Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend in pictures...

A special congrats goes out to my girl, Ruby! She got engaged a few weeks ago...She sent me pics of the engagement...and I gotta say, the girl looks beautiful! Happiness looks wonderful on her!

BF invited me to a cousins' dinner at her house on Saturday night....here's a few of the cousins...JT, Fins, and BF. It's so funny to me that all my friends happen to be all her cousins.

Angie shopping for shoes at the doorway.

Angie, Becca, and Hann playing together...

Wins and me showin off our sneaks. ;)

The lovely ladies at church Sunday

The church picnic was Monday...and boy did the teams get competitive. This is the winning team...my team, of course! Team Echad (Unified) rocked the t-shirt competition, although we didn't win it...but clearly ours were awesome. Snigs team put up a very tough fight...but, we were able to claim victory in the end. Later, when Snigs and I made up, she said it looked like our team wasn't having a good time cuz we all always looked pissed. I explained that all of us were just really in competitive mode and wanted to anihilate her team!! And we did!

I can't decide whose smile is cuter!!

The pie eating contest...Sonia, Jerry, and Mikey. This contest was a joke! Sonia licked the whip cream on top once and was about to gag, Jerry dug his face in the pie and inhaled, getting it stuck up his nose, and Mikey was the only one who got the concept.=/

Missa and Andrew in the moon bounce!

The kids...captivated by the clown!

A buncha cutie pies...oh, and Derrick.

Angie get a wittle butterfly painted on her cute lil cheek

Sonia, me, and Finuji, the glowing mom-to-be (I don't think that was just the sunlight)

After the competition, we all made peace with each other....this was easy to do since i WON!

Me, Snigs (Sheryl), and Sonia...a traditional up shot

This dog just happened to be going for a stroll with his owner when he smelled our cookout and decided to come in closer to check it out. He was very sweet to everyone, despite the fact that we were all a bit apprehensive of him due to his size. Can you believe this big guy is just a puppy?

Friday, May 26, 2006

TGIF blogosphere. I'm so happy that the 3 day weekend is finally upon us. For one lucky girl in NYC, today is the last day of singlehood. We've followed her wedding preparations from start to finish on her flog...and I look forward to seeing the wedding in pictures in the days to come! A special wish to Scorpsy and her soon-to-be-hubby, Saji!...may God bless you with a lovely wedding and a beautiful life together!

In other news...the firemen were out today trying to raise money for some charity. They've been standing along the road side holding a boot, hoping people will donate while their waiting at stop lights. I'm convinced that the fire department has strict hiring rules...if you're not fine, don't expect to get a job with them. Seriously, i have yet to see one ugly fire fighter. They're all young and studly...which makes for some pretty sweet eye candy on my way to work! ;)

I got a special sneak peak at the 29:11 dvd. For those of you who have forgotten, 29:11 is the play I wrote for OPYF last fall. Unfortunately, I missed the play because of my mom's 60th birthday trip to the Bahamas. But, OPYF made a DVD of the play along with a soundtrack. Have I mentioned how much these kids impress me? The DVD is so very professionally done...and the music for the soundtrack was written by OKC youth, sung by OKC youth, and produced by OKC youth. For those of you in the OKC area, they will be released this weekend...so be sure and get your copy!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

word of the day:
torpid \TOR-pid\, adjective:
1. Having lost motion or the power of exertion and feeling; numb; benumbed.
2. Dormant; hibernating or estivating.
3. Dull; sluggish; apathetic.

The torpid dog, crawled into her kennel after long, tiring walk.

It's Wednesday. *sigh* I guess that means it's not Friday. I've had an exhaustive morning, which consisted of me forgetting my badge and losing my license, thus not being able to get into the building. So, I had to drive all the way back home to retrieve my identification, only to discover that my id was no where to be found. I re-checked my wallet to find it nestled in between a folded cake recipe. Such is my luck.

What do I look forward to today? Three things...4:45...my absolute favorite time of day, the Lost season finale, and AI results. I can't wait to see how Lost will satisfy my curiousity yet leave me mortified and wondering all at the same time. I will be dead to the world from 7-9pm, so please, if you have my number, please don't dial it! After Chris got kicked off, I've been rather un-interested in AI. But, I'm looking forward to seeing if America has the ability to pick the right person...

Last night I spent the evening at Julie's making team t-shirts. We are having our annual church picnic on Monday. They broke us up into teams, and we must come up with a name, t-shirt, motto, and then we're going to through a series of challenges. Right about now, I'm quite relieved that I'm captain...because this means I get to delegate who does what challenge...which means, I won't have to do anything too physically taxing. buahahahaha! Sheryl and I are on opposing teams...this can only mean one thing....I must inialate her. If we're on the same team, we typically come up with a devious plan together...which usually involves lots of cheating...in order to win. But, someone clever put us on opposing teams this time...which will make things more interesting and entertaining for onlookers...because I'm quite sure we'll be flinging a lot of smack talk and we'll pretty much stop at nothing to beat each other. Good times...

In other news, BF will be in town in just 2 more days!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This is how I feel today...SLEEPY. Is it Friday yet?

Monday, May 22, 2006

I get down...He picks me up...

Word of the Day:
incontrovertible \in-kon-truh-VUR-tuh-buhl\, adjective:
Too clear or certain to admit of dispute; indisputable; unquestionable
God's incontrovertible presence was felt this weekend.

This weekend flew by, which is okay as long as the week flies by as well. I'm looking forward to Memorial Day and all the festivities that have been planned! Saturday we spent the day in Wantonga, Oklahoma. Can you imagine living in a town that has no WalMart? They have to drive an hour to the next big town just to buy WalMart goodies. Unbefreakinbelievable! We expected 100 troubled Native American teens, but only about 10 people showed up. None of us were disappointed though because we were able to really establish relationships with the small number that was there.

We split up into groups (guys/gals) in order to talk to and pray with the people. Sheryl and I were the only 2 girls in our team, so I was nervous about leading a group on such short notice. I gave her the cue that she'd be doing the talking and I'd be doing the nodding. All I can say is...when God is present, there's no need to prepare or plan because He'll take the lead. The girls began to open up to us and share their problems. Words came to my mouth...and I wasn't even sure where or how they were placed there.

Although they were saved, they had very little knowledge about the very basic information about God....like how to pray. It was astonishing to me. They didn't have a church they felt that they could go to for support or teaching...they didn't have family to turn to either (since their families deeply believe in Indian spirituality)...all their knowledge came from TV preachers. Sheryl and I talked to them for quite a while, tried to answer their questions, prayed for them, and did our best to encourage them.

The greatest reward was when one of the ladies told me that she was glad that we came out and that she had peace in her heart after our talk. That totally made our day! We hope to go back to Watonga and minister to the people there in whatever way we can.

I think that the whole experience really taught me something. I had been feeling extremely discouraged and frustrated about the job situation...I was beginning to wonder if I even had a purpose for being here on planet earth...But God showed me He does have a purpose for me. That was a great feeling. I find that I'm most happy and fulfilled when I'm helping someone else...not only do I get the satisfaction of knowing I impacted a life...but 9 out of 10 times...the words I say to them are words I need to hear and incorporate in my own life. Maybe another job in corporate America isn't the answer...The truth is, I don't know what the answer is...but I just can't give up on God and His plan for me.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Word of the day:
spurious \SPYUR-ee-uhs\, adjective:
1. Not proceeding from the true or claimed source; not genuine; false.
2. Of illegitimate birth.
I always worry about buying things from e-bay because I wonder if it will be a spurious purchase.

Yesterday's word...
palimpsest \PAL-imp-sest\, noun:
1. A manuscript, usually of papyrus or parchment, on which more than one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still visible.
2. An object or place whose older layers or aspects are apparent beneath its surface.
I love old homes because sometimes you can see the palimpsest through chipped painting on the walls.

Friday, you've finally come! Today we have birthday celebrations at work. As usual, I made brownies. Seems to be what most people request around here. Last time we had birthdays I heard someone say, "who made these brownies? they are the best brownies I've ever tasted." I laughed to myself...they're just box brownies...but of course, my secret ingredient helps! Monday I have to bring salsa to work...they're having some Mexican-themed celebration with a salsa contest. First prize is a $75 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma, which was enough inspiration for me to participate. =)

I've been hitting the gym religiously again. It actually feels good, although it's extremely tiring. I'm just ready to tackle this last 30 and get it over with. I noticed that I become tres lazy to go to the gym after coming home, eating dinner, and walking/running with Mousse. So, I came up with an alternate plan...I bring my gym bag to work, change here, and then head to the gym. By the time I get home, Mousse is at the door waiting to jump all over me. If i could break her of this habit, my life would be so much easier. =/

This weekend's festivities...Saturday, I will be meeting some of the gang from church and we will be heading off to Watonga, Oklahoma. I've never been there...and I'm sure there's a reason why. Apparently, some of the guys organized a special meeting out there with a group of Native American kids. I'm really excited about it. We're making salvation bags to give to the kids who respond to the alter call. Of course, I don't have a normal ministry like singing or preaching or praying for others...i make beads. so, I'll be making salvation bracelets for the kids...just like I did in Mexico.

If I get back in time, I will be going to Abby's ballet recital. Abby is my life-long friend Sherry's 3-year-old. Sherry didn't know whether to put Abby in gymnastics so she could be a cheerleader some day...or ballet. I pushed for ballet with all my might...and i won! ...oh, and Abby loves it too! So, although the kid pretty much hates me (like most babies do...unless they're related to me)...I'd like to go see her first recital because I'm sure it will be oh-so-cute.

So, that's my thrilling weekend...what's on tap for yours?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

For those of you who have been hoping, praying, wondering, and waiting with me...

Dallas is out...

"Hi Susan, At this point the position has been put on hold indefinitely.
I think they are doing some reorganization within the group and may
combine some department functions. I'm sorry this has been such a long
drawn out process. We will keep your application in an active file for
6 months should another position become available that we feel your
qualifications are a match for, we could give you a call at that time.
Sorry for any inconvenience."

I received this prayer request from my good friend and neighbor the Illustrious Finuji. This little boy's name is Joshua, and he was born in Banglore with a cogenital heart disease. Tomorrow he will be undergoing a very risky surgery, and his parents are requesting prayers.

I've taken babies for granted. I've never really considered how miraculous they are and how much we should pray for expectant mothers. Not only can life in the womb be dangerous...but so many babies are born every day with diseases like this one.

However, there is always power in prayer...so please pray for little Joshua and for his parents...because I'm sure they need a double portion of strength and peace right now.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Word of the day:
arrant \AR-unt\, adjective:
Thoroughgoing; downright; out-and-out; confirmed; extreme; notorious.
I wish someone would correct her arrant thinking or that she would seek professional mental help.

Yesterday's word:
fulsome \FUL-sum\, adjective:
1. Offensive to the taste or sensibilities.
2. Insincere or excessively lavish; especially, offensive from excess of praise.
His fulsome flattery made me realize that he was not someone that I could trust.

I've been thinking. I know, that's never a good thing....but this time it isn't so bad. As anyone who has talked to me, read my blogs, seen my face over the past month knows...I've been so frustrated lately. But, I realize that there's little to nothing I can do about my situation except...keep trying. I'm tired and mentally beat...but a job won't find me...I have to find it. So, today I will start the job hunt once again...instead of waiting around to wait for decisions...because waiting around idly is probably what's making me most nuts.

I got a call from Billy this weekend...asking me for some help with something he had to write. I agreed. At the time, I was walking Mousse...so as I walked home, I began to think...What I want to be able to do with my life/professionally is write...it doesn't matter what I write...as long as I get to write SOMETHING. However, it's the one job I can't seem to find. But, when I'm not working...I'm almost busy writing...whether it be articles for the Beacon, newsletters/notes for the missionaries, helping people with essays, random calls for help with letters...etc, etc..

I guess what I'm saying is...I've completely overlooked the way God has opened doors for me to keep using/practicing/brushing up on my writing skills because I've been so frustrated. I have been doing my little side jobs...but haven't really been doing it faithfully. I guess I have to be faithful in my work...not just my paying job, but my unpaying jobs as well before God takes me to another level of fulfillment. I can't take the little things for granted because maybe He is using the little things to teach me/prepare me for the big things at hand.

I'm preaching to myself here when I say that I have to get over this frustration. I can't believe that I would go through 4 years of applying for jobs and never hearing a response...to going through one month of 4 interviews one right after another...for absolutely no reason. Either there is a job to be had or a lesson to be learned...whatever it is...I must rid myself of the frustration and open my heart and mind to receive. Easier said than done perhaps...but as I write this, I'm already feeling a bit of hope creeping into my heart...and a few less pounds on my shoulders.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I spent a few hours this afternoon with *B* (the wife of the apachen who recently died). Every year it was a tradition for John to take us to the Designer Show House for lunch and tour. The house is usually a huge mansion, which different designers volunteer to decorate. Tickets are then sold to raise money for the Symphony. B is usually pretty active in helping with this endeavor, so it has always been a treat for us to attend. This year B took us with out John...it was much different without him, but lovely none-the-less. The house was a mansion in one of the most affluent areas in OKC. It's where most of the "old money" resides. It was built in the 30's and is now on the market for a mere 3 million dollars! The decor was a bit "much" for me. I love old homes, but I like a more mod decor.

Regardless...it was good to see B since I hadn't seen her since the funeral. As usual, she was a pillar of strength. It was nice to reminisce about John again and hear how Coal (their black Lab) is doing with out his owner. John and I frequently swapped crazy Lab stories...so I had definitely missed hearing about Coal and his antics.

Anyway, now I'm back to the office and counting down the minutes till 4:45. Oh and in case you were wondering, STILL NO WORD FROM THE JOBS. =/

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oops, I forgot one!

How could I forget this one...It was taken y'day after church...at our mother's day luncheon. Unfortunately, I didn't geth the memo about wearing the sari. =/

Pictures...at last!

I finally got my card reader!!

Me and BF all Twinked up. ;)

B-I-L, Shep on the greens

mattie, aaron, sonia, and me in florida!

me and my sister, beena on the putt putt greens

Our last pic with Sunu before she left for India

The tree made of hands located at DFW. Sheryl (black boo) was intrigued by this hand tree... We were obviously bored whilst waiting for Sunu to check in because we got such entertainment out of this dumb tree.

The dark little hand in the corner is an imposter!

Black in black...my feet propped up on Black Boo as she eats Bugles on our drive to Dallas to drop Sunu off at the airport.

The girls at Sunu's send off dinner...(BlackBoo always finds it necessary to do something to make me laugh in pictures)

Hannah Banana chillin...

Densey and Angie...

Sunu and Flip Fantasia...

Sunu and the 3D's at her send-off dinner

"Why Today Sucks" by Sue V

multifarious \muhl-tuh-FAIR-ee-uhs\, adjective:
Having great diversity or variety; of various kinds; diversified.

Sentence: Today sucks for multifarious reasons.

Today sucks because...
I couldn't fall asleep last night till 1:00 am, so now I'm veryyyyyyyyyyyy tired!!!

It's Monday. This is the day I seem to dread beginning Friday. Isn't that sad? Does everyone feel this way? Or are there actually people out there who feel fulfilled in their careers and actually going to work every day?

I was hoping to see an email in my in-box from one of the three job prospects saying SOMETHING...ANYTHING. but alas, nothing...so I will go through this day waiting and wondering as well. You think I'd be used to it now.

My dad died on May 15, 1987... 19 years ago today. When tragedy strikes, people tell you that time heals all wounds. I don't think that's a true statement. it's more like time helps you accept the reality of a tragedy. When someone dies, it just seems unreal...thinking about your life...with out that person in it seems impossible to comprehend. But as time goes by, years pass...it becomes reality. The wound technically never heals...there's always a scar left behind.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Word of the day:
balsamic (bal-SAM-ik) adjective
1. Fragrant.
2. Soothing or healing.
3. Relating to balsam.
Sentence: The massage I had last week left me with a balsamic feeling.

Per my cousin SueTee's request...the word of the day is back. She actually stumped me yesterday by mentioning something made her "noxious"...i quickly replied it was nauseous...not noxious...but she clued me in to her new word...thus inspiring me to bring back the word of the day!

I did the unthinkable today. I went to lunch alone. I've never sat at a restaraunt alone before, so I was a bit apprehensive. But, I was craving thai food in a serious way, and didn't think any one of my usual lunch pals could join me on such short notice. It was actually pretty painless. I sat there, ate my lunch, made my grocery list, and scoped out the other lonely losers who were doing the same thing.

So, my fortune cookie today said, "an upward movement initiated in time can counteract fate." i don't believe in fortune cookies or horoscopes...but that one hit home...since i am hoping for an upward movement at the moment.

So mother's day is in 2 days...I still have no present. This is because i have the most hard to please mother ever. i typically take her to eat...cuz that truly is the way to her heart, although she usually complains about the food. this time she said she wanted a massage, so i booked her a very-hard-to-find-appointment. only to hear that it conflicted with her fasting and prayer meeting. So, I had to cancel it and now I'm back to square 1.

Happy weekend all...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Character Profile ~ Lordy, Lordy look who's 40 Birthday Edition

name: abe

nickname: cousin abe

favorite food: goober grape sandwiches with a cup of milk

hidden talent: he can dance

favorite phrase: "what's up, g?"

my favorite memory:
abe and abey wrestling in the basement as popeye and bruto (and i got to be olive oil!)

Cousin Abe, growing up...I thought you were the epitome of all things cool...with your feathered hair and braces...and all these years later, you're still one pretty cool dude in my book! Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

after being blue about the whole job situation all day, i finally made ammends with my situation. Afterall, it's a considerable pay raise...and i mean CONSIDERABLE. and although fulfillment is more important to me than monitary reward, i accept the fact that perhaps God wants me to be more financially stable before I move...perhaps this would be a great way to be completely debt free, perhaps i could by the new car i'm needing, etc. etc. as i was saying, as i thought about it more, i realized that maybe...just maybe...this isn't a bad thing for me at all. what's a few more years at af? i lived through 7..I can live through more. and then i hear the most insane twist to this stupid story...apparently, i went from being the only applicant for this position to one of 6...why? because these kinds of unfortunate situations seem to always find me. i'm hoping that the fact that i've been in the company and previously worked in the area that's now hiring will help my plight...we shall see. i will be so glad when this job hunt is over. =/
Today I have my final phone interview...this one is for the AF job. I'm at this point where I just don't know what to think. I feel like a kid in a toy store...when your folks let you look at all these awesome toys, but then tell you that the only thing you can buy is play doh. It will be mind boggling to me if this will be the job I get after having all of these great interviews. I am trying my best not to become disheartened...perhaps, I just have to wait it out...maybe one of these other opportunities will eventually open up...maybe now just isn't the right time.

I shouldn't be so ungrateful for a stable job and the potential to make more money...but i guess i just want more...like fulfillment. =/

In other news, I decided that it was way past time to join NetFlix. I never watch movies...usually because I'm too cheap to spend 8.50 at a theater and I'm horrible about returning rented ones. But, even I can't screw up popping one in a pre-paid envelope! So far I have like 45 movies on my cue...and that's new releases! I watched Hotel Rwanda last night. The story of the Tootzy tribe that my friend Sheryl orignates from... Can't wait to see what movie comes in the mail box next!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

babies, babies, babies

isn't JP a cute lil' teddy bear?

Lola and her mommy, CCL

Ethan and his new buddy in Houston, Zain.

Miss Personality, herself...Jaden

Back to life...back to reality...

My tailbone is broken...I'm convinced. I injured it 3 years ago on a flight to India. I didn't get up from my seat the entire way from Singapore to India. The 14 hours of non-movement seemed to have jacked up my tail bone...and to this day, I'm not able to ride bikes or sit in planes or cars with out experiencing excruciating tailbone pain. Ignore me. I'm just whining. I'm officially back to humdrum life, and I'm just not a happy camper.

My vacation was splendid. I got a memory card reader to solve the "dog ate my wire" problem, however I somehow left it at BF's house...along with my favorite pair of shoes. This is common for me. I seem to have this slight problem where I always leave things in random homes/hotels when I travel. CCL gets a new phone adaptor every time I leave...she told me she goes to the pawn shop after my visits. Anyway, BF assured me that she'd send me the card reader, so pics will be up eventually.

My vacay was great...it included a lot of eating awesome food, rest, relaxation, movies, staying up late to talk,etc..It was a "ashiq bania" trip. I have no idea what that means...but mattie always names trips..."fiesta weekend"...etc, etc...i can't remember half of em'...but they are always amusing at the time. anyway, i guess i have to get used to the grind again...and get back to work. =/

job update...
editing job- hired someone with more experience
nissan- still pending
joyce myers ministries- still pending
AF- interview sometime today or tomorrow!

Friday, May 05, 2006

beads, beads, beads...

Due to the lil' camera wire problem, I haven't been able to post any of the pics from my camera. So, I had to post this one from my camera phone again. My sister and I have been doing some shopping the past few days. Oddly enough, she's the one who has been doing most of the buying...you'd think she was the one visiting Orlando. She bought a few cute outfits from my most favorite store...the Ann Taylor Outlet...and she desperately needed a pink bead necklace to match. I was thrilled when I googled "bead stores in Orlando" and found one just a few minutes from her house. We went, she picked out the beads, and I sat there and made this. It was quite fun...It was nice to have her sit in and participate in something I love to do...

Character Profile...Birthday Edition

Name: Krissy
Nicknames: Kristy (cuz know Malayalee Aunty can ever get her name right) Krusty (cuz she calls me Sushi and I had to come up with something equally strange) and Krissy Poo (cuz her Father-in-law is creative )

Fondest Memory: getting all dressed up in clothes from the Salvation Army and hitting a retro NYE party in Hotlanta! ;)

Worst Habit: releasing thoughts in head at inopportune moments...ie, "she looks like a marshmellow!"

Biggest achievement: Pribi and Alex

Birthday Message: Happy Birthday, Krissy...and Happy Cinco de Mayo as well! =) I'm glad you are part of my family...and my friend! I hope you have a fantastic day!...and a blessed year!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I toss...I turn...

I can't sleep. I haven't slept at all since I've been here. I toss.. I turn...I wake up at the crack of dawn? Why? Because my head is jam-packed with thoughts about the outcome of my job interviews. Last night, I dreamed about Nissan. I was arguing with someone over the phone on which Nissan car I would lease. The night before, I had a dream about Joyce Meyers. She was preaching a sermon to me at my house. (I had a phone interview with the Joyce Meyers ministry yesterday). At this point, I just want to know!!! It's driving me nuts!

Still no decisions have been made. Seriously...corporate America takes way too long with their hiring processes. I know that if all else fails...I will most likely get the job at AF...which is more pay, and my own office...which will be SWEET. however, what becomes of my dream of getting out of OKC?!? I refuse to worry about this because I know that whatever happens...I am being placed by God...because I've prayed relentlessly over this matter...and at this point, I'm just so thrilled and thankful that so many opportunities have opened up. There was a time when I never heard any responses at all from anyone...and to have 4 interviews within a month's times is more than I could have hoped for. But, sometimes the waiting game is just taxing...

*sigh*...I think I'll go outside now and listen to the birds chirp in the palm trees...Thank God for vacations!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Despite the fact that my BF is wishing away the week till Friday, I feel like the week is going by at a very steady pace...not too fast, not too slow. Today, I'm going to head out to Beall's Factory Outlet. I do love the fact that there are outlest stores so close by. This isn't a luxury I have in OKC. Monday I bought a $100 pair of Nikes for $60. Can't beat that! Today I will be going to Ann Taylor and Coach...my heart races with excitement as I type! =)

I didn't get around to uploading pictures today...but, will aim to do that tonight. You know...after I'm done relaxing! buahahahaha!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

As I was out shopping yesterday, I stopped to think about my friends who were actually sitting behind desks at work...and I chuckled. (Sorry guys)...I wondered if you guys missed me...I mean, who else would you be emailing all day long? Out of my deep sympathy for you, I decided to blog, so you'd have something to read. Although, I know that you will surf the web and find better, more entertaining blogs to amuse yourselves. However, please know...that as I kick my heels up, watch endless hours of TV, sit and bask in the sun, watch the wind sift through the palm leaves, and eat gourmet meals...you are truly in my thoughts!!! (don't worry...when ya'll are on vacation...I won't be too surprised when you rub it in either!)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hola from sunny Florida

Greetings from Florida...for those of you who have wondered I'm vacationing in Orlando this week. I've been here since Saturday...and so far it's been nice. I've been eating dessert every night...I feel like I'm gaining weight by the second. Luckily I went to buy some new running shoes...and will hopefully hit the treadmill every day. (Note the word hopefully) I have lots of pictures...and will upload as soon as possible...=) But right now, I think I'm going to kick back and do some more relaxing!