Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've spent the past few days helping my friend NC set up her 3rd grade class since school will be starting in just a few days. She's very pregnant and having a hard time dealing with the heat (AC is out in the school) and all the work she's gotta do before school starts. Spending the day in an elementary school made me quite nostalgic...especially seeing my 4th grade teacher! Oddly enough, she remembered me and said, "Yes...Susan..I remember you. You were always so quiet in class and only spoke when you were asked a question." Yep, that was me. We moved quite frequently, so I was really shy and hesitant to make new friends. (Which is still how I am to this day.) Anyhoo, I thought it was interesting that she remembered me after all these years (it's been a long time since I was in 4th grade!!).
I recently found a picture of myself when I was in elementary school. It reminded me of a time when life was easy and good...My jeans always fit because my mom always bought elastic pants ;) and I always had good hair days because I wore pigtails every day. Back then, we played outside with neighborhood friends, rode bikes, and watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. Life was simple. Today, kids are inundated with modern technology...and sure, it has simplified their lives in ways, but it has taken away the simplicity of life as well.
I'm glad I was a kid when I was a kid....before there were Wiis, ipods, cell phones, and strange cartoon characters. =)


Suja said...

Sue, I'm so glad that we got to see you those few days! I feel like it's been years! =) Your help and advice was greatly appreciated, for me as well....even though I know Mrs. Ingle brought you for her own manual labor duties :) We still need to make a play date for Moussey and Belley :))

PS: Thanks for the stickers! The plane turned out kinda cute (not as cute as Ingle Airways, of course:) but I tried!)

Sue V. said...

Suj, i enjoyed seeing you K sisters as well....even under the terrible, sweaty conditions. =) I'm sure your plane turned out terrific...last I saw your classroom it looked great! colorful and orderly...a perfect combination!

kovoor36 said...

no kidding!! and that pic is adorable!