Monday, August 16, 2010

False Alarm...

So, my friends went on vacation this past weekend, and I was left to watch over their puppy and their home. They live approximately 65 seconds away from me, so I didn't think it was necessary to actually stay in there home the entire time. I went by and checked on the house Saturday. And although I told my friend I'd be staying there that night, I was bit by the lazy bug and decided that the 65 second drive was just way too long...and snoozed at home.

Sunday morning at 7 am, my phone started to ring. It was my friend calling from vacation. Considering it was 5 am there, I knew it couldn't be good. When I picked up, he asked if I was at the house. I said no. He said the alarm was going off at the house, and the alarm company called him. He asked if we could go by and check it out...and he suggested we take Mousse along. (What was she going to do? Lick the intruder to death??)

We raced out of the house...during the 65 second drive, my mind was racing with "what ifs." What if the intruder was still there? What if he had a gun? Suddenly the fiction writer in me came alive and my mind was creating a million stories that all ended badly!! (I'm not quite sure if the writer in me awoke from her deep slumber or if I've just been watching way too much Forensic Files, Investigators, 48 hour Mysteries, and Dateline)

We got to the house and I opened the garage. So far, no criminals. Then, I opened the door leading to the house. My heart dropped to my toes. Every single light was on in the house, and every bedroom door and closet was open. That was definitely not how I left the house the afternoon before!! My friend was still on the phone with me, and I said, "dude, some one's definitely been in here." He urged me to...."Get the hell out!" And that's exactly what I did. one needs to tell me twice!

I ran to my car and called 911. I'm not quite sure how I got my fingers to stop trembling long enough to press the numbers. The operator assured me that the police were on their way. So, I sat and waited. Two minutes later, I got a call from the police. They said they had already responded to the alarm...and that the front door was open, and they came in and THEY were the ones who turned on all the lights and opened the doors! Can you believe they scared me like that? I couldn't believe they didn't turn off the lights...or at least leave a little note that said "sorry we missed you....we turned on all the lights, and there are no criminals on this premises."

Uh, I guess you're wondering how the front door was open....Good question. Well, I guess I sort of forgot to chain the door, and although I locked it, it didn't latch correctly. =) It was a windy morning...and the door blew right open. Oopsie!


Staicy said...

only you sue!

Mad Men Girl said...

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Suja said...

suffice to say, they probably wont ask you to housesit again ;) lolol =) sue! how do these things happen to you?! :) you have the craziest experiences =)

kovoor36 said...

holy moly, how scary!! glad it was nothing serious!