremely good looking.

Friday, February 12, 2010

TGIF! It's been a busy work week! I'm especially looking forward to this weekend since it's a 3 day! God bless President's Day! It's Valentine's weekend...and I'm curious as to what (few) readers (I have left) are doing this to celebrate?

I celebrated a little early and made Matt chocolate covered strawberries last night since he's a chocolate fiend. Unlike me, he's not into cards and all that I thought I'd do something I knew he'd really enjoy and appreciate.

Tonight...I'm going to see "Valentine's Day" with Furball. I'm thinking the theater will be packed since it's opening night.

Tomorrow...we are going on a double date with the Mathews. They arranged an awesome dinner for us at the finest hotel in the city....I will be sure to take lots of pictures!

Valentine's Day will be spent at church, my first bible study with the new church later in the afternoon, and plans for the evening. Probably just a little maxin' and relaxin'...and enjoying the fact that I have NO WORK Monday!

PS. If you're reading this, Terry....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

55 words of fiction courtesy of anonymous...

I was crazy busy this week and didn't have time to squeeze in my 55 words of fiction. So a big thank you to anonymous who took care of it for me:

Of course I could have stayed in again on a Saturday night and watched re-runs of Project Runway, or even better .. Anthony Bourdain! So maybe going to the party wasn't a bad idea after all. Maybe Mark was interested in me in some way other than the assistant tasked with every menial job possible.

Monday, February 01, 2010

55 words of fiction...

I went to the work party at Mark’s against my better judgment. I was never very good at making small talk or socializing with co-workers outside of work. For some reason, it just felt unnatural to me to see them in casual clothes, talking about non-work-related topics, and sipping alcoholic beverages. I shouldn’t have gone.