Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stranger than Fiction...

Sometimes the things that happen to me are simply stranger than fiction...I admit that I have a pretty great imagination...but there is no way that I can make up some of the things that happen in the day in the life of Suevee.

That being said, a few weeks ago...I had gone to sleep a little early before Matt got home.  Before I went to bed, I was looking at Instagram...which is pretty much my nightly routine.  A thought came to mind..."You always have time to look at Instagram, but you don't find the time to read the Bible."  I felt a tinge of guilt, but I was so exhausted despite the fact that it was only 8 o'clock and I had plenty of time to spend time with God, but instead, I said a quick prayer, tried to justify to myself and God why I'd read the Bible later... and went to bed.

About an hour later...and I was awoken by a strange sound.  Initially I thought it was my alarm clock...like maybe it was set to a static station.  But, it wasn't.  So then I thought maybe Matt came in and set off the alarm...but that wasn't the case either...I got up to follow the sound and it was coming from my bathroom. 

I stood in front of my sink for a few seconds in complete bewilderment.  My hairdryer was on full blast. Somehow the switch had flipped to high speed.  The odd thing about that was that my hairdryer hadn't been turned on in four days, and there was nothing near that switch that could have possibly flipped it.  I quickly turned off the hair dryer and thought the whole thing to be strange.  I mean...seriously...how does a hairdryer turn on by itself?

Typically when I'm jolted from my sleep, I feel like God is reminding me to pray for someone.  But, I hadn't seen a dream, and I didn't know who God wanted me to pray for.  My initial thought was to call Matt to tell him what happened...so I unlocked my phone and a reminder popped up.  It was a reminder I had never seen before...It said, "People who read the Bible for 5 minutes every day have blessed lives." 

I sort of sat there for a minute...like "what. the."  ...and then I snapped out of it and quickly read a few chapters in my Bible and prayed for every single person I could possible think of. 

Now, I'm quite sure that practical people who read this post are thinking that there is some sort of explanation for everything.  And trust me, I consider myself practical person...But there is absolutely no explanation I can give you as to why my hairdryer turned on by itself because I've had it for several years, and it has never done that before...and I've had the Bible app on my phone since the first day I bought my phone a year ago...and never had I ever received a reminder from it before...nor have I since.

I often think that God doesn't talk to me because I don't hear an audible voice.  But it was God who reminded me that I made time for Instagram, but not his word...however, I just decided to blow His reminder off...because I didn't recognize His voice.  So, like he had to turn the heat up on Moses with the burning bush to get his attention...He had to turn the heat up on me as well...by turning on my hairdryer and leaving me a little reminder on my cell phone.  All I know is that I'm so glad that He sees me worthy to remind me of things that He's reminded me of over and over and over again. 

I think it's important to share these little tidbits of wisdom that God shares with me...so, let me leave you with the imporant message that He was so gracious to remind me  of...."PEOPLE WHO READ THE BIBLE FOR 5 MINUTES EVERY DAY HAVE BLESSED LIVES!!!"

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