Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Friday!!!!!!! What are you gonna do? Not a dern thing!

Encouraging word:
The LORD has already told you what is good, and this is what he requires: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8 NLT

It's Friday...Boy has it been a helluva week. I'm so glad it's over. I think I passed the challenge at work with flying colors though. I've heard positive feedback about how I handled the that's a good thing. Perhaps, I actually do have the ability to rise to the challenge. Maybe I'm more capable than I tend to assume. So, I guess fast pace atmospheres are my thing. ;) And to explain my last post...I meant WORKING in fast pace atmospheres freaked me out. Enjoying myself in them is a completely different thing...Thus, my undying love for NYC. ;)

Plans for the weekend. I did 50% of my cleaning last, that just leaves the rest of the 50% this weekend. My favorite galpal from highschool is taking me out for early birthday festivities since she's going to be husband and kidless this weekend. I'm really looking forward to that. We don't get to hang out freely very often, so this is a rare and unusual treat! Other than that, I've got to find some foam crowns for some kiddies tomorrow. I decided to teach the story of Esther...reinforce the idea that they are God's princesses...blah blah. I have no idea what I'm doing...I just figure girls will like crowns and pink and how can this idea go wrong?

I got Miss Mousse a hot pink bandana to wear around her neck. I took some fabulous pics of her looking all dolled up, but my friggin card reader seems to be missing in action. I'll hunt for it and post it ASAP. I've always had this crazy dream for my consisted of a owning a labrador retriever w/ a bandana, a SUV, and having a husband and 4 kids. That dream has changed consideribly over the years...but I figure I'm not doing too bad...I have the dog and the SUV...just a husband and kids to go!...But these days...there's only one kid in that dream...I figure my one plus my nephews and niece equals FOUR!...close enough!

Well, that's all for me to ramble about today....Have a wonderful weekend all...wish me luck with my teaching gig tomorrow. =/

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What's Happenin' Now...

Encouraging Word:
He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern. Matthew 6:33

A Mousse update: After spending LOTS of money on testing, the vet announced that all tests came out negative and there's absolutely nothing wrong with Moussipher. I'm not sure what was going on with her...but she seems to be doing a lot better. She isn't eating AS much as normal, but she's eating and not barfing, so that's a good thing. So, although it cost me an arm, leg, AND a kidney, it's well worth it to have a healthy and occasionally happy puppy. ;)

I'm pretty sure the maternal unit will be arriving next week. Just like her to have an open ticket and then decide to return on my birthday to sabotage any plans I might have had for fun and debauchery. *sigh* Not that I had plans for debauchery...but I did have plans for a road trip to my hometown, Chicago... =( Goodbye, Chicago. Anyway, I have let things slip around the house, so this weekend will definitely be catch up time.

I woke up at 7:40 this morning, which is funny since I typically leave for work at 7:30. Let's just say I don't exactly look my best today. I've been on the go ever since I got to work. We're short-handed, and I'm finding that I'm not really used to all this hustle and bustle. I'm not so sure I like fast-paced environments.

I've been suckered into teaching 6-9 year olds for a one-day ladies retreat. This would be the very same retreat I was NOT planning to attend since I have house work to catch up on. But, we all know that I have an inability to say no. So, when asked to teach either 6-9 year olds or 10-13 year olds...AND come up with my own curriculum...I quickly opted for 6-9 since they're younger and dumber...I figure we'll all be at the same level of biblical scholarship. =/ The good news is...crafts are allowed, so that's exactly what I planning on doing with these little girlies. Today, the hunt for the perfect activity commences...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pics from sunny Florida...

Cousin Blessy's engagement to Lester....Beautiful couple, don't you think?

The bangles I had a big head about...

Shines pimpin' next to Shep's car...

My BF...

Beena and Sonia...Ok,so I cut myself out...sue me!

me and BF

My weightloss motivation and me...

The Florida crew...

My nephew, Aaron and his buddy Jalen take on Shines and Mattie on the basketball court

My B-I-L, Shep and Mattie

My favorite girls in Florida and Me. ;)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday's News...

It's been a trying day...after much consideration, I decided to switch vets. Miss Mousse is now having a blood test and xray done at the hospital in which she will be boarding for the next 3 days. She was terrified to be taken away from me, but she's a big girl, and I'm sure she'll make it through. Although, it's a completely heart-wrenching experience for me. =(

I have a new-found respect for Reemy...Scorpsy's best gal pal. She's off in the Carribeans studying vet med...after today's little visit...I can't understand how she does it. In my short visit...I saw one doc tell tearful owners that their dog had cancer and I saw a bleeding, torn up dog that needed triage. It was horrifying...So best of luck to Miss Reemy...she must have a heart of gold to help these fragile creatures.

I mentioned that i was going away for a few days, but I failed to mention where. I will be off to sunny,'s a quick trip, but any amount of time away from the home front is considered a vacation to me.

Meanwhile, something that usually doesn't last more than 2 weeks is moving on 2 months. ;) how cool is that?

Too much about me...

Encouraging word:
How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 36:7

1. WHICH FINGER IS YOUR FAVORITE? My ring finger...because I gush when considering the potential of having bling settle upon it someday. ;)

2. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CD ON THE SHELF? I never owned a lot of cd's...but I guess Paula Abdul...although I think some of her songs rocked

3. DO LOOKS MATTER? Personality matters more.

4. HOW DO YOU RELEASE ANGER? by writing scathing letters...I pity the fool that receives one.

5. WHERE IS YOUR SECOND HOME? first home is New

6. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? I had a stuffed dog named Casey with abnormally long legs.

7. WHAT CLASS IN SCHOOL DO YOU THINK IS TOTALLY USELESS? Geometry..what the hell is the point? I still don't get what a proof is.

8. WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A GUY/GIRL? Sense, Smarts, Spirituality, Humor

9. WHAT ARE YOU NICKNAMES? Poo, Poopaloo, Poopalee, Suey, Suevee, Suzie, Slim/Skinny, Chenganoor, Chengy, Spock, Squoo, and most recently...Jeff Aunty



12. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? I'm stressed about my sick pup.

13. FAVORITE MONTH? September...I love fall!

14. ARE YOU TOO SHY TO ASK SOMEONE OUT? Hell, yes. I'm too shy to ask someone their name.

15. RELATIONSHIPS OR ONE NIGHT STANDS? I'm all for marriage.


17. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP? I wish I didn't have to go to work today

18. SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU....Scorpsy? She never bores me...she keeps my virtual life very interesting. ;)

19. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PERFUMES? Romance...Ralph Lauren


21. NAME TWO THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION. Well, if I had the one I wanted...I'd get paid for doing the one thing I love to do.

22. FAV BRAND NAME? ann taylor

23. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Step it Up...2 times...craziness. The second time we were one of 3 of 5 people in the theater

24. What is your favorite TV show? I'm a junkie...I love them all

25. What did you have for breakfast? Oatmeal as usual

26. What is your middle name? Abraham. Don't ask.

27. What foods do you dislike? Pavaka

28. What is your favorite crisp flavor? huh? what's a crisp flavor?

29. What is your favorite CD at the moment? It's one burned by the Illustrious Finuji...

30. What kind of car do you drive? CRV

31. Favorite sandwich? all I can eat these days is Turkey

32. What characteristic do you despise? fakeness

33. Favorite item of clothing? black sweater, baby

34. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you
go? Ireland or Austalia

35. What color is your bathroom? Sea blue

37. Where would you retire to? NYC

38. Favorite time of the day? 4:45

39. What was your most memorable birthday? commenting on why

40. Where were you born? Chicago, Illinois

41. What fabric detergent do you use? Tide

42. Are you a morning person or a night person? Both...

43. Do you have any pets? Yes, and she's vewy vewy sick

44. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with friends and
family? not now but maybe later...

45. What did you want to be when you were little? Journalist

46. What do you hope your friends remember about you when you're dead?
that i made them laugh

47 What are you most afraid of? rats

48. Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon? at this point if i have a honeymoon...i'm happy...not picky about where

49. How do you eat an Oreo? dink it and milk and gobble when soggy

50. Favorite magazine? People

51. Favorite smell? cookies baking

52. Least favorite smell? dog crap

53. How many rings before you answer the phone? 2

54. Future child's name? Seth George & Eden Meredith

55. Glass is half empty or half full? empty

56. Favorite movie? my best friend's wedding

57. What's under your bed? dust

58. Favorite saying/quote: what the?!

59. What advice would you give a little kid? I wouldn't...they don't listen anyway

60. Your favorite Potato chips? Light Lays

63. What were your different jobs? Cashier at various drug stores in high school, car reposesser, loan processor, writer, and insurance company peon

64. Number and Location of Piercings? 2- ears

65. Ever been to Africa? Nope, not yet

66. Ever been toilet papering? Nope

67. Been in a car accident? a few fender bender's

68. Favorite day of the week? Friday

69. Favorite Resturant? Mimi's Cafe

70. Favorite flower? Cala's

71. Favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bueno

72. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? not picky...

73. Bedtime: usually a lil after 1 a.m.

74. Last person you went to dinner with? sunu and sheryl

75. How many tattoos do you have? 0

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Sick Dog, an Alien, and Cute Babies...

Encouraging word:
God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God. Romans 8:28 NLT

Mousse is terribly sick. Such perfect timing! Since I have to board her in two days. =( She's been throwing up profusely and this morning her eyes were swollen. It broke my heart to leave her outside today...especially since it was raining. Luckily, the patio is covered and her kennel is out there, so she can lay down in there. But, I will go check on her during lunch and take her to the vet later this afternoon. When your kid's sick, it's acceptable to take a day off to stay home with it. But when your dog's sick, people think you're overly sensitive.

I had plans of uploading recent pics to share on the blog today. Then realized that I had already erased the pics from Jason's gig from the camera. They are uploaded on my home computer, which is as slow as molasses. I will have to email them to myself, so I can upload them tomorrow from work. Sheesh, it's almost been two weeks since the gig, and I still haven't posted...I'm such a slacker.

Last weekend, Sunu picked me up in our friend Santhosh's Beamer. He moved to Jersey and left the car in OKC for a while. We didn't take it out for a joy ride for the past 3 weeks...but Santhosh called and insisted we drive the car since it's not so good for it to just sit around in a garage with out being started occasionally. So Sunu thought we'd take it out for a spin.

I saw her driving down my street like this....driving the car with her knee. She's such a trickster sometimes. When I got in, I felt something horribly wrong...we pulled over about a mile from my house and noticed the tire was FLIZZAT! To make matters worse the spare tire was torn. I called my handy dandy Triple A.

Sunu and I found ourselves staring at this sign for approximately 3.5 hours before someone finally showed up to tow us.

We were visited by this alien while we were waiting...I took a picture of it, so you all would believe me.

While I'm sharing pictures...I thought I'd share a few from my camera phone as well....

This is my niece, Marissa being silly....

Landon sleeping...

Landon hanging out with his dad....

And my computer's wall paper at work...can it get any cuter? It's a Landon and Micah collage. Hmmm...I miss the babies...I need to go see them...especially Micah. What with my recent bout with the blues...I haven't been able to have any QT with him. =(

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My first short story..."The Sacrifice"

Encouraging Word: Can anything ever separate us from Christ's love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity?.....I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Romans 8:35, 38 NLT

I remember staring down at my feet as I circled the flame. "Keep your eyes low," I reminded myself. My hand felt as if it was cuffed to the stranger who held it, as he guided me along. I could feel the bright red cloth that was wrapped around me tug, as the cloth that was tied from his body to mine, pulled me around the circle.
"Keep your eyes low," I told myself again. "You can't let anyone see your tears." I walked around the flame three more times as he chanted a vow for a fruitful union. Then, he stopped and lifted my hand to his forehead as a symbol of his acceptance of me as his wife. I still hesitated to look up and meet my new husband's eyes. Suddenly I felt the arms of my mother around me. I could hear her whispering in my ear. "I'm so proud of you, Rekha beti."

Her words took me back to my childhood. I felt as if I was ten years old again and had just performed in another dance recital, leaving my mother well pleased. As a child, I spent most of my summer days in the home of my dance instructor. My mother had insisted that I go to Mrs. Aswandar's house twice a week for two hours to learn the classical Indian dance, bharatanatyam. As I tried to balance myself gracefully on the edges of my feet and turn my wrists wistfully to the twang of the citar, I imagined myself diving into in the neighborhood pool with all of my friends surrounding me. As soon as Mrs. Aswandar excused me, I would run all the way home, peel off my clothing, which reeked of the scents of masala and cardamom, which lingered from Mrs. Aswandar's cooking, and throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "Now I'm back to being an American girl," I thought, as I tied back my long, black hair into a ponytail. Even at such a young age, I could feel the conflict between the two cultures wrestle inside of me. "Rekha, never forget that you are an Indian first," my mother would remind before my dance recitals, as she carefully placed the colorful bindi on the center of my forehead. Yet, being an "Indian first" was something that always seemed inconvenient in my mind. It meant trying to contort my body into impossible positions, waking up at dawn to sit before a scary looking statue that my mother vowed was a deity, and spending my Saturday evenings with my mom and dad, watching films, which required me to read subtitles in order to understand the plot.

As she hugged me, I wiped my cheek against her bright, royal blue and gold sari, and I could see the damp spot left by my tears. She looked at me as she pulled away, and said, "See Rekha, I told you this would be a happy day." I smiled weakly. Finally, I looked up at my new husband. I felt nothing. He was smiling proudly back at me, ushering me through the crowd of family and friends, introducing me to all as his wife. I felt as if I was out of my body, as if I was merely watching another Hindi film with my parents, where the heroine was sacrificing her happiness for that of her family's. But this was not a dream at all. This was my life.

I remembered the days when I had waited impatiently in our sitting room while Dadima studied my astronomy chart. "Grandmother! Please, I have to go, or I'll be late to meet my friends." "Your friends are more important than your future?" she hissed. I tried to explain to her that I was only sixteen and completely unconcerned with who I was going to marry and when. My life had more pressing matters to deal with, like what I would buy from the mall.. "You're a disobedient girl," my grandmother yelled after me. "You will never marry if you keep up this behavior!" I wondered if grandmother was watching me from Heaven now. My mother swore that Dadima's soul was not resting in a place like Heaven. She firmly believed that grandmother had led such a good life, she would probably return to earth in the form of a man the next time around. As I stared at my new husband, I wondered why being a man was such a privileged honor. Although there were so many times that I, myself, had longed to be born a man. My best friend, Anjali would always tell me tales of her older brother. "He gets all the freedom in the world," she whined. It was true. He was able to stay out late and do as he pleased, but his sisters were always to be home early under the careful eye of their parents. Anjali had gotten married two years prior. "Rekha, it's easier to accept your fate than fight it," she advised.

I looked at her now, among the crowd of people that danced around us at the reception, and wondered if she still believed that. She was not dancing, but sitting in a quiet corner with her baby napping on her lap. Her face was dark and sullen. I could not even catch a glimpse of happiness in her eyes. I scanned the crowd of guests to see if her husband had come. Finally I spotted him dancing with a beautiful, younger woman. He looked a bit drunk. Fear came over me, and I could barely breathe. Would this be the fate of my life also? Was this why I had remained obedient to my parents for all these years? Or was this my punishment for not fighting for my wants? I didn't fight because the pressure and the guilt were so strong. When my mother saw my disinterest in marriage, she pleaded with my favorite aunt to talk some sense into me. "Rekha beti, why are you waiting?" My aunt questioned. "Do you not see how much of a burden you are becoming to your mother?"
I wondered why everyone was now classifying me as a "burden." I had gone to school, made good grades, and graduated with honors. These were the things my parents wanted me to do. I had received a good job after college, and I was supporting myself. I didn't depend on them for anything, so how could I be a burden? I certainly didn't request any support from them. I knew that was something they could never give me. When I brought home A's, they asked me why I didn't make higher A's. When I won scholarships, they asked me why I didn't qualify for better scholarships. Nothing was ever good enough, so I found myself striving for more, with out any encouragement from them, only disapproval. Marriage was the one thing I had refused to do in order to please them. I was looking for love. I didn't want to settle for what was right for them this time. "Aunty, I want to find a man who I can actually love." My aunt laughed. "Silly girl!" she exclaimed. "Life is not like those wishy-washy films you watch with your parents. You will be lucky to find a man that will take care of you, and that you can tolerate. Love is not everything." Her words constantly replayed themselves in my mind. Even, as I sat beside my new husband, I could hear her say, "Love is not everything." Was that true?

One by one people began coming towards the stage, where we sat as king and queen of the evening, in order to congratulate us. "What a beautiful wife you have," his friends said, as they gave him a congratulatory slap on his shoulder. "See," my friends assured me. "He seems as if he will be good to you." With all the people around me, I didn't even notice the tall, blonde making his way through the crowd. Suddenly I saw people begin to make a way for the white stranger who was obviously lost or confused. I became panic stricken when I saw Michael, and my chest tightened as he came nearer. He had a look of sadness in his eyes. It was the same look I had seen the day I had broken up with him. I was so cold to him that day. "I can't be with you anymore," I said cruelly. "Love is not everything. I have obligations to my family. I am an Indian first." I know my mother would have been proud of me in that moment. I blindly regurgitated everything that she had instilled in my head from the time I was a child. "How could you say this?" he had asked sadly. "I'm to marry someone else, " I explained. "He will be suitable for me, and fulfill my parent's expectations." "Rekha," he pleaded. "This isn't you. Please think about you are saying. Forget me if you want, but don't marry someone out of obligation. Marry for love. It has been what you have been fighting for." I felt that odd feeling in the pit of my stomach again. I felt the two cultures wrestling inside of me. A part of me wanted to reach out to him and vow that I would never let anyone come between us. Yet, I listened to the other part that reminded me of my aunt and mother's words. I sat watching him, paralyzed with fear, as he introduced himself to my new husband. I fearfully wondered if Michael was telling him of our relationship, but instead, he told him that we were merely co-workers.

He turned to me with a warm smile. "I'm not here to cause a scene," he assured me. "I came here to wish you the best, " he said as he held my hand in his. "I just wanted to say goodbye." I saw the pain in his eyes, and it cut me like a knife. He slowly pulled his hands from mine, and turned away. I turned my head so I wouldn't have to watch him walk away, and as I did, I saw my mother. I saw the joy on her face and the pride in her eyes. "I'm so proud of you, Rekha beti," she mouthed. I turned once again to my new husband, and I knew deep down in my heart, I had done the right thing. I felt my bindi slipping from the center of my forehead because of the sweat beads, which had formed due to my nervousness. I adjusted it carefully, and said to myself, "You are an Indian first, Rekha."

The memories of my wedding day replay themselves often in my mind as colorful scenes from a hindi film. There are some choices an Indian woman must make. I had the choice to live for myself or live for the people who sacrificed everything for me. I decided that the least I could do was sacrifice a few of my own wants in order to finally make them happy. I wasn't the only one who made these sacrifices. My aunt, mother, and even Dadima before them had sacrificed their own desires in order to do the right thing. I guess it was just a part of being and Indian woman. Besides, my aunt was right. There was more to life than love. My husband took care of me, and I could tolerate him. I wasn't exactly happy, but I was content with the fact that my family was pleased, and that for once, they were completely satisfied. I sighed as I sat back in my chair happily and watched my own little girl dance in her recital. "I'm so proud of you, Sonia beti," I mouthed to her as she danced across the stage.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's not always an uphill battle...

Encouraging word:
This is real love. It is not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. 1 John 4:10 NLT

When you're walking up a hill, you know that there will be a downward slope soon...and things will be easier. But, you can't see the other side. All you see are the miles of uphill climb ahead...and you get discouraged...and that's just human nature.

Lately, I've been realizing that I get so worried about the climb that I never stop to think about the downward slope at all. It seems impossible to me that that part of the hill could be easy and stress free because I'm so wrapped up in my current condition.

Every difficult experience in my life thus far has been a lesson in faith. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I became a faithless person. But, God...who is always faithful...has never allowed me to stay in that faithless stuper. He has had the grace to show me time and time again that faith is an essential part of life because without it, there is no hope.

So, as I climb up this hill...I will focus my eyes on the only thing that I can see from where I stand...God's love and faithfulness. ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Miss Mousse is kennel bound...=(

I'm emotionally TORN. i have to board mousse this weekend...and several times throughout the next 4 months. This weekend will be the first time, I'm stressing about it already. I have two options...the cheap option and the expensive option. I've decided upon the expensive option because, the pictures of the actual kennel look a lot better than the cheap one's. But, I'm still sad..not to mention that it's totally going to break my bank. =(

If she was little, I'm sure more of my friends would be willing to take her on. But she's massive, and hasn't learned not to jump up on people no one's eager to sign up for this job. I just worry about how she'll react. She's scared of other dogs, and she is so used to being around us all the time. I know she'll be so sad to be alone...But, this is life, I s'pose...she'll just have to get used to it. =(

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sometimes water's just as thick as blood...

I've got the world's best friends...I think i've mentioned that on a few occasions. When I'm sad...they're sad...and intercede for me in prayer with out questioning what's going on or why. It's nice to know that you're cared about...and my crew does a great job of showing me that every day. This is Billz...trying to make me laugh. He sent this to me via text message...His mission was accomplished. PS...I swear, Monday morning I will post pics from Jason's gig. ;)

Life...According to the Oreo...

As a human, it's very frustrating to realize that you lack control over situations...that despite proper planning and preparing, life does not cooperate with me at times. But, I'm coming to grips with this more and more every day, and the Lord is teaching me to truly leave my worries and problems at his feet...because sometimes, that's truly all I have the ability and power to do. Otherwise, I'll just flail around like a fish out of water, trying to cling on to dear life with little hope.

That being's Friday...and due time for some mindless rambling from SueVee. I was listening to the radio today about how people eat oreos and what their technique says about them. Apparently, if you only eat the chocolate and not the cream, you enjoy pain. If you only eat the cream, and not the chocolate, you're a risk taker and business-minded. Unfortunately, they didn't talk about their theories on people who eat the entire cookie. Does this mean that it's not common for people to eat the whole cookie?? I don't know about you guys, but I'm not about to waste the sweet creamy middle or the crispy, chocolate outside. That would be ludicrous! Personally, I like to dink mine in a cold glass of milk, get one portion extra soggy, and then devour. So what does that say about me? In my search to discover the truth about myself revealed by an oreo, I googled "oreo personality test"...and voila...I discovered that another blogger had the same idea for mindless rambling....

So, apparently...since I'm what you call a "dunker,"...or a "dinker," if you ask me...I'm liked by all because I'm upbeat, but since dunking/dinking is messy business, I can be untidy at times.

I'm not sure about the whole "liked by all" bit...I'm sure there are some people out there who'd disagree...but the untidy part is right on the money! My car serves as evidence for anyone who doubts on that one.

So there you have it mindless ramble for the week...I couldn't leave you on a depressive note on a Friday. Have a wonderful weekend....and pray that I will be able to do the same!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Certifiably funktastic...

My co-worker just read my book and excitedly gave me her feedback. While she was talking, I remembered how much I loved writing the book. I remember writing parts every day and then reading them outloud to Sonia during our lunch hour. She'd always says "I need more...more."...and I would take that as my personal challenge to write more. Sometimes I feel like somebody tripped over the cord to my creativity, and it's simply been unplugged for so long. When I took my writing classes, I felt in tune with myself because I finally found the thing I could do. After my nightmarish years of college, drifting from major to major, it felt awesome to find classes that I could actually score A's in.

I'm in a certifiable funk right now. You'll have to excuse me for my introspective behavior...I'm sorry if my blog has been a yawn all week. I'm sure I'll get back to my light-hearted, nonsensical banter soon enough. Until then...please bear/bare with me...I'm having some technical difficulties. =/

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's on my mind...

Don't get too comfortable with life...This is the lesson that I've learned the past few days. Sometimes I coast through life and forget how fragile it really is. Here I stand in the center of my universe, with my family, friends, job, church etc surrounding me as a protective barrier protecting me from all things bad. And just as quickly as I sigh a breath of relief that life is truly good and things will work out...I begin to feel tremors...and I hear rumbling...and I know that the perfection I'm enjoying at this moment in time will definitely be affected. Before I know it...the ground beneath me is shaking so hard, that I begin to fall...and reach out for the barrier that should be protecting me...only to has long since crumbled around me.

This is how I truly feel sometimes...nothing in this world is permanent...not the moments of perfection, not my friends, not my family, not my job...etc. But when all else is lost, I know I can look up towards the heavens and there is someone who will reach down and pick me up from my crumbling universe. I thank God that even when I feel completely hopeless and helpless, I truly have hope and help in Him. When people run out of comforting words...there is a God whose prescence I feel. And no matter what falls or fails around me, I know that when things get shaky, I am in the palm of His hands.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Nee Evidea?

Nee Evidea? (Where are you?) This is the question I hear on a daily basis from the Maternal Unit...However, for the next few months, I will only hear it approximately once a week, muffled through static while she calls from the other side of the world. The MU left for India this afternoon with an open return ticket in hand. Sadly, she went for the funeral of my grandfather, who died Saturday morning. He was 87 years old, and had been confined to his bed for over four years due to a slight stroke. I had only seen him 3 times in my life...but my last visit with him had given me a lot of insight into him. And although, we were his grandkids who came to visit every ten years or so...he cared for us, and that I know beyond a doubt.

So, my mother is on her way to the mother land, and the song that's been playing in my head for the past 48 hours is..."Freedom reigns in this place"...I'm quite positive that the next few weeks, months...should be veryyyy fun. However, Mousse seems to be quite depressed...nothing that a hot dog won't fix though. ;)

Anyway, last night sheryl and i went to lawton, ok to watch jason's gig. he performs his songs in local's his way of ministry and outreach...i happen to think it's very cool. Last night's atmosphere was quite interesting...the place seemed to be filled with lesbians. of course, sheryl and i were busy people one point we wondered why no women were hitting on us...we looked at each other and simultaneously agreed that everyone must think we were a couple. =/ Anyway, Jason played...and introduced Sheryl and me as his wich the whole bar responded by saying "Hi Sue...Hi Sheryl"...Quite funny...

The band was awesome, but the smoke-filled bar was making my eyes we bounced out and headed back on our long trek home...Thankfully...we didn't get lost either way!!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Sweepy...vewy, vewy Sweepy...

Well, it's Friday...finally! But, I have zero energy to be jovial about it at the moment. I started the day off with another Lowfat Caramel Frap. I'm appalled at the fact that I've spent 12$ this week on coffee....when gas prices are this high, I can't help but think that could have been at least 3 trips to work and back. =/ What to do? I have to be awake to work to make money to buy...fraps? What a cycle of madness.

Anyway, fun stuff is up ahead this weekend...I'm actually excited to go to the gym on Saturday. My dumb gym is only open till 12 on Saturdays. I have no idea why their hours of operation is parrallel with my bank's...but whatever. FinZuji gave me her pass to her gym since she's on baby lock down for the next few months. I've been ENJOYING...that's all I can say. I don't have to battle with Skinny Minny for the elyptical anymore because this gym has 20...not just one. And their equipment is totally different. I feel like I'm getting much more of a work out! Why I signed up for an all girl's gym is beyond my current realm of comprehension. I realize now that I need the inspiring eye candy that co-ed gyms possess. Furthermore, every day is like a reunion...I usually see one of the buff OKC malu boys vigorously working out to maintain their six packs or loading up their guns. ;) And what's better than a sweaty hug between friends?

Other than that...Sherika Jenkins James has invited me to a "gig"....we will be taking a short road trip on Sunday night...and I'm quite sure it will be an adventure!...because, well, it always is when she's around.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Ramble When My Brain's Fried...

I haven't slept much in the past two days. Which has made me wake up with the need for a low-fat Caramel frap...with out them, I don't think I could stay awake at work. But, I HATE spending 4$ on a drink. I must admit though, not only do the drinks make me feel perkier...the baristas always put me in a better mood. They are so extremely nice, that feel the 4$ might just be well worth their ray of sunshine. If I could handle the pressure of a long line of people staring holes into me, whilst making six drinks at the same time, I might just say "to hell with the corporate world" and pursue a job as a barista myself. I enjoy spreading sunshine too...despite popular belief.

I know you East Coasters must be wondering what the heck I'm talking about. The few times that I've had Starbucks in NYC, my experience wasn't quite so pleasant. The Barista's there were rude, crude, and just plain unexceptable. Those are the rare instances when I appreciate the friendliness and wholesome goodness of the Midwest. Note that I said "midwest"...and not Oklahoma. I can't say that there's much that I appreciate about this place...

Excuse me for rambling...I have currently found myself in a professional pickle...which leaves my mind wandering from meaningless subject to meaningless subject. I saw an add for an awesome job, but the company is owned by the inlaws of the BC. Which means, the person who would see my resume would be the BC's sister-in-law. I don't know how situations like this seem to find me. Upon asking the advice of my own personal "corporate world" guru, mattie...he assured me that the two jobs are mutually exclusive despite the familial tie, and I should pursue what I want to pursue with out fear of retribution. I'm taking his advice...let's just hope he's right!

Is it just me? or does it feel like it's been the longest short week ever?!?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Landon meet Micah...Micah meet Landon

How sweet is it when two best friends have babies just a week apart, live merely minutes away from each other, and know that their boys will get to go to school together as well. I was lucky enough to be there for their first meeting. I took picture of all the proud parents with the babies...and was hoping that SOMEONE would suggest Sue Aunty hold the babies and take a picture...but no dice. =(

Precious baby boys...Micah and Landon...I just wuv em'!!!

with their Mommies...

BF's and their future BF's...

The Samuels and the Chackos...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I hate when Tuesdays feel like Mondays...

I was postponing my morning post because I have the cutest pictures of micah and landon TOGETHER with their parents....but, I left my cardreader in another purse in my I couldn't post them this morning. I meant to grab it at lunch, but again...I forgot. The weather is absofreakinglutely gorgeous, so I guess I just wasn't thinking straight. Sadly the day off was not THIS awesome (weather-wise). It was a bit rainy and dreary, but I made the best of it.

I love all things Fall. The weather is cool and crisp, there's a tinge of excitement courtesy college and h.s. football, and everyone just seems to be in a better mood when they're not hot and sweaty. Sigh...I just can't wait till the state fair rolls around. I can walk through the state fair grounds and smell the aroma of corn dogs, turkey legs, funnel cakes,....yes, i said smell...cuz God knows I can't partake in the joy of actually eating it. =(

Yes, I'm back to being anal retentive about what I eat and how much I work out. The good times are officially over...again. I realized that I'm not a person who can take a few days/weeks off from working out. It has to be as routine for me as brushing my teeth. =( As for my food intake. I've changed a lot over the past year, but still...I have relapses where I eat the "good stuff" on occasions. No more, my friends. I still have a goal to reach...and it's about time I get back to working diligently at achieving it. =/

Anyway, I like to share when I've discovered low cal if you're looking for a chocolate fix...try the kudos granola bars with either m&m's or snickers. it's the closest thing you can find to a candy bar.'s only 100 calories. You really can't beat that when lookin for a sweet treat!.

3 more days, ya'll....on your marks...get set...GO!

Friday, September 01, 2006

grumpy, grumpy...down in the dumpy!

This is how I feel today.

Hopefully the weekend will be better...Enjoy Labor Day, ya'll.