Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look Who's 5!

Happy belated 5th birthday to Suevee blog. I can't believe it's been five years since I started writing here. I spent some time last night going back in time and reading a few of my old posts...some had me cracking up as I remembered my crazy day to day antics and some had me thoroughly depressed as I remembered being the disgruntled employee of the "BC" looking for the perfect career opportunity and Mr. Right.

My cousin, Alex once commented on one of my posts...compairing it to the show Seinfeld...a blog about nothing! I have to agree. Although it's been severly neglected in recent years...and grueling at times to write a blogworthy post...I hope to keep it going so I have something to look back on in 2015. (2015? That sounds so futuristic!)

I know that I don't have the readership I had back in the day...there are very few people who come here and know who CCL and MU are...but to those of you who have stuck with me since the beginning....You must be easily entertained!!! ;)

Happy Birthday dear Bloggie...Happy Birthday to YOU!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After months of freezing temperatures, blizzards, hazardous road conditions, and wool coats...spring is always a welcomed change. Sometimes I feel like I'm solar-powered because when the sun starts shining, I am definitely more energetic. It's the time of year when I realize my "grizzly bear" tendencies in the winter got way out of hand...because spring/summer clothes don't fit anymore. So, it's time to get active.

I've been taking advantage of the weather and walking with Mousse every day. Yesterday, I decided to help my mom clear out all the dried leaves from her yard. She has six huge trees...not exactly sure she bought a house with so many trees since she hates raking. Luckily Shines let me borrow his brand new Toro Rake and Vac. OMG. That thing was a life saver...and definitely a must have for any homeowner who has trees! At only $'s a steal of a deal. (You know you're getting old and boring when you promote a leaf blower on your blog)

Something else I start to think about in the spring is...hilights. My hair naturally turns lighter in the summer, but I like to help it along. =) My friend Nancy once told me that hilights make your hair look like it has more volume...and I'm always trying to boost volume!! Usually, I seek professional help to do this...but this time, I tried to save a buck...or $79...and take on the project myself. I know what you're thinking..."oh no." And, you are correct. I don't know why I do this to myself. Let's just say I have blotches of color at the top of my head...and none really that hilight the whole strand. I haven't quite figured out how to fix the problem. So until I do, I will be finding ways to clip my hair creatively to cover blotches. =/

In other news...I'm headed to Hobby Lobby tonight to look into a cake decorating class. so. exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I realized this weekend that Mousse has no earthly idea that she's a dog. Maybe it's because Matt lets her sleep on the bed and lounge on the couch with him while he's watching TV...or maybe it's because I give her human food...or because she rides in the car with us everywhere we go.

Saturday, I puppysat the Mathews' dog, Murphy. He's a little guy and very playful. Mousse is probably 500 times bigger than him, but she's still scared of the pup. He jumps up to lick her face and nips at her legs...just doing things that puppies do. And she freezes in terror. At one point, she went and sat by my front door with a look on her face that said, "Momma, either he goes or I go."

On the other hand, when Nancy brings baby Tessa over, Mousse is fascinated by her. They're almost the same height...and Mousse loves to sniff at Tessa's chicken-nugget scented little fingers. And when Tessa kisses her on the face, Mousse doesn't go into panic mode.

I think it's because she thinks she's a cute, little baby girl like Tessa is!...and I definitely don't have the heart to burst her bubble and tell her the truth. ;)

In other news...We finally started to experience a little spring time weather in OKC yesterday. (I can only hope that it will last and no more blizzards are on the way.) I opened my patio door and let Mousse sun bathe while I rearranged the closet. What is it about spring that makes you want to clean?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An epidemic is spreading...

I was flipping through my recorded shows on tv and noticed an episode on Dr. Phil called the "rudeness epidemic." I didn't get a chance to watch it because my eyelids were drooping, but I've experienced it first hand lately. I'm not so sure what's wrong with Americans these days. Is the economic crisis making people less patient and more rude, or what? The other night I was at Walmart exchanging something. There were six people behind me and about the same number in front of me...and one anxiety-ridden clerk. I don't think it was the number of people that was stressing her out...I think it was the loud-mouth behind me who had to remind every one in the vicinity every ten seconds that there was only one clerk and a million people in line...and how Walmart just doesn't care about customers anymore. She was annoying and I wanted to smack her, but I dug my nose deeper into a People magazine and tried my best to tune her out.

A few days later I was at Old was my lunch hour and the store was packed. I could hear the lady behind me making grunting noises as we waited...FIVE minutes or check out. I began to wonder if it was really a human behind me...or perhaps, a raging bull. But sure was a woman and when it was her turn to check out the cashier asked her, "How are you, mam?" And she responded with, "Not so good. Why do you all only have four cashiers open when there's so many people? I don't know why "you people" want to make your customers mad. It makes me not want to spend any money here" (apparently it didn't make her want to NOT spend money that badly because she had a heap of clothes she was buying) The cashier who was helping her was really nice and he just said sorry meekly. But my cashier spoke up and told her that a lot of people called in...(afterall, it was Friday of Spring Break and the weather was a gorgeous 75 degrees that day)...and they were doing their best with the staff they had. The ladies response was...silence with a deathly glare.

Two words...chill the hell out. Okay, maybe that's four words. I know it's annoying to wait, but what is grumbling and being rude to employees who have no control of the situation gonna do about it? Nothing. Everyone's stressed during these tough economic times...Employers keep less employees on staff...and employees have to deal with more just take a minute to be a bit understanding and less rude. Do your part to stop the epidemic from spreading. ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Spa" Birthday party

I'm having a few technical difficulties with my other site, so I thought I'd post pictures from Marissa's surprise "spa" birthday party here. I wracked my brain for a while trying to think of what kind of party to throw for a 12 year old...and I thought this theme would be something she'd really enjoy. So, I made these invites and sent them to a few of her gal pals..

I really wanted to get the girls spa robes as party favors. But, I knew it'd be pricey...luckily, I found these adorable, pink, polka dot robes for a steal of a deal! I think the girls were excited about being able to take them home!

I made decorations that Marissa could use later in her room. So I painted her name in wood blocks, and this hanging decoration is now hanging in front of her bedroom window.

The fondue table...

To keep with the pink and green theme...I even found these little foot massagers to put in the foot spa.

Little girls have really ticklish feet.

I turned their face towels into cupcakes...The face towels came in handy to wipe off their chocolate masks

Hannah enjoying her pedicure

Miriam letting her fingers and toes dry party is complete without them.

This cute puppy is the newest addition to the Mathew family...Murphy was being cuddled while his Momma helped me with the party

Finished product...nails courtesy my cousin, Les

Marissa and her friends....

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Ford Center was piz-acked Friday night....Let's just say that I felt really close to God as I sat in my seat listening to John Mayer. This has more to do with the fact that my seats were way high up...and very little to do with JM having a voice of an angel. ;) I have to friend NC told me a few weeks ago that she hates going to OKC Thunder games with her hubby because their seats are way high, and she is too scared to walk up there. At the time, I sympathetically said "Really?"..but in my mind, I was thinking..."What a la-hooser." But, I was the lahooser Friday night as I gripped on to the railing, seats, the stranger in front of me to make it up to my seat.
This guy...Michael Franti and the Spearheads were the opening act. They put on a really great show...although I didn't understand a word he was saying. All I could hear from my seat was the booming bass...I didn't know any of the guy's songs, he was too far away to read his lips, and he is a Reggae they're a lil' hard to understand anyway. But I did thoroughly enjoy his dancing. There's just something about the way people dance to Reggae Music. The movement is so free and fluid...not something I could achieve even if I tried (which I won't). =) Now, for my review of JM. He has a tendency to open his mouth and say the most ridiculous things...but the dude, is an amazing singer. I know women go mad for him, but when he performs, he has the weirdest expressions. And his ears are a little oversized. However, I will admit to swooning just a tad when he sang my favorite song "Gravity" and wore an OKC Thunder jersey. He won some cool points with me at that moment.
Other than that, I spent the weekend planning the coolest party of my party planning career. Yes, I say that every time I plan a party...but this time...I think I mean it. I will post pictures on my other site soon. I did a bit of thinking this weekend...I was about to pull the plug on this blog in order to concentate more on the other one. But, I kept thinking about all the history I have here...and about the useless information I share with the blogosphere...and I realized I'd miss it even though I neglect it. I decided I have to spend more time and energy on my other site if I really want it to fly...the next day, I stumbled upon a book at BN about marketing hand-made products. I thought my friend DM would be proud of me for not just purchasing it but actually reading it...since he's always encouraging me about being pro-active about pursuing my dreams. =) (Thanks DM). I'm learning about branding, marketing, and to a good start, I'd say.

Friday, March 05, 2010


I'm spending the evening with this guy tonight....
Tickets courtesy my friend and concert buddy the Furball!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I know that I'm a self-proclaimed reality tv addict. I enjoy the drama and disfunction of other people's lives. But, I think I have officially come to a point where I realize the downfall of the creation of reality television shows.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty sure the first reality show was aired by was none other than "Real World-New York" Yes, there were drama and fights, but I think there was more to it as well. I think the whole point of the show was to open people's eyes to other people's reality...It was not just about shock tv. It was a novel idea....until MTV went overboard with it. Now, there's no purpose or meaning to the show..the only theme I see is "the smuttier, the better."

I think I finally came to my senses when I saw the cast reveal for "Dancing with the Stars." Kate Gosselin? Really? I thought this show was called Dancing with the STARS?!?! Back in the day, there were prerequisites for attaining TALENT. It's mind boggling how an average joe lands on reality tv and becomes instant celebreality...there's no longer anything average about them or their lives. The paparazzi is stalking them, they're signing book deals, launching fashion lines, making records, and dancing on prime time! It's nuts!! It makes me feel sorry for trained professionals who spend their whole life dreaming and working towards stardom!

Will I go cold turkey and stop watching it all together? I'm going to be honest...probably not. But, I'm definitely cutting it down and definitely weeding out the smut. (maybe) =)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I've been compared to a grizzly bear lately, and I'm beginning to see the
similarities myself. With the weather being cold/gray/gloomy for the past
several weeks....I find myself wanting to stay home and hibernate as much as
possible. My favorite past time is taking siestas on my comfy, red, couch.

Hibernation isn't my only similarity with the great grizzly bear. I'm also
very easily agitated these days. It seems that silliest things totally set
me parmesan cheese. I sent Matt out for ingredients to make
spaghetti the other night. I know, I know...I was asking for trouble.
Everyone knows that most guys aren't the best grocery shoppers...They either
bring home the wrong stuff or don't bring home stuff at all. But, I
carefully explained where each item is located in Walmart. Apparently he
forgot, so he asked a woman where parmesan cheese was. She directed him to
powdered parmesan cheese that sits on a shelf...not real, grated parmesan
cheese that sits in the refrigerated section. I know what you're
thinking..."So, what's wrong with powdered parmesan cheese?" It's wrong on
so many levels:

1. Why is it powdery? The bottle says it's 100% percent parmesan. Can
someone please explain to me how that's possible? How can a chunk of solid
cheese turn into fine powder?

2.Parmesan does have a stank. But the powdery kind has a stench. I find that
it's a cross between sweaty feet and stinky butt. (And no, I haven't smelled either, but some things you just know.) Now, I don't know about you guys...but that's not a scent I want garnishing my food.

3.What kind of cheese is not refrigerated?? I'll tell you what kind...FAKE

As you can tell...I'm quite sensitive and picky about my cheese! I feel
myself getting all worked up I will end here...
But before I go, I leave you with my bargain find for the week:
Polka dot wedges-Ross-$12