Thursday, February 28, 2008

"the eej"

I have self-appointed myself as the official baby nickname setter and I hereby proclaim that henceforth Elijah shall be known as "the eej." I'm not sure how his parents feel about it...but, hey...I don't care. ;) He's growing and changing quite are a few pics of the big boy who turned one month last week!
Here's the eej with his mommy...u see a resemblence??

the eej chillin with his daddy....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Syndromes and Complexes...

Today, I'd like to discuss a few syndromes that medical science has yet to prove, study, define, or find a cure for. Yet, we all know they exist, they torture the lives of some of our nearest and dearest, and there is no proven cure. Thankfully, they are not deadly or contagious, however they're annoying...not to the victim of the disease...but to those around them.

Let's start with MCS, or the Middle Child Syndrome. This Syndrome affects the kids wedged in the middle of their siblings in birth order. The kid often feels neglected and forgotten...and these feelings are inbedded within them and feelings of insecurity and akwardness follow them through out their lives.

Equally harmful is OCS, or only child syndrome. This is the kid who is the shining star of the family. Placed on a pedastal through out his/her life...they forget in adulthood that other people DO matter. That their parents worlds' orbit around them...but not everyone else's.

UDS, ugly duckling syndrome is not as prevelant as the other syndromes, but there are a few cases in America and through out the world. This is when an unattractive kid, blossoms later in life and begins to make up for the time that was lost being vying for attention from the opposite sex.

In the same category is PGS, or pretty girl syndrome. These are basically girls who never went through an ugly duckling phase, and were always recognized for their beauty...nothing else. These girls grow up thinking they have nothing more to offer the world except their ravaging good looks. They grow up to pursue other things in life, but nothing brings them as much satisfaction than a compliment about their looks...even if they have to milk a compliment from the lowest of low lives.

SMC, or short man's complex is something that affects the vertically challenged. They walk around trying to prove to the world that their stature has nothing to do with who they are inside. And although they're right, for the most part, their need to prove themselves often come off as insecurity.

Last but not least, is the PKS, or the preacher's kids syndrome. These are the kids who grew up under the roof of a preacher's home. Being sheltered from sin their whole lives, they go a lil buck wild when they taste their first taste of freedom.

Now, I'm not saying that every middle child, only child, former-ugly duckling, pretty girl, pastor's kids and short man suffers from these diseases...In fact, my nephew Aaron is an only child, and he's the most amazing, well-rounded, sensible, remarkable child I've ever met in my whole life...and I swear I'm not bias. That being said, his mother, my sister is a middle child...she doesn't have MCS...she's anal retentive, yes...overly competivie when playing board games, yes...but she doesn't have MCS. And my good friend, Billy is vertically challenged...and mentally challenged, and a preacher's kid, but he doesn't have SMS or PKS (anymore) ;)...and I know lots of beautiful girls and former ugly ducklings that are very normal individuals who know there is more to life than convincing everyone that they are beautiful...

However, there are a few out there roaming the world that suffer from the syndromes/complexes, so when you come across them...handle them with care and understanding....and most of all, patience.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day two....I've made a conscious effort to look better. I'm hoping that looking better will in turn help me feel better...eliminating that sluggish feeling I have every day. Although CCL assures me that the only thing that will help me feel energized is 7 pounds of raw vegetables a day. *rolling eyes*

I had gotten to a point where I straightened my hair once a month...if that. Make up was eliminated from my daily regimin. In fact, I think the last time I wore make-up to work was my first day...June 21st!!! My poor eyebrows were beginning to look more like wild caterpillars. Last Friday, I looked in the mirror and decided this has got to stop. I used to be the girl who never left the house with out her concealer...and accessories!

So Monday, I made a conscious effort to change my lazzzzzzzzzzzy Susan ways. So far, I'm on day two of making myself look presentable, and I must admit, I have a little bit more pep in my step...despite the fact that Matt has been running me ragged at the gym.

I'm actually quite surprised that I can walk today...considering he had me pushing 100 pounds with my legs yesterday. But, again, I have to admit, the pain feels good. Sunday, I gave Matt a hug and realized we were gut to gut....and suddenly it dawned on me that I've taken Matt over to the fat side! Before we got married, he was Mr. Physical Fitness...he would constantly preach to me about organic food and excercise. I knew that after we got married, I'd either become health conscious like him, or he'd come over to the fat side with me. =/ I guess I'm more powerful than I thought. Luckily, Matt still holds on to his values and loves working out and eating right deep down inside...I've just managed to convince that laziness and processed cheese is awesome too. =)

CCL, SueTee and I are "in training" for a 5k that we're running together in Austin this April. Well, basically I'm the only one training, SueTee has the running thing down...especially at my will breeze for her. Even if I run as fast as I can, it will be a brisk walk for Lisa..aka Lady Long Legs. But, I'm definitely training in order to prevent myself from fainting and/or embarrassing my cousins. =/

Well, wish me luck with my changes...I figure if I can maintain for a week or should all become habit again!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Last night, Matt brought a little surprise home...My nephew Andrew. He didn't have anything pressing to do this morning, so he decided to come home with Uncle Matt and spend the night with us last night.
His visit taught me that Matt and I have a few things to change around the Thomas household when we have our own kid running around:
1. No eating while watching TV. It's become a habit of ours now...a bad one at that...but there's just too many good shows on TV right now...Like American Idol, Super Nanny, One Tree Hill, and name a few. Last night, Andrew took his plate to the table to sit down and eat, and Matt and I were both like "no, no, can sit in the living room."...neither of us wanted to give up watching LOST!!!
2. We both need to figure out how to keep children entertained. Matt was going to pop in our Netflix movie of the week...which happened to be "Super Bad." Considering the title, I'm assuming that the movie wouldn't be appropriate for a five year old. Despite the title and the R rating Matt insisted that it'd be fine, but I assured him that it wouldn't be. I...very brilliantly...let him play with our dry erase board and a blue marker. Harmless, right? Not so much...I had him sitting on a very light tan chair....which now has blue ink splotches on its arm. =/
3. We need to remember that a kid comes first. I sat in front of the computer watching the antics at Dunder Mifflin and Matt was trying to figure out a tech gadget on the couch...and poor Andrew had put himself to sleep on the couch. Meanwhile, Moussey was showering him with kisses.
I think Matt and I probably need some more practice...but Moussey has the big sister thing down pat.
Andrew watching TV...and Moussey watching Andrew...
Holding hands....(close, anyways)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies...

Welcome to the world Baby Leah.... Congratulations to my cousins Mikey and Jessy on their beautiful baby girl!! Just like baby Madeline...I'm sure baby Leah will be the object of my affection...and you'll all be seeing lots more of her in time.
That's it for the baby boom for a while. The next batch of babies should be arriving this summer...I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's here....

Welcome to the world Baby Neela...and Congratulations to Ashley and Jessy on their beautiful baby girl! One more baby picture to come....Cousin Jessy is in the hospital right now too...about to deliver her baby girl as well!...So, stay tuned!

Monday, February 18, 2008

"It's not like there was Lone Ranger, Tonto, and Bonto..." Dwight Schrute

Everyone's been telling me how hilarious "The Office" is....Scorpsy, Suja K, Sheryl....I didn't listen. Until boredome on a sleepless night pushed me to watching it on the net. OMG. It's HILARIOUS! It took a while, but I'm officially hooked. Who's my favorite character? Dwight...hands down.

It's supposed to be a long weekend since today's president's day. But this weekend has been long for me for entirely different reasons. I've worked every day since we moved from our office in the ghetto to pretty snazzy place uptown. So although my back, neck, and arms's definitely worth it to not have to walk into an office that also serves as the breakroom. It's very weird to not have to share space with a fridge and not have my co-workers use the edge of my desk to get their lunch ready.

In other news...I saw a very disturbing 20/20 on Friday night about the "Body Exhibit." Matt and I went with the Furball to see it a few months ago. The entire time Matt kept asking me where the bodies came from. I kept telling him they were Chinese people who donated their bodies to science. I had a nagging suspicion in my head...but I convinced myself that they were probably poor people that donated their bodies because their families couldn't afford a proper burial. But according to 20/20, they were prisoners, who had been executed and their bodies mutilated for a money making business...not so much science. The creator of the exhibit vehemently denies it....but, I'm not so sure anymore. I found the exhibit to be fascinating, but I don't feel so good about going anymore...It doesn't sit well with me to know that these people had no idea that their skin would be peeled off and their bodies would be chopped up...It's totally disrespct of the dead.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day...

I thought I'd get a little help from the lil 'sweethearts in my life to make this Valentine's Day Blog extra cute!! ;) Happy Valentine's Day to you all....enjoy your day with the precious ones in your life!!
My pwecious Maddycakes in her Valentine's outfit that I got her. (Thanks for sending me the pictures, Neesh!)
Micah and Landon are growing at alarming rates....and quite frankly, I don't like it. I want them to stay this size and be adorably cute and sweet foreverrrrrrrrr!!Landy and his Momma, Val

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Name: Terry

Nicknames:Terrence, Detective Terry, Princess, TDub, TerrBear (I just made that one up.)

Best Known For: Her amazing ability to solve office mysteries and keen sense of knowing how to find things I love.

Vices: The Stupid and the Ugly ;)

My birthday wish for her: Terrence, may your day be filled with happy things (like blue ribbon cake and some mo samoas) and may this new year be filled with all that your little heart desires!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Ahhh Friday....

I have to talk about last night's new episode of LOST. I thought it was even better than the season premier!...very informative. After cussing and discussing with my fellow LOST fans, I have a few theories to share about the show. If you're not a fan, just skip this paragraph. =) I think that John Locke is one of the Oceanic 6. In fact, I think he is the one in the coffin, that Jack goes to see the season finale. The reason I think this is because he is the only one that would have no friends or family that would attend his funeral. Also, Kate was very indifferent when Jack asked her why she didn't come to the funeral. I don't see Kate acting that way about anyone else. It's clear that she's not a big fan of Locke. Also, could it be that Ben's "man" on the freighter is Michael??????? Just my theories...what do YOU think?

Once again, I have no plans for the weekend. I have a house that has been neglected for the past few weeks since I've been sick, so it's definitely time to catch up on some much needed house work. OKC will be having the annual Affair of the Heart this weekend. It's a huge craft fair with all the hand-made goodies you can think of. I'm thinking this isn't the type of thing that Matt would enjoy going to, so I might just have to go alone. =/

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Me vs. Myself...

Believe it or not, I'm a very competitive person. In college, there was a brilliantly creative guy in most of my writing classes named Craig. Outwardly, we were two creative writers, who happened to have a few classes together, and enjoyed each others work. We sat next to each other, cheered each other on, but inwardly, we were staunch competitors vying for our professor's approval.

The other day, I was talking to my friend at work about my frustration with my weight. She asked me why I thought I was successful with losing my weight before and why I can't seem to do it now. After thinking about it, I told her it was the thrill of competition that fueled my drive to weight loss. I was in WW at work, and although there wasn't a competition, I was competing to be the one who lead in weight loss...and I was for a while. Then when the newbies joined in the next session, and started having big numbers...while I hit plateau, I started to get disheartened. Instead of plowing through...I accepted defeat.

After listening to my sob story, my friend suggested that I take up the challenge again...but this time, compete with myself. What a novel idea! I know that I can do better than what I'm doing now...I can put a lot more focus and effort into weight loss, but I've just been too LAZY to do it! I have lots of goals to work fitting into the clothes in my closet just in time for summer!! So....the competition starts now....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My drives home....

My drive home from work just hasn't been the same since my vocal chords have been on the fritz. Since I typically can't seem to stay awake while I drive, I use my drive time to dial up one of the members of "My Circle," or the ten phone numbers that my cell phone carrier lets me call free at any time of the day.

My driving time is when I catch up with my good friend Billy, who is undoubtbly celebrating Ash Wednesday today. We are no longer able to barrage each other with email all the the live-long day since he's busy in court these days. So while he's driving to pick up Landy and I'm driving home to relieve Mousse of her "dooties," we catch up about the latest goings on.

At least two times a week, I check in on cousins CCL and SueTee. CCL gives me brilliant ideas on healthy dinner options and ways to trick my future children to eat vegetables. (Jessica Seinfeld's got nothing on her!) We discuss a variety of hot topics and before I know it, I'm already home! She makes my 25 minute drive fly! SueTee and I have equally interesting conversations about Lost and Oprah...which always leads to more interesting topics. We're often interrupted by the raspy little voice of her baby boy, JP, who is usually begging her for 1 of 4 things...CHIPS, VEGGIETALES, SHORTS, or CHAPALS (flip flops). Mark my words...that boy will grow up to be the governor of Hawaii some day...I see warm weather in his future. ;)

I also use this time to "Check In." ...I check in with the Maternal Unit to let her know that I'm alive and well. If not, I'm sure to receive a call when I get home asking why I didn't call her. Clearly, the umbilical cord has never been severed. =/ I also check in with Matt to see if our evening schedule includes meeting at the gym. Most does. =/

When the weather is extra blistery cold...I often call BF or Beena to see just how sunny Sunny Florida is. =/ BF and I catch up the latest interesting tidbits she's learned from FACEBOOK and FRIENDSTER...(although she doesn't have an account on either!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Beena usually listens to me vent about how much I hate Choklahoma City and whatever else I choose to vent about that day.

And when I'm missing hanging out with the girls....I place a few phone calls south of the Ruby or Sunu...and typically whine about the fact they both totally abandoned me for Dirty Dallas.

Hopefully my phone calls will resume by the end of the week....until then...THANK GOD FOR EMAIL!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Moussey Madness

Bet you didn't know Mousse is an avid reader of the "New Yorker" Mousse spends Sunday evenings looking through sales adds and cuting coupons...and she hates being interrupted!
In other news, I spent an entire weekend doing NOTHING. Thankfully my friend, the Furball brought over lunch, movies and a variety of other goodies to get me through the weekend. However, even with all that R & R I'm still not better...still no voice. =(