Friday, September 30, 2005

u mean u don't spell segway that way?

Word of the day:
segue \SEG-way; SAYG-way\, intransitive verb:
To proceed without interruption; to make a smooth transition

Read Suja K's blog first, and it will segue into my blog.

I can't believe that's how you spell segway...when I first saw this word, I thought "what the heck does seg-you mean?" I feel as shocked as I did when I discovered that outfit isn't spelled alphet. shocking, i tell u!

The question of the day:
If you could eat dinner with three people (alive or dead), who would it be?

I know most people say Jesus as their #1 person. But to me, Jesus isn't a person, He's a divine being. I wouldn't want to eat dinner with Him because I'm not worthy of such an honor. So if you don't mind...I'll pick 3 mere mortals for this dream dinner.

#1 My dad...However this might not prove to be such a good choice. I would want to ask my dad a zillion questions...and he always used to have this strict rule about not talking while you eat. So, most likely...I would just end up annoying him, and he wouldn't have such a great time. But regardless, I'd definitely want him at this special dinner because he was the most special person I've ever known.

#2 My BF...She would be the first person I would call after such an amazing dinner. So, I might as well just invite her and let her be a part of it, so I wouldn't miss any details when explaining it to her. Plus, she's pretty dern special if this is a dinner for special people, it wouldn't be complete unless she was there!

#3 JJ Abrams...I have no idea if he's special or not. I'm sure his wife would like to believe so. But, i have more important matters to discuss with him. Like..."Lost"...WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE?!? Afterall, I spend a lot of sleepless hours on Wednesday night considering this very question. It would be great to discuss it with someone who actually has the answers!

and for dessert...Antonio Sabato Jr of course! (and I wouldn't mind if the rest of the guests left at that point) ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why ask Jeeves when you can ask Sue?

WORD OF THE DAY: jocund \JOCK-uhnd; JOH-kuhnd\, adjective:
Full of or expressing high-spirited merriment; light-hearted; mirthful.

IN A SENTENCE: I find Billy S. to be extra-specially annoying because of his jocund personality.

I was sitting at my desk inspecting the chocolate teddy graham I was about to inhale. Something about it looked so oddly familiar. Then I realized's the bear's gut. Oddly enough, it looks just like the one I'm trying to get rid of. These were the deep thoughts running through my mind before the phone rang and interrupted me.

Thank God for caller id. The number on it was familiar which means I didn't have to go through my office shcpeel of identifying the company or myself...and I didn't have to make my voice sound like I was smiling. Instead I did my usual, barely-gotta-pulse "hello." It was Sheryl on the other end. I mentally prepped myself for her. Why? Because she always has a question for me. Most people consult "ask Jeeves"...but Sheryl's version is "Ask Sue."

This began many years ago...I was working at Hyded Drug Store before it turned to Eckerd Drug Store, which finally became CVS while I was in college. Sheryl was a mere kid...with very abnormal rashes and other unrelated health problems. Every time something was wrong with her she would come and ask if I was Dr. Quinn Medicine woman. Somehow, I always had an answer for her...they were my best educated guesses, which she accepted happily. I always felt so smart...and it was a great ego boost, but soon the questions were becoming more and more complex. I was so frightened that one day the question would be way out of my realm of knowledge and hypothetical "Sue, my cranial articular major has discombobulated...what do i do?" Finally, I just had to tell her..."Sheryl, I'm not a pharmacy major...i don't know the answers!" She was shocked and dismayed, and asked me how i was ever able to answer her questions in the first place...and I said they were just my best guesses.

I guess since then, i've always been the "Ask Jeeves" in her life. My educated guesses were better than she continued on asking me the most random of random questions. Yesterday it was what kinda catchy kiddy phrase could she come up with for an activity about cows. Today it was where she could find fake tatoos for cheap. Tomorrow I'm sure it'll be something else I have no clue about...but i will not let her down. I will either guess an answer...or BS one so good that she won't know the difference!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

diahrrea of random thoughts...

I decided that I need to beef up my vocabulary. I'm a writer and a studier (is that a word) of the English language, yet my diction sucks. So, today begins my quest for learning a new word each day. I'm a bit excited about it. My new word of the day comes from is adamant. I know this word, however I'm still adamant about keeping up with this daily routine. (Like how I used that in a sentence form?) Yesterday's word was a bit tougher, so I will discuss it in greater length. It was halcyon, a mythical bird that was fabled to nest at sea about the time of the winter solstice and to calm the waves during incubation. As an adjective, the word means a calm; quiet; peaceful; undisturbed; happy; as, "deep, halcyon repose." My sentence for this word is....I long for the halcyon years of my childhood . =) Ok kids...that's your lesson for today. Tune in tomorrow for your new word!

In other news...I have no other news....other than... I had a very disappointing day on the scales today. I drank gallons of water this week, excercised religiously, cut back on the snacks, etc with full expectation of losing two pounds. I so wanted to break an even 40 pounds lost. However, instead of losing 2, I gained 2!! I'd like to blame it on my thick slacks. In fact, I will blame it on my thick slacks...and if you know what's best for will too! Next week I have to lose 4 pounds before my trip to New York!!

Other than that, Lost is on tonight!... My heart flutters with anticipation. I like that line. This is the second time I used it today. It's such a dramatic phrase...kinda funny when you use it sarcastically...ehhh, more importantly, I've been asked to write on I'm excited about it....if you haven't checked it out....please do! It's a site for Desi Christians. I was going to say Indian Christians, but desi is the "in" word right now. Anyway, dont' won't be reading my useless banter on that site...I'm going to try to write someting meaningful, encouraging, and thought provoking...instead of the diahrrea of random thoughts you read here. So now I officially write on 3 I wish this could be a full time job!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

That's so Sue...

My niece tells me I remind her of Raven Simone on that's so Raven. I don't really know where she gets that idea from. Something about that show bugs's the title. "That's so Raven" What exactly is SO Raven? This is a question I ask myself lately because I hear this more and more often. Not about Raven...but about me.

For loyal reader and commenter, Sunu K commented on my last blog post saying "that is such a Sue story." What exactly is a Sue story? What kinda story is it that typically makes one associate it to me? The other day, my buddy Ruby told me she pulled out some sort of folder/notebook during a church service and Sunu K said, "That's such a Sue folder." What the heck does that mean? Sue folder? My BF also called me this weekend saying she watched a movie called Crash and suggested I watch it. She said she thought of me while watching it because it's guessed it...a Sue movie. the Illustrious Finuji says the same thing about Sex in the City. So, I'm perplexed and curious...

I hear this all the time when it comes to clothes...I can totally understand "sue clothes" because I have a very distinct style which I'd like to call "educator gear." So, if one sees a girl clad in gray slacks and a button-up...I would completely understand why one would associate her wardrobe to me and say..."that's so Sue." But the rest...I just don't get.

So...if someone would like to clarify why you think things are SO SUE and what that means exactly I would greatly appreciate it!

But wait...there's more...the wedding is in May!!!!!!!

I recently switched cell phones with my buddy SunuA. When I tell most people this they give me this quizzical suddenly they don't know what number to call me on. Come on people...heard of SIM cards? Well, if you haven''re not the only dumb one here. I've heard of SIM cards, but I wasn't bright enough to use it, which simply means I saved all my phonebook numbers to my phone and not my SIM card. THAT means, that I have to retype everyone's phone number back into my phone. I am actually too lazy to go to all that trouble, so as people call me I'm saving their numbers to the SIM card...(fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me!) All of the above nonsense is to say that if someone calls me, their name no longer pops up on caller id.

So, y'day when I received a call from an out of state number, I didn't know who the heck was calling me or from where. I picked up the phone to hear a peculiar voice at the other end.

Man: hello
me: who are you?

*note to more friendlier to guys when they call. this could be why you're still single.

man: who is this?
me: u called me, u should know.
man: i'm just checking...what's your name?
me: Susan
man: Sheeja?
me: uh, no...SUSAN!
man: i'm sammy
me: sammy who?

*his voice hardly matched my friend Sammy's friendly voice.

man: Sammy from Chicago? You don't know me?
me: the question here you know me? and if you do, how?
man: do you have your profile on a matrimonial site?

*of course, my bro has me on every site known to the world wide web!

me: probably, but i don't typically give my number out.

*suddenly my mind flashes back to the one time i gave my number out to a random stranger and sorely regretted it and henceforth made up the rule never to give my number out to a random stranger. ewwwwwwwwww. it's him? was his name sammy? what the hell was that weirdos name???

man: where you from?
me: Oklahoma

*dumb move on my part. I'm giving the random weird license to come stalk and kill me

man: ohhhh, you're the penti girl from Oklahoma?
me: uh yah

*yep, it's him...the freak i regretted giving my number to. ewwww. he couldn't hang with my he labeled me as a fanatical pente....puhlease!

man: so what's going on with you these days?
me: not much

* do i get off of this phone and away from this creep?

man: have you found someone yet?

* i proceeded to tell the biggest lie ever just to get off the phone with the weirdo

me: yes, actually...I'm pretty close

*suddenly the lie felt kinda was kinda nice to tell someone I was seriously attached. I wanted to tell him how "we" met, and how "he" proposed and what "our" wedding was going to be like...that coulda seriously went on for days.I wanted to go on with my story... i wanted to tell him about my bridesmaids...ooh and colors, flowers, who was singing what and the reception festivities that would follow the solemn wedding service...i was enjoying the idea of unleashing all my wedding fantasies out on him as if they were really happening... but he stopped me...

man: oh ok, well that's great...good luck with it

*totally disappointed that he didn't want to hear the rest of the wonderful story of my wonderful relationship with mr. right

me: alright...well, thanks
man: ok bye...

and there u have it folks...THIS is what i have resorted to!!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita...on its way

hurricane rita is expected to lash out most of its' fury on houston and galveston this weekend. suddenly the severity of these storms has become very real to me. i have a lot of family members in the houston area. and unfortunately, none of them have been able to get out. many have attempted a few times, but turned back after spending three hours on one spot of the highway. normally they would be half way to dallas in that time. with children it's hard to be in a car that long...not knowing how long it will take to get to your final destination. i guess the only thing we can do now is wait for the storm to hit and pray that they are all safe in the aftermath.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Glimpses of Fall...

Fall...I love this season. Maybe it's because I'm an October baby. I don't know...but there's just something about the cool, crisp fall air that makes me happy. Unfortunately, the air is neither cool nor crisp here in OKC. However, normally it is one of the signs that fall has fallen...that it's time to pull out a sweater to wear over your t-shirt and replace those flip flops with a pair of fuzzy socks.

When I walk out to my car in the mornings, I hear another sign that beckons the arrival of fall. The highschool band at the school near by is practicing their routine for the football season. I remember those days...being at school at 7:00 am, when it's still dark...standing outside in the cold to practice those dern routines. I can't recall ever was all part of the thrill of games and pep rallies!

Of course, October is on its way, and soon the trick or treaters will be out to celebrate all Hallow's Eve. I'm not so sure it's a celebration...more like a good way to sucker some candy out of the entire neighborhood. Needless to say, the stores are now stocking their shelves with candy, halloween pails, and costumes. But to me, the most exciting thing about this time of year is caramel apples! I'm really picky about apples...they can't be too sweet and have to have a certain amount of pucker to get my seal of approval. But for some reason, the apples that are used for caramel apples are absolutely perfect all the time!

Another sign of fall is the state fair. I'm not typically too excited about the fair...I can't eat the junk they call food, the teens are annoying, the fat men with chunks of fried turkey leg hanging out of their mouth are gross, and the fairhands are too tempting as they lure you into play an impossible game to win a useless stuffed animal. But there's not many fun things to do around these parts, so we try to suck whatever entertainment we can muster outta the fair.

Lastly, it's Birthday season...that's always fun times!...Sunu K, me, my sister, Staicy, Billy, Valerie...there's a lot of us...Although I say I hate birthdays, I kinda like feeling like the center of my loved ones' universe for at least one day. And this year it will be extra special since I get to celebrate with some new friends!

Ahh...yes, fall is here!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Times...they are a'changin!

Ever since Kindergarten, I've hated P.E. Yes, the dreaded physical education. I went to so many elementary schools that my P.E. experiences are all a blur. But, I distinctly remember a butch teacher with a snout for a nose, a bad perm, and a faint scent of sausage (oddly enough) who made me despise P.E. even more. I can't remember what school she was from or even what state I was in, but I know that this lady would make me hate that class for years to come.

I was never fast at anything. To this day, I'm a pretty slow walker, talker, driver...I'm just not in a rush to do anything so why be all Speedy Gonzales about everything?? Anyway, I remember bits and pieces of experiences with Ms. Snoutnose, but the memories are foggy. This is probably because I've buried all my bad experience in gym class in a hidden vault in a non-operating compartment in my brain. Anyway, Ms. Snoutnose made us climb a rope. Ok, I was a chubby kid with elastic the heck would I climb a rope? I remember watching the other kids do it with such ease. Then it was my turn...I stared up at the rope. It might as well have been Mount Everest...because that's what the rope represented in my eyes. I feebly held on and tried to push my elastic pant-wearing self up, but I didn't move...not even an inch. Sweat beads formed on my forehead as I grunted and struggled. It felt like I had climbed all the way to the top because that's how much energy I used, but I never moved an inch up the rope. Ms. Snoutnose responded to my lack of success by saying, "we're not going on until you climb that rope." My face got hot with embarrassment, and I chugged a half an inch up the rope, which seemed to take 5 minutes...and agonizing 5 minutes after that...the bell rang. Ms. Snoutnose gave me a dirty look, and I pouted my way on out of class.

Since that humiliating moment, I hated PE for all the years to come...getting picked last for EVERYTHING, the scooter races, the dodge ball (who invented that cruel game, anyways?!), tag, square dancing (maybe this is an oklahoma activity) name it...i hated it!!! Even in college, we were forced to take 2 hours of PE. I took rollerblading...didn't get too far with that then I took walking fitness, which nearly killed me because of shin splintz. After I got that hour out of the way, I was on to Yoga, with my Nazi yoga instructor. I chugged through that class too...because I had too!

I was just about to give up on the notion of ever become atheltic or physically fit when I tried the "couch to 5k program"...and found success! And for the first time in my life, I...ME...Susan Vee!...was asked to join a team!!! Yep, the friendly receptionist at my gym asked me to join the gym's team and run the 5k for the Cancer Run in October. I had to decline...because I already joined the team at work. But was a great feeling to be picked for a change!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nosey by nature...

This whole having two blogs thing is getting to be too much for my little brain. (not that it takes much)...y'day, I accidentally posted a blog here that should have went for those of you who responded here, I'm sorry but I had to delete the post and transport it there. =/ now that I've gotten all those explanations outta the way I can proceed with the topic at hand.

Yesterday I was cussing and discussing with my favorite Midwesterner, the flogs very own Jeesho...about the new format on Friendster. We both agreed that it's TMI (too much info). I explained to Jeesh that it's not that I don't want to take the time to read/'s the fact that I DO want to take the time to read it!! I told her I'm nosey by nature, so I would go on to read everyone's newly edited profiles and new testimonials and I would end up being on Freindster for 5 hours before it was all said and done. I can see this being the cause of some sleepless nights.

As much as I SAY I like to flog and blog because I like to write...that's only partially true. The full truth is...I'm nosey by nature...and I love to read blogs and flogs and nose into the lives of the more interesting. This is why I'm obsessed with the waste of time called reality TV.

Seriously, I should check myself into NA (Nosies Anonymous)...and get some real help. Hmmm...I wonder who all's in that group??

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The truth about me...that I learned from a bee.

I think the fact that I took Spanish Lit and Russian Lit during the same semester with the same professor, who required us to read a book a week killed my desire to read for pleasure. I mean, have you seen the size of Russian books? When I was writing my book, I remained an avid reader. I read book after book written by Indian authors. While in India, I finished the book "Jasmine" by Bharati Mukherjee in one day!! But, I can't seem to do that these days. It takes me eons to get through a book. And I won't even discuss my writing these days. I'm definitely in a literary funk.

My cousin lent me her book called "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. Every weekend she asks me if I like it so far. Sadly, I hadn't progressed from the first chapter...even after 3 weeks of reading. Last night, I finally made it to chapter 2. While I was part of the story jumped out at me and lingered in my mind for the rest of the night. The young girl in the book was collecting bees in a jar. At one point, she felt sorry for them because they were hovering close to the lid...just waiting for the jar to open so they could fly away to freedom. So, feeling incredibly guilty, she opened the jar, but the bees didn't fly away. They crawled around the outside lip of the jar, but they never flew away to freedom.

After reading the passage, I remembered why I love books and literature...because it opens your mind to you something to think about...I pondered on that passage for a while...and I realized, I feel very much like those bees. A lot of times I feel as if I'm confined or limited for various reasons. Sometimes I think I lack opportunities because of where I live...or that I can't do certain things because of my culture, religion, financial status...etc, etc. But, reading about the bees made me realize that my jar has never been's always been open. I choose to confine myself...or let things limit me. I'm merely crawling around the lip of the jar and flying around my ow small space within the jar...There's a whole world waiting for me just beyond the glass that I choose to place myself within....Now I just have to figure out how to spread my wings and fly.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Greetings, Earthlings!

I spent another sweltering hot day sitting in the heat of my car catching a few z's during my lunch hour. So, if my ramblings of the day sound a wee bit odd or off-kilter, just know that I might very well be suffering from a minor case of heat stroke. That being said, I was thinking about greetings today. In the morning, on my way up to my office, I cross paths with many people, and I usually greet them with a friendly "Good morning." It's a totally acceptable greeting until about 11 am-ish. However, what do you say after that? In the afternoon, if I'm out and about and see a familiar face (just familiar...not a friend or acquaintance), I'll usually greet them with my famous upsidedown-frown-smile. Unless, of course, it's a fabulous day (which it usually is NOT unless I'm not at work, so then I wouldn't have the whole greeting issue cuz I'd be somewhere else)...and then I greet people with a regular-rightsideup-smile. In the afternoon hours, it sounds ridiculous to say "Good afternoon." I mean, it sounds like I'm trying to be someone's British butler. I could be hick about and nod my head and say "afternoon." But that's so retarded...It's like totally stating the obvious. "Duh, we all know it's afternoon!" Then comes the hours between 5-9. The only person I typically see at that time is the receptionist at the gym. She usually gets my "hey, how are u?" greeting. If i said "Good evening" to her, she might think I was Count Dracula. I could get all hick on her too...and say "Evenin, ma'am," but again...stating the obvious. Then, there's "Good night." I mean, you never greet anyone saying "Good night." You end your conversation that is that really considered a greeting? This whole "greeting" thing is quite perplexing. I think we should have one standard greeting....and it should be..."Hi" Not, "hello"...cuz that sounds all formal and strange. "Hi." I like it. It's simple, straight forward, and to the point. Ok, so who do I talk to about making this the International Standard Greeting for all hours of the day and night? (And to think that I thought I had nothing to blog about today!!!)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A trip around the world in 7 hours...

Last night at 11:30 pm, I began a quest to run from country to country all around the world by 6:30 a.m. I ran through Chinatown and tried to get away from the mafioso that was chasing me down the streets of NYC. I ran through mountainous areas where I met Chinese munks draped in orange robes, who gave me a wooden bead necklace. I ran through tropical areas where I met Hurly from the show Lost. We stopped to discuss how the "former" me...looked a little like him. Then, I ran through desert. I stopped in Kuwait and decided to go shopping. I met a man there. He wasn't my usual type. He had a thick moustache and a stern face. I decided to marry him, despite the fact he was Muslim. After our marriage ceremony (which i ended up wearing jeans to), I decided it was time for me to keep running. However, my husband didn't agree. He made me change into a burka and tried to beat the tar out of me. About that time, I was suddenly jolted awake by the sound of "bole chudia" playing on my phone. (my phone broke and I'm using Sunu's, thus the hindi ring tone). I sat up in bed and wondered why in THE hell I had such a strange dream last night. And finally, I pieced together an explanation. Yesterday, as I was running on the treadmill...I thought about losing weight for my trip to NYC...I watched an old episode of Lost in which they focused on the Chinese couple and a bit on Hurly, and I was simultaneously reading a magazine that talked about women in Saudi Arabia and how they have posh purses and clothes, but have to be covered from head to toe. It even showed a picture of how one lady got the tar beat out of her by her husband because he accused her of an affair. Crazy how we carry things from our day into our dreams...and it gets all jumbled into something nonsensical...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Laid to rest...

I have a final update for those of you who have followed the story of Shibu Mathai on my blog. Shibu is the 26-year-old man who drowned at Lake Arcadia while saving his 13-year-old cousin. His death was hard for all of us who knew him to accept, especially for his wife and family. They believed that Shibu's life would be restored, and as their friends, we stood with them in faith...supporting their belief. That first week, there were many questions in all of our minds as we searched for answers. A week passed, and the family decided to take the body back to his home in Oregon for more prayer. At this point, I wasn't sure of my feelings regarding the situation. However, I continued to uphold the family in my prayers while I prayed for God's will to be done. Finally, after 3 weeks of prayer and unwavering faith, the family laid Shibu to rest yesterday in Oregon. I ask all of you who have been praying over this matter for the past 3 weeks to continue to pray for the peace of the family....especially Jamie, his wife. She has a long, arduous road ahead of her, but I firmly believe that God will restore her heart and carry her through this tumultous storm.

Monday, September 05, 2005

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Friday, September 02, 2005

The week in a wrap up...

For some reason, I've had a hard time accessing this blogsite. Thus, I haven't been able to post a lot this week. My apologies to my few faithful readers. I can only think of one word to describe the events of this week...."surreal." The images of the cities ravaged by Hurricane Katrina are only comparable to the footage I've seen when terror struck in the form of the tsunami. It's hard to believe that the hungry people I see searching for food, shelter, and lost loved ones are not in some third world country, but a mere 724 miles from home.

I talked to my missionary friends in Mexico to see if their family in Louisiana had survived the storms. Thankfully, they had, but there was no news on how their homes and other distant relatives had faired. Brother Keith grew up in Louisiana, and he told me that New Orleans is actually the voodoo capital of the U.S. He feels that God is breaking up fallow ground, and now is the time for Christians to reach out to people there, and pray that they will respond.

In general, I believe that's a true statement. Now IS the time to reach out. The best way for others to know of Christ's love is for us to show it to them. Afterall, we are His hands and feet. I've racked my brains to figure out some way to help them. Hopefully our youth group will be doing a bake sale to raise some money. Our church usually sells the baked goods by auctioning it off instead of paying 50 cents for a cookie. Knowing the cause, the elders usually bid quite a bit on it. We do it old school malu style and it typically turns out great. I encourage those of you involved in youth groups to organize bake sales, garage sales...or whatever else to raise as much money as you can for these people.

In other news, SunuA and I will be off on a one-day adventure to Dallas. We usually drive up together and then part ways in the evening to spend time with our families. This means I get to see the DC's! times! I'll have plenty to flog after this weekends. It's been a really dry flog season lately. Anyway, I hope you guys have a fab weekend!........remember no more wearing white after labor day!